Match Reports - Past Seasons

Match reports from a nominated member/parent/supporter of each team will be provided on a weekly basis. The reports will be a balanced view of the match, including special performances and where possible photos of the players. This section contains all of the reports submitted prior to the 2011/12 season.


Gordon U/11 Gold - Round 8

Gordon U/11 Gold - Round 8


What happens on the field gets reported! 

Round 8 v Roseville Crocs

Golds 9/192 (cc) defeated Roseville Crocs All out 109

Once again the Golds ventured to HQ (Allan Small) knowing they faced a stern test as the first round clash with the Crocs was an epic, with the Golds getting home with four balls to spare. 

Having first use of the conditions, our openers Callum (2) and Jack (0) were full of confidence as they strode to the wicket. However some excellent catching and a clever run out saw us two down. When the in form Jonas (6) lost his leg stump the Crocs were on top.

Fortunately the ever improving James T(16) gave his new bat a good work out and the dashing Charlie C (14) righted the ship. This set the scene for Charlie W and Alex to come together is a dazzling partnership. A mix of drives pulls and cuts brought roars from the crowd, as the batsmen fought to gain the upper hand against a 'ravenous' Crocs bowling attack! Gen (4) built on this and Mitch (15) was as cool as ever, striking the ball well. Hamish (8)was aggressive while Henry (3) was out forcing the pace. This left a few overs for Charlie and Alex to bat and both 'cashed in' ' Charlie reaching a great 50 not out ' how good was that cover drive, while Alex remained unconquered on 37*. We reached 8/192 after being in trouble a great effort.

The Crocs are a good team and are improving each round. However the Golds bowling and fielding rose to the challenge. We started and finished with direct hit run outs by Henry who was on fire. Not to be outdone both Jonas and Gen held onto screamers for caught and bowleds! When James T and Charlie W held onto good outfield catches the day was looking good. Gen grabbed another and Hamish as keeper topped things off with the 6th catch of the innings. In between all of this both Alex and Jack had 'hit the wood heap'. The Crocs were all out for 109.

This was our best overall catching and bowling performance of the year. We had 7 wicket takers with Gen 2 and Jack,Jo,Charlie C,Alex,Mitch and Henry all getting one each. With Jae,Charlie C& W,James, Gen and Cal giving them nothing!

Congratulations to everyone. Thank you also to our newest umpire Mathilda and the veteran Paul for their support and our scorer Stephen!

This Week v North Sydney White at Pottery Green ' Lane Cove (behind the Lane Cove Pool) be there by 7.55am

Player Availability ' if anyone is unavailable please let Judy know. If we have all 12 one player is the designated non batter for the day, but will bowl and field.

Training :Willoughby Park 5.00pm Thursday

We have done a lot of catching and fielding over the past three weeks and it really paid off on Saturday. Let's keep it up!

Go GOLDS!!!!!

Gordon U/11 White - Round 7

Gordon U/11 White - Round 7



Round 7 ' 'Up against the competition leaders'

Gordon White Tigers 9/134 defeated by Gordon Reds 8/213

On a beautiful Spring morning we journeyed once again to Darnley Oval for the second of our three straight games at this venue. Luckily, this time sufficient plastic bags were packed in the kit to clear the many 'land mines' on the oval prior to the start of play. Captain Dylan tossed the coin; the Red's captain called correctly and elected to bat. The Reds are a strong batting line-up and got away to a fast start courtesy of some powerful hitting and aggressive running between the wickets (take note everyone). We picked up a couple of great run outs shortly before drinks courtesy of Thomas L and Dylan, however the Reds had reached an imposing 3/123 at the break. The post drinks session saw the White Tigers come back really well to reduce the run rate and restrict the Reds to 8/213. Our successful bowlers were the ever improving Thomas L, Tom R, Luca, Charles, Luke and Hugo with a wicket apiece ' well done all! Our 'keepers Charles and Josh did a great job in only letting in three byes all innings and running out two wickets courtesy of great throws from Dylan and Thomas L.

