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Match reports from a nominated member/parent/supporter of each team will be provided on a weekly basis. The reports will be a balanced view of the match, including special performances and where possible photos of the players. Below you will find the current season and previous season's reports.

Match Reports - Season 2015/16

Match Reports - Season 2015/16

Check out our latest match reports here

Weekly match reports from each team, provided by nominated parents or supporters during the 2015/16 season can be found here. 

These reports will be a balanced view of the match, including special performances and where possible photos of the players. If you want your team's match reports published on the website, please email them, and any photos, into


U10 Silver – Round 16 vs Mosman Thunder

U10 Silver – Round 16 vs Mosman Thunder

Final Ball Thriller Between 3rd and 4th 

This round saw another hot steamy Sydney day with a thick slow outfield. As such the coach talked early to the team that running between the wickets would be key to the game plan.

Mosman Thunder batted first and got off to a fast start with 24 off the first 4 overs and the retirement of Francou at 20 off just 13 balls.

In the lead up to the 12 over drinks, break the pace of scoring slowed with tight bowling from the likes of Riley, Aadit and Hadley to see the Mosman Thunder get 58 off the first 12 overs. This tight bowling continued in the 2nd half of the Thunders innings with few wicket chances given both from run outs and catches. The fielding of our team again improved on the week and managed to hold the Thunder to a total of 2/109. With top bowling figures by Hadley, a messy 3 runs from his 2 overs,

A challenging but achievable score that we had made several times before just not against a team of this quality.

We opened with Charlie and Joshua to some of the fastest bowling we had seen all season and this contained us to just 21 off the first 4 overs. By the 12th over we were back on pace with 64 runs scored and only 2 wickets lost with Joshua retired. The 2nd 12 overs was a very different story.

Tight bowling and tidy fielding saw is lose wickets quickly and pulled back our run rate to have us 4/100 at the end of the 20th over. Ten runs required off just 3 overs doable but with a strong bowling attack and slow outfield not in the bag. We still had to face overs from some of Mosman Thunder’s best bowlers.

Over 21 saw 4 runs taken off it and tension in the crowd ease a little at 6 runs required off 2 overs. The next over saw Charlie S dismissed and only 2 runs scored, tension rising again. Four runs off the last over, 3 off 2 balls for a win and talk of a draw was developing on the sidelines.

With a run out to Raddhish returned to the crease from an earlier retirement and the boys scampered a quick single off the 2nd last ball. Two runs need for a win, One for a draw!!!

Final ball thriller bowled and the boys rake off for a run without hitting. Ball fielded close on the leg side and returned to keeper bails taken of appeal for run out and its close. Umpire Ogg reviewed from square leg, NOT OUT is the call and we draw!

This leaves us in 3rd spot on the ladder just in front of Mosman Thunder by averages.

Very exciting game all round with high quality cricket in all aspects. Well done Gordon Silver.







U12 Blue - Semi Final vs Lane Cove

U12 Blue - Semi Final vs Lane Cove

High Flying Blues Charge into Final 

Last Saturday, the Gordon Blue cricket team travelled to Bales Park to play Lane Cove in the semi finals.

The match started with Gordon winning the toss, which was a good start, and choosing to bat with openers Matt and Sammy.

Matt faced the first ball of the game looking very confident. He made Lane Cove unhappy by knocking the ball into gaps between the fielders and making them run in the hot sun. Sammy was bowled for 12 and in came Noah who retired at 22. Aston hit a six off his third ball, followed by Rory’s great shot into the air for six. Lachie walked in from the shade and lifted our total score to 144.

Innings 2. We started the bowling with Aston taking a wicket and Noah stumping one of the Lane Cove batsman. Sammy took a good catch and so did Noah as wicket keeper. Lachie bowled one out and then Declan did too. Finley took a catch diving backwards. Noah bowled out another and Matt did some great wicket keeping, sending a Lane Cove batsman back to his kit bag. One more stumping and they were all gone.
Gordon are through to the Grand Final. Let’s go Blues!


























U10 Silver - Round 11 vs Lane Cove Neville

U10 Silver - Round 11 vs Lane Cove Neville

Our Best Score Ever

We lost the toss against Lane Cove Neville, and batted first. Toby and Lachlan opened with a good start and Toby was the first of the team to retire.  Three others also retired: well done to Josh, Lachlan and Hadley.

By the end of the innings, we had 6 sixes and a lot of fours. All up, it was a strong team effort batting on the field which led us our highest number of runs ever, 157!

After we started bowling, we got 2 maidens and 3 wickets. Lane Cove Neville were batting strongly but they only achieved a score of 71.  A special call out for Milan who got his opponent out for 2 runs, and well done to everybody else for not bowling too many extras.

Thanks Lane Cove Neville for a good game, and now the U10 Gordon Silvers are off to the semis! YAY!!!!!

By Charlie Sullivan








U12 Blue - Round 16 vs Lindfield Border

U12 Blue - Round 16 vs Lindfield Border

Blues Battered and Bruised

With skies threatening rain all morning, Gordon Blue won the toss and elected to bat against Lindfield Border (currently the top team in the division) at Carrington Oval, Waroongha.

Celebrating his 12th birthday, Rory opened the batting with Aston, probably the two tallest boys in the team. Unfortunately the celebrations were short lived when Rory was hit in the upper thigh before playing on to the wicket to be bowled out for zero. Tears flowed and adults ran onto the ground (including this nervous father) but after a few anxious moments, Rory regained both his composure and strength in his legs to be clapped off the green. Remaining batsman Aston seized on the short boundary hitting four after four.

With Noah at the other end, Batsman No.1 and No.3 put on a formidable partnership. Echoing the cricket matches of yesteryear, Noah was the next batsman to be hit on the body, copping a direct hit in the sternum and falling to the pitch. He soldiered on like the trooper he is, before Aston fell in the 8th over for 29 from a clean bowl of the stumps. This brought Nicholas to the crease, and first ball he was off the mark with a lovely late cut for one making the score 2/42. However, he was out in the 11th over for five when he just skimmed the ball before being caught behind. A very good catch. That brought 'Lachstar' to the crease and he soon showed the small crowd in attendance why he has acquired such a nick-name, just surviving a dropped catch on 1 by the keeper and going on to build a solid score for himself.

However the very next over, Noah was run out at the non striker's end for 12 to make it 4/53 in the 13th. Matt then came to the crease to join 'Lachstar' out in the middle, but in the 16th Matt was run out when he tried to get a cheeky single off a ball driven to mid on and was unable to make it back to his crease in time. This made the visitors 5/63 on what was fast becoming a very sticky afternoon, both on and off the field.

Next to the crease was Declan and at the first drinks break, Gordon Blue was 5/66. Adding to their blistering first 16 overs, Lindfield Border made sure runs were hard to come by, allowing Gordon Blue only two singles off the first four overs after the break, including two maidens.

The scoring started to tick over at a slightly faster rate as Declan and 'Lachstar' began to find their groove before the latter was retired for 14. This brought Adit to the crease, but the very next ball Declan was stumped for six in the 24th over. This brought the other Russ brother, Finn, to the middle, as the visitors were reeling at 6/87.  The kome side's wicket keeper proved he was on a roll when he had his second stumping for the innings, snaring Adit just short of his crease.

With 7 overs remaining, Tommy Gun came out to the middle. Having had a great match the week before, expectations were high but in his first over, T.G was clean bowled by a very quick ball just hitting the top of the wicket and sending the bales every which way including loose, making it 8/91 at the end of the 26th over.  The next over, Finn was run out for 1. This brought Drhruv and 'Lachstar' back to the crease, bringing up the first boundary in several overs. The last batsman to fall was the Star Boy himself for 18 to make it 10/96 in just 27.2 overs.

Aston opened the bowling for Gordon and was soon hit for six. The first wicket went to Noah in the second over when he clean bowled one of the Lindfield openers to have them 1/8. Confidence soared. The body blows continued in the second innings when Aston threw down a quick ball in the third over which flew up into the Lindfield batsman. Luckily he was OK and continued batting. At the end of the 5th over, it was Tommy Gun's turn to be hit, when the ball was smacked into his leg at square. He too was OK but it proved the body blows were definitely part of the day's play as were the sixes and fours that soon followed.

Rory dived for an absolute screamer and what probably would of been the catch of the season had he managed to catch it, but ended up missing by only inches. Soon after, Daniel 'Digger' retired for 30 off 34 balls in the 11th over for Lindfield.

The second scalp finally fell in the 12th over with some very quick thinking from 'Lachstar' as wicket keeper now, seeing the Lindfield batsman was just short of his crease and stumping him.

Two balls later, another wicket fell with a beautiful piece of fielding and a direct hit (run out) by Matt to have the home side 3/82 with 15 runs needed for victory. A second run out occurred in the 14th over when Noah scooped up the ball and gently threw it to the wicket keeper, finding the Lindfield batsman half way down the pitch. A nervous hush fell upon the crowd. Could Lindfield Border capitulate from such lofty heights? Unfortunately for Gordon Blue, it wasn't to be the fairy tale ending they were hoping for. Even with the late surge in wickets, the match was all wrapped up just before drinks in the 16th over when Lindfield Border clinched victory with a late cut shot which raced to the boundary for four, to have the game all done and dusted with a score of  4/97 at approximately 4:45pm. 

U10 Black - Round 15 vs Mosman Thunder

U10 Black - Round 15 vs Mosman Thunder

Gordon Boys in Good Effort

We played Mosman on a beautiful morning beside the beach in Balmoral, with car parking at only $9 per hour.

Our team has lost a few players since Christmas and we only had nine on the field. The Mosman batters were really good and scored lots of runs. I got a wicket and so did Blake, but we all bowled as well as we could.

We needed to make 142 to win. I managed to make the two, but unfortunately the rest of the team weren't able to make the 140.

We did make 113, which is really good. Blake got 17, Liam got 12 and Sivaan playing in his first game made 10.

Josh Gatti retired on 20. He was awesome and got man of the match for our team.

- Tom Gilhooly







Josh Gatti raises the bat after an epic innings  

U12 Blue - Round 15 vs North Sydney Blue

U12 Blue - Round 15 vs North Sydney Blue

Blues Fun in the Sun

It was perfect weather for a day of cricket. Gordon won the toss and elected to bat. Aston and Matt opened the batting.  Unfortunately Aston was run out early on 7 runs. Rory and Matt struck up a good partnership until Matt was run out for 10.

Lachie had  a great game with 22 runs and Nick hit a beautiful 6 before retiring at 32. Tommy shone with  two 4s.

Good bowling and fielding all round. Great catches by Noah and Lachie and run outs by Rory, Finlay and Aston.

Final score Gordon 7/173, North Sydney Blue 9/90. A well deserved win for Gordon. 



























U10 Silver - Round 15 vs Lane Cove Ponting

U10 Silver - Round 15 vs Lane Cove Ponting

Silver in Last Ball Thriller

The match started off well for my team Gordon Silver.

In the first innings we batted and scored 77 runs on a slow outfield.  We had been hoping to score closer to 100 runs so we knew that this game was going to test us.

In the second innings we played extremely well.  At the drinks break they were slightly ahead, as they were on 42 runs and we were on 35.

In the next and final half we defended very well. 

In the end it came down to the last ball.  Lane Cove needed one run and they got it!  I think Lane Cove played very well and I congratulated them on their win over us.

- Luke Chopra




U12 Blue - Round 14 vs Mosman

U12 Blue - Round 14 vs Mosman

Blues Last Over Thriller 

The clouds parted and Bales Oval Field #2 was drenched in glorious summertime sunshine.

Having lost the toss and being told to field, Adit opened the bowling for Gordon Blue against Mosman Bradman. First scalp went to Rory Madderom in only the second over when he clean bowled one of the Mosman openers. The second wicket fell in Rory's second over and the fourth of the innings, when he clean bowled another Mosman batsman on the last ball of the over to make it 2/34.

Mosman then dug in, lucky to survive a catch off a no ball in the sixth over. Then Aston struck in the 14th over with a clean bowl of the stumps to make it 3/82. In the same over Mosman lost their fourth batsman when a direct hit from Matt caused a run out to have them reeling at 4/90. Aston caught and bowled what would of been his second scalp in his second over, but as earlier, the Umpire called a no ball.

The Mosman batsmen then put the hammer down scoring consistently for the next several overs, including three stylish fours and a magnificent six over cover off a full toss before succumbing to a caught and bowled off sub fielder Finlay in the twenty third over to have the visitors 5/133. His older brother Aston struck again in the 28th over to have Mosman 6/150 from a beautifully quick clean bowl. The 7th wicket fell in the 31st over when Aston caused a run out off his own bowling. The 8th wicket fell on the last ball of the innings when Matt ran out the batsmen to have Mosman Bradman 8/161 at stumps.

At exactly 4pm (at least according to this Writer's watch) Gordon Blue took to the crease to commence their innings. Opening batsmen were Matt and Declan but on only the third ball, Declan was clean bowled.  Adit retired on 1 in the 7th over which brought Rory to the crease. Unable to build on his impressive score from last week, he was out for a duck off only his third ball faced while attempting a low, flat six, caught on the boundary by some very safe hands.

Dhruv came to the crease with the home side reeling at 2/21 in the 8th over. Matt retired for 7 in the 10th bringing Tommy Gun to the crease. But in only his second over he was caught for 0 as well. Nicholas and Dhruv attempted to form a partnership but it was short lived when Nick was caught and bowled in the 15th over.  Taking to the crease after the drinks break were Noah and Lachlan who managed to form a solid partnership surviving a dropped catch in the outfield and even a close run out, staying out in the middle before Noah was caught at mid on for 5.

That made way for Aston to come to the crease. Having had a great day in the field earlier in the day, this was Aston's time to shine with the bat. And with his tall legs and broad shoulders, that's exactly what he did. Starting with a few cheeky singles, and with the addiction of his brother joining him at the crease (Lachlan having been retired for 17), the two brothers formed a solid partnership, Finlay even surviving a one handed catch by the Keeper off a no ball early on.  With the run rate ticking over at approximately a run a ball, the Russ boys steered Gordon Blue in the right direction at long last. 

However, with only 6 overs remaining and five batsmen in the sheds, chasing 162 for a win, it was always going to be a big ask. Aston fell for 14 being caught down leg side off a quick delivery. This left his younger brother at the crease with Adit who returned to build on his earlier score of 1 and 33 runs needed to clinch victory. Unfortunately Adit was clean bowled for 1 shortly after returning to the crease. This brought Matt back to resume his innings, now needing only 25 for a win off 3.3 overs. An over-throw saw Gordon pick up two valuable runs to get the score down to 18 required for victory and about 8 balls remaining.

With 13 needed off the last over, every run felt like two. A cheeky single off the first ball of the last over was followed by another single on the second ball. Sixes were what was required and Finlay gave it his best nudge, lobbing a high shot towards the cones only to be caught for 11. Another single was picked up on the 3rd last ball by Matt which put him on strike, only to be run out on the second last ball of the innings. All bedlam broke out on the last ball with over throw after over throw which saw the remaining Gordon batsmen taking run after run only to fall 7 short at stumps.

If Gordon Blue takes anything away from this match, it should be that they need to tighten up on their sundries. As is often the case, the extras were the top scorer, well in excess of 50 on the day.  

U10 Silver - Round 13 vs North Sydney White

U10 Silver - Round 13 vs North Sydney White

Silver Lining to First Game Back 

Some lucky weather to start the first match of the year. We hadn't played together for the whole holidays but the team was excited to be back and take on North Sydney White. We lost the toss and ended up batting first.

The first overs were played bit slow with not many runs but we slowly picked it up. By the second half of the innings we were smashing it with our big hitters hitting 6s and 4s! Toby Ogg hit 23 runs and we finished off with a score of 4/120.

We started the second innings with a golden duck! Great bowling by Charlie Richie and what a great catch by Zach McNeil.  Josh Constantine did a great job at wicket keeping, getting two early run outs. Even with early wickets lost North Sydney White kept scoring well but we kept taking more wickets.

