Match Reports - Season 2015/16

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U10 Silver – Round 16 vs Mosman Thunder

U10 Silver – Round 16 vs Mosman Thunder

Final Ball Thriller Between 3rd and 4th 

This round saw another hot steamy Sydney day with a thick slow outfield. As such the coach talked early to the team that running between the wickets would be key to the game plan.

Mosman Thunder batted first and got off to a fast start with 24 off the first 4 overs and the retirement of Francou at 20 off just 13 balls.

In the lead up to the 12 over drinks, break the pace of scoring slowed with tight bowling from the likes of Riley, Aadit and Hadley to see the Mosman Thunder get 58 off the first 12 overs. This tight bowling continued in the 2nd half of the Thunders innings with few wicket chances given both from run outs and catches. The fielding of our team again improved on the week and managed to hold the Thunder to a total of 2/109. With top bowling figures by Hadley, a messy 3 runs from his 2 overs,

A challenging but achievable score that we had made several times before just not against a team of this quality.

We opened with Charlie and Joshua to some of the fastest bowling we had seen all season and this contained us to just 21 off the first 4 overs. By the 12th over we were back on pace with 64 runs scored and only 2 wickets lost with Joshua retired. The 2nd 12 overs was a very different story.

Tight bowling and tidy fielding saw is lose wickets quickly and pulled back our run rate to have us 4/100 at the end of the 20th over. Ten runs required off just 3 overs doable but with a strong bowling attack and slow outfield not in the bag. We still had to face overs from some of Mosman Thunder’s best bowlers.

Over 21 saw 4 runs taken off it and tension in the crowd ease a little at 6 runs required off 2 overs. The next over saw Charlie S dismissed and only 2 runs scored, tension rising again. Four runs off the last over, 3 off 2 balls for a win and talk of a draw was developing on the sidelines.

With a run out to Raddhish returned to the crease from an earlier retirement and the boys scampered a quick single off the 2nd last ball. Two runs need for a win, One for a draw!!!

Final ball thriller bowled and the boys rake off for a run without hitting. Ball fielded close on the leg side and returned to keeper bails taken of appeal for run out and its close. Umpire Ogg reviewed from square leg, NOT OUT is the call and we draw!

This leaves us in 3rd spot on the ladder just in front of Mosman Thunder by averages.

Very exciting game all round with high quality cricket in all aspects. Well done Gordon Silver.







U12 Blue - Semi Final vs Lane Cove

U12 Blue - Semi Final vs Lane Cove

High Flying Blues Charge into Final 

Last Saturday, the Gordon Blue cricket team travelled to Bales Park to play Lane Cove in the semi finals.

The match started with Gordon winning the toss, which was a good start, and choosing to bat with openers Matt and Sammy.

Matt faced the first ball of the game looking very confident. He made Lane Cove unhappy by knocking the ball into gaps between the fielders and making them run in the hot sun. Sammy was bowled for 12 and in came Noah who retired at 22. Aston hit a six off his third ball, followed by Rory’s great shot into the air for six. Lachie walked in from the shade and lifted our total score to 144.

Innings 2. We started the bowling with Aston taking a wicket and Noah stumping one of the Lane Cove batsman. Sammy took a good catch and so did Noah as wicket keeper. Lachie bowled one out and then Declan did too. Finley took a catch diving backwards. Noah bowled out another and Matt did some great wicket keeping, sending a Lane Cove batsman back to his kit bag. One more stumping and they were all gone.
Gordon are through to the Grand Final. Let’s go Blues!


























U10 Silver - Round 11 vs Lane Cove Neville

U10 Silver - Round 11 vs Lane Cove Neville

Our Best Score Ever

We lost the toss against Lane Cove Neville, and batted first. Toby and Lachlan opened with a good start and Toby was the first of the team to retire.  Three others also retired: well done to Josh, Lachlan and Hadley.

By the end of the innings, we had 6 sixes and a lot of fours. All up, it was a strong team effort batting on the field which led us our highest number of runs ever, 157!

After we started bowling, we got 2 maidens and 3 wickets. Lane Cove Neville were batting strongly but they only achieved a score of 71.  A special call out for Milan who got his opponent out for 2 runs, and well done to everybody else for not bowling too many extras.

Thanks Lane Cove Neville for a good game, and now the U10 Gordon Silvers are off to the semis! YAY!!!!!

By Charlie Sullivan








U12 Blue - Round 16 vs Lindfield Border

U12 Blue - Round 16 vs Lindfield Border

Blues Battered and Bruised

With skies threatening rain all morning, Gordon Blue won the toss and elected to bat against Lindfield Border (currently the top team in the division) at Carrington Oval, Waroongha.

