Match Reports - Past Seasons

Match reports from a nominated member/parent/supporter of each team will be provided on a weekly basis. The reports will be a balanced view of the match, including special performances and where possible photos of the players. This section contains all of the reports submitted prior to the 2011/12 season.


Gordon U/12 Gold - Round 7

Gordon U/12 Gold - Round 7


What happens on the field gets reported! 

Round 7 v Lane Cove Bradman 


Gordon Gold 3/ 59 v Lane Cove Bradman all out 58


Cricket is a very difficult game to play but sometimes just sometimes you have a day where it seems everything works, and Saturday was one of those days. Playing Lane Cove our opponents in both of the last two years semi finals, this should have been a very close game. However due to a tremendous fielding and catching display by the Golds it resulted surprisingly in a rather comfortable victory.

We thought Callum had got us off on the right foot when Jonas held a neat catch only for the batsmen to be recalled due to an umpiring mix up. The Golds put this rather unusual incident behind them and proceeded to produce an almost faultless display. Rory produced a corker to send the stumps flying and the Golds were off. In quick succession Taylor found the edge for Charlie C to take the first of 3 catches behind. Rory was then back in the action with the assistance of his good friend Charlie W who made no mistake with a high catch at cover! The introduction of Alex was a key move as he combined with wicketkeeper Cox to remove two more of the Lane Cove batsmen ' caught Cox bowled Carmichael is becoming a familiar entry in the scorebook!

At 5 down Lane Cove were in trouble, and Campbell gave them no peace when he hit the  poles  with a well pitched delivery. In between all of this Gen, Callum, Charlie W, Henry and Mitch kept the batsmen on their toes while conceding very few runs.

Jonas got in on the act when he to hit the 'woodheap' and the Bradmans were in big trouble. Jack then took an absolutely brilliant caught and bowled. A cracking straight drive, which had 4 written all over it until Jack decided it was a catch, and even better caught it!! Charlie C having given the gloves to Gen who was doing a great job, then joined in with a lovely clean bowled. This was perfect cricket and the last wicket was the icing ' a slower ball by Jack and the batsmen looked like he had placed it over Jonas's head at short mid wicket ' however a leap, a thrusting right arm and a spectacular roll saw Jonas stand triumphantly with the ball ' what a catch, and in a great display of team spirit the whole team ran to congratulate him. It was hard to believe that such a good team as Lane Cove had been dismissed for 58 in 23 overs.

Still cricket has a habit of bringing you back to earth very quickly and sometimes a small score can be difficult to achieve as the other team lifts. Fortunately this was not the case as Mitch 5 and Jonas (who was not sick today) 21 retired advanced the score quickly to 25. Jack 2 was looking very composed and with Charlie W 17 retired they took the score 46. Henry was unlucky to receive a very good ball, which brought Campbell and Rory together. This was a real challenge as 8 runs were still required and both players are relatively new to the game. With a combination of straight bats, loud correct calls and nice shots they took the score to 59, in only the 10th over. The game was done, meaning that Callum and Taylor Charlie C and Alex had a short time in the middle for some valuable practice.

Well done Golds you played a fantastic game


  • 7 wicket takers ' great stuff
  • 6 out of 6 catches taken (7 if we count the first one) ' wonderful to watch
  • 4 batsmen bowled ' accuracy is rewarded
  • Aggressive batting and loud calling by all- great to see
  • Fantastic singing of the team song ' team spirit is so important.

Thanks to Tim and James for umpiring and Steve for scoring.

Round 8: v Mosman Green @ Balmoral Oval (West) Balmoral be there by 7.30am for a 7.45am start

This Week: Training on Thursday at 5.00pm ' 6.15pm Willoughby Park

Player Availability ' if anyone is unavailable please let Judy know. Taylor is out this week .

Go GOLDS!!!!!

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 7

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 7

U11 RedU11 Reds v Lane Cove Marsh  

A red-hot U11 Reds team were on fire as they notched up an outstanding win in the heat on Saturday.

The Reds rattled up an impressive 177 runs before dismissing St Ives Marsh for 41 in the 19th over.

St Ives won the toss and sent the Reds into bat on a baking hot morning at a rather poor Allan Small Oval in Killara.