It all came down to the last 3 overs. North Sydney White needed only 21 runs to win but they were 8 wickets down. This was our chance to take home the game. North Sydney White hit a four! We were still confident and YES!! we got another wicket!! We all ran in and thought we had won and that the game was over, only to find out there was one more over to go! But with great communication, efforts, teamwork and encouragement out on the field we secured our great victory!
By Milan D'Cunha


U14 Gold - Round 9 vs Mosman Sixers

U14 Gold - Round 9 vs Mosman Sixers

Gold Shine With Bat 

This was Gordon Gold's second 60 over matcth and it was a marked improvement in a number of ways.
Firstly, the previous 60 over game was forgettable with both bat and ball for Gold, this time around the team gave a much better account of themselves.

Secondly, the last time Gold played Mosman they were skittled for just 27 runs.

Mosman batted first and as before, Gold took early wickets but couldn't keep up the pressure and allowed the opposition to build big partnerships at crucial times. The catching by Gordon in the warm up had been outstanding from all players. Unfortunately during the game the catching proved to be outstandingly bad with a number of sitters dropped at key moments.

As the innings wore on, fatigue and despair set in, with most bowlers going for more runs than we would care to share with our readership.

Declaring on 7 for 267 with 22 overs left to face, Mosman were feeling confident when Gordon came in to bat. Openers Tim Bacon and Oliver Gilhooly started well against quality bowling, seeing out the first 11 overs, with a stand of 41 (highest of the season) before Gilhooly was bowled. 

Bacon looked good at the crease and put another good stand (31) with Max Russell, stumps beckoning at 2 for 81.

At this point, Gordon would have been very happy with their batting, their best display of the season, thanks to Bacon primarily. However they slumped from 2 for 81 to 4 for 88 at the close.

The slide continued in the second day's play, with Gordon closing on 116, the last eight wickets falling for 36. 

Tim Bacon finished agonisingly short of a maiden 50 on 46, but should be proud of his efforts and his continuing improvement into a top quality batsman.

Following on, Gordon lost early wickets and an innings defeat was on everyone's mind. However, the day belonged to Max Russell who grew in stature to make an outstanding 59 runs. As the innings progressed Russell become very confident and his judgement on which balls to hit and which ones to leave, with 40 runs coming from boundaries. Support from others was also key, notably Tyler Arndt (15) who put on 42 with Russell but perhaps got a little overconfident, getting out to a ball not worthy of his wicket.

Cameron Stocks also batted very well, 17 not out at the close of the innings, against good bowlers in a pressurised situation.

Gordon finished all out for 168, forcing Mosman to bat again, needing 19 runs in 6 overs. This was acheived in a single over, at the cost of one wicket, the less said the better.

Overall, Gold's best batting performance of the year, with one of their more indifferent displays in the field. Batting was the area where we fell down earlier in the season, but the team has now passed 100 three times in succession which is real progress.

Man of the match has to be Max Russell who played a special innings which drew praise from all sides, including the opposition coaches. Let's hope he builds on this and inspires his teammates to similar feats! 

  Man of the Match Max Russell

Match Reports - Season 2014/15

Match Reports - Season 2014/15

Check out our latest match reports here

Weekly match reports from each team, provided by nominated parents or supporters during the 2014/15 season can be found here. These reports will be a balanced view of the match, including special performances and where possible photos of the players.


U11 Blue - Round 13 vs St Ives Lee

U11 Blue - Round 13 vs St Ives Lee

Blue Boys Go Close 

What a nail biting ending as the boys were determined to win but lost by a nick.

The game started with slow scoring due the wet outfield. 

The runs began to come off the bat quickly as the temperature and tension began to rise. 

Noah again was magnificent with the bat, supported by Nick Green. Harvey came back from an injury in the nets and scored runs as well.  
Bowling was superb with Matthew taking two successive wickets to bring the boys back into the game.  

Fielding was exceptional as Angelo took two diving catches.

The Player of the Week was Angelo with an excellent all round performance with the bat, ball and in the field.

Well done boys! 

Guards of Honours all round for the Blues Batsmen

   Player of the Week Angelo was outstanding

U11 Blue - Round 11 vs West Pymble

U11 Blue - Round 11 vs West Pymble

Blue Boys Learn Lessons 

Saturday was a day when cricket seemed to be the winner - we were down a player through illness but the boys nonetheless tried hard and played the game in the right spirit.

There was a noticeable improvement in the running between the wickets but we were ultimately outplayed by opponents who were well drilled and stuck to their game plan.

Many lessons were learned at Lofberg Oval and the team are looking forward to lifting this week when we meet St Ives.

U11 Gold - Round 11 vs Roseville Raptors

U11 Gold - Round 11 vs Roseville Raptors

Gold Turn It On In The Field 

On Saturday, we played the Roseville Raptors at Alan Small park. We started off batting and after just four balls our first batsman was out caught.

After 15 overs we only had 35 runs but thanks to our three top scoring batsmen A Kishore, 15, H Ridley, 9, and A Bibb, 8, we left the crease with 9 for 101.

M Hyslop opened the bowling brilliantly with two wickets. The following over O Menck got another wicket for the team. Our bowling was exceptional for the rest of the game, bowling them all out for 85.

Dan Newman, right, picked up the Man of the Match Award for his outstanding bowling claiming the figures of 2 for 1

All of our bowlers did very well including brilliant figures such as myself with 2 for 1, S Hegney 1 for 3, H Ridley 1 for 12, A Kishore 1 for 4, N Matthews 1 for 4, E Barton 1 for 11.

We fielded well defending a very small total and due to our excellent performance on the field we ended up coming home with a win. Well done Gordon Gold!

Special thanks to our parents, the umpires, scorers and the coach.                        

By D Newman

Mitch Hyslop, right, took two wickets, was great in the field and was awarded the Good Sportsmanship Award  

U11 Gold - Round 10 vs North Sydney Red

U11 Gold - Round 10 vs North Sydney Red

Gold Show Great Courage 

We chose to bowl first because the ball did not travel fast on the grass due to the dew on it. I hoped later on in the day, the grass will dry up so the field will become quicker.

At the end of their innings North Sydney Red were 6 for 143. I would like to acknowledge Seb and Harry for getting one wicket and Will and Olly for getting two wickets. Both of our keepers did an amazing job, both taking one catch and Josh did an amazing diving catch.

We could of improved by bowling less extras. In the batting we struggled a bit, losing our 1st wicket at two runs and our second wicket at three runs.

Armaan and Harry (right) with the match awards

I would like to acknowledge Nelson who scored 9, Harry who scored 23, Mitch who scored 15 in just five balls. I scored 16. We all did our very best but we could only score 7 for 115.

I think everyone should be proud of themselves because North Sydney Red normally get teams out in around 80 runs, but we played our best and scored 115.

Finally, a special thanks to Paul, Lara, Steve and all in the parent group for your encouragement, support and in allowing us have fun.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year – see you all next year.

By Armaan Kishore

U11 Blue – Round 10 vs Lindfield Tavener

U11 Blue – Round 10 vs Lindfield Tavener

Blues Hit Top Gear 

With the boys batting first they all had a dig, with great efforts from Harvey, Noah, Aston, Lachie and Xavier, to amass a total of 171.

They then backed it up with accurate bowling and enthusiastic fielding that included run outs, clean bowled, caught and a stumping by Dhruv, who was brilliant behind the stumps.  

Lindfield were bowled out and we got an early mark, a great way to finish the year! Let’s bring that form back for 2015. 

Well done to Lachie for a great all-round game in getting man of the match. 

Also a big thank you to Finlay for helping out today. Enjoy the break and we’ll see you all next year!

U14/15 Red - Round 9 vs Lindfield Waugh

U14/15 Red - Round 9 vs Lindfield Waugh

Resilient Reds Show Great Character 

Enthusiasm for a common interest, working as a unit and placing team ahead of self interest are essential in a cricket team – and good lessons for life. These attributes are embraced by the Gordon Reds and were on display in a cracking game of junior cricket on Sunday.

It started on an humid and overcast  morning on the artificial savannah of Northbridge Oval. This was the final round before the school holiday break. The Reds were taking on the second placed Lindfield team.

On the boundary, the recalcitrant gazebo eventually popped up. The parental support staff settled in the shade keeping the heads down to avoid the barrage of golf balls that would come from the hackers ruining the course behind.

To the cricket action and captain Ben Greaves won the toss and decided to bat.

This week’s opening act was Saskia Horley and Thomas Pitts. With the fielders setting up shop in the deep, it was hard going for the Gordon openers. Boundaries were difficult to find.

Looking to set the scoreboard alight, positive Pitts went on the drive only to find a fielder. Seven runs later, Horley was just short of her crease looking for a second run. Both openers did a good job wearing down the bowling.

Daniel Williams and Ben Greaves were now in residence. Williams got an early Christmas gift - a low full toss on his pads, which he promptly dispatched to the boundary for 4 to get off the mark. At the other end, Greaves was his usual inventive and effective self with the bat. The pair took to the tiring bowling and found the boundaries. The partnership was producing the runs – 70 to be precise. It was a fine display.

When Greaves departed for an excellent 33 and Daniel Williams for 47, the Reds were 123 in the Xth over. The concern was this was a little below par for Northbridge Oval.

If the Reds were to post a competitive score, a late flourish was needed. Charlie Bibb was now in the middle and produced several fine shots that raced to the boundary. Tom Hampson and Jake O’Donnell joined in as they pushed the runs. Both sacrificed their wickets for the team as they looked for runs.

In the end, Gordon posted a competitive total of 147. Bibb was 19 not out.  

The Reds then turned in a superb team performance in the field that would see them chase, dive and scramble to great effect. From the first ball, the Reds were switched on knowing they needed to keep it tight.

The opening bowling from Daniel Williams and Flynn Mahoney was outstanding. Bang on a good length. They were supported by enthusiastic fielding which strangled the scoring. Barely a run was sited. First change bowlers Saskia Horley and Tom Hampson kept the pressure on. Horley beat the bat numerous times with her off breaks. She was unlucky not to pick up the first wicket. That honour fell to Hampson and his second delivery. The pressure from the Reds saw a shot land in the ever-safe hands of Mahoney who was stationed at point.

Hampson struck again in his third over thanks to an amazing reflex catch at slip by Charlie Bibb. When the ball found the edge, the ball flew fast and high until Bibb threw out his right hand.

Thomas Pitts then got into the wicket taking act with a caught and bowled.

The fielding was desperate. Viruna Tennakoon led the way with a series of stunning stops prowling around square leg that prevented runs.

Angus Levy tore into the bowling unleashing a thunderbolt that knocked over the stumps to claim the 4th wicket.

Bibb took his second catch – this time at square leg – from the bowling of Greaves.

Marcus Kelly came on and kept it full and tight to dry up the runs and frustrate the batsmen. 

From then it became the Liam Gorman show with the left arm seamer wreaking havoc in the Lindfield batting. Gorman kocked over three batsmen in a devastating spell. The first was a great diving catch by wicket keeper Jake O’Donnell, who had a great day behind the stumps.

Gorman hit the woodwork for the second wicket. The third was courtesy of a sharp catch by Levy who flew high to snaffle the ball. Adam Goodes would have been proud with that one. 

Suddenly Lindfield were 8 for 111. The game was still in the balance with 27 runs needed to win from four overs. Could Lindfield get home?

With the pressure rising, the Red held firm. The fielding continued to be outstanding. Viruna Tennakoon then produced one of many outstanding moments in the field when he threw himself to his right and almost pulled off the catch of the season. While the ball fell out his hand, Tennakoon stopped a certain boundary. It was great stuff.

The total proved too much and the Reds held firm to win by 12 runs. It was an outstanding performance by all players – a real team effort uniting for the greater good. Great character and resilience are the hallmarks of this team.

And so it’s time for a break. It’s been a great first part of the season for the Reds. Thanks must go to all the parents for supporting a great bunch of young people having fun together on a Sunday morning. 

The next game is February 1 against Lane Cove Covies.

Merry Christmas to all the Gordon Red families.

U11 Gold - Round 9 vs Gordon Blue

U11 Gold - Round 9 vs Gordon Blue

Mates Go Head to Head in Gordon Derby

When Gordon Gold won the toss, we elected to field, and Seb opened the bowling with probing deliveries.

The Gordon Blue openers were equal to the challenge, however, batting with assurance till they were eventually retired.

It fell to Archie to bowl the first Blue batsman, which was followed by a sharp run-out, the result of a direct hit from Will.
After drinks, the Blue run rate slowed, with Zac's wicket keeping noticeably effective. It was not long before the next wicket fell, when Haz scooped up the ball and dashed to the wicket for an excellent run-out. The Gordon Blue innings was promising nevertheless, with 74 runs on the board for the loss of only two wickets, and with 10 overs to go.

It was not to be, however, because the Blue innings stalled when Gold were able to deny the batsmen easy runs. Newman claimed the next wicket with an outstanding catch.

Then, in one eventful over by Armaan, a looping catch was dropped but the spilled ball was scooped up thrown at the stumps for a sharp run out to be completed. Blue were unable to regain any convincing momentum. Gordon Gold provided a more measured batting performance. Openers Harry and Olly both batted steadily to retirement without losing their wicket.

A consistent run rate was maintained by Olly, Seb, Josh and Nelson, pushed along with a few handy fours. Gordon Gold reached the required 110-run target in 25 overs with 8 wickets in hand. It was a convincing win for the Golds!

The Goldies would like to thank coach Paul, manager Lara, umpires Mal and Steve, scorer Pete and all our parents for making it possible for us to have fun playing cricket.

U11 Gold – Round 8 versus Mosman Gold

U11 Gold – Round 8 versus Mosman Gold

Goldies Rememer Spirit of Phil Hughes 

It was sad day for cricket on Sunday because we were remembering the life of Phillip Hughes.

As captain, I had to read out a speech about Phillip Hughes before the game to my team, the opposition and all the parents. It was sad but proud because it made feel good that Phillip Hughes spirit will live on. We then had a minute’s silence before the game started.

It was also kind of surprising and awesome that a Channel Ten cameraman and reporter were at our game. They interviewed our Gordon team and filmed us playing. We were on the news that night.

I won the toss and decided to bat. Zac and Seb opened the innings. Seb got one 4 before getting out. Ed, Daniel, Mitch, DK, Olly, Nelson and Will tried their best with the bat which was fantastic. Top scores were Josh, Armaan and Haz who all got into double figures. Well done, boys. In the end, we scored 166 which is a good total. But it was a small ground and I was worried the total might not be enough.

Mosman’s openers smashed some 6s at the start of the innings and got off to flyer. Armaan was unlucky to get hit as he was bowling well. I was lucky enough to take four wickets with my bowling. There was a great run out by Haz. The batsman hit it to fine leg and Haz ran to it and hit the stumps on the full. It was a good throw and we got a wicket. Seb also did a run out which was amazing. Zac also took a wicket when he knocked over the stumps to bowl.

It was a really close game but in the end we unfortunately lost with just one over to go.

Josh was Man of the Match. I felt privilged to get the Sportsmanship award.

Thank you my team mates and Mosman for attending this game. Thank you for the umpires and scorers and to our coach Paul.Thank you to all the parents for supporting our team. It makes us feel good.

It was a great honour to remember Phillip Hughes as a great Australian cricketer on this day.

- By Captain Archie Bibb

The Mosman captain started by reading a speech

 It was then the turn of Gordon Gold captain Archie Bibb to read the speech


Armaan was interviewed by Channel Ten and the whole team was on the news 


U14/15 Red - Round 7 vs Lane Cove Rogers

U14/15 Red - Round 7 vs Lane Cove Rogers

Thrilling Game A Tribute to Hughesy

It was always going to be an emotional start to the game on Sunday. The tragic death of Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes was on everyone’s mind.
Before the game, both teams gathered around the pitch and coach Josh found the right words for all the boys. Sixty three seconds of silence allowed a moment for reflection. Then it was three cheers for Hughesy and game on. Having fun playing cricket is a fitting way to honour the memory of the dashing batsman. Scoring loads of runs is another. On a day tinged with a little sadness, it was somehow appropriate that bat would go on to dominate ball. In the end, 346 runs would be scored. The Reds would snatch a dramatic victory. An absorbing game would come down the final over. But first…
Captain Callum O’Brien won the toss, thought about batting but decided to bowl first.
Flynn Mahoney and Angus Levy were in action straight away sharing the new ball. On a hot morning with no cloud cover to make the ball swing, it was tough going in the field. First change bowlers, Tom Hampson and O’Brien, ramped up the pressure and the runs started to dry. Travelling at three an over, the pressure was starting to tell on Lane Cove batsmen.
Then, in the 9th over, a wicket. O’Brien chased the ball down towards the fine leg boundary, picked it up and sent it flying over the top of the bails for wicketkeeper Ben Greaves to complete a very smart run out. Lane Cove 1 for 36.
Despite the wicket, the Reds continued to find it hard going in the field. By the drinks break, the score was 1 for 69.