Things we did well in the field:

  • Excellent sportsmanship, clapping the incoming and outgoing batsmen
  • Staying focused for the whole 30 -  special mention to Hugo and Darcy
  • Our catching ' Luca's 'catch of the season' as well as Tom R's great catch
  • Excellent backing up and intelligent throwing meant no overthrows
  • Improved field placings

Chasing 214 to win was always going to tough against the tight Reds attack but Ewan (5) got us off to a great start with a cracking four off the first ball of the innings. He and Oscar (2) looked in good touch until both were out bowled after the Reds attack tightened the screws. Both openers back in the sheds after four overs!

Luke (4) help consolidated the innings until he was out caught trying to push the rate along. Dylan (5) batted well until he fell to a fine outfield catch. Luca (1) got himself tangled up and was bowled. The ever reliable  Xavier (16) played some beautiful pull shops and was eventually out  trying to increase the run rate. Thomas L (0) showed very good technique until he was picked up on a good leg side catch by the Reds 'keeper. Max (2) played a beautiful square drive and was unluckily run out attempting the second run and Darcy (0) was out caught looking for quick runs.

Gus (19 not out) played the innings of his career to date which included four fine boundaries. The other not out batsman was the super competitive Tom R (7 not out) who always seems to save his best for the Reds. A good effort from all but in the end we finished a good way short of the target at 9/134.

Things we did well while batting:

  • We put together a reasonable score without relying too much on one batsman
  • Most batsmen were backing up when not on strike
  • Some good loud calling of 'yes', 'no' ,'wait '
  • Starting to see a few more off-side shots. Great stuff Max!

Areas to work on:

  • We gave away 87 no-balls and wides! That's 87 free runs to the opposition plus the extra balls they face. Darnley Oval is a narrow pitch but we need to work on our bowling accuracy at training
  • We are giving the batsmen too many short easy to hit balls on their leg stump! This often gives away boundaries. At training work on trying to land the ball closer to the stump

Coaches 'White Tiger' award

There were a lot of really good performances on Saturday. Thomas L continues to improve in his bowling , fielding and batting. Luca nearly did enough with his brilliant one-handed diving catch in close and Darcy and Hugo showed a lot of commitment in the field. It was good also to see Hugo back to bowling his best. The choice came down to two players; Tom R and Gus. Tom's bowling gets better every game and I'm sure he's due for a big score soon. However the White Tiger award for this week goes to Gus for his brilliant 19 not out, his much improved bowling and his all round enthusiasm in the field. Well done Gus!

Thanks to umpires Scott and Michael and scorers Justin and JM

NEXT GAME: Round 8 v St Ives Gilchrist venue Darnley Oval ' please be at the ground by 7.55am

Training: Friday at 4.30pm at Artarmon ' please remember to bring along a drink bottle and to use the toilet before training commences. You won't be allowed to use the toilet block until after training finishes.

Player Availability: As far as I know all players are available for next week. Please let me know if you will be away at any stage

Go White Tigers!!

Gordon U/11 Gold - Round 4

Gordon U/11 Gold - Round 4


What happens on the field gets reported! 

Round 4 ' 'The Good Form Continues'

Gordon 3/125 defeated Lane Cove Bradman 7/123 (cc)

The Gold's returned to 'Allan Small' for the third time this season and again came away with the points. After winning the toss captain Jack elected to bowl. The Lane Cove batsmen showed good ability and were patient, picking up singles and hitting the occasional boundary. At drinks they were 2/75 and a big score looked a possibility. However we fought back well after the break with a number of good overs sent down. Callum- -bowling so well (2) with Henry, Alex and Jae ' (excellent caught& bowled) one each our wicket takers.