U11 Reds ' and supporters ' enjoy a well-earned break in the shade after an outstanding performance on Saturday?

Tom Hampson and Brae Mason opened the batting. After a quiet start, the pair piled on the runs playing with a mixture of style and aggression. Mason was quick to punish the short balls smacking four boundaries in his 26 not out. Hampson pushed the ball around the park and his excellent quick running between the wickets saw him retire on 18 not out.

The Reds lost their first wicket on 76 and their second on 77. But those dismissals brought together leading run scorer, James Mulder, and the lively Sam Duckworth who quickly got on top of the bowling. Mulder was his usual aggressive self, hitting three 4s before retiring on 25 not out. Duckworth was slightly more measured and picked up quick singles before he too let loose. He hit two boundaries in his best ever score of 25, retired not out. The rest of the batsmen all contributed with Charlie Crawshaw hitting a quick fire 17 not out towards the end of the innings.

Facing a total of 178 to win, St Ives Marsh were never in the hunt despite trying their best against very good bowling and fielding from the Reds. Mason and Felix Walsh opened the bowling and kept a tight line and length. Mason conceded just five runs from his two overs while Walsh conceded just three runs from his two overs. The first wicket to fall was a run out from the lethal arm of Crawshaw.

Hampson then came on and picked up two early wickets ' his second a sharp caught and bowled. Angus Chitty then chimed in picking up two wickets both cleaned bowled. They were a reward for good line and length and saw Chitty finish with excellent figures of 2 for 2. Chitty also ran out one batsman with a direct hit and took a spectacular catch behind the stumps. The other wickets fell to Harrison Layton (who also had a run out), Charlie Bibb's leg spin and Tim Perry who wrapped up the innings.

In the end it was a comprehensive victory for the Reds who turned in their best performance of the season. While the total of 177 was impressive, the Reds should be proud of their tight bowling and outstanding fielding.

The win takes the Reds to 5th on the ladder.

Congratulations to Sam Duckworth for picking up the Player of the Match award and Angus Chitty for the Good Sportsmanship award.

It was again wonderful to see so many siblings, parents and grandparents at the game on Saturday. The boys appreciate the support.

Practice is on again this Friday at Artarmon Reserve.

Next Saturday, the Reds take on St Ives Warne at Hassell Park, where Harrison Layton will lead the boys.

Good luck!

Steve Bibb



Gordon U/12 Gold - Round 4

Gordon U/12 Gold - Round 4


What happens on the field gets reported! 

Round 4 v North Sydney White     

Clash of the Titans and the Golds Hang Tough!                                                 

Golds 2/113 v North Sydney White 7/111

Round 4 saw a renewal of the good rivalry with the Whites. After four epic games last season all roads led to Blackman Oval for what promised to be a tremendous game. Under clear skies and in front of an expectant crowd the Whites won the toss and decided to bat.

The Whites batsmen were watchful as the opening bowlers Mitch and Campbell probed for an break through. Both Jonas and Rory were also accurate however there was no reward as the score slowly climbed. This was going to be a tough battle as neither side was giving any ground. After 10 overs it was no wicket for 41 and the game was in the balance.

Skipper Charlie W was unfazed and brought out a tactical master stroke with the introduction of the spin twins Alex (2/2 off 3 overs) and Callum (1/3 off 3 overs). With great control of flight and accuracy Alex induced a false shot and Charlie C did the rest ' 1-41. More joy for the Golds next over when Callum deceived the batsmen and Jonas held a nice catch ' this was 'Bedi and Prasanna' * revisited as the White's batsmen struggled to find an answer. Next over Harry (1/4 off 3 overs) induced an edge and Charlie C led the raucous appeal. For what seemed an eternity there was no movement from the umpire then the slow raising of the index finger meant the Golds had struck for the third time and the momentum was shifting. At drinks it was 3/54 off 16 tight overs.

A sizzling outswinger by Jack (1/10 off 3 overs) saw new keeper Jonas in the action immediately after the break and the 4th wicket was down for 62. With the breeze at his back Charlie C (1/8 off 3 overs) was steaming in and when the ball was lofted to cover it only found the safe hands of Campbell to leave them at 5/66. Henry (1/5 off 3 overs) was applying great pressure and was rewarded when the batsmen slashed a good delivery high and wide to point. It had four written all over it, until Harry moved smartly to his left and held onto the catch - 6 /66 ' where was this game heading?