Tom Pitts and Callum O'Brien, far right, contributed 94 runs

Lane Cove now upped the run rate, taking quick singles and looking for the boundary. But then up stepped Marcus Kelly who made a stunning impact when he struck with the first ball of his second over. Mahoney took a neat catch and Lane Cove were 2 for 112 in the 21st over.
But Kelly wasn’t finished. In his next two overs he claimed two more wickets to have Lane Cove 4 for 131 in the 28th over. Kelly finished with the terrific figures of 3 for 22 from five overs. It was a fine reward for bowling full and straight.
In the end, Lane Cove managed a respectable 4 for 172 after 32 overs. It was tough in the field and the rising heat meant it was going to get even tougher.
Chasing 173 to win, the Reds lost early wickets and at 4 for 72 were looking a little shaky.
After drinks, Gordon started to fall behind the run rate as Lane Cove bowled well. The ground fielding was also tight but a few drop catches helped the Red cause.
Callum O’Brien joined Daniel Alleyn in the middle. The hard hitting was underway. To counter, Lane Cove placed five fielders on the boundary. It worked when Alleyn found one fielder who took a good catch standing next to a cone at deep mid wicket.
O’Brien now put his head down and mixed his natural aggression with some disciplined batting. The Reds needed a big innings – and the captain delivered with top knock. O’Brien eventually retired on 52 not out.
With O’Brien relaxing in the shade, the run rate slowed and the game was in the balance until a nice cameo from Angus Levy revived the innings. Levy smacked two 4s and the Gordon self-belief was back.
At six wickets down, the game turned on a partnership between the incoming Ben Greaves and Tom Pitts – who was settled at the crease and holding the innings together. The former played in his usual style while the latter – after a slow start – suddenly found another gear. A top gear.
The Gordon batsmen batted aggressively and very well. The runs were flowing again. The pressure was now on the bowling team. Pitts and Greaves plundered 34 runs from four very productive overs to leave the Red needing just one from the final over. And in a strange end to the game, it came with a wide. A thrilling run chase came down to the last over and ended in victory for Gordon Red with five balls to spare.
Pitts finished on 42 not out. Greaves finished on 15 not out.
The Reds would like to than coach Josh, umpires Michael and Martin and Tracey for scoring.
Next week the Reds take on the Roseville Rattlesnakes.

 Thriller: The U14/15 Reds worked well as a team to get home with just five balls to spare


U11 Gold - Round 5 vs West Pymble

U11 Gold - Round 5 vs West Pymble

Lessons To Learn for Goldies

We were greeted by a lovely sunny day. A little bit cooler than the previous week.
Unfortunately we lost the toss again and batted first.

Seb and Zac started really well, confidently running between the wickets. But the fielding team was very enthusiastic with both their chatter and their fielding. The slow damp outfield did not help our run scoring.
With the retirement of Seb and loss of Zac's wicket, the run rate slowed. We continued to lose wickets and were unsure of our running.

Mitch played a good inning, hitting three fours in one over, but had to retire hurt after being hit on the wrist.
Unfortunately the fielding team continued to field well, and we were bowled out for a very disappointing 103.
It was going to be hard to defend, and we did a good job. In the end they were too good.

Nelson took a couple of good catches and DK got some wickets.
We all tried hard but we did not have enough runs.

Hazza was always positive and always talkative, and received the Sportsmanship award.

Seb played a good innings, bowled well, and fielded even better on the fine leg boundary. He stuck to the game plan and always tried hard. He was a deserved MOM.
For next week we need to bowl more accurately and reduce our extras. They are killing us!


Match Reports - Season 2013/14

Match Reports - Season 2013/14

Check out our match reports for 2013/14 here

Weekly match reports from each team, provided by nominated parents or supporters during the 2013/14 season can be found here. These reports will be a balanced view of the match, including special performances and where possible photos of the players.


U16/17 Blue - Semi Final vs North Sydney

U16/17 Blue - Semi Final vs North Sydney

Blues Finish in the Pink  

The last round of the regular season - Pink Stumps Day - saw the U16/17 Blues playing against North Sydney at Willoughby Park. A dress rehearsal for the semi final, both teams were keen to get a win on the board. Mitch O'Donnell and Cam Hinton were solid openers for Gordon. The bowling was tight and runs were a bit hard to get but the Blues still had all their wickets in tact at drinks.

With 14 players on the park all keen for a bat, the coach retired the openers. Having survived the top six bowlers, in stepped North Sydney's Gibson who took a wicket in each of his four overs, rattling the Blues' middle order. 

Charlie Wallace steadied the ship on his way to 19; Liam Sanby upped the anti with a quick fire 13; and Will Coyle chipped in in impressive style with an equally quick 15, including a lovely 6! 

With 104 on the board after their 32 overs, the Blues knew they needed to take early wickets with the ball.

Having collected money for Pink Stumps Day from team members, parents and passers by alike, the Blues took to the field, complete with pink zinc and a Pink Stumps cap for the keeper. In the spirit of Glenn McGrath, Will Coyle and Jason Manoharan kept it tight but unfortunately couldn't dislodge the openers. 

However, first change bowler, Charlie Wallace, was on fire at his favourite Willoughby Park pitch! Inspired by spectacular catches from Alex Carmichael and Tom McGowan, the Blues had their tails up! 

James Tai ensured Gibson would not make the same impact with the bat as he had with the ball, ably assisted by a lovely catch from keeper Brad Ford

At 4 for 23 after 10 overs, the North Sydney batsmen were rattled. It was great to see every member of the Gordon squad given an opportunity with the ball, however wickets dried up and the batsmen picked off the loose balls. North Sydney's Isherwood kept his head and his wicket, scoring an uneaten 58 as North Sydney reached the target in the 29th over.

Man of the Match, Charlie Wallace, was the shining star scoring 19 runs and taking 3 for 3 from his 3 overs.

As the semi-final was abandoned due to a very slippery pitch, this ended up being the last game for the Blues in the 2013/14 season. 
The season highlight was undoubtedly the magnificent, hard fought win over top ranked Mosman in the T20 before Christmas. In a year where wins have been hard to come by, it has been a tough season for the team. 
However, the boys displayed the spirit of cricket each and every week in their sportsmanship, encouragement for their team mates and good humour. Congratulations boys; hope to see you all back next season!
Naomi McGowan 

U14 Red - Grand Final vs Mosman

U14 Red - Grand Final vs Mosman

Reds Crown Remarkable Season as Champions 

And with a simple push through cover for a single, it was over. A joyous cricket season had just ended in triumph. Gordon U14 Red were champions, minor premiers and undefeated.

They are three remarkable achievements by any team in any sport. But this Gordon team was never focused solely on winning. This was a team built on teamwork, a fair go and playing the game in the right spirit – the only way it should be played. This was not a team relying on just two or three stars to get by. Rather this was a side where every player always gave their best. Anyone who saw Nick donate skin and blood for the cause on Saturday will know what that means. Do your best and the result will always take care of itself – and it did.

Saturday’s championship final saw the Reds hold a good Mosman team to a 8 for 104 from 32 overs at Pottery Green. It was an outstanding performance from every Gordon player. The fielding, the encouragement and support for each other were first rate.

The bowling from openers Sahil and Tom was fast, full and straight at the stumps. Swinging it when they needed. Angus with his left arm and Saskia with her off breaks kept the pressure on. Same with Callum, Raymond and Ben. The batsmen could barely score. With the run rate almost flat lining, the pressure told. Sahil picked up the first wicket – a tickle down leg neatly gloved by captain Jake.

Charlie’s leg spin took the second and third wickets thanks to the safe hands of Sahil at square leg and Tom at mid on. Then it was Nick’s turn to get one to turn and jump. Ben snaffled the catch in covers. Mosman was now 4 for 75 from 22 overs.

Pace man Daniel then cleaned up one batsman and ran another out. It was now 6 for 90 in the 28th.

Charlie took a catch from Callum and Tom knocked over the furniture for the 8th and final wicket in 32nd over.

So what happened when the Reds batted? Raymond decided to unleash launching five 6s as he rushed to 40 not out in no time at all. After that the game was over as a contest. Jake, Saskia, Charlie, Daniel and Callum all got runs as the Reds eased to 106 in the 18th over.

It was then time for handshakes, three cheers, photos, pizzas and medallions. The parental cheer squad gathered. Smiles all round.

The Reds would like to thank the great players and parents from Mosman for the game. We will no doubt see you next season.

The Reds would really like to thank the dynamic duo, super coaches Josh and Nathan for a season of guidance, patience, dedication and inspiration. Our thanks also go to scorers Helen, Nitin, David and Marg and to the umpires Andrew, Darren, Craig and Bryan.

Off the field, the Reds could not have done it without the undying support of their parents. From cheering to consoling, from taxiing to washing and baking, the parents helped make this a great season of fun.

So it all started with the first game back on the 14th of September when a group of young cricketers got together for the first time. Some didn’t quite know each other but after just one delivery they became a team. Six months later ended a team of champions.

The Gordon U14 Reds are:

Charlie Bibb

Ben Greaves

Tom Hampson

Saskia Horley

Sahil Kharwadkar

Angus Levy

Callum O'Brien

Jake O'Donnell

Raymond Su

Nick van Beek

Daniel Williams

With help from Kieran Dean, James Dow, Reeve Cocks, Ben Rae, Oliver Cameron, Daniel Alleyn, Dougie Oxenham and Angus Chitty.

U14 Reds and management celebrate the end of a season that saw them crowned champions
U10 Gold - Semi Final vs Lindfield

U10 Gold - Semi Final vs Lindfield

Goldies Finals Charge Stopped by Rain 

It was raining all night.  Gordon was very nervous. The other team wanted to cancel but we wouldn’t.

We were mopping the pitch with towels and brooms and Paul did a great job with Steve getting the pitch in playable condition.

We only played one innings but scored 130 runs. Congrats to Archie’s 20 run not out, Gussy’s 21 runs not out and Josh’s 22 not out.

Harry and Zac were outstanding at running between the wickets.

When they saw Will come out the other team put a ‘slip’ in on the field. And straight away he was caught. Very unlucky. Seb also unlucky for his one run but he played the best we had seen him.
Mitch and Olly were not scoring so fast but were staying in which is exactly what we needed.

Coop got one of his best batting performances of the summer. Nelson unlucky for the run out he was in the crease but he didn’t ground his bat. Dan batted well for his 2.

But all in the end we played just the one innings. All thanks to umpire Steve, scorer Scott and all parents for the support on the sidelines and bringing their kids to the games and a big thanks to coaches Pete, Mal and Paul.

See you next year Gordon.

By captain Josh Brayshaw

       The Goldies celebrate a fantastic season of fun after rain washed away the semi final 
U10 Red - Semi Final vs Lane Cove Lee

U10 Red - Semi Final vs Lane Cove Lee

Reds Tough It Out in Rain  

The Reds toughed out a tight semi final win in challenging conditions. 

The Reds lost the toss and were sent in by Lane Cove. There was plenty of skid in the wicket and the outfield was heavy. The Reds withstood the onslaught of the opening bowlers ably before runs started to free up.

The defence was solid and the patience excellent as the batsmen waited for the bad balls to play.

Everyone played well and combined to get to a very respectable 127.

Conditions were deteriorating but that didn’t put off the Reds. The hitting was good by Lane Cove but the Reds stuck at it. Again the team effort was what stood out. The Reds were backing each other up, keeping the ball as dry as they could and kept walking in with the bowler.

A couple of notable efforts were Ethan Laszok who broke the opening stand and Nick Conoplia who bowled two of the Lane Cove top order. There were three team runouts and a late wicket by Oscar Macdonald. Lane Cove finishing on 115.

A great performance by all. A big thanks to Lane Cove for a great semi. An awesome job by the Reds to reach the final.

Saxon Fenwicke about to unleash 

Lachie Thorpe watching the ball

Connor backing up

The Reds soak up the tension of a semi final

The brains trust discussing tactics

U14 Red – Round 15 vs RHH Pirates

U14 Red – Round 15 vs RHH Pirates

Reds End the Season Tickled Pink          

So we come to the final round of the regular season – the semis are next. It's been a season of so much joy for a great bunch of young cricketers.
It was also Pink Stumps Day so the Gordon players and their off field support staff got into the spirit with large dollops of pink on display. Kami baked chocolate muffins topped with pink icing. Delicious. Marg knocked up an amazing pink cake. The manager did the pink bandana thing. Even Hussey the wonder dog got a pink spray job. Pink stumps at either end stood proudly as a vibrant reminder of what’s important in life.
So to the game against Ryde Hunters Hill on a warm Saturday afternoon. The Reds took to the field led by captain Nick van Beek.  The new ball was in the hands of Sahil Kharwadkar who was to soon put it to very good use. Kharwadkar claimed the first wicket in the first over with a catch by Charlie Bibb prowling in the covers.
But then the Pirates struck back. A retired batsman exited. But with the score resting on 82, that man Kharwadkar was at it again. This time Angus Levy taking a catch at mid on.  It was to mark the start of a batting collapse.
Van Beek struck twice to rip the heart out of the middle order. He also was involved in a run out when he rifled one back to keeper, Jake O’Donnell.
Daniel Williams – the pace version - then tidied up the tail by clean bowling two batsmen.
The Pirates all done and dusted for 128. Special mention to Kharwadkar for dismissing the first four batsmen and taking 4 for 12 from 5.2 overs. Well done. Williams – the pace version – picked up 2 for 5 while van Beek also claimed two scalps.
A quick break and it was time for openers Ben Greaves and Tom Hampson to get stuck in for the Reds. But early wickets had Gordon at 4 for 25. Precarious is the word to use here. But out in the middle now were Charlie Bibb and Kieran Dean who produced a match winning partnership. They steadied the good ship Reds and then set about punishing the bowling.
Both Dean and Bibb batted beautifully, retired not out and left Callum O’Brien and Raymond Su to fight over who hit the winning runs. That honour fell to Su who clonked one to mid wicket for 4.
Gordon Reds ended on 4 for 132 winning with eight overs to spare. Well done to all for a great effort.
The Reds players would like to thank coaches Josh and Nathan, umpires Craig and Andrew and scorers Nitin and David.
Most importantly, the Reds, family and friends raised almost $100 for the McGrath Foundation to remind everyone of life’s priorities.
Until next game. Below is a selection of photos as snapped by our paparazzi guy.


U10 Gold - Round 15 vs Gordon White

U10 Gold - Round 15 vs Gordon White

Gold and White In the Pink 

Under a cloud of pink, the two Gordon teams met for the second time this season.

The opposition batted first. From the first ball, the pressure was on and Gordon White failed to keep the scoreboard ticking over. The loss of steady wickets through some tight bowling and excellent fielding saw a fairly low target set. 

Plenty of pink perishables were provided by parents at half time and pumped the boys up for their batting innings. 

In reply, Gold got off to a mixed start losing opener Seb for a duck. His partner Archie, after being given some sage advice, slogged the next two balls for 6, retired on a high score of 22 not out and added a rather substantial amount to the Jane McGrath fundraising box.

After losing 3rd batsman Will early, the team settled down with Harry and Daniel forming a solid partnership. Gus did his bit for the fundraing effort and managed a couple of big hits. Nelson provided some memorable moments in his bright pink tights, tutu and wig. For future reference (and if anyone else decides to try it) ... the box doesn't seem to sit comfortably under tight pants!

He and Josh were their usual formidable selves, batting and running well. A bit of a mishap saw Mitch run out and it was time for our tail ender Coop to close out the innings with many overs to spare, securing a comfortable victory. 

Archie was a worthy Man of the Match for his excellent bowling and fielding while Coop received the Sportsman Award. 

Nelson Mathews (right) in the mood for Pink Stumps Day

Man of the Match Archie Bibb, left, and Cooper Judd with Sportsmanship Award

            U10 Gold celebrate after a successful and enjoyable Pink Stumps Day
U11 Red - Round 15 vs Lindfield Lillee

U11 Red - Round 15 vs Lindfield Lillee

Reds Pure Poetry in Motion 

The Super Coach screamed at me

As Super Coaches do

“Get you bloody finger out,

I want a match report from you”

I was too afraid to argue

In case the screaming just got worse

So I committed to a match report

Through the medium of verse


The Pin kiddy was captain

And their bloke he called heads

The coin landed as predicted

Into the field would go the Reds.