Mitch (4 overs) Gen, Hamish, Charlie W and James T kept the scoring in check. Special mention to Jack who bowled 2 overs for 1 run'fantastic! Our keepers Charlie C (no byes) and Henry (a super catch) did a very good job, while Jonas was electric in the field. This overall performance limited Lane Cove to a competitive but not impossible 7/123 off their thirty overs. Good points from our time in the field:

1.    Enthusiasm for the whole 30 overs in the field

2.    Some beautiful returns from the deep fielders

3.    Excellent backing up meant no overthrows ' great stuff

4.    Positive encouragement from all fielders

Our batting needed to be good as Lane Cove are a good team who never give up. Fortunately it was, as Jack(11) and Henry (15 retired) gave us a great opening partnership of 27. Alex (30 retired) was in excellent touch, while Callum (11) grows in confidence each week. Charlie W (26 retired) was back to his best while Jo (2) showed his trip to Argentina was good for his education but not so good for his batting! Jae (4 not out) and Charlie (0not out) saw us home. Hamish ,Gen and James got some good time in the middle. We finished at 3/125 off 20 overs, which was a very good performance. 

Some good aspects of our batting were:

1.    The backing up of the non striker continues to improve

2.    More shots being hit on the offside each week.

3.    Calling getting better ' 'yes' 'no' or 'wait'

4.    Singles being run quickly

Thanks to umpire Tim who did all 60 overs ' great effort and to Simon the Lane Cove coach for the popcorn!!!

NEXT GAME: Round 5 v Roseville Gillies venue TBA ' be at the ground by 7.55am

Training: Thursday at 5.00pm at Willoughby Park

Player Availability: If you will be away at any stage please let Manager Judy know as soon as possible. Remember if we have all 12 available one player is the nominated non batter.

Go Golds!!!!

Gordon U/11 Gold - Round 2

Gordon U/11 Gold - Round 2


What happens on the field gets reported! 

Round 2 ' 'A Dustbowl'

Gordon 9/158 defeated by North Sydney White 6/174.

On a day more suited to kite flying than cricket the Gold's played a great game against a strong North Sydney team. Bowling first in absolutely terrible conditions the team stuck to their task very well. Norths batted impressively with a number of singles being run (take note everyone) made the good score of 6/174. Our successful bowlers were Alex and Callum with a wicket a piece ' well done lads. A great sight was the commitment in the field which resulted in three super run outs one each to Henry (what a throw) Charlie W (again a great return) and Jo. There were a number of very good things on display during our time in the field including:

1.      Enthusiasm for the whole 30 overs in the field

2.      Some beautiful returns from the deep fielders

3.      Excellent backing up meant no overthrows ' great stuff

4.      Getting more use to the bowling from both ends.

Our batting was equally good and the game was in the balance the whole way as we chased aggressively from the start. Charlie C (9) was hitting the ball beautifully until unluckily run out. Jack (2) was in good touch while Charlie W (1) was picked up on a good leg side catch. Hamish (4) hit a fantastic boundary but it was left to Jonas (37 not out) batting with great elan and the ever improving Mitch who powered his way to (21) to get our chase back on track. Alex (25 retired) played four lovely scoring shots through the offside and James (2 retired) was always looking for runs. Henry fell for 7 trying to get us home while Jae (2) also got out looking to lift the scoring leaving Callum undefeated on 3. We finished 16 shy! What a brave chase against a good bowling attack.

Some good aspects of our batting were:

1. We showed how we can recover even when early wickets fall

2. Most people were backing up when not on strike

3. Batsmen beginning to hit the ball onto the offside

A Point to Think About: - although the wind made bowling very difficult and this season we are playing on the full length pitch we did give the batsmen a few too many short easy to hit balls on their leg stump! This they did and often got boundaries. Over the holidays practice bowling and trying to land the ball closer to the stumps.

Thanks to umpire Lyndon who did all 60 overs ' great effort

NEXT GAME Round 3 v St Ives Chappell venue TBA ' be at the ground by 7.55am

Training: Thursday at 4.00pm at Willoughby Park ' thank you to Paul for doing this. Once daylight saving starts we will start training at 5.00pm

Player Availability: Hamish and Charlie Cox are away on the October 17 meaning we have 10 players that day. If you will be away at any stage please let Manager Judy know as soon as possible.

Unfortunately I will also miss the game on the 17th owing to work ' if anyone is able to act as coach for a day (longer if keen) please let me know

Enjoy the holidays!!!!!!