The Norths batsmen then held their nerve and despite some good bowling from Rory, Charlie W and Mitch they built a neat partnership to reach 6/96 with 6 overs remaining. Again though it was Alex who forced the break through with Jonas taking his third catch! The last 6 overs were tight and the ground fielding especially Rory (which we practiced hard during the week) was first rate limiting the Whites to a final score of 7/111.  Good fielding goes a long way to winning games and with 7 catches held and numerous saves in the field the score was kept in check.

The Golds innings started exactly as we hoped with Jonas (17) driving beautifully through mid off and Henry (10 retired) playing a courageous hand against some good bowling. Charlie C (9) looked in great form until an excellent throw found him short, but short he was and when he trudged to the pavilion the score was 2/39. Jack (4 retired) was playing well in the face of some very impressive bowling and at drinks the Golds were 2/53 ' with the game very evenly poised.

Could we bat well enough as a team to get over the top of a very good Norths team? A rapid fire 30 retired from Harry who mixed solid defence with judicious stroke play really put us on top. With strong support from Charlie W (23 not out) who was full of shots on both sides of the wicket the game was there for the taking! Alex (5 not out) administered the last rites with a powerful pull to square leg and the Golds were home. Impressively the runs were scored off only 23 overs.


In a sign of good sportsmanship Norths agreed to bowl the reaming 9 overs so all the Golds could get a bat which was great. Rory took the chance to hit his first boundary in cricket and I am sure there will be more.  


This was a fantastic game played very well by both teams under difficult circumstances as it was hot!!

* Bedi and Prasanna ' Indian spinners in the 70s


  • 7 catches held ' Charlie C and Jonas 2 each as keepers and Jonas, Campbell and Harry 1each ' what we do at training we do in a game
  • 6 maiden overs bowled in 32' Alex and Henry 2 each, Callum and Harry 1 each
  • Only 15 sundries during the innings
  • Strong ground fielding and throwing really limited the runs ' great work
  • Being patient even when wickets didn't come in the first 10 overs ' good cricket
  • Excellent team spirit and good conduct on the field especially when it was so hot!

Thank you to Lyndon for umpiring both innings in the heat and to Mathilda for scoring both innings- great work

Round 5: v Gordon Red @ Wellington Oval East Lindfield be there by 7.45am

This Week : Training on Thursday at 5.00pm ' 6.15pm Willoughby Park

Player Availability ' if anyone is unavailable please let Judy know. Rory is out this week

Congrats:Well done Tay and Gen last week in their soccer match ' we missed you


Gordon U/12 Gold - Round 5

Gordon U/12 Gold - Round 5


What happens on the field gets reported! 

Round 5 v Gordon Red


Golds Triumph in spirited local derby


Gordon Gold 4/ 126 v Gordon Red all out 125

With excitement at fever pitch and a coach still in transit the Golds won the toss and elected to bowl in this much anticipated clash. Incredibly there were a number of familiar faces in the opposition and with the smell of Docs sausages wafting across the ground, the game got underway.

The Reds started soundly until Campbell clean bowled their opener with a well pitched delivery. However this did come at a price as Campbell strained a thigh muscle and limped from the field. Jake and Leon set about moving the score along and were going nicely until Alex (3 overs 2 /10) was introduced. He broke through first ball with Charlie C gloving a hot catch standing up to the stumps and when he followed that up with another wicket in his next over again working in combination with keeper Cox, the Reds were 3/43.  With all bowlers working hard in the morning sun it took some good batting by Julian and Will to slowly build a solid score. Jack (0/4) Henry (0/5) and Harry (0/3) were on the spot and were well supported by some excellent ground fielding especially by Mitch, Taylor and Charlie W.

After drinks, a very good partnership of 37 which brought much cheering from the crowd was broken by Charlie Cox(1/6) whose bowling continues to improve each week and shows the value of having all players bowl. With the score at 4/119 and the Reds looking to push home in the final overs, the game was beautifully poised. Then happened one of those amazing events that makes cricket such a great game.