The skipper took the new rock

He measured out his run

his line and length exquisite

Lindfield couldn’t get a run


From the other end came Jarrod

Trying with all his might

He certainly bowled quickly

Gave those Lindfield blokes a fright

Runs were at a premium

The Reds were bowling tight

Our boys could sense this was an arm wrestle

And they focused on the fight

Our fielding it was awesome

The pressure starts to rise

Lindfield they were worried

You could see it in their eyes

But the Reds they just kept coming

Relentless, without fuss

The best fielding came unquestionably

From the Wruck boy they call Gus


But Gus was no lone ranger

As far as fielding goes

Mac was just exceptional

and so was Harry Wroe.

The huge crowd in attendance

Estimated at 15

To a man had loudly stated

It was the best fielding ever seen


Whilst fielding is important

It is wickets that you need

And soon our hungry bowlers

On Lindfield batsman would start to feed.

Tom he ate a couple

Jarrod and the Harry’s chowed down to

A veritable feeding frenzy

Was unfolding in full view

The runs had all but dried up

The boundaries long since gone

The scorers hardly busy

But the frenzy just went on.

When the boys had finished eating

And the Lindfield men were done

114 was the target

To ensure the game was won


So the Reds they started batting

For glory and renown

But runs were hard to come by

And the overs were ticking down.

So with the run rate climbing

We started praying seeking luck

But we never should have worried

Cause we had Harry Wruck


Andrew sent in Harry

Who strode defiantly to the crease

He struck the ball so cleanly

We thought the boundaries wouldn’t cease.

Tom held down the other end

Like he’s done all year

And with those two together

Well the Reds went up a gear

They smoked the Lindfield bowling

Until victory was in sight

Then we rolled in Ned and Lachy

To administer last rites

Hamish he was out there

When we hit the winning run

Then we disappeared from Chatswood High

Our work here surely done


The Reds march now continues

Finals start next week

But without four special people

the Reds would be up the creek

The Wruck boys H and Gusman

Harry Wroe and Hamish too

Without you helping this week

Well our season would be through


I think it’s time to sign off

This verse now at an end

But the thing that were all thinking

Is could we lift the shield again?

Sure the odds are stacked against us

But as opponents have always said

You’re gunna get a contest

Every time you play the Reds

U10 Gold - Round 14 vs St Ives Ponting

U10 Gold - Round 14 vs St Ives Ponting

Rain Washes Away Goldies 

Captain Seb won the toss and elected to bat as the rain tumbled down on Bales Park on Saturday. 

We were travelling along nicely at 3 for 78 when even heavier rain stopped play in the 14th over. 

Archie had earlier retired on 21 not out including a sweet 6 off his legs. Seb was the next highest scoring nine including a nice shot to the boundary for 4.

Dan and Coop were both on five not out and looking good but the game was called off without any further play. The outfield was in good shape but it was just too slippery for the players.

Seb was Man of the Match while Daniel Newman was named Sportsman of the Match. 

By captain Seb Hegney


            The Goldies were looking good at 3 for 78 when rain stopped play
U14 Red – Round 14 vs Lane Cove Rogers

U14 Red – Round 14 vs Lane Cove Rogers

Reds Show True Colours 

Not for the first time this season, the Gordon U14 Reds turned it on in the field with a whole-hearted team performance in a top of the table clash on Saturday.
The Reds faced up to second place Lane Cove – as well as the rain, humidity and a freshly top dressed oval courtesy of a thoughtful Lane Cove council.
Before the start of play, Jake O’Donnell received a trophy for notching up 100 games for Gordon Juniors. It’s a mighty milestone. Well done, Jake.
With the glittering ceremony out of the way, the Reds warmed up as captain Ben Greaves did his duties with the toss.
Lane Cove won and invited the Reds to have a bat. Across the damp top-soil walked the openers – 100 man Jake and Saskia Horley (right).
It was tough going from the start. Accurate bowling and a very deep and defensive field pinned down the openers. The thick top soil and wet outfield meant the ball wasn’t running to the boundary as you’d expect. The openers battled on but with the score on 23 in the 9th over, O’Donnell (below right) was out.
Sahil Kharwadkar joined Horley but the scoring was still slow going. Drives were hitting the wet dirt and stopping. The defensive field was working - up to a point.
Despite the conditions, Horley was looking in good touch stroking three powerful 4s on her way to 27. But a full toss was the undoing.
Angus Levy now joined Kharwadkar and at the drinks break the Reds were just 2 for 42. A run rate of 2.6 an over.
Levy and Kharwadkar tried to increase the run rate but it was a struggle. By the 23rd over, the Reds were 4 for 77 and in need of a boost. That boost came in the form of Raymond Su who hit the first ball he faced for 6. Suddenly the run rate was showing sign of life. Callum O’Brien, Ben Greaves and Tom Hampson all contribute five runs each and Charlie Bibb hit the last ball of the innings for 4 to make it 9 for 117 at the end of 32 overs.
While it was the lowest total for the Reds this season, the conditions needed to be factored in. Rain, humidity, top soil and damp grass. It was now up to the Reds to see if they could defend 117. Could Lane Cove score at 3.6 an over to win?
With Kharwadkar still not able to bowl, the new ball was shared by Hampson and Levy. The bowling was tight but the Lane Cove openers looked fairly comfortable.
In the eight over, Ben Pollack suddenly struck when a short ball convinced the batsmen to lob the ball to Hampson standing in a fly slip position. 1 for 33.
The other opener followed with the score on 51 when Nick van Beek held on to a catch at square leg from the bowling of Kieran Dean. Despite the wicket, Lane Cove were on track to win.
But the game turned dramatically just before and after drinks thanks to the outstanding bowling of Callum O’Brien (above, second from right) and some terrific catching by the Reds.
O’Brien claimed two wickets in his first over to have Lane Cove 4 for 67 at drinks. The first was from a superb low catch by Horley a short mid off. The other a knick beautifully gloved by keeper O’Donnell.
After the drinks, O’Brien crashed through the Lane Cove batting line up taking two more wickets in the 17th over to have Lane Cove reeling at 6 for 68. Both wickets were clean bowled. O’Brien had the outstanding figures of 4 for 3.
From that point, the Reds bowling and fielding was simply breathtaking. The energy, enthusiasm and support for each other was wonderful to see.
Raymond Su (right) chipped in with two wickets and keeper O’Donnell picked up a stumping from the bowling of Horley.
The final wicket was a run out. Lane Cove done and dusted for 83. Tellingly, Lane Cove lost their last 7 wickets for 24 runs.
Special mention should go to Nick van Beek who bowled his best spell of the season ending with the figures of 0 for 5 from four overs.
It was good victory over a very good team and one that sets the Reds up for the semis. More importantly, the spirit and teamwork the players showed on the field was magnificent. This is a team of young cricketers with great character.
The Reds would like to thank co-coaches Josh and Nathan, umpires Darren and Bryan and scorers Nitin and David.
But the biggest thanks must go to Marg and Kami for their superb baking efforts to keep the support staff very happy.

              Coach Josh inspires the Gordon Reds at the drinks break


The Gordon Reds happy after a great effort in the field. Callum O'Brien, left, finished with 4 for 3 from 3 overs

U16/17 Gordon Blue – Round 13 vs St Ives Border

U16/17 Gordon Blue – Round 13 vs St Ives Border

Top Dogs Tall Order for Blues 

Gordon Blue played against St Ives Border at Beauchamp Oval on Sunday.

Gordon lost the toss and was sent into bat first.

The Blues had their work cut out for them with St Ives being the top team on the log. Unfortunately this showed in our batting where wickets fell regularly from early on in the innings.

The tight St Ives bowling had our batters at odds and only two managed scores above 10. Well done to Mitchell O’Donnell who was stumped on 27 and Brad Ford, bowled on 30. 

Gordon ended up with a mildly defendable score of 101.

The enthusiasm of the Blues bowlers was quickly dampened by the St Ives opening batters who managed to reach the target without loss and 11 overs to spare. 

Special mention to bowlers Thomas McGowan, James Tai, Liam Sanby and Alexander Carmichael who’s efficient bowling kept their run rates to around two per over.

By Brad Ford


Match Reports - Season 2012/13

Match Reports - Season 2012/13

Check out our latest match reports here

Weekly match reports from each team, provided by nominated parents or supporters during the 2012/13 season can be found here. These reports will be a balanced view of the match, including special performances and where possible photos of the players.


U13 Blue – Grand Final vs Ryde Hunters Hill

U13 Blue – Grand Final vs Ryde Hunters Hill

Champion Blues Over The Moon

Champions: The Gordon U13 Blues smile for the cameras with coach Mark, left, and manager BryanAnd that was that. Hugs, high fives and beaming smiles shone as brightly as a Sydney summer afternoon as a group of young men soaked in a fitting reward for a season of hard work.The final ball of a grand final had just been bowled. The Gordon Blues victorious over a valiant opponent. As three cheers rang out, a season of promise that started last September was now over. And what a season it was.

The game in a moment but first the boys must be congratulated for the dedication they’ve shown all season and, importantly, the spirit in which they played. This was a season of maturing and maturity, of growing and growth. Respect for both the opposition and for the game of cricket itself were the hallmarks of every player in this team. Such good sportsmanship in an uncertain era deserves recognition.

To the grand final. After 13 rounds and a semi final, it was appropriate the teams finishing first and second should meet in the grand final.

As both teams started to warm up, the toss was won by Kieran Dean who elected to bat on a field in desperate need of a good mow. The Blues openers James Dow and Dougie Oxenham strode out the the middle. The contest between two very good teams was underway.

The pair calmly got the innings off to solid start, nullifying the threat of the new ball, frustrating the bowlers and keeping the runs ticking over.

The score had reached an excellent 69 before the first wicket fell. Oxenham was run out for 21. It was a job well done. He was replaced by a very focused captain Dean.

At the other end Dow decided it was time to shift into overdrive, hitting a 6 and several 4s as he accelerated the second half of his innings for a fine 36 not out.
As Dow went out, in came Raymond Su who moved quickly through the gears in his inimitable style. But on 22, Su managed to find a fielder and was caught for a well-made 22. The team score was 2 for 104.
By now the Blues batsmen were scoring strongly. Thirty runs later Dean picked out a different lone fielder and was caught for 28. The score was 3 for 134 and a solid total was already in the book.
From there, Andrew Earlam, Charlie Bibb, Reeve Cocks and Daniel Hall all had a go as the Blues finished with a very good 5 for 143 from their maximum 32 overs.
The equation was now simple. Stop Ryde Hunters Hill scoring 144 and win the title.
From the first ball, the Blues bowlers were right on song and the fielders right on their toes. The bowling was bang on a good length and at the stumps. The fielding as tight as a drum. So accurate, the RHH opening batsmen struggled to get a shot away in anger. The positive encouragement from the fielders was inspiring. As the pressure from a lack of runs built, RHH lost their first wicket with the score on just eight. Tom Hampson bowled, Oliver Cameron

caught. It was reward for good bowling and enthusiastic fielding. Then it was Cameron's turn to claim a wicket dismissing the other opener with the score on 14. The Blues had their tails up. The batsmen were struggling. Nic Moore was in form and would end with the figures of 0 for 5 from three overs.

At the halfway drinks break, RHH had just 34 runs in the book from 16 overs. At the same mark, the Blues were 0 for 56. However, coach Mark warned the batsmen would come out with all guns blazing after the break. It meant runs would come - and the chance of wickets - in a rapid run chase.
And the prophecy came true.

With the score on 62, a delivery from Hall struck the middle stump and took the third wicket. The RHH batsmen were trying to swing out of trouble but the run rate was always a problem. They could barely land a glove on Oliver Clarke, who would end with 0 for 7 from four overs. Those figures included two maidens in a grand final. 

The scorebook pressure then told on 86. In attempt to push the scoring, a quick single ended in disaster for RHH when Oxenham pounced. A run out. It was now 4 for 86 and the overs were running out.

Four runs later, Bibb struck with his leg breaks convincing the batsman to lob a catch to Su at deep square leg.
Wickets then fell on 105 to Cameron and another run out on 115.
In the final over, RHH needed an improbable 32 to win. It was not to be. Hampson claimed the 8th wicket when a good length ball found the edge and landed in the safe hands of wicketkeeper, Earlam.
Then it was over. The Blues victorious. Three cheers for the opposition and time to celebrate.
The Blues would like to thank Ryde Hunters Hill for a great game and wish them all the best next season.
Coach Mark described the performance in the field as perfection - and it was. It was a great team performance as it has been all season.
The U13 Blues, in alphabetical order: are:
Charlie Bibb, Oliver Cameron, Angus Chitty, Oliver Clarke, Reeve Cocks, Kieran Dean, James Dow, Andrew Earlam, Daniel Hall, Tom Hampson, Nathan James, Nic Moore, Doug Oxenham and Raymond Su.
The Blues wold like to acknowledge the players who helped out this season: Jake O'Donnell, Charlie Wallace, Will Hampson and Ben Pollack.
The team would also like to thank coach Mark Oxenham and manager Bryan Dean. The season wouldn't happen without the umpires Craig, John, Tim, Bryan, Jamie, Brian and Lyndon or the scorers Clare, Neil, Di and Bryan.
And very importantly, thanks to every mum and dad, sibling, grandparent and other relative who made it to a game during the season to support the boys. Cricket teams are micro communities and this one was a ripper.

It's been a heap of fun. See you all next season.

V For Victory: The U13 Blues and chief mascot Clifford celebrate at the Gordon Juniors’ Presentation Day 


V For Victory: The U13 Blues and chief mascot Clifford celebrate at the Gordon Juniors’ Presentation Day 

U16/17 Gold – Grand Final vs Lindfield Langer

U16/17 Gold – Grand Final vs Lindfield Langer

Gold Win Tight Grand Final

Gordon Gold were into their first ever grand final after winning a very tight semi-final against the minor premiers the previous week by five runs on the same ground.They were therefore fairly confident they could hold their own in the U16/17 grand final. Lindfield won the toss and put Gordon into bat on a moist pitch and a damp outfield at the Gillespie field.

Tight bowling from Lindfield and a slow outfield meant that Tom Mooney and Alex Gan got off to a slow but fair start. Gan was run out on 9 but had put on a partnership of 33 for the first wicket, and it turned out to be the biggest partnership of the innings. By the halfway mark Gordon was 2 for 47 and in a good position to compile a decent score. Mooney was eventually dismissed for 60 off 70 balls, an excellent score in the conditions and what turned out to be the innings of the match. After Geordie Bremner fell for a quick fire 14 with Gordon on 90, the other wickets fell quickly as Gordon sought quick runs and were out in the 31st over for 104.
Gordon’s opening bowlers Tom Slack and Sean Conlon, then Jack Gohl and Mooney, started accurately and tightly giving no easy runs, which contributed to the fall of wickets to Mooney, Alex Watson and Aidan Casey to have Lindfield 3 for 31 halfway through their innings.
Excellent bowling by Bremner and Zhiran Zhou after the break, and great fielding including a well executed run out by Justin Green and Bremner put the pressure right on the Lindfield side.
A late cameo by Cameron Scanlon from Lindfield threatened to push the match their way but he was out to an excellent catch to Tom Richards (his third for the match) off Slack.

Lindfield fought to the end but Conlon picked up the final two wickets and Gordon had won by 19 runs.

Champions: Premiers Gordon Gold and runners up Lindfield Langer after the U16/17 grand final 

Champions: Premiers Gordon Gold and runners up Lindfield Langer after the U16/17 grand final 
It was a great contest between two highly competitive sides. But the difference between the sides was the match-winning innings of Mooney, and more critically, the ability of the Gordon side in the field to defend a modest total by never letting the opposition get easy runs or develop partnerships.
U16/17 Gold – Semi Final vs Lindfield Lee

U16/17 Gold – Semi Final vs Lindfield Lee

Gordon Gold Defeat Minor Premiers in Semi Final Thriller

After overnight rain, a damp ground delayed the start of the game which was then reduced to 30 overs a side.Lindfield Lee won the toss and put Gordon in on a moist pitch with variable bounce at the Gillespie Field.

