Weather Policy

The following covers what to do when the forecast is for very hot conditions or rain. It is important everyone is aware of the policies as player safety is paramount.

We play under a strict Hot Weather policy set by the NSJCA. All managers and parents must read and be aware of the policies as player safety is our number one priority. The Blue Book states:

Games should be cancelled, deferred or modified during very hot weather. When the air temperature is above 38 degrees Celsius the NSJCA requires the game be cancelled. When the air temperature is above 34 degrees Celsius the umpires can declare the conditions are unsuitable for play and can call the game off (or modify the game to provide more and longer drinks breaks). The umpires are solely responsible for the decision to cancel, or modify, the game. For the purposes of determining the air temperature, measurements should be taken in the shade at a height of 1.2m a bove the ground. Car temperature gauges are not reliable and should not be used for this purpose.

Please see the NSJCA Blue Book for the full details on the relevant policies.


It does rain in summer in Sydney and occasionally councils close grounds. As all councils have their own rules, managers must always check the relevant websites and info lines and then alert their teams. Here’s a useful link:|16604e
However, always assume cricket is on no matter what the weather looks like unless told otherwise by your manager.

Managers should make contact with opposing managers to make a decision about playing conditions in time to prevent players leaving home. If no decision has been possible, every player must turn up at the ground before the appointed time. Be prepared to stay until the match can start or is called off.

The NSJCA Blue Book covers Wet Weather in detail.