It started when Gen broke through with a clean bowled - 5/119. Then Callum (3/5), whose bowling just gets better and better chimed in with 2 wickets, both bowled. A false stoke and Alex held a good catch to give Callum his third wicket and the Reds were 8/123. With support from an unwell Jonas who held a neat catch Gen got her second wicket leaving the Reds 9/123. Our team catching over recent weeks has been a highlight and the final catch by Charlie Cox was another example. Dropping back at deep mid on Charlie ran and leapt high to his left to hold an absolute screamer allowing Gen to finish with figures of 3 overs 3/5 and the Reds dismissed for a very competitive score of 125 off 31.5 overs.

That score looked a long way away when Jonas (who was not well but agreed to open) was out early to Nathan. This brought big brother Callum out to face little brother Nathan, and with the umpire at the bowlers end bearing a striking resemblance to both players involved, everyone appreciated the magnitude of the contest.! However Callum and Gen settled into a good partnership with some lovely shots and good singles to move the score along, until Callum was out for a very neat 12. Charlie W joined Gen and while both gave some chances, they were intent on keeping the scoreboard ticking along and the score rose steadily with Gen (30 retired) reaching the magical mark in the 12th over ' well done!!

This brought together Alex and Charlie W and they were both very focused because at drinks the game was anybodies (well either Golds or Reds I guess) with the score at 2/66. A combination of drives, pulls and cuts from both players saw Charlie W (30 ret) and Alex a very contolled (21) take the score up to 102. When Taylor was well caught the Golds were 4/112 and not quite home. The ever aggressive Charlie C (17 not out) and Mitch (0 not out) were not going to muck around and quickly took the score to 126 in the 24th over.

Well done to all players from both sides as this was a very good game to watch, with a number of excellent performances on both sides.


  • 5 excellent catches taken
  • 5 batsmen bowled meaning we are bowling straight
  • Positive encouragement to all players on the field, great spirit
  • Ground fielding was first class

Thanks to Tim, James and Lyndon for umpiring and Steve and Judy for scoring (yes Judy was on the book when Gen was batting) and for Doc and his tongs on the BBQ ' all made for a very nice morning.

Round 6: v Lindfield Warne @ Primula Oval West Lindfield be there by 7.50am

This Week : Training on Thursday at 5.00pm ' 6.15pm Willoughby Park

Player Availability ' if anyone is unavailable please let Judy know. Rory and Charlie C are out this week, so we have the 11 only

Congrats:Gen on being awarded Nilgiri's Player of the Round

Go GOLDS!!!!!

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 4

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 4

U/11 Red - Round 4U11 Reds v St Ives Ponting


The U11 Reds scored their first win of the season on Saturday thanks to an improved team performance.

St Ives won the toss and decided to bat in the heat of Hassell Park. The Reds struck early with Sam Duckworth running out one of the openers with a sharp piece of fielding with just one run on the board. Felix Walsh then struck with a caught and bowled that had St Ives reeling at two for two.

U11Reds watch from the boundary at Saturday's match against St Ives Ponting at Hassell Park.
Tom Hampson, James Mulder, Brae Mason, Angus Chitty, Charlie Bibb, Felix Walsh and Ned Vandermark.

The home team then recovered well but the Reds were always on top in the field.  Ned Vandermark took two wickets for five runs off his three overs ' clean bowling both his victims as he bowled straight and fast. Tim Perry picked up a wicket thanks to a smart catch by Brae Mason. Charlie Bibb also snared a wicket as his leg spin got the better of a batsman who hit the ball to Walsh for his second catch of the match. Mason opened the bowling conceding just five runs from four very accurate overs.

The Reds worked very hard to restrict St Ives to just 109 from their 30 overs. The Reds out fielding was very impressive and was a result of the hard work at practice under the drills of coach Andrew Chitty.

The Reds changed their batting order from last week to open with Finn Mclay and Perry. The pair put on a steady 14 run partnership, which set the platform for the batsmen to come. All players contributed with the bat, which is another good sign for the players as they look to improve. Angus Chitty again performed at number three compiling 13 runs. James Mulder top scored with 15 while Charlie Crawshaw chipped in with a quick fire 14. Perry and Mason both scored 10 and Tom Hampson was eight not out when the game ended.