Gordon U/11 Gold - Round 1

Gordon U/11 Gold - Round 1


What happens on the field gets reported  

Round 1 ' 'A Classic'

Gordon 8/157 defeated Roseville Crocs 6/156.

The Golds headed off to Allan Small Oval at East Killara on Saturday to open their 2009/10 campaign and what an opening it proved to be! Roseville batted first and made the very respectable score of 6/156 off their 30 overs. There were a number of very good things on display during our time in the field including:

1.    Excellent catching ' well done Charlie C and Jae

2.    Two beautiful run outs courtesy of Alex and Henry

3.    Superb wicket keeping by our 3 keepers, Charlie C, Gen and Jonas ' only 6 byes

4.    Good accurate bowling by everyone especially Hamish

5.    3 wicket takers ' Jae 2, Callum 1 and Henry 1

The team had to adjust to the new concept of bowling from both ends which meant an adjustment to our field placements and they handled this very well (and will get better). Also an increase in overs to 30 meant we were in the field for a longer period than last season, and again the whole team adjusted to this very well with Charlie W. being a stand out!

Set such a tough target in the first game of the year was going to be a big test but the Golds rose to the challenge. Jae (13) and Henry (16) both batted with aggression and put together a neat partnership of 27. Both Charlie W and Charlie C lost their wickets trying to keep the score moving . Callum (10) was in excellent form and will continue to improve. Jonas (34 not out) was the rock of the innings and saw us home in the last over. He was well supported by a determined Alex(16). Gen (4) 'smoked' a cover drive and James T(2) looked solid. Mitch (7) batted himself into form and Jack (4 not out) looked at ease while at the wicket. The target was reached with 4 balls to spare providing a great deal of excitement for the spectators.

Some good aspects of our batting were

1.   Strong loud calls meaning no one was run out

2.    All batsmen were looking for the singles

3.    Everyone cheered each other when they played a good shot

4.    Most people were backing up when not on strike

This was a fantastic start to the season with the game played in a great spirit which everyone should be proud of.

Thanks to umpires Tim and Paul and as always scorer Steve!!!!

NEXT WEEK Round 2 v North Sydney White at Barra Brui Oval St Ives' be at the ground by 7.55am

Training: Thursday at 4.00pm at Willoughby Park ' thank you to Paul for doing this. Once daylight saving starts we will start training at 5.00pm

Player Availability: Gen is out this week, so we only have 11. If you know you will be away at any stage please let Manager Judy know as soon as possible. 

Gordon U/10 Gold - Grand Final

Gordon U/10 Gold - Grand Final



52 Carrot Gold's Read All About It!!!!!!


Gold's Triumph in Epic Battle!

Gordon Gold 3/96 defeat St Ives Ponting 7/92

An excellent week of preparation was marred by the news that Mitch would not be able to play due to a broken finger. Making a Grand Final is hard enough but to miss out through injury was terrible luck for someone who has played an important role in the team throughout the season. Still the team would not let this misfortune distract them and they were ready.


First in the Field

The day began well at the picturesque Allan Small Oval when Alex called a 'head' and chose to bowl. We knew St Ives had a strong batting order and one of their strengths was their running between the wickets, so everyone was ready to cut off anything that came their way. 

Jo got us away well with a tight spell as did all of our bowlers. The batsmen were forced to work hard and runs were proving very difficult to come by ' as one spectator noted 'there were no pies on sale today' as each bowler kept an immaculate line and length.

The team photo -  celebrations cap off a successful season

The opening partnership had gone past 40 when our pressure fielding was rewarded through a great bit of work by Jae. A run out what a bonus! This spurred on Charlie who right before the drinks break hit 'the castle' to remove one of their danger men and we went to drinks at 2/57 off 12 tight overs. This was a great start but could we sustain it for the next 12 overs?

The introduction of Henry brought immediate results when he bowled their number 4. When Callum chipped in with the wicket of their opening batsmen due to a neat catch by Jo we were on top as St Ives had slumped to 4/68. St Ives are a strong team however and we could not relax, and we didn't. In a beautiful piece of cricket a nice pick up and throw by Harry saw Alex over the stumps to take the return and whip off the bails for another run out  - 5/69 and the Golds were slowing gaining the upper hand.