Gordon Gold’s openers decked out in pink for Pink Stumps day 

Gordon Gold’s openers decked out in pink for Pink Stumps day 

Gordon’s openers batted cautiously until Alexander Gan got out for 14, with the score at 1-20 in the 13th over. Batting remained difficult but a quick 24 off as many balls by Tom Mooney, then 10 off 22 balls by Tom Richards helped move the score along. Gordon reached a score of 5-89 in their 30 overs, a total anchored around a patient and intelligent innings by opener Alex Watson who remained undefeated on 34. The difficulty in batting was exemplified by the fact that Gordon only managed six boundaries on a small ground.
The opening bowlers Thomas Slack and Sean Conlon kept tight lines not giving away any runs in the first five overs.
This put pressure on the Lindfield batsmen and led to the 1st wicket falling to a run out. Conlon, Slack and Mooney each picked up a wicket and by the 16th over Lindfield were struggling at 3 for 23.
Two wickets fell to outfield catches by Slack (who ended the match with four catches) off the bowling of Geordie Bremner as Lindfield tried to accelerate the scoring rate.
The game swung back Lindfield’s way when Petrie of Lindfield hit two lusty sixes off Will Bremner but Will had the last word when Petrie was caught in the outfield going for another boundary.
A direct hit run out by Watson swung the game back Gordon’s way, and it came down to the last over with Lindfield needing 12 run. The first two balls of Conlon’s final over went for five runs but he kept his cool and his last three balls picked up the final two wickets - both bowled. Gordon had won a great semi final by five runs.
The win was a tribute to Gordon’s ability to bowl tightly, field brilliantly to support their bowlers, and keep their cool during tense situations. Everyone played their part, bowling economically (Aiden Casey whose 2 overs went for 1 run, Jack Gohl’s 3 overs for 6 runs), Justin Green, Zhiran Zhou and Gan keeping a tight inner field that didn’t give away singles and Richards keeping on a difficult pitch with variable pace and bounce.
U13 Blue - Semi Final vs Lane Cove Katich

U13 Blue - Semi Final vs Lane Cove Katich

Blues Rain Supreme and More Match Reports 

The spirited U13 Blues charged into the Championship final after a pulsating game in the rain on Saturday. A soggy pitch and outfield greeted the Gordon Juniors for the sem-final against third-placed Lane Cove.

Despite some heavy showers, play got underway just after the scheduled start of 2pm with unflappable James Dow and smilin’ Doug Oxenham opening the innings for the Gordon boys.
With the ball skidding along the damp pitch, concerted concentration was required if the Blues were to post a competitive total. Runs in the bookAll Smiles: The U13 Blues celebrate after booking a place in the Championship final on Saturday were always going to be an advantage in the trying conditions.

Lane Cove struck early dismissing Oxenham and the Kieran Dean – the K-Man unfortunately picking out a lone fielder at short fine leg.

All Smiles: The U13 Blues and furry friend Clifford celebrate after booking a place in the Championship final on Saturday 
In strode rampaging Raymond Su for an innings that would eventually take him past 300 runs for the season. Su quickly settled in to his innings, which was needed as the Blues lost Dow with the score on 16 and then elegant Angus Chitty on 21.
Reliable Reeve Cocks joined Su and the good ship was steadied. The ship then really took off when slammin’ Andrew Earlam replaced the retired Cocks. Earlam and Su cracked the damp ball across and occasionally over the soaked outfield.
When Su retired on 36 not out, the rest of the Blues batsmen all chipped in despite the occasional showers. Oliver Clarke, Charlie Bibb, Daniel Hall, Oliver Cameron and Tom Hampson should all be congratulated for doing their bit for the team.
In the end, the Blues were dismissed for 129. While it was a competitive score in the conditions, it was now time for Gordon to perform in the wet and wild fun park.
Fired up by inspirational words from the supercoach, the Blues struck early. The first wicket fell to a Su and Earlam combination run out while the second and third wickets were both clean bowled by Cameron. The Lane Cove side was reeling at 3 for 6.
But Lane Cove fought back with solid batting in the middle order to tighten the game and raise the tension on the boundary. Oxenham then struck to claim the fourth wicket – caught and bowled - with the score on 43. But still the Lane Cove batsmen continued to build their innings.
Then with the score on 84, the game suddenly changed. Chitty charged in to claim the 5th wicket with a sweet delivery that struck middle stump. With the score still on 84, Daniel Hall also hit the woodwork. Lane Cove now 6 for 84.
But the game’s big turning point came when James Dow pounced in the field to claim a run out and the 7th wicket with the score on 100. From then, Lane Cove were bundled out losing their final four wickets for just 10 runs.
In the end, the Blues won by 19 runs.

Victory propels the Gordon U13 Blues into the final – reward for a fine season of teamwork, application and good attitude from every single player doing their bit for the team. Regardless of Saturday’s result, this has been a remarkable season for an outstanding group of young men who have become good mates and have proudly represented the club.

As always, the players would like to thank supercoah Mark, manager to the stars Bryan, umpires Craig and Tim and scorers Neil and Clare.

See you on Saturday.



Match Reports




U10 Red – Round 13 vs St Ives Warner

U10 Red – Round 13 vs St Ives Warner

Reds Stumble in Top of Table Clash

After a long Christmas break the boys started the new year with a tough game against St Ives Warner. This promised to be a good guide to see how the Reds are placed for the finals.The Reds batted first. Rory Chitty and Lachie Pin opened. St Ives bowled well claiming an early wicket, sending Charlie Cadwallader in. The boundaries started to be scored from some great batting from Rory. Charlie went cheaply bowled middle stump. The boys needed to bat well if they were to get a winning score to defend. Jack Irving was next and partnered well with Rory - both boys hitting a number of boundaries. Rory's batting earned himself the Personal Best award, retiring to bring in Jarrod McCabe. Jarrod batted well hitting some nice shots.Take That: Rory Chitty dispatches another delivery to the boundary

Take That: Rory Chitty dispatches another delivery to the boundary 

Suddenly there was some confusion in the calling and Jarrod was run out! This brought in Ned Harrop and Archie Bibb to the crease. There was some good running between wickets. The St Ives boys were on target today, running out Ned and catching Archie out in the field. Tail-end Charlie Toepfer and Rowan Betts finished the last three overs pushing the run total over the 100 mark.Good Sport: Rowan Betts with his Good Sportsmanship Award

Good Sport: Rowan Betts with his Good Sportsmanship Award 
After a drinks’ break, it was time for the boys to defend the 102 runs they scored. The boys bowled well. Lachie Pin bowled well taking two wickets for only five runs. Early in the game there was good support from the boys in the field. Jack Conoplia trying his best with an injured hand and Finn Mason firing in some accurate throws to Tom Wright who was showing off his keeping skills. Rowan Betts, leading the cheer squad, earning himself the Sportmanship Award for the game. Unfortunately, the verbal support was not matched by physical urgency in stopping runs. There were a number of overthrows, allowing the batsmen easy runs. These easy runs allowed the St Ives team to reach the winning target with eight balls remaining.

Coach Irving praised the good bowling however was disappointed with a sub standard fielding effort. Some room to improve before the finals.Mine: Charlie Cadwallader snares a sharp catch

Mine: Charlie Cadwallader snares a sharp catch 


Well Done: Charlie Toepfer and Rowan Betts get advice from an obscured Jarrod McCabe 

Well Done: Charlie Toepfer and Rowan Betts get advice from an obscured Jarrod McCabe 

U12 Red - Round 10 vs Lindfield Johnson

U12 Red - Round 10 vs Lindfield Johnson

Reds' Spirit is Name of Game

It was the first day of summer and the boys wanted to enjoy their cricket. I did the toss and I put my team in the field to bowl. We did miraculous bowling – very full, with some full tosses. I took the first wicket for the day as I changed from spin to pace. Oscar Stanton (“Boggo”) pulled off a great catch from his own bowling. Aryan (“Azza”) had a direct hit and a run out from the hardest of angles you can possibly get.

Our captain Charlie swings it like Wasim 

Round 10 - Gordon U12 Red vs Lindfield Johnson 

Then along came Tom Brayshaw (“Tommo”) for his two overs …  and he did phenomenal bowling as he took two wickets.
I then came back on and got a great wicket finishing with figures of 3 wickets for only 5 runs.

Ben Martin (“Benjine the Engine”) had a soaring ball coming to him and, as usual, he caught it. The bad news was that one of our good bowlers, Henry Smith (“Henny Penny”), was at home sick.Mangesh gets his reward from the team for a great performance

Mangesh gets his reward from the team for a great performance 
Then it was our turn to bat. Our openers played straight and careful. We did do well at the start – very steady. Unfortunately, once I got out for a duck (quack, quack) they were on a hat trick! But with solid defence we avoided that.Once our retired opener, Zac Pead, came back in we were well behind the required run rate. Soon, Zac was out and that was the game! Only 22 overs for us and we got only 64 all out chasing their total of 6/124.
Thanks coach Mike for the all your help. We hope for better luck next time with no illnesses.
From captain Charlie Crawshaw (“Chuckie”)
U13 Blues - Round 12 vs Lane Cove

U13 Blues - Round 12 vs Lane Cove

Story of Brave Will And More Match Reports 

Stand-in Will Hampson stood tall to defy some brutal bowling to help the Gordon U13 Blues post a monster score on Saturday. The diminutive Hampson – helping the U13s who were short a player - was struck a painful blow in the shoulder from a fast full toss while batting at the end of the Blues innings.

Standing Tall: Will Hampson, middle, helped Raymond Su and Andrew Earlam to their top scores In a great deal of pain, the rising star from the U11s refused the offer to retire hurt and instead bravely picked himself up to bat on after a short break. It was a moment of great heroics from the young man as he then faced the music once again. Hampson’s courage inspired Raymond Su who showed wonderful maturity to shield his young partner by hitting boundaries and taking singles at the end of overs. 

Standing Tall: Will Hampson, middle, helped Raymond Su and Andrew Earlam to their top scores 
Hampson’s gutsy effort came towards the end of a very good day for the Blues who were dismissed for an impressive 287 in the 47th over at the start of their two-day match.
The highlights of the innings were two extraordinary knocks – one from Su and the other from Andrew Earlam. Su ended on 86 not out. His innings included 15 4s and one 6. Earlam mixed aggression with patience as he raced to 80. His very impressive knock included three 4s and an incredible eight 6s. But it could have all been very different.
James Dow and Angus Chitty opened proceedings and looked at ease against the bowling. Dow was very unlucky – the first of three tough decisions - to be given run out.
Next up was Jake O’Donnell who was also at ease hitting the first ball he faced for 4 before pushing the bowling around the ground at will.  
When Angus Chitty was caught for a well-made 24, in came Su who struck the second ball he faced for 6.
When O’Donnell fell, Reeve Cocks joined Su who quickly reached 35 and was forced to retire not out. Cocks and Daniel Hall kept the runs ticking over as the Blues scored quickly. But the desire for quick runs was costing wickets as the Blues struggled to make their dominance count in the scorebook. They were paying the price for impatience.
Eventually Earlam came to the crease and signalled his intentions by hitting two sweet 6s in the first 10 ball he faced.
Nathan James was also a victim of a very unlucky decision when he was given out LBW to a bouncing delivery. Charlie Bibb looked good in his partnership with Earlam with trade-mark quick running until he lost his stumps to a swinging ball.
Blues Brothers: The Gordon U13s are all smiles during their big innings
Blues Brothers: The Gordon U13s are all smiles during their big innings

The third stroke of bad luck came when Tom Hampson – Will’s older brother - was given out caught down the leg side. At this stage the Blues were 8 for 151 with a possible 25 overs still left in the day. A truly big score seemed unlikely despite the apparent dominance of bat over ball.
But then little Will Hampson came to the crease for his innings of great fortitude and the game suddenly shifted. Cheered from the sideline by his appreciative teammates, Hampson looked the hit the loose balls and gallantly defend the straight ones. Despite getting struck in the back and seeing other wild bowling sail over his head, young Hampson hung in for a partnership of 56 with Su.
When Hampson was eventually out he was cheered from the field and given a guard of honour by his older team mates. It was terrific stuff.
Earlam then joined Su and the two batsmen took the flagging Lane Cove bowling apart. The pair put on 80 runs with a mixture of brute power, exquisite timing and quick singles.
When Earlam was finally dismissed, the Blues had 287 etched into scorer Clare’s book.
There was time for four overs by the Gordon bowlers to end the day’s play. Lane Cove finished 0 for 4.
The game is set up nicely for day two this Saturday.

The U13 Blues would like to thank scorer Clare and umpires Craig and Lyndon.


Match Reports


U14/15 Blue – Round 11 vs West Pymble

U14/15 Blue – Round 11 vs West Pymble

Stunning Effort by Blues

In the second two-day game of the season, the mighty Blues made their way down to a drizzly Howson Oval. Having played so well in the season, the Gordon Blues were quite anxious knowing how good West Pymble are.  
West Pymble won the toss and chose to bat first on day one, making a cold, and a little wet, Gordon team field first.

Gordon started well with an early wicket from a great piece of bowling by Tom McGowan and a good catch by Jake Dovgan. After a good start everything started to go downhill, with some great batting from the other team. Finally after what seemed like an age Mitch O’Donnell took a wicket with a good piece of pace bowling. Caption: Tom Hampson had his bat broken when he kept out a fast yorker

Caption: Tom Hampson had his bat broken when he kept out a fast yorker 
After that needed breakthough Gordon started to get a grip on things with wickets falling really quickly. Gordon ended the day with their heads held high after falling behind in the first part of the game - bowling West Pymble all out for 239 runs. A special mention to Josh Rizk with 3 wickets for 12 runs off 7 overs, an amazing effort. I would also like to thank our amazing manager and coach for making the effort to train us and watch our games.
Day 2
At 8:30am, Charlie Cox and Dan Latham strode out to the crease for a mighty clash and a big run chase against arch enemies West Pymble. The start was solid and after five overs Dan was bowled by a good delivery. Charlie C and Alex Carmichael then steadily grew the run rate and after 16 overs were in a very respectable position that had the opposition’s coach stressing.

But when Charlie got out, the wickets started to fall steadily and throw downs were needed quickly. It was going to be a close finish and as the heat grew so did the stress. Wides and no bowls gifted the Gordon side well but with a very big run rate we just wanted the draw. As the overs passed, any chance of an outright win was denied to West Pymble, but it was going to be close finish.


It all came down to the last two batsmen. Charlie Wallace had batted for most of the day and was joined by Tom Hampson, who was kindly filling in from the U13s! Over after over they held their nerve. With only five overs to go in the match, West Pymble had to pull something out of the hat … and they did. But they had to break young Tom’s bat to get past his solid defence!!
Well done to the Blues on a fine, spirited team effort!!
By Tom Hampson and Charlie Cox
U12 Red – Round 11 v West Pymble Red

U12 Red – Round 11 v West Pymble Red

Reds Big Bash Fun

As my team was practicing in the nets, I did the toss for our T20 match. West Pymble won it and asked us to bowl, which was not what our coach had wanted.Our opener Henry Smith, back from his illness, bowled full and accurately. At the other end, Mangesh Dashputre bowled a few bouncers and, wouldn’t you know it, he got a caught and bowled.

As Henry and Mangesh came off, Thomas Brayshaw came into bowl. He was bowling full and nice like his captain said and then he got a wicket - which took him to the top of the bowling charts - bowled off stump. Amazing! Captain Charlie Crawshaw, middle, addresses the troops after a big bash win for 12 Reds.

Captain Charlie Crawshaw, middle, addresses the troops after a big bash win for 12 Reds. 
Moving on to me, solid on the first over but it was my second over that I hit off stump and actually did make the stump fall out of the ground. Here comes Aryan Bhatia with his bowling. And he’s bowled someone already … our bowling was fantastic and was surely winning us the game.
Next, “spin maestro” Pranav had a fantastic over until drinks especially with the catch of the season by the captain Charlie Crawshaw! Leading by example!
Back after drinks: Next up, “Dr. Will” - William Barton. Unfortunately he was bowling to “the slogger”. He smashed one deep but then coach Mike told me to stay deep and the very next ball was a screamer – the new ‘catch of the season’ by Charlie Crawshaw.
Benjin the Engine was next in to bowl - Ben Martin - and he seems to bowl right at the bails and hit them! Making a new record of 10 metres. Well that ends the first innings.