Crawshaw was awarded Player of the Match for his 0/6 from two overs, his fine wicket keeping and his 14 with the bat.

Hampson was named Sportsman of the Match as he led the way encouraging his teammates and congratulating the opposition.

In the end it was a much improved all round performance by the Reds and reward for working hard at practice. They can now build their season on the back of this win.

Practice is on again this Friday. Next weeks opponents are fellow Gordon team, the Greens.

Finally, thanks to all the parents and grand parents who continue to turn up at the games to support the boys in record numbers!

Steve Bibb

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 3

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 3

James MulderU11 Red v Mosman Gold - Round 3

16 October 2010

Wellington Oval, East Lindfield

There were many positives to come out of Saturday's game for the U11 Reds against a very good Mosman Gold side.

James Mulder makes the most of his opportunity with the bat

After not batting out their 30 overs in the previous two games, coach Andrew Chitty instructed his players to use their entire allotment ' and they did that.

James Mulder again topped scored with 25, retired not out, and sits on top of the batting averages for the NSJCA in the U11s. Angus Chitty compiled a fantastic 23 while Tom Hampson put together a patient 14 not out.

In the field, the U11 Reds bowled very straight and very well. Finn Mclay just missed out on a hat-trick, Charlie Bibb took a wicket with his leg spin while Felix Walsh conceded just seven runs in his four overs. Sam Duckworth ran two batsmen out and Charlie Crawshaw took a screamer of a catch.

All the boys should be congratulated for their consistent displays of good sportsmanship, which has become a hallmark of this team. As well as a player of the match award each week, one U11 Reds player receives a trophy for showing good sportsmanship. The boys have embraced this initiative and play the game in the right spirit. Our umpires selected Harrison Layton as this week's winner.

In the end, the U11 Reds couldn't chase down the Mosman Gold's 144. But with so many positives coming out of the game, and every player continuing to improve, a win next week is on the cards.

So well done to all players and a reminder to keep practicing after school when you can. Official practice is on again this Friday at 5pm at Artarmon Reserve.

Next game sees the U11Reds take on the St Ives Ponting.

Good luck boys!

Steve Bibb

Gordon U/12 Gold - Round 3

Gordon U/12 Gold - Round 3


What happens on the field gets reported! 

Round 3 v SPX

Golds Glad to Be Back

Golds 2/103 v SPX 8/102

Saturday was the first chance the Golds have had this season to show their wares, and it was exciting to watch. SPX are a good team who had had 2 victories leading into the game so we knew it was going to be a tough game.


As things go it was Henry who with the first ball of the season struck. A good ball punched hard to cover where the ever alert Alex held onto a good catch. Next over Henry was in the action again this time to help Callum, whose well flighted delivery resulted in a high catch to mid off, which Henry held. What a start! The next few overs saw a very good partnership by the SPX batsmen and even though the bowling of new players Rory, Campbell and Tay was on the mark, the batsmen were up for the challenge. 


Jonas was right on target with the result being a fine snick through to keeper Charlie C who made no mistake. The pressure was back on the SPX team and when Jack's excellent bowling was rewarded the Golds were slowly getting on top. This was reinforced when Tay and Gen combined to execute a beautiful run out. Alex grabbed a second catch this time off his own bowling to really put the Golds in charge. Gen and Mitch where their accurate selves and it was left to Charlie W bowling excellent leg spinners and Charlie C who were both rewarded with a wicket to finish things off with SPX completing their innings on 8/102 off 32 overs.

The batting was off to a flyer when Charlie C hitting balls to all parts moved quickly to 21. He was well supported by Campbell (3) who looked composed for his first innings ' well done! Mitch 16 retired maintain the tempo with a mix of drives and pulls and looked in fine touch. When Charlie W batting a like Alan Border in his pomp, raced to 30 retired the Golds were on a roll. Gen 11 retired was well rewarded for her improving technique and it was left to Alex 6 not out and Jack 0 not out to see us home. Jonas Tay Rory and Callum then got some valuable time in the middle as SPX played the game in the right spirit allowing all a bat. Golds finished at 2/103 off 19 overs.