Celebrating his 12th birthday, Rory opened the batting with Aston, probably the two tallest boys in the team. Unfortunately the celebrations were short lived when Rory was hit in the upper thigh before playing on to the wicket to be bowled out for zero. Tears flowed and adults ran onto the ground (including this nervous father) but after a few anxious moments, Rory regained both his composure and strength in his legs to be clapped off the green. Remaining batsman Aston seized on the short boundary hitting four after four.

With Noah at the other end, Batsman No.1 and No.3 put on a formidable partnership. Echoing the cricket matches of yesteryear, Noah was the next batsman to be hit on the body, copping a direct hit in the sternum and falling to the pitch. He soldiered on like the trooper he is, before Aston fell in the 8th over for 29 from a clean bowl of the stumps. This brought Nicholas to the crease, and first ball he was off the mark with a lovely late cut for one making the score 2/42. However, he was out in the 11th over for five when he just skimmed the ball before being caught behind. A very good catch. That brought 'Lachstar' to the crease and he soon showed the small crowd in attendance why he has acquired such a nick-name, just surviving a dropped catch on 1 by the keeper and going on to build a solid score for himself.

However the very next over, Noah was run out at the non striker's end for 12 to make it 4/53 in the 13th. Matt then came to the crease to join 'Lachstar' out in the middle, but in the 16th Matt was run out when he tried to get a cheeky single off a ball driven to mid on and was unable to make it back to his crease in time. This made the visitors 5/63 on what was fast becoming a very sticky afternoon, both on and off the field.

Next to the crease was Declan and at the first drinks break, Gordon Blue was 5/66. Adding to their blistering first 16 overs, Lindfield Border made sure runs were hard to come by, allowing Gordon Blue only two singles off the first four overs after the break, including two maidens.

The scoring started to tick over at a slightly faster rate as Declan and 'Lachstar' began to find their groove before the latter was retired for 14. This brought Adit to the crease, but the very next ball Declan was stumped for six in the 24th over. This brought the other Russ brother, Finn, to the middle, as the visitors were reeling at 6/87.  The kome side's wicket keeper proved he was on a roll when he had his second stumping for the innings, snaring Adit just short of his crease.

With 7 overs remaining, Tommy Gun came out to the middle. Having had a great match the week before, expectations were high but in his first over, T.G was clean bowled by a very quick ball just hitting the top of the wicket and sending the bales every which way including loose, making it 8/91 at the end of the 26th over.  The next over, Finn was run out for 1. This brought Drhruv and 'Lachstar' back to the crease, bringing up the first boundary in several overs. The last batsman to fall was the Star Boy himself for 18 to make it 10/96 in just 27.2 overs.

Aston opened the bowling for Gordon and was soon hit for six. The first wicket went to Noah in the second over when he clean bowled one of the Lindfield openers to have them 1/8. Confidence soared. The body blows continued in the second innings when Aston threw down a quick ball in the third over which flew up into the Lindfield batsman. Luckily he was OK and continued batting. At the end of the 5th over, it was Tommy Gun's turn to be hit, when the ball was smacked into his leg at square. He too was OK but it proved the body blows were definitely part of the day's play as were the sixes and fours that soon followed.

Rory dived for an absolute screamer and what probably would of been the catch of the season had he managed to catch it, but ended up missing by only inches. Soon after, Daniel 'Digger' retired for 30 off 34 balls in the 11th over for Lindfield.

The second scalp finally fell in the 12th over with some very quick thinking from 'Lachstar' as wicket keeper now, seeing the Lindfield batsman was just short of his crease and stumping him.

Two balls later, another wicket fell with a beautiful piece of fielding and a direct hit (run out) by Matt to have the home side 3/82 with 15 runs needed for victory. A second run out occurred in the 14th over when Noah scooped up the ball and gently threw it to the wicket keeper, finding the Lindfield batsman half way down the pitch. A nervous hush fell upon the crowd. Could Lindfield Border capitulate from such lofty heights? Unfortunately for Gordon Blue, it wasn't to be the fairy tale ending they were hoping for. Even with the late surge in wickets, the match was all wrapped up just before drinks in the 16th over when Lindfield Border clinched victory with a late cut shot which raced to the boundary for four, to have the game all done and dusted with a score of  4/97 at approximately 4:45pm. 

U10 Black - Round 15 vs Mosman Thunder

U10 Black - Round 15 vs Mosman Thunder

Gordon Boys in Good Effort

We played Mosman on a beautiful morning beside the beach in Balmoral, with car parking at only $9 per hour.

Our team has lost a few players since Christmas and we only had nine on the field. The Mosman batters were really good and scored lots of runs. I got a wicket and so did Blake, but we all bowled as well as we could.

We needed to make 142 to win. I managed to make the two, but unfortunately the rest of the team weren't able to make the 140.