Now our turn to bat. Our openers Jay Newman and I were in. Jay was facing then got a single then I slogged my first ball for a big 4. On the second ball, I unfortunately got bowled. Short but sweet. This proved to be our only wicket lost as we comfortably got the 45 runs required to win.

Great bowling and spectacular catching won the day.
Man of the Match was Charlie Crawshaw and Most Improved, Tom Brayshaw.  
Well that wraps up the cricket for 2012. We’ve done well.
I would like to thank Steve and Andrew for umpiring Mike for being the coach, the team for being so supportive and our parents for having to wake up at 7:30 am and taking your child to cricket.
Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year. Please stay safe and healthy because we need you to play for us next year
Charlie Crawshaw - Captain for the day
U14/15 Blue - Round 10 vs Lane Cove Healy

U14/15 Blue - Round 10 vs Lane Cove Healy

Blues Go Down Fighting

On Sunday, Gordon Blue met at Northbridge Oval to play Lane Cove Healy in their first T20 of the season. After losing to this team earlier in the year, Gordon were fired up and rearing to go.
Hard hitting Josh Rizk was a standout with the bat for the U14/15 Blues
Gordon won the toss and elected to bat. We were a little unlucky with a few early wickets. However as they fell, we still managed to keep scoring a lot of runs. At 10 overs Gordon had a reasonable total but were determined to bat out the entire 20 overs. Although losing a couple more wickets we managed to bat until the end, reaching a final total of 8 for 97. A couple of stand outs were Josh Rizk scoring a solid 16 and Alex Carmichael not out with 17 runs. 97 was not as much as we were hoping for, however it was very defendable.

As dark clouds started to make their way across the oval both teams had a quick change over, and went back onto the field to start the second innings.

Needing 98 to win, Lane Cove started strongly with a few boundaries, however we remained to bowl tightly and were rewarded with Callum Tkachenko getting a great wicket. With 10 overs to go Lane Cove only needed 32 runs to win. Gordon did well to remain calm and keep the run rate down, while also claiming wickets. Will Coyle assisted, getting a wicket and a run out. Although narrowly losing the match Gordon were able to keep the game going with 2 overs remaining, until Lane Cove scored the winning runs with a final total of 5/98.

Although losing the match, Gordon Blue played very well, and should be proud of their efforts in the game.

- Alex Partridge

Match Reports - Season 2011/12

Match Reports - Season 2011/12

Check out our latest match reports here

Weekly match reports from each team, provided by nominated parents or supporters during the 2011/12 season can be found here. These reports will be a balanced view of the match, including special performances and where possible photos of the players.


U14/15 Black - Grand Final vs Lindfield Lee

U14/15 Black - Grand Final vs Lindfield Lee

Champion Blacks win Grand Final Thanks to Strong Team Effort 

Winners: Max Purcell, Matt Dainton, Mitch O'Donnell, Harry Wallace, Harry Purcell, Jake Veale, Max Thomas, James Suttor, Dylan Santone, Tom Leaver, Nick Taylor, Dan Clarke, (Tim Webber missing)

After electing to bat the Gordon Blacks lost an early wicket and were then pinned down by some excellent swing bowling by Lindfield. At the 16 over break, we had only managed 2 for 39 despite our best efforts to get the score moving. Lindfield continued to keep the pressure on as Harry Purcell and Tim Webber worked very hard trying to pick up the rate. Tim then fell for a well compiled 33 with the score on 71. 

Lindfield basically had all the momentum for the first 23 overs but a dropped catch and the arrival of Tom Leaver was to change all that. Harry ended up retiring with a run a ball 52 while Tom finished unbeaten on 45 from 26 balls. 

Tom’s innings included three 6s - the most memorable right out of Northbridge Oval onto the nearby first green - for a tap in. The last eight overs basically doubled our score and the Blacks finished with a very competitive total of 4 for 148 at the end of 32 overs. 

Having chosen to play 13 it was going to be important for all 12 bowlers to perform. In a replay of the first innings, after wickets to Harry Wallace and Dylan Santone, they along with Leaver, Purcell, Clarke and Max Thomas, were miserly and kept Lindfield to 2 for 33 at the drinks break. It was now all for Lindfield to do with their two leading run scorers at the crease. The early pressure and some sharp fielding from Matt Dainton was to see one of them run out straight after the break. With the runs starting to flow Nick Taylor then magnificently threw the stumps down from the boundary to remove the other. 

Nevertheless, Lindfield had managed to add over 50 runs in six overs. They were within 60 runs with 10 overs remaining and five wickets in hand. Our bowling and fielding held firm and after James Suttor (2 for 9) removed the batsmen doing the damage for 40, some accurate off spin and wickets to Taylor (2 for 4) and O’Donnell then ensured the run chase petered out quickly. 

The grand final win was like it was all season - very much a team effort and the depth of our batting, bowling and fielding ensured someone stepped up to make the crucial plays when needed.
U9 Reds - Round 14 vs Mosman Green

U9 Reds - Round 14 vs Mosman Green

Amazing Season as Reds Go Close 

The boys played Mosman at Balmoral for their last game - clear blue skies and a perfect location for the last game. 

It's been an amazing season for the U9 Reds and family. Bring on next season! 

Everyone brought their swimmers as it was again going to be a hot one. Steve Bibb was our celebrity coach for the game. However, he was not the only celebrity. The Mosman team's coach was Stuart MacGill (former Aussie Test spin bowler and recent Sydney Sixer). This was going to be one of our tougher matches. 

Lachlan Pin lines up a run out after a throw from Tom Wright 

The Reds batted first. All the boys did well and defended their wicket against some quality bowling. Highlights of the innings were the big hitting from Lachie Pin, whacking a 6 and a 4 in quick succession. Charlie Cadwallader also found the boundary as did Rory Chitty and Tom Wright, who flayed one ball delightfully to the cover boundary. 

And he's out! Great teamwork by the Reds in the field sees the wicket fall 

The running between the wicket, backing up and sliding the bat was outstanding by all Red players. In the end, the Mosman team only took three wickets. The Reds made a credible 128 runs. 

Next it was time for the Mosman team to bat. Rory Chitty opened the bowling, launching some rockets at the batsmen. This was followed by “long range” Tom Wright. His strategy was to run from the boundary to build up some pace! It looked a treat. Jarrod McCabe tormented the batsman with some nice deliveries, with everyone commenting on his style! Next was Lachie Pin. The batsman got hold of a shirt ball sending it Tom Wright's way. Tom gathered quickly and fired it back to the bowler’s end. Lachie then directed the ball to the wicket - OUT! Great team work from the Reds. By this time the score was 1 for 31. 

Charlie Cadwallader was next and, after refining his accuracy, delivered a ball that crashed into middle stump. The Reds were now 2 for 45. Charlie Toepfer and Jack Irving then followed with two tidy overs. A highlight of the game was the ball landing on Kate Cadwallader's lap, like a present from heaven. All the mothers tried to recollect what actually happened claiming they almost caught the ball! The Mosman boys started scoring more runs. 

There was some more good bowling from Finn Mason, Oscar Platt, Archie Bibb, Jack Conoplia and Rowan Betts. The fielding from all players was excellent. 

It then came down to the last over. We needed a wicket or we needed to restrict the scoring to a maiden last over. There was a lot of pressure and the cheering both on and off the field intensified. Unfortunately for the Reds, we didn't get that elusive wicket and instead the home team hit six runs. 

Final score, Reds 3 for 128, Mosman 3 for 132. 

It was a great and exciting game – a fitting way to finish the season. The Reds finished with 10 wins and only 2 losses. Well done, boys. 

Thank you to our supporters and especially coaches, the "triple Ks" Kate, Kaz, Kelini and also a special thank you to our manager Dawn Chitty for her fantastic organisation. 

To check out the season video click here (thank you Adrian Pin for its production).

For the photos from the last game click here  (thank you to James & Sal for being the official team photographers for the season). 

See you all next season.

 James Toepfer
 U9 Reds official correspondent
U12 Blue - Round 16 vs Mosman Silver

U12 Blue - Round 16 vs Mosman Silver

Blues in Big Showdown 

Wow, what a day! The sun was finally shining and the water was crystal clear down at Primrose Park. This game was the game of a lifetime. We had to win this to be in the semi-rinals in the top four. As you know, Mosman were coming fourth and we were coming fifth! There was no room for mistakes. 

Andrew, our captain, fortunately won the toss and elected to bat. Our openers, Ali and Sam went out and batted tremendously well, both scoring highly to contribute to the teams tally. 

Sadly, Ali stayed out there for a short time but managed a fabulous 12 runs! Our next batter, K-man absolutely smashed the ball around the ground. He was on fire! He retired on 30 runs and got one of the highest scores of our team! 

On the other hand, Sam Holmes put in a great effort but sadly got run out on 15! When Andy came in, he tonked the ball everywhere! He was a man on a mission! He got the highest score, 33 not out! Andy and K-man had an amazing partnership together. Next to bat was Dougie. Unfortunately, he got out LBW and only scored two. Number six to bat was Hunter. He kept the run-rate up very high. With that, Reeve came in and helped Hunter pick up the run-rate! Hunter got a sensational score of 28 not out! Reeve got 16 not out! The other batsmen, Jordan, Oscar, Matt, Joey and Harry, were very unlucky not to bat but I know they would have been exemplary. Well, that was our batting innings. We scored a defendable total of 149 in 32 overs, only losing four wickets. We were looking good. 

Our opening bowlers, Reeve and Oscar got off to a good start. Oscar got us an early wicket, which helped to take the pressure off. Our fielding was tight and we were very loud in the field. Some stand out performances were Dougie, with the only maiden and a great catch, Andy with his direct hit run-out, Joey with a great wicket and K-Man also with a good wicket. 

Jordan was very tight in the field. Our keepers, Sam and Hunter did a great job keeping and didn’t let us down. Matt had a great game and his bowling was very economical. Ali also took a wicket and was very encouraging on the field. Reeve bowled very well and was unlucky not to get a wicket. 

This may sound like we had the game of our lives but unfortunately this was not the case. Mosman Silver had a ripper of a game, including some very tight fielding and outstanding batting. They were a tough opposition and played a great game. They got our score in the last over and played tremendously well. They got 150 in 31 overs and deserved to win. 

We are now in the Plate Semi-Finals and hope to do very well. Credit must go to our great coach, Mark, for preparing us well and always encouraging us to do our best. Thank you also to the scorers, umpires and spectators. 

 Harry Duczmal – U12 Blue player 

Team: Oscar Burgess-Tate, Reeve Cocks, Kieran Dean, Harry Duczmal, Andrew Earlam (Captain), Matt Garrett, Hunter Graham (keeper), Sam Holmes (keeper), Jordan Hunt, Dougie Oxenham, Ali Siokos and Joey Siokos.
U9 Blues - Round 14 vs North Sydney Red

U9 Blues - Round 14 vs North Sydney Red

Blues Dominate with 14 Wickets  

Under an almost perfect Saturday morning at Bales Park, the Blues turned up determined to finish the season on a high against the North Sydney Reds and without three of our top performing players. 

U9 Blues celebrate with the team song and feasted on lolly snakes kindly handed out by team coach Owen Davies 

Captain for the day, Bevan Nanayakarra, elected to bat first and the team put on a modest 7 for 77 with decent contribution from all players. 

Some impressive leg-sides shots for 4s by Zac Fielding, Tyler and Bevan brought applause even by the opposition. 

Come the Blues Bowling innings, Alec Peterson started with a tight over finishing with a caught behind wicket. 

What followed was impressive bowling and catches by Rajeev, Tyler, wicket keeper catches by Chris, Lewin and Angus, a few clean bowled efforts by Bevan and Aidan and an all round impressive fielding performance by Rohan with the Blues eventually taking 14 wickets for 73 runs. 

Impressive bowling and fielding performance and one of the best for the season by the Blues team – 14 wickets worth watching!
U11 Red - Round 16 vs West Pymble Gold

U11 Red - Round 16 vs West Pymble Gold

Reds on High for Semis 

It was a cool morning with dew on the ground when Gordon Reds captain, Marcus Possi, did the toss. Marcus to bat first. Gordon Reds’ batting started with a great partnership between Billy Flick and Ned Fryer. Ned was caught out, followed by a close run out call for Billy. 

Captain Marcus Possi steaming in to bowl a rocket 

Pranav Muralindhar and Henry Smith spent their partnership running like rabbits between the wickets. Pranav had a big hit that almost reached the boundary, and would have if the grass hadn’t been so wet! Running for two almost cost him since he was almost run out. Phew! Pranav continued with solid batting and retired after five overs not out with the top score of 12.

Oscar Stanton celebrates with the trophy and a well deserved drink 

Henry Smith also had a great five over stint. Tom Brayshaw was unfortunate to be bowled out. Fate played a hand on keeping Oscar Stanton and Nic Tressos going after a running mix up. Marcus Possi came in after Nic retired. Marcus' bat twisting couldn't save him from a straight ball on the wicket. 

Oscar also succumbed to a wicket when the ball struck his hand and went on to upset the bails. Harrison Layton hit a high ball which was caught. Jay Newman was unlucky to be out by a direct hit that came like a bullet from the outfield. In a deja vu moment seemingly minutes later Matthew Barrett was also run out by another startlingly straight hit to the wicket. This finished Gordon Reds batting efforts with a total of 86. 

Gordon Reds fielding was a roller coaster of highs and lows. Early on, Tom almost caught a high ball. Following that, even confident appealing did not sway the umpire when the Ned caught the ball as wicket keeper. Oscar's valiant effort to catch a high ball was not successful but the team spirit rose with spontaneous applause. 

The crowd held its breath as Tom's spectacular catch was dropped. Jay's straight bowling led to the first wicket of the day for the Reds. West Pymble’s batter stood on his stumps to give the Reds the next wicket. After some good fielding Harrison Layton captured another wicket with a great ball. This was swiftly followed by a Red bullet from the field and another wicket fell. 

In a heart stopping moment, Billy's throw to Ned enabled the bails to fall, but not before the batter had crossed the line. Nic used his long run up to get the momentum that he not only took the wicket, he broke one of the bails! 

A great straight ball from Henry took the next wicket. In the last over of the day a good bowl from Marcus led to a clean hit and an excellent catch from Pranav. Even down to the last ball of the day, a throw in from the out field by Pranav sealed the final wicket and brought great applause from the crowd! 

It didn’t feel like West Pymble Gold won the match - there were so many high points for the Gordon Reds! But we’ll now go into the finals with added vigour to strike victory in our next game. 

Player of the week went to Oscar Stanton for an outstanding game. 

Marcus Possi – Captain 

U12 Green - Round 16 vs Lane Cove Hussey

U12 Green - Round 16 vs Lane Cove Hussey

Green Machine Big Grinners 

The after match celebrations saw smiles on their faces as wide as that of the proverbial Cheshire cat after the Greens sealed only their second win of the season. In was achieved in a dramatic finish and with heroes aplenty on the day. 

All smiles for the Greens after a wonderful last round win on Saturday 

Again in his pre-match talk, coach Josh asked the team to stay focussed and have a belief in themselves that would give them the win they so clearly deserved. 

Ollie Clarke bowed tightly and hit a classy 46 runs not out  

The game started positively when we won the toss at Tunks Park. We let them bat and trusted that our form bowlers would quickly cut into the Lane Cove bowling line up. James Dow and Nick Moore opened the attack. With heat-seeking accuracy, Nick drilled into the Lane Cove openers, picking up two wickets in his first over and then going on to a stunning four wickets for four runs in three overs performance. Just the start we’d hoped for. 

Laser precision saw Nick Moore pick up 4 wickets for only 4 runs in his stunning bowling spell 

Patchy fielding threatened to derail our attack but there were a few glimpses of light such as Raymond Su’s great catch just centimetres off the grass. Raymond and Aston Brown each took two wickets and Ollie Clarke and Daniel Hall again bowled very tightly but the Lane Cove total had blown out to 173 in the 32nd over when we finally claimed their last wicket. From a dream start, we had now given ourselves a big challenge to get our win. 