  • 5 catches held ' Ales 2, Tay, Charlie C and Henry 1 each
  • 1 run out achieved ' great work
  • 3 new players Rory, Tay and Campbell all showing they are good players in the making
  • 10 scoring shots hit on the offside ' the batting techniques are improving! 
  • Excellent team spirit and good conduct on the field
    • A great start to the year well done to all.

      Round 4: v North Sydney White @ T.B.A be there by 7.45am

      This Week : Training on Thursday at 5.00pm ' 6.15pm Willoughby Park

      Player Availability ' if anyone is unavailable please let Judy know. Good luck to Gen and Tay in their soccer game this week ' we will miss you!!

    Go GOLDS!!!!!

    Gordon U/11 Red - Round 1

    Gordon U/11 Red - Round 1

    U11 RedU11 Reds v St Ives Warne - Round 1

    19 September 2010

    Man of the match James Mulder starred with the bat as the season got underway for the U11 Reds on Saturday. James opened the batting and compiled an aggressive 27 not out that set his team up for a big total. Then later in the field James copped a ball on the head while trying to get under a skied shot. Thankfully James was fine after a short break and got back on the field.

    Tom Hampson (sitting), Angus Chitty padded up and James Mulder during the match at Darnley Oval

    The U11 Reds put in a solid performance against a good St Ives Warne side at a sub-standard Darnley Oval in East Gordon. While James got the team off to a good start, Angus Chitty followed up with a stylish 22. At one stage the U11 Reds were 1 for 72 but some challenging St Ives bowling restricted the team to 141. Most of the Reds batsmen failed to capitalise on their starts ' a job for the coach to work on.

    Playing on a full-length pitch for the first time will take some getting used to as the bowlers struggled to adjust to the extra two metres. Brae Mason, Tom Hapson and Charlie Crawshaw improved with each delivery. Finn Mclay took a wicket and Charlie Bibb should be commended for persevering with his crafty leg spin.

    In the end, the most pleasing aspect of the game was the good sportsmanship displayed by the Reds. They were modest in celebration and applauded their opponents. Brae Mason collected the Reds Good Sportsman of the Week trophy for setting the right example. Twice he ran out batsmen with direct hits and on both occasions whished the batsmen better luck next time.

    In the end St Ives passed the Reds score in the 24th over.

    Next Saturday will be a test as the Reds face the Roseville Rickys.

    Steve Bibb

    Gordon U/11 Gold - Round 9

    Gordon U/11 Gold - Round 9

    Cricket Stumps"BETWEEN THE WICKETS"

    What happens on the field gets reported! 


    Round 9 v North Sydney White


    Golds 5/80 defeated Norths 10/79

    Top of the table clash lives up to expectations

    Saturday saw the Golds travel to the very pretty Pottery Green Oval for the clash with the undefeated North Sydney Whites. Following a narrow defeat in Round 2 to the Whites this would be a good chance to see how the team had progressed.

    After winning the toss, Norths chose to bat. On a very hot morning which was only going to get hotter and an outfield that was quite long, it was obvious that run scoring would be difficult.

    We got away to a great start when Mitch held a catch at point in Jack's opening over. Gen struck immediately and the Bears were 2/3 after two overs.  With runs hard to come by and some excellent ground fielding in particular by the 'Welsh Wizard' Callum and James, Norths were under pressure. This was rewarded when Alex deceived the batsmen and wicketkeeper Charlie Cox running almost to square leg and diving held a blinder. Another great diving catch this time by Jack at mid off, from the bowling of Mitch, meant the Golds were on top at 4/27. Norths however began to mount a good fight back and it wasn't until the introduction of Hamish that the next breakthrough was achieved. Fortunately this was followed up quickly by Charlie W and again by Henry to have Norths tettering at 7/51 ' which way would it go?

    Fortunately for the Golds the great fielding did not falter. Jae remained keen as did Jonas which was vital. Another catch to Charlie Cox this time off Henry and then a fabulous run out by the same man placed the Golds firmly in control. Jack stepped up to finish the innings in the 26th over with the score at 79.