We did make 113, which is really good. Blake got 17, Liam got 12 and Sivaan playing in his first game made 10.

Josh Gatti retired on 20. He was awesome and got man of the match for our team.

- Tom Gilhooly







Josh Gatti raises the bat after an epic innings  

U12 Blue - Round 15 vs North Sydney Blue

U12 Blue - Round 15 vs North Sydney Blue

Blues Fun in the Sun

It was perfect weather for a day of cricket. Gordon won the toss and elected to bat. Aston and Matt opened the batting.  Unfortunately Aston was run out early on 7 runs. Rory and Matt struck up a good partnership until Matt was run out for 10.

Lachie had  a great game with 22 runs and Nick hit a beautiful 6 before retiring at 32. Tommy shone with  two 4s.

Good bowling and fielding all round. Great catches by Noah and Lachie and run outs by Rory, Finlay and Aston.

Final score Gordon 7/173, North Sydney Blue 9/90. A well deserved win for Gordon. 



























U10 Silver - Round 15 vs Lane Cove Ponting

U10 Silver - Round 15 vs Lane Cove Ponting

Silver in Last Ball Thriller

The match started off well for my team Gordon Silver.

In the first innings we batted and scored 77 runs on a slow outfield.  We had been hoping to score closer to 100 runs so we knew that this game was going to test us.

In the second innings we played extremely well.  At the drinks break they were slightly ahead, as they were on 42 runs and we were on 35.

In the next and final half we defended very well. 

In the end it came down to the last ball.  Lane Cove needed one run and they got it!  I think Lane Cove played very well and I congratulated them on their win over us.

- Luke Chopra




U12 Blue - Round 14 vs Mosman

U12 Blue - Round 14 vs Mosman

Blues Last Over Thriller 

The clouds parted and Bales Oval Field #2 was drenched in glorious summertime sunshine.

Having lost the toss and being told to field, Adit opened the bowling for Gordon Blue against Mosman Bradman. First scalp went to Rory Madderom in only the second over when he clean bowled one of the Mosman openers. The second wicket fell in Rory's second over and the fourth of the innings, when he clean bowled another Mosman batsman on the last ball of the over to make it 2/34.

Mosman then dug in, lucky to survive a catch off a no ball in the sixth over. Then Aston struck in the 14th over with a clean bowl of the stumps to make it 3/82. In the same over Mosman lost their fourth batsman when a direct hit from Matt caused a run out to have them reeling at 4/90. Aston caught and bowled what would of been his second scalp in his second over, but as earlier, the Umpire called a no ball.

The Mosman batsmen then put the hammer down scoring consistently for the next several overs, including three stylish fours and a magnificent six over cover off a full toss before succumbing to a caught and bowled off sub fielder Finlay in the twenty third over to have the visitors 5/133. His older brother Aston struck again in the 28th over to have Mosman 6/150 from a beautifully quick clean bowl. The 7th wicket fell in the 31st over when Aston caused a run out off his own bowling. The 8th wicket fell on the last ball of the innings when Matt ran out the batsmen to have Mosman Bradman 8/161 at stumps.

At exactly 4pm (at least according to this Writer's watch) Gordon Blue took to the crease to commence their innings. Opening batsmen were Matt and Declan but on only the third ball, Declan was clean bowled.  Adit retired on 1 in the 7th over which brought Rory to the crease. Unable to build on his impressive score from last week, he was out for a duck off only his third ball faced while attempting a low, flat six, caught on the boundary by some very safe hands.

Dhruv came to the crease with the home side reeling at 2/21 in the 8th over. Matt retired for 7 in the 10th bringing Tommy Gun to the crease. But in only his second over he was caught for 0 as well. Nicholas and Dhruv attempted to form a partnership but it was short lived when Nick was caught and bowled in the 15th over.  Taking to the crease after the drinks break were Noah and Lachlan who managed to form a solid partnership surviving a dropped catch in the outfield and even a close run out, staying out in the middle before Noah was caught at mid on for 5.

That made way for Aston to come to the crease. Having had a great day in the field earlier in the day, this was Aston's time to shine with the bat. And with his tall legs and broad shoulders, that's exactly what he did. Starting with a few cheeky singles, and with the addiction of his brother joining him at the crease (Lachlan having been retired for 17), the two brothers formed a solid partnership, Finlay even surviving a one handed catch by the Keeper off a no ball early on.  With the run rate ticking over at approximately a run a ball, the Russ boys steered Gordon Blue in the right direction at long last. 

However, with only 6 overs remaining and five batsmen in the sheds, chasing 162 for a win, it was always going to be a big ask. Aston fell for 14 being caught down leg side off a quick delivery. This left his younger brother at the crease with Adit who returned to build on his earlier score of 1 and 33 runs needed to clinch victory. Unfortunately Adit was clean bowled for 1 shortly after returning to the crease. This brought Matt back to resume his innings, now needing only 25 for a win off 3.3 overs. An over-throw saw Gordon pick up two valuable runs to get the score down to 18 required for victory and about 8 balls remaining.