More encouragement from Josh and then we set about our batting task. We lost our first opener quickly and then Nick Moore was run out on 11 runs. The next batter fell for none and then star batsman, Raymond Su, succumbed to a catch on just 11. When Raymond does not go on to a good total someone else has to ‘stand-up’ or there is a huge hole in our scoresheet. 

Another quick LBW and things were not looking great. Then, out of the ranks came “Mr Consistency”, Ollie Clarke, and “Handyman”, James Dow. Both clocked up their 30 runs and retired. Our tailenders only managed to add another 20 runs including a very solid 14 run knock from Max O’Loughlin. This then brought Ollie and James back to the crease to complete their “unfinished business”. On his way to a very fine 46 not out, Ollie notched up a six and seven 4s. James stood up even taller and went on to an undefeated 62 runs, including three 6s and nine 4s. If a job needs doing in the field, or, with the bat, just call “Handyman”! 

With all the drama of a great match, the result came down to the last over. We were tracking at a run a ball rate for the last few overs and needed 4 runs off the last over to clinch victory. With a cool head and an “angry” bat, James chose the ball to hit and sealed the win with a huge 6. 

Our memories can just recall our only other win back in Round Six and there were times when team morale was very low but the smiles bloomed again on Saturday when we got another win in a dramatic finish and on the back of some wonderful performances. 

Well done the Greens! Well done coach! And, thanks mums and dads for sticking with us! 

Brian Hall 
U12 Green – Manager
U12 Red - Round 16 vs Lindfield Hayden

U12 Red - Round 16 vs Lindfield Hayden

Reds Courageous in Fight Back 

The Gordon Reds and Lindfield faced off for a second week in a row in the final round of the regular season. 

Last Saturday it was a comfortable win for Gordon. So the question was: could the Reds do it again – or could Lindfield lift? 

James Miller was at his personal best while Lachlan Irving was this week's good sport 

Batting first, the Reds got off to a wobbly start to be 3 for 15 at one stage. But opener Tom Hampson steadied the ship with a wonderful 34 retired not out. Tom Brown also did well chipping in with 18. In the middle order, James Miller upped his run rate this week for a good 12 while Nat Calman was terrific at the end for a solid 18. 

The Reds set Lindfield 126 to win. The early overs from Hampson and Miller were accurate but the breakthrough they wanted didn’t come. For Lindfield, Saskia Horley was in fine touch as the rep player displayed a good technique to keep the runs going. 

The 12 Reds never gave up and came close to victory 

Just before the drinks break Lindfield were in a strong position at 0 for 77. But then Tom Brown stuck taking two wickets in one over. The Red express was now on the move! 

After the break, Angus Chitty hit the top of the stumps to remove a batsman and Finn Mclay took a wicket Lindfield had now lost 4 for 2! 

Then the game ebbed in favour of Lindfield as their batsmen put on runs to reach 118. 

Needing just eight runs to win, suddenly the Lindfield wickets starting tumbling again. Angus Chitty took two more, Tom Brown his third and James Miller a wicket as Lindfield again lost 4 for 2. 

Those eight wickets had fallen for a total of four runs! 

It was now a simple equation. The Reds needed two wickets to win and Lindfield six runs. 

Unfortunately, the Reds couldn’t claim the final two wickets and Lindfield got home for a deserved victory. The Reds showed great character as they fought back to almost snatch victory. 

Lachlan Irving won the Good Sportsmanship Award for his leadership on the field. James Miller picked up the personal best award for his excellent running between the wickets and aggressive batting. 

The boys should feel proud of their fielding, catching and walking in with the bowler. Along with their sportsmanship, they are off the highest standard – as they have been all season. 

But the key messages from this game are to not bowl short and to never give up. Anything is possible in cricket. 

Next week the Reds play a semi. Keep an eye out for the opponent and venue. It’s been a great season so far and the boys are keen to finish in style. 

Go the mighty Reds.

U9 Green - Round 14 vs St Ives Ponting

U9 Green - Round 14 vs St Ives Ponting

Excited Greens Keen for More 

This week Gordon Greens were defeated by St Ives Ponting at Thompson Reserve. 

Man of the match was Luc Jefriess. 

Man of the Match Luc Jefriess on the ball in the field 

A great batting partnership between Damon Crowley and Liam Dow saw the run rate increase. 

The boys enjoyed their first season of cricket and were disappointment this was their last game. 

We all look forward to the next season!

James Francis fires down a thunderbolt  

Damon Crowley crashes a ball to the boundary 

U11 Red - Round 15 vs North Sydney Red

U11 Red - Round 15 vs North Sydney Red

Game of Two Teams for Reds  

It was a beautiful cloudless day and the last round of the season before the finals. Playing a North Sydney team down on players but not on confidence. Billy Flick volunteered to play for North Sydney and Gordon were swapping players on and off to assist North Sydney fielding.  

Andrew Nash, no hat, receiving his player of the week from captain Thomas Brayshaw, white hat, and vice captain, Marcus Possi, maroon cap

North Sydney won the toss and Gordon were sent in to bat. The pressure was on - it was going to be a ripper! 

Gordon's Pranav Muralidhar bowling for North Sydney against Gordon's Ned Fryar (not in photo) and Oliver Riddle, the non-striker 

The game started with Pranav and Oscar opening the batting. Oscar survived an early caught behind chance and Pranav showed excellent defence blocking some fast bowling. Oscar tried a cut shot but was caught by Andrew. 

Tom came to the crease with the team under early pressure. Pranav and Tom set about to build a partnership but undone by Tom getting run out from a deadeye throw from Ned. With Jay now in, Pranav and Jay started to score quickly before Jay fell to a caught behind. Pranav retired after some great batting. 

Harrison survived a catch on his first ball and Henry started getting runs faster than you could count. After Harrison departed, Mangesh and Henry started to build a match-winning partnership showing great running between the wickets. 

Mangesh finally fell to an outstanding caught and bowled and Henry was out next ball. Andrew retired with a great score and Marcus was desperately unlucky to get out to a fantastic piece of fielding by Billy. Ned hit a boundary and piled on the runs in the last couple of overs to take Gordon to 74. Henry, Ned, Mangesh, and Harrison tied the North Sydney batsmen down early and Harrison made an early breakthrough. Oliver was very busy behind the wicket. Andrew made an impact on the game taking a wicket with his first ball of the day. 

Gordon were busy in the field and took some great catches. Oscar combined with Henry who took a rib-shaking catch. Pranav took a great catch off Andrews’ bowling. Tom almost pulled off a screamer of a catch but saved a certain boundary. 

Billy was run out shortly after a great return from Henry. Matthew was bowling at great pace making the North Sydney batsmen very nervous. 

Thanks to Billy for filling in for North Sydney. Man of the match went to Andrew for his awesome bowling and great work in the field. 

After the game everyone celebrated Andrew and Tom’s birthdays with cupcakes.

Tom Brayshaw - Captain  


U9 White - Round 13 vs Mosman Green

U9 White - Round 13 vs Mosman Green

Star Turn for Whites 

The Gordon U9 Whites arrived on game day primed and ready to perform against the Mosman Greens. 
Little did they know the Mosman side was coached by former Australian Test player, and recent Big Bash Sydney Sixer, Stuart MacGill. 

Undaunted, the Whites took to the field and contained the Mosman team with some accurate bowling and enthusiastic fielding. 

At the end of the Mosman innings there was a feeling of confidence among the Gordon team. Not surprisingly, bowling proved to be the Mosman team’s forte, pinning down the Gordon batsmen and, in the end, running away with the match. 

Stuart MacGill was generous in his praise for the Gordon team and stayed around long enough at the end of the match to accommodate the many requests for autographs from the Gordon players. 

Tim Cameron
Gordon White manager

Match Reports - Past Seasons

Match Reports - Past Seasons

Match reports from a nominated member/parent/supporter of each team will be provided on a weekly basis. The reports will be a balanced view of the match, including special performances and where possible photos of the players. This section contains all of the reports submitted prior to the 2011/12 season.


Gordon U/11 Red - Round 15

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 15

CrawshawU11 Reds vs St Ives Warne

19 February 2011

Hassell Park, St Ives

Another fine effort with the bat by James Mulder wasn't enough to help an under strength Gordon Reds to victory on Saturday.

Charlie Crawshaw was rewarded for his display of good sportsmanship and honesty

Captain Charlie Bibb won the toss and elected to bat in the early morning heat. The Reds were without Brae Mason and Angus Chitty for this game.

Openers Mulder and Bibb again got the Reds off to a flying start. The pair mixed aggressive hitting with quick singles and after 10 overs the run rate was at 5 an over.

With the openers retired, Tom Hampson continued to push the scoring along as did Charlie Crawshaw. Finn Mclay chipped in with a solid 9 not out.

But the innings suddenly stalled as the batsmen failed to score quickly and make the most of the good start. Tellingly, the Reds scored just 14 runs from their last 10 overs ' a statistic that would end up costing them the match.

Defending 104, the Reds struck early when Mclay took a very good catch from the bowling of Hampson.

It should have been the start of a march to victory but instead the Reds switched off in the field and started to bowl far too short and wide, which allowed the batsmen to get on top.

MOTM BibbFurther wayward bowling cost the Reds dearly with the exception of the aggressive efforts of Crawshaw ,who took 1 for 5 from his three overs, Mulder and the leg spin of Bibb. Hampson fielded very well with a direct hit run out.

Charlie Bibb wins the man of the match awards

The boys know they can play much better than this and they will be fired up to redeem themselves at next Saturday's match.

Bibb picked up Player of the Match for his efforts with bat and ball while Crawshaw displayed fine sportsmanship when he informed the umpire he had snicked a ball when originally given not out.

Next Saturday is the final game of the season with the Reds looking to end on a high with a win over the Roseville Rickys.

The final practice is on Friday at Artarmon where line and length bowling will be the order of the day!

Good luck on Saturday boys.

Steve Bibb

 U/11 Red Team pic

 The under strength Reds were in good spirits after the match

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 14

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 14

Mulder & BibbU11 Reds vs Lane Cove Marsh

12 February 2011

Pottery Green, Lane Cove

Opening bowler Tom Hampson took four wickets as he helped set up victory for the U11 Reds on Saturday. An impressive Hampson claimed a wicket in his first over before a run out saw Lane Cove Marsh reeling at 2 for 0 after two overs.

Mulder and Bibb perform with the willow

James Mulder was then thrown the ball and he also struck in his first over to have the home team in trouble at 3 for 12. But a determined Lane Cove team fought back and were on 47 when James Miller picked up his first wicket hitting the stumps with a perfectly pitched delivery.

Hampson came back into the attack and showed his teammates how to do it by bowling straight and at the stumps.  At one stage, Hampson was on a hat-trick but the third delivery was well kept out by the batsmen.

Wickets then fell at regular intervals but the Reds couldn't bowl out Lane Cove who finished on 9 for 80 after 30 overs. Hampson finished with the impressive figures of 4 for 6 from his four overs while Tim Perry picked up 2 for 5.

Reds watch onOf the other bowlers:

  • Brae Mason also kept a very good line and length for the tidy figures of 0 for 2 from three overs
  • Mulder finished with 1 for 7
  • Angus Chitty 0 for 5 from three tight overs
  • Ned Vandermark returned 0 for 4.

In the field, Miller took two very good catches and Crawshaw one catch.

Reds watch on as the boys perform with the bat

However, the Reds bowling was far too loose in general. The team gave away 37 unnecessary runs in wides and no balls and must work hard during the week to bring that number right down.

Set 81 to win, Mulder and Charlie Bibb opened the batting and their partnership set up the run chase. The pair ran beautifully between the wickets with Mulder clobbering the bowling and Bibb providing excellent support.

Mulder retired having whacked six 4s on his way to a quick-fire 28. Bibb and Chitty kept the runs ticking over before Bibb skied a ball and was very well caught. Chitty put his head down for a solid innings of seven (retired) as the rest of the batsmen set about easing the Reds over the line in the 18th over.

Hampson picked up the Player of the Match for his four wickets. Miller was rewarded for his effort in the field with the Good Sportsmanship Award from the umpires. Well done boys on a good performance against a spirited Lane Cove side.

However, the bowling will need to improve next week when the Reds face St Ives Warne. Get out there and practice, practice, practice bowling straight at the stumps!

Good luck.

Steve Bibb

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 13

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 13

U11 RedsU11 Reds vs Lane Cove Katich

5 February 2011

Allan Small Field, East Killara

The U11 Reds ran into an inferno and a very good Lane Cove team on Saturday before the game was abandoned due to extreme heat.

Reds discuss tactics - in the shade!

With the mercury well into the mid 30s at 8.15am, the Reds won the toss and elected to bowl against top of the table Lane Cove Katich. The Reds were down a man and took to the field with 10 players.

At first it was slow going as the bowlers and fielders kept a lid on the batsmen. After 10 overs, there were 53 runs on the board. But then the soaring heat ' and some good batting ' took their toll. Catches were put down while misfields and no balls cost the Reds dearly. In the end, a lack of concentration in the field due to the heat exhaustion saw the Lane Cove side score 207.

For the Reds, Brae Mason was the pick of the bowlers with 2 for 13 from his four overs while Tom Hampson chipped in with 1 for 13 from his three. There were two run outs from Charlie Bibb and Tim Perry.

Angus ChittyFacing a large total, the Reds opened the batting with James Mulder and Sam Duckworth. Mulder got the team off to a flyer smashing a stunning 28 including five 4s and a 6. At the other end, a defiant Duckworth put on a superb display of technically correct batting with a perfectly straight bat.

Angus Chitty padded up ready to go!

After nine overs, the Reds were ahead of the run rate and on track to haul in the huge total.

When Mulder was forced to retire, Hampson came in and kept the runs ticking over on his way to a measured 12 before getting out.

Next in was Angus Chitty who stylishly went about his shots and produced a quality sweep on his way to 16 not out.

At 3 for 80 and with Chitty and Bibb at the crease, the Reds were only just behind the required run rate. However, the heat had become unbearable and the temperature had hit 38.4 degrees in the shade. The game was stopped.

We will never know if the Reds could have reeled in the total but the boys were well placed to go close.

Mulder picked up the Player of the Match and has now passed 200 runs for the season. Well done, James.

Practice is on again this Friday where fielding drills could be the order of the day.

Next Saturday the Reds take on Lane Cover Marsh at Pottery Green in Lane Cove.

Good luck boys and keep enjoying the game!

Steve Bibb

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 12

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 12

U 11 RedsU11 Reds vs U11 Green

Round 12 - 29 January 2011

Darnley Oval, East Gordon

Reds Home in Tense Match

The U11 Reds turned in a fighting batting performance to claim a narrow last wicket victory over a fellow Gordon team on Saturday.

Reds relax in the shade

Leading run scorer James Mulder ' who rattled up 39 not out ' whacked a mighty six to win a tense game with just three balls left in the match. But it was an excellent all round batting performance that got the team home over a good Gordon Green side.

Earlier, captain Felix Walsh won the toss and sent the Greens into bat on the reliably poor Darnley Oval. Opening bowlers Brae Mason and Walsh shared the new ball with Walsh striking early to remove one of the Green openers. The dismissal brought the Greens top run scorer, Raymond Su, to the crease. Mulder and Ned Vandermark picked up two wickets each with Charlie Crawshaw and Angus Chitty claiming a wicket apiece with tight and accurate bowling. Some quick fielding saw Tim Perry and Harrison Layton run out two batsmen.

However, the Reds bowling overall showed signs of rust after the long school holiday break with far too many no balls and wides helping the Greens to a healthy total of 152 at the end of 30 overs. Su finished on 32 and Oliver Clarke on 25.

Chasing 153 to win, the Reds got off to an unfortunate start by losing opener Chitty to a run out. But that dismissal brought Mulder to the crease and the runs quickly started to flow. With the score on 22 after just three overs, Perry popped up a simple catch to short mid off and he was out. Mason was next in and he quickly set about the bowling with a splendid pull shot for four to open his account. Mulder raced to 25 not out and was forced to retire. But his absence sparked a mini batting collapse with the Reds losing 3 for 16.

Felix and JamesThe ship was steadied when Charlie Bibb and Sam Duckworth came together for a match defining partnership of 48 runs. The middle order hitters settled the nerves and then set about piling on the runs. Duckworth was eventually dismissed for a heart-stopping 15 while Bibb crunched two 4s on his way to an impressive 16.