The pressure was relentless as first Hamish and then Gen gave the batmen nothing to hit. Our fielding was a delight to watch led by Cameron and James T as ball after ball was cut off and fired back to the keeper. A third wicket to Henry who was bowling like the 'The Demon Fred Spofforth' reduced St Ives to 7/92 at the end of their 24 overs.

First class bowling supported by excellent fielding and catching had put the Gold's right in the game ' would our batting stand the challenge?

Our Innings ' could we do it?

With the smell of sausages from Grant's BBQ in their nostrils openers Jo and Henry made their way to the wicket. With clever running and aggressive stroke play they gave us the perfect start racing to 21 off the first 6 overs before Henry was caught for a well compiled 6. This brought Charlie to the wicket and with him a buzz of excitement. Known as a man who likes to get on with things his wicket was a prized scalp for the men of St Ives and they threw everything at him.

Jonas kept the board ticking and at drinks the score was 1/53 right on target. After drinks Jonas smashed some beautiful boundaries and retired on 25 placing us in a great position. This was the cue for Charlie to unleash his signature pulls and he did so with great effect racing to 26 retired ably supported by Harry who was on 14.

With the scores tied both Jae and Alex were overcome by the excitement and lost their wickets looking for the winning run. With Hamish at the wicket Harry hit the winner in the 20th over ' home with 4 overs to spare 7 wickets up our sleeve, and the Gordon song boomed across Allan Small!

The Gold's had achieved the impossible ' they had beaten both of the teams that had defeated them during the season and had done so in the cauldron that is finals cricket. 

Champions, Premiers whatever you want the Gold's are it for 2008/09.


The Golds enjoy their victory over a worthy opponent

Congratulations to all in the team you should enjoy it. To St Ives congratulations on a fine season you played well all year and are a very good and talented team.

The Team: Jonas, Henry, Charlie, Harry, Jae, Mitch, Alex, Hamish, Callum, James, Cameron, Genevieve, Jack

Thank You All

To our Manager ' Judy

Scorer ' Stephen

Umpires- Tim, Mathilda,Lee,Don,James, Paul

Assistant Coach ' Tim

Chief Photographer ' Sal ' 'Fire up ref'

and general supporters thank you all for making this a fun season.



(Ed's Note: Hopefully these boys will be learning the words to the senior club's song in the near future)

Gordon U/10 Gold - Round 15

Gordon U/10 Gold - Round 15


GORDON Under 10 GOLD NEWSLETTER   Volume 14 24/2/09

Round 15   Gordon Gold 7/81 v Roseville Gilies 8/79

By virtue of their fantastic performance on Saturday the Golds have secured a spot in the Championship Semi Final series ' what a great effort! The team will finish third which is a super achievement and is a just reward for the effort put in by all players throughout the year.

Roseville were up for a battle and decided to bat ' skipper James T marshalled the troops and it was on. Catches win matches and it was Harry W who pouched the first one at cover. Not to be outdone Charlie W held onto two excellent outfield catches, both of which he made look easy. With this type of pressure runs were hard to come by and wickets to Hamish and Cameron meant we were on top. Mitch then ripped out both of their star batsmen with a fine display of swing bowling. Henry maintained an immaculate line to capture 3 in quick succession. With the ground fielding 'on song' and all three of our keepers Henry, Jo and Gen giving a fine display Roseville were restricted to 79 off their 24 overs.

Eighty runs stood between the Golds and a much deserved semi final spot ' could we do it? The large crowd were oddly subdued when our openers made their way to the wicket as they realised what was at stake. Harry (22) responded with a sintillating display of shot making taking the attack up to the bowlers before he was well caught on the boundary. Gen and Henry(7 retired) ticked things along keeping us in front of the run rate. Alex (12) was aggressive playing on both sides of the wicket.When he was bowled we were in a strong position. Hamish (7) played the innings of the day looking to run at every opportunity.Jonas (12 retired) scored at a fast clip playing with a straight bat and pushed us towards our target. Charlie (1) and Mitch were a little unlucky as was captain James run out on a great throw from the deep as he looked for the second run for the team.It was left to Callum (1Not out) and Jae (0 not out) to see us home and this they did in style sending us to victory with 6 overs to spare!