With 13 needed off the last over, every run felt like two. A cheeky single off the first ball of the last over was followed by another single on the second ball. Sixes were what was required and Finlay gave it his best nudge, lobbing a high shot towards the cones only to be caught for 11. Another single was picked up on the 3rd last ball by Matt which put him on strike, only to be run out on the second last ball of the innings. All bedlam broke out on the last ball with over throw after over throw which saw the remaining Gordon batsmen taking run after run only to fall 7 short at stumps.

If Gordon Blue takes anything away from this match, it should be that they need to tighten up on their sundries. As is often the case, the extras were the top scorer, well in excess of 50 on the day.  

U10 Silver - Round 13 vs North Sydney White

U10 Silver - Round 13 vs North Sydney White

Silver Lining to First Game Back 

Some lucky weather to start the first match of the year. We hadn't played together for the whole holidays but the team was excited to be back and take on North Sydney White. We lost the toss and ended up batting first.

The first overs were played bit slow with not many runs but we slowly picked it up. By the second half of the innings we were smashing it with our big hitters hitting 6s and 4s! Toby Ogg hit 23 runs and we finished off with a score of 4/120.

We started the second innings with a golden duck! Great bowling by Charlie Richie and what a great catch by Zach McNeil.  Josh Constantine did a great job at wicket keeping, getting two early run outs. Even with early wickets lost North Sydney White kept scoring well but we kept taking more wickets.

It all came down to the last 3 overs. North Sydney White needed only 21 runs to win but they were 8 wickets down. This was our chance to take home the game. North Sydney White hit a four! We were still confident and YES!! we got another wicket!! We all ran in and thought we had won and that the game was over, only to find out there was one more over to go! But with great communication, efforts, teamwork and encouragement out on the field we secured our great victory!
By Milan D'Cunha


U14 Gold - Round 9 vs Mosman Sixers

U14 Gold - Round 9 vs Mosman Sixers

Gold Shine With Bat 

This was Gordon Gold's second 60 over matcth and it was a marked improvement in a number of ways.
Firstly, the previous 60 over game was forgettable with both bat and ball for Gold, this time around the team gave a much better account of themselves.

Secondly, the last time Gold played Mosman they were skittled for just 27 runs.

Mosman batted first and as before, Gold took early wickets but couldn't keep up the pressure and allowed the opposition to build big partnerships at crucial times. The catching by Gordon in the warm up had been outstanding from all players. Unfortunately during the game the catching proved to be outstandingly bad with a number of sitters dropped at key moments.

As the innings wore on, fatigue and despair set in, with most bowlers going for more runs than we would care to share with our readership.

Declaring on 7 for 267 with 22 overs left to face, Mosman were feeling confident when Gordon came in to bat. Openers Tim Bacon and Oliver Gilhooly started well against quality bowling, seeing out the first 11 overs, with a stand of 41 (highest of the season) before Gilhooly was bowled. 

Bacon looked good at the crease and put another good stand (31) with Max Russell, stumps beckoning at 2 for 81.

At this point, Gordon would have been very happy with their batting, their best display of the season, thanks to Bacon primarily. However they slumped from 2 for 81 to 4 for 88 at the close.

The slide continued in the second day's play, with Gordon closing on 116, the last eight wickets falling for 36. 

Tim Bacon finished agonisingly short of a maiden 50 on 46, but should be proud of his efforts and his continuing improvement into a top quality batsman.

Following on, Gordon lost early wickets and an innings defeat was on everyone's mind. However, the day belonged to Max Russell who grew in stature to make an outstanding 59 runs. As the innings progressed Russell become very confident and his judgement on which balls to hit and which ones to leave, with 40 runs coming from boundaries. Support from others was also key, notably Tyler Arndt (15) who put on 42 with Russell but perhaps got a little overconfident, getting out to a ball not worthy of his wicket.

Cameron Stocks also batted very well, 17 not out at the close of the innings, against good bowlers in a pressurised situation.

Gordon finished all out for 168, forcing Mosman to bat again, needing 19 runs in 6 overs. This was acheived in a single over, at the cost of one wicket, the less said the better.

Overall, Gold's best batting performance of the year, with one of their more indifferent displays in the field. Batting was the area where we fell down earlier in the season, but the team has now passed 100 three times in succession which is real progress.

Man of the match has to be Max Russell who played a special innings which drew praise from all sides, including the opposition coaches. Let's hope he builds on this and inspires his teammates to similar feats! 

  Man of the Match Max Russell