U10 Silver - Round 13 vs North Sydney White

Silver Lining to First Game Back 

Some lucky weather to start the first match of the year. We hadn't played together for the whole holidays but the team was excited to be back and take on North Sydney White. We lost the toss and ended up batting first.

The first overs were played bit slow with not many runs but we slowly picked it up. By the second half of the innings we were smashing it with our big hitters hitting 6s and 4s! Toby Ogg hit 23 runs and we finished off with a score of 4/120.

We started the second innings with a golden duck! Great bowling by Charlie Richie and what a great catch by Zach McNeil.  Josh Constantine did a great job at wicket keeping, getting two early run outs. Even with early wickets lost North Sydney White kept scoring well but we kept taking more wickets.

It all came down to the last 3 overs. North Sydney White needed only 21 runs to win but they were 8 wickets down. This was our chance to take home the game. North Sydney White hit a four! We were still confident and YES!! we got another wicket!! We all ran in and thought we had won and that the game was over, only to find out there was one more over to go! But with great communication, efforts, teamwork and encouragement out on the field we secured our great victory!
By Milan D'Cunha