A very good result as Roseville are a good team who play the game in a great spirit ' so everyone should be congratulated.

Thank you to umpire James Casey who did a great job.

Player of the Day ' for 3 wickets, 7 retired and good display as keeper Henry is the player of the day!!!

Next Match ' Last Round - Round 16 v Roseville Bradman ' February 28 @ Fiddens Wharf ' be there by 8.15am

Team Photo ' Hoping to take a photo this weekend so please everyone bring your camera.

End Of Season - BBQ Chatswood Oval @ 4.30pm March 22 ' please let Judy know if you can make it as it will help the organising committee.

GO GORDON GOLDS - Championship Semi Finalists!!!!!!

Gordon U/10 Gold - Round 13

Gordon U/10 Gold - Round 13


GORDON Under 10 GOLD NEWSLETTER   Volume 13 7/02/09


Round 13   Gordon Gold 4/105 v Gordon Blue 1/98

This game promised much and at the end of an action packed day it was the 'Golds' who fell over the line. The 'Blue's' came with their 'A Game' and it look a herculean effort by the Golds to overcome a tenacious opponent.

Captain Hamish, who did a great job leading the troops elected to bat on a steamy morning where the outfield was so long it was possible that someone may have gotten lost on their way to the wicket!  Openers Jae (1) and the ever pugnacious Charlie (14) got us away with a partnership of 30 for the first wicket. The surprise loss of Callum brought Alex (15 retired) and Jonas (16 retired) together in a partnership full of shot making and excellent running. It was clear that every run was vital and this partnership was critical to our chances ' they did not disappoint! Captain Hamish (2) was in his pomp only to be run out when he forgot to slide his bat. When Mitch was struck a fearful blow on the leg which cannoned into the stumps the Blue's where well in the contest. Gen (2) was hitting the ball firmly however the slow outfield was proving a real challenge! Birthday boy Cam, Henry and James all tried to lift the run rate however against a committed opposition we were restricted to 105. Would it be enough? Were the Blue's ready to spring the upset of the season? Would the heat melt everyone before we could find out? 

Blue's began by running strongly on any ball which flew past the keeper. Our bowling was tight and our fielding disciplined but the break would not come. The Blue's were batting well and as the heat rose and the runs built up it was clear this was going to a tussle of gigantic proportions! No wickets as the score past 50, and even though Hamish kept his bowlers fresh the pressure was on. Still no wickets and the score crept past 80. Drinks every four overs and finally a wicket to Jonas left Blue needing 30 off four overs! This meant the scene was set for a thrilling final 4 overs!

The batsmen pushed at every opportunity for the run and as the crowd became more shrill the Golds rallied and it was left to James to bowl the 'death' over ' which he did with aplomb to restrict the Blues to 98. A hard fought victory over a very good opponent meant this was a fantastic day's cricket- a hard match played in a great spirit which had the crowd roaring for more ' well done both teams.  

Player of the Day ' the award this week goes to the whole team- to play so well under such difficult conditions makes everyone the player of the day!!!

Next Match ' Round 14 v St Ives Lee ' February 14 @ Lofberg Oval ' be there by 8.15am



Gordon U/10 Gold - Round 12

Gordon U/10 Gold - Round 12


GORDON Under 10 GOLD NEWSLETTER   Volume 12 31/1/09


Round 12 Gordon Gold 6/73 v St Ives Ponting 10/89

The team assembled after the break minus one its best. Unfortunately Jack's 'rip stick' was a little unkind, leaving him with a badly broken arm. We miss you Jack, but it was great to see you at the game on Saturday. Hopefully you will be able to keep coming and wearing your very cool hat!!!       

Saturday's match against competition leaders 'Ponting' was an excellent game. Ponting scored 63 runs off the bat compared to our 62, so it was tight. Unfortunately for us we conceded 26 extras while they conceded only 11, and that proved the difference.