    This looked a small total however with the grass very long and Norths being a strong fielding team it was never going to be easy. Unfortunately we didn't quite get the start we were hoping for when Mitch fell in the opening over. This brought Jonas (14) and Charlie Cox (16) together and they played superbly.  While boundaries were very difficult to achieve both batsmen dispatched the short ball and ran strongly ensuring that no singles were missed. This kept the score ticking over which in a tight game was vital. At the loss of Charlie, after an opening of 30 off 7 overs Jae (2) continued the aggressive batting under what were very hot conditions.

    With the quick loss of both Jae and Jonas the game swung back to Norths when Henry was snapped up on a great caught and bowled leaving the Golds  5/42 off 13 overs. Again the game hung in the balance.

    Alex (9 not out) was joined by Charlie W (25 not out) in a vital partnership. Both batsmen weathered some excellent bowling and took advantage of anything loose in particular Charlie with his favoured pull shot proving decisive. Putting together an unbeaten partnership of 38 these two saw the Golds home for a hard fought win.

    Well done to both teams for playing such a high standard game under very difficult conditions.

    Highlights :

    • 5 catches held  - excellent work  Mitch, Jack, Charlie C(2) and Charlie W
    • 7 wicket takers ' Henry/Jack ' 2, Mitch, Alex, Charlie, Gen, Hamish- 1 each
    • Only 12 wides in 26 overs ' fantastic bowling
    • Excellent running between the wickets for our singles ' this was so important on a 'slow' ground
    • 3 super partnerships when batting

    A great game to watch and a good sign that the Golds continue to improve particularly in the field.

    Thank you to Paul/Lyndon our umpires and Steve/Rob for scoring

    Thank you also for the birthday wishes and rosette, which I did wear all day!

    Player of the Day

    ' among a number of excellent performances this weeks PoD is Charlie Cox ' for 16 runs, 2 catches as keeper and a clever run out ' well done.   


    This Week v Lindfield Chappell at Naremburn Lower - be there by 7.55am

    Player Availability ' if anyone is unavailable please let Judy know. If we have all 12 one player is the designated non batter for the day, but will bowl and field.

    Training :Willoughby Park 5.00pm Thursday

    Go GOLDS!!!!!

    Gordon U/11 Gold - Round 7

    Gordon U/11 Gold - Round 7

    Cricket Stumps"BETWEEN THE WICKETS"

    What happens on the field gets reported! 

    Round 7 v Mosman Green

    Golds 4/200 (cc) defeated Mosman Green All out 47

    Mosman Green are a team comprised of younger boys who are new to cricket. With this in mind they played very well and made the Golds work extremely hard. I expect that when we meet the 'Greens' again later in the season they will have continued to improve and will be a tough team to play.

    That said the team played very well and put into practice the things we are working on at training. Batting wise Hamish 19 and Jae 14 ran tremendously between wickets. Henry 25 kept his head down and hit the ball beautifully. Charlie 23 was back to his best, while Jack 9 continues to improve with a fine selection of drives being a delight to watch. Gen 14 and Jo 6 were both in good touch. Alex 10 sacrificed his wicket for the team while Mitch 12 was aggressive and looked set for a big score. Charlie C and James where unlucky as they attempted to force the pace.

    Our bowling and fielding was first class. Five players took wickets ' Mitch, Alex, Charlie W and James, with Jo snaring the rare but much cherished hat trick ' all three bowled!!! On top of this fine effort Charlie W held onto two scorchers in the field, while Alex and Henry fired in beautiful returns to secure run outs. Again Charlie C was a star behind the sticks.

    Jonas - U/11 GoldJonas snares a hat-trick and a senior grade selector keeps a watchful eye on this talent!

    Our fielding continues to improve and is a delight to watch.

    At training this week we will again focus on our catching/fielding. This is a good aspect of our game and the better we make it the harder it will be for other teams to play against us.

    Well done Golds a good team performance building towards the tougher games ahead.


    This Week v Roseville Crocs at Allan Small Oval ' East Killara be there by 7.55am


    Player Availability ' if anyone is unavailable please let Judy know. If we have all 12 one player is the designated non batter for the day, but will bowl and field.