We had 6 wicket takers, with Charlie (2/3) and Jae (2/8) getting the doubles, while Cam(1/15) the ever improving Genevieve (1/9) Henry (1/5) and the dangerous Mitch (1/5) all getting into the action. This meant we again snared two wickets with run outs as both Mitch and Jo caught the batsmen short of their ground.

A real highlight though was the catching with a special mention to Henry (Gilchrist) for taking 3, including 2 behind the stumps one of which was an absolute screamer!!! ' just ask the scorer.! Mitch was our other 'catcher' holding onto a high one at mid on ' well done Mitch, a good reward for working hard on his catching at training.

Carmichael Jnr faces up against the "Ponting" boys

Our batting was solid against quite a good attack. Cam 1 and James 2 gave us a steady start and Genevieve 3 showed the benefit of 'picking her bat up early' and was hitting the ball cleanly. Henry 7 got out trying to lift our run rate in a selfless approach to his innings. Alex 25 retired was dynamite! His cover driving and cutting was top shelf and put us in with a chance to pull off an unlikely victory. Mitch 5 retired, was hitting the ball with great power and continues to improve. Jo 2 was keen to push the scoring along, much like Charlie 15 who was smashing everything until 'Morne Morkel' dived and held a match turning catch. Hamish 2 not out was looking so much like a batsmen, and I hope this continues. Callum was out trying to score quick runs and Jae was left stranded as our overs ran out.

For our first game back it was a very good performance with great encouragement from the crowd adding to the day! 

Player of the Day ' for an excellent display in taking a wicket, holding a difficult catch and scoring a solid 5 retired Mitchell Babbs is our player of the day.

Next Match ' Round 13 v Gordon Blue ' February 7 @ Chatswood High School ' be

Thank You to our umpires Don and Mathilda you did a great job under quite difficult circumstances and as always our scorer Mr Steve!




PS Why were the braces in gaol? Because they held up the policeman's pants.


Gordon U/10 Gold - Round 11

Gordon U/10 Gold - Round 11


GORDON Under 10 GOLD NEWSLETTER   Volume 11 15/12/08

Round 11: Gordon Gold 8/48 def. by Lane Cove Bradman 5/49

Sent in on a green, wet wicket meant it could be a tough assignment against the Bradman's. With a slow outfield and the late withdrawal of Hamish (hope you are feeling better) the Gold's were a little unsettled. Against probably the best bowling we have seen this year, we were soon in trouble, losing Gen and Jack (1) and Charlie (2) in the opening overs. A hoped for recovery didn't quite materialise as Jo (2) Callum (1) Jae and Harry (1) all fell in quick succession. James T (3 retired) fought very well in his best innings so far this season and found some good support from Henry (3 retired) and Cam (2 retired) Mitch  (4 not out) came in and played a glorious cover drive for our only boundary. At the end of our overs we were 8/48.

Could we defend it? Well we gave it a damn good shake. The fielding was demonic! As Jae, Charlie, Gen and Mitch threw themselves at everything. Our bowling was tight and all we needed was an ounce of luck to swing the game in our favour. Our keepers were doing a sterling job, especially Charlie and runs were very hard to come by. The bowlers were rewarded when James (1/5) took his first wicket of the season. Harry (1-4) was all speed and (Callum (1-3) chimed in with his ever improving spinners and the door was open ' could we kick it down? A great catch by Henry and then a wicket (1-4) and a direct hit run out from Jo weren't quite enough and in the 18th over Bradman crept past our score. Gen took a wicket late as Jo held a neat catch low down, however the best team on the day won'well done Bradman.

Player of the Day ' for an excellent allround display James T is our player of the day.

Next Match ' Round 12 v St Ives Ponting ' January 31 Training will resume the Wednesday before.

Thank You to ' Scorer: Steve, Umpires: Lyndon, Paul, Tim and Don, Manager: Judy and all the parents for your involvement. It makes the Golds what they are a great bunch!!!!

Enjoy the holidays and Happy Christmas