Felix and James make a formidable pair

Two more wickets fell before Mulder returned to join Vandermark at the crease for the critical ' and very tense - last wicket stance. Vandermark showed true grit as held up one end before Mulder before produced his six to win the match.

It was a great batting effort by all the boys with notable contribitions from:

Mulder 39 not out.
Bibb 16.
Duckworth 15.
Mason 14.
Vandermark 6.

The match also sadly marked the last appearance by Walsh for the Reds who will now add his talent to the cricketing ranks at Knox. He will be missed ' as will his ever-helpful father, Phil, who is one of our scorers.

Finally, practice is on again this Friday but can all boys please get some extra bowling work in this week as the next game is against the very good Lane Cove Katich.

Steve Bibb

Gordon U/12 Gold - Round 11

Gordon U/12 Gold - Round 11


What happens on the field gets reported! 


Gordon Gold 5/145 v Lindfield Chappell 8/104


Golds on Song in T20 at Fortress Allan Small.

In training leading up to the much awaited T20 game the team focused on a couple of important points these included

-          All balls can be scored from
-          Backing up and calling are critical
-          Challenging the fielder is fun
-          When fielding every player is in the game every ball
-          Good catching and throwing will change the game


So it was with much excitement that the Golds met Lindfield Chappell at Allan Small Oval scene of the Golds under 10 grand final victory and a ground where the Golds have never been beaten in 8 matches'a veritable fortress!!!

Chappell won the toss and sent us in and it was clear from the get go that the Golds meant business. Both Campbell (5ret) and Jo (21 ret) set us on the way with smart running and clever placement. Coxy (20 ret) including a massive six attacked at every opportunity, building on the great start. Jack (2) was unlucky falling trying to push the score along as were Callum (3) and Rory. Charlie W (20 ret) was a mini version of David Hookes plundering boundaries at will. Alex (17 ret) cut and drove beautifully through the offside and the Golds were on the march! Tay (11 ret) and Gen (11 ret) combined in a dashing display of shot making and running which brought roars from the large Lord's Tavererner's Day crowd. Henry (9) backed up last weeks great form and only fell pushing for a second run ' great work Henry team before self! Mitch (2) brought a huge cheer with his perfectly executed reverse sweep, before also being run out.

The aggressive selfless play of the whole team meant that both Jo and Campbell got back to the wicket for the final over and both maintained the pressure seeing us through to a massive 5/145 off our 20 overs.

The Golds took the field in their special 'baggies for a day' however the Chappell's were not intimidated and set off at a rapid rate racing to 45 off 5 overs. However the introduction of Alex (3 for 5 off 2) did the trick bowling their opener and then deceiving the next batsmen for Callum to hold a beautiful catch at mid off. This was the signal for the fired up Jack (3 for 6 off 2) to castle the next batsmen and then hold onto a brilliant caught and bowled reducing the Chappells to 4/67 at the half way mark swinging the game back in the Golds favour. Catching was once again proving the difference.

After drinks the fielding was fantastic. Both Rory and Taylor made chances out of shots that I doubt any other teams would have got to and the throwing was first class. Henry (1 for 12 off 2) struck the first blow with a wicket straight after the break, and a fabulous piece of keeping saw Gen achieve a stumping after Alex lured the batsmen down the pitch!  Campbell (1 for 5 off 2) was in his pomp steaming in from the northern end, and was rewarded with a wicket. This left their strongest batsmen to return to the crease to face the ever reliable Jack. A ball full of length, was met with a lovely lofted straight drive down the ground, looking for the six needed to keep the game alive. As the crowd watched the ball sail down the ground, Alex calmly moved to his right. This was a vital moment in the game, would all of our catching practice be rewarded? As the ball began its arc back to earth Callum sensibly pulled back, leaving Alex to casually pouch an excellent outfield catch! With 3 overs remaining and over 50 runs needed the task was too great for the brave men of Lindfield and they finished at 8/104.

A great game, with the depth of the Golds on show as 6 batsmen reached double figures and no bowler bowled more than 2 overs, sharing the load right across the team. A great team effort.


  • Excellent batting throughout the order
  • Aggressive running between the wickets by all batsmen
  • Batsmen playing for the team
  • Fantastic catching , that is what wins games
  • Enthusiastic fielding

This brings to close a wonderful first half of the season where the Golds have been successful in all of their matches.  Importantly the team continues to improve, which makes it a delight to be involved.

Our first game back is Saturday January 29 so everyone should be available for that game.

Thanks to Tim and James for umpiring and Steve for scoring.  After the excitement of last week it was great to see the return of the good old orange.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas/New Year, and hopefully the Australians will bounce back and claim the Ashes!

Go GOLDS!!!!!

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 10

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 10

Tim PerryU11 Reds vs St Ives Ponting

11 December 2010

Darnley Oval, East Gordon

The U11 Reds got their first taste of Twenty20 magic in an exciting and excellent victory on Saturday.

Player of the Match Tim Perry with his award

Match captain Finn Mclay won the toss and put St Ives Ponting into bat on a sunny day at a poor Darnley Oval. Tom Hampson opened the bowling and struck in his second over to have the St Ives team reeling at 1 for 3.

The batsmen then fought back until James Mulder was thrown the ball. He also struck in his second over hitting the pads and trapping a batsmen 'plumb' in front. Tight fielding restricted the scoring with Hampson picking up a second wicket to finish with the impressive figures of 2 for 9 from three overs. Mulder chipped in with 1 for 6 from three tight overs.

Chasing 116 to win from 20 overs, the Reds opened the batting with Hampson and the in-form Tim Perry. Hampson fell cheaply but Perry played very straight and with great power to retire 14 not out under the special laws for the day.

A couple of quick wickets fell when leading run scorer Mulder was bowled and Sam Duckworth run out. Angus Chitty played straight but was forced to retire having used up his five overs.

With the innings in danger of stalling, in came Brae Mason and Charlie Crawshaw. They quickly combined to clobber the bowling and turn the match around. Crawshaw was particularly savage whacking two 6s and two 4s on his way to 29. Mason was also on fire hitting three 4s in his innings of 18.

 Gordon Red U11

 The U11Reds celebrate in the shade after defeating St Ives Ponting 

Both players were forced to retire ' leaving the remaining batsmen to bring home the victory.

Charlie Bibb played superbly smashing two fours ' the second an elegant on-drive ' for his eight runs.  Mclay, 7 not out, and Harrison Layton saw home the Reds reaching 116 with three overs to spare.

It was a great team effort by the boys who richly deserved their victory. It was a reward for hard work off the field.

Charlie BibbIt's now time for a summer hiatus. The next game is 29 January where the Reds take on their colleagues, the Gordon Greens.

Charlie Bibb crunches a pull shot to the boundary

 Finally, I would like to thank all the parents for their help. Each week the mums and dads turn out to support the boys in greater numbers than the other teams. However, a special thanks goes to:

  • Coach Andrew Chitty
  • Kitman Steve Perry
  • Umpires Craig Hampson, Scott Mason and Matt Vandermark
  • Scorers John Mclay, Dean Duckworth and Phil Walsh
  • Motivators Martin Mulder, Bruce Crawshaw and Will Layton

And I cannot forget the all important mums and siblings who make it all so much fun.

Steve Bibb

Gordon U/12 Gold - Round 10

Gordon U/12 Gold - Round 10


What happens on the field gets reported! 


Gordon Gold 2/110 v Gordon White 0/0


Rain Dampens Golds Return to Allan Small.

Having been invited to bat under murky skies it was always a chance that the weather would intervene. However not to be put off Henry and Mitch set off in fine style. With a mixture of lovely drives and pulls Henry (22) put together an innings of style and belligerence. Not to be out done Mitch (6 retired) provided a perfect foil looking to turn the strike over at every opportunity. This bright start meant that at 8 overs both openers had provided a great platform, although the skies were threatening!

Charlie Cox

pulled and drove his way to a brisk 30 retired in 4 overs while Gen 11 retired  (6 overs) provided wonderful support . A feature of the pair was their running between the wickets which kept pressure on the field. Charlie W 22 not out in 3 overs and Alex (2) both risked their wickets in playing for the team as the rain moved in. Campbell 1 not out was at the wicket when the heavens opened. Despite the best efforts of the team to cover the pitch with a 'human shield' the rain poured in. Both teams waited some 25 mins but with no break in sight sadly the game was abandoned with the Golds in a good position at 2/110 off 16 overs. 


Disappointing considering the fine start however that is cricket!


  • Excellent opening stand by Mitch and Henry
  • Bright running between the wickets by all batsmen
  • Batsmen playing for the team ' great team spirit
  • Offside shots becoming common place ' that is what we want, that's cricket!!!

Thanks to Tim for umpiring and Steve for scoring under unusually difficult circumstances and Ralph, who concerned with the prevalence of scurvy in the team was looking to introduce the children to the delights of the humble grapefruit! Maybe next time Ralph.

Round 11: v Lindfield Chappell @ Allan Small Oval be there by 7.50am for a 8.15am start it is a T20 game this week which should be fun after our Kookaburra Cup experience

This Week : Training - followed by BBQ at 6.00pm

 Player Availability ' if anyone is unavailable for this week please let Judy know.

Go GOLDS!!!!!

Gordon U/12 Gold - Round 9

Gordon U/12 Gold - Round 9


What happens on the field gets reported! 


Gordon Gold 9/150 v Mosman Blue all out 62


Wickets tumble as Golds run into a determined Mosman

For the first time this season the Gordon batting was made to look vulnerable against a determined Mosman outfit.  After losing the toss and being sent in our start was slow as both Charlie W (7) and Taylor (11 not out) were forced to defend against some tight bowling. Both Rory (4) and Jack (4) were hitting the ball well until dismissed. Jonas (15) was in good touch working the ball into the gaps as was Mitch (10) who hit the ball cleanly on the rather slow outfield.

Still, for the first time this season we kept losing wickets, which placed huge pressure on the lower order. Henry (6) was looking great until an excellent throw found him short of his ground and when Callum (3) was dismissed things looked a little grim. Alex (9)played three lovely off drives before he too was run out, leaving Charlie C (17 not out) and Gen (13) to combine in a strong partnership to rescue our innings. 9/150 off 32 overs, a good score but full marks to Mosman who showed how good fielding and bowling can put pressure on the batsmen.

Mosman's batting was not as strong as their bowling and wickets quickly began to tumble. Callum (2/1) began the rot, and was well supported by Jonas (2/4) A stumping by Charlie Cox and a wicket when he bowled was an excellent reward  for this enthusiastic player' well done! Jack (1/6) was rewarded for his persistence, while Gen snapped up two very good catches to assist Taylor to match figures of 3/7  - concluding great day out for both of our Met North representatives!!! Our overall bowling and fielding was very good and Mosman was all out for 62 in 21 overs.


  • 5 wicket takers means everyone is bowling well
  • Catching was excellent'again!
  • Another run out ' always a bonus
  • 11 drives on the offside ' we are starting to open up our scoring areas- great to see

Thanks to Tim and Mathilda for umpiring and Steve and Judy for scoring. We are indeed an equal opportunity employer!

Round 10: v Gordon White @ Allan Small Oval be there by 7.50am for a 8.15am start

This Week : No Training - enjoy the break

Player Availability ' if anyone is unavailable for this week please let Judy know.

Go GOLDS!!!!!

Gordon U/12 Gold - Round 8

Gordon U/12 Gold - Round 8


What happens on the field gets reported! 


Gordon Gold 1/ 73 v Mosman Green all out 72


Golds reap rewards for excellent training attitude.

The Golds arrived at the beautiful Balmoral Oval looking forwad to the game against the very friendly Mosman Green team. It is always nice to remember that we are only playing a game of cricket and Mosman do play in a very good spirit.

Our plans to bat first were thwarted when the coin fell Mosman's way, however Charlie W was quickly into the action with a clean bowled. The next Mosman batsmen whose name I don't have then proceeded to bat with great maturity and power and quickly raced to 30 retired ' well done it was a pleasure to watch his innings.

Following his retirement Henry (who is bowling very well) took 2/13 quickly and got the Golds back into the game ' both were bowled!!  At 3/40 Mosman were well positioned, however Campbell changed the game dramatically. A beautiful pick up and throw (a drill done at training during the week) resulted in a direct hit run out ' a turning point in the game.

After an eventful over from Alex which nearly resulted in a hot caught and bowled, nearly resulted in a spectacular catch by Gen and nearly resulted in a super stumping by Charlie C., Callum 2/1 was introduced. His accurate spinners brought immediate results when Jonas held a neat catch and Callum followed up with a clean bowled. From a position of strength Mosman had collapsed to 6/52. Jonas 1/11 inflicted more pain when he hit the stumps and Mosman were in big trouble.

With Mitch taking the gloves and doing quite a good job Charlie C 1/4 took the ball and broke through immediately with the help of Harry who took a good catch at cover. Rory whose enthusiasm for the game is fantastic then positioned himself nicely to hold a catch off Charlie W to give him his second wicket, and leave Mosman at 9/72 with 9 overs remaining. This was a danger period as the Mosman lad who had retired returned to the crease intent on building on his 30retired. We knew he was dangerous so a breakthrough was essential. The skipper threw the ball to Charlie W who steamed in from the northern end and sent down a beautifully pitched yorker which was too good for the batsmen, hitting his middle stump and giving Charlie  match figures of 3/2/3/1' all out 72 and a potentially big chase was averted.

Alex who worked the ball nicely on the leg side (12 retired) and Callum  batting with great patience(6 retired) faced and handled some hostile bowling in a very good opening partnership of 30 which saw them subdue Mosmans best bowlers. Gen (9) batted very well hitting two lovely drives and with Charlie C (20 retired) who hit the ball crisply to all parts, took the score to 60 in quick time. Henry (8 not out) used his time wisely playing the good ball and working the loose one for runs. He was well supported by Harry (3 not out) and together the target was reached in 16 overs.

Mosman then invited us to keep batting so all the players got to the middle and with a 'license to thrill' Mitch, Rory, Charlie W (what a six) Campbell and Jonas all had some time in the middle. A good game played in a great spirit.


  • 6 maiden overs bowled in 24  - builds pressure
  • 6 batsmen clean bowled  - accuracy gets results
  • Direct hit run out ' good reward for good training
  • Excellent opening partnership set the platform for our innings
  • Strong throws to keeper on the full  - keeps the ball in order

Thanks to Tim, James and Lyndon for umpiring and Steve for his attention to the book

Round 9: v Mosman Blue @ William Cowan Oval St Ives be there by 7.50am for a 8.15am start

This Week : Training on Thursday at 5.00pm ' 6.15pm Willoughby Park

Player Availability ' if anyone is unavailable please let Judy know.

Go GOLDS!!!!!

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 8

Gordon U/11 Red - Round 8

Charlie Crawshaw - U11 RedsU11 Reds v St Ives Warne  

U11 Reds fight to the end

Three wickets from U11 Red opening bowler Felix Walsh and a top score of 25 not out by James Mulder were the highlights of a nail biting game on Saturday.

Charlie Crawshaw proudly shows off his Good Sportsmanship Award

St Ives Warne batted first and it was slow going thanks to some very tight bowling from the Reds and an outfield in desperate need of a good mow.

After five overs, St Ives were 3 for 15 with Walsh dismissing both openers. It was a fine display of line and length bowling from Walsh who is back to the excellent form he showed last season. Angus Chitty ' whose bowling improves each game - claimed the other wicket to have the Reds well on top.

St Ives then fought back before some excellent team work saw Chitty, now standing in as wicketkeeper, complete a run out.

U11 RedsThe runs then dried up as the U11 Red bowlers and fielders turned the screws and eventually Brae Mason took the fifth wicket - clean bowling a middle order batsman.

Walsh then returned to the attack picking up his third wicket to have St Ives at 6 for 98.

Tom Hampson, Brae Mason and Player of the Match, Felix Walsh, on the boundary during Saturday's run chase

The Reds conceded just three runs from their last four overs as Mason, Walsh, Tom Hampson and James Mulder bowled tightly and the fielders pounced on every ball.

Set 104 to win, the Reds started solidly with Mulder and Charlie Crawshaw opening the batting. Both played well but found it hard to get the ball to the boundary with the long grass preventing them getting full value from their aggressive shots. A number of loose balls were also missed down the leg side.

Crawshaw retired five not out which brought the left hander Chitty to the crease who began by playing very straight and looking good off the back foot as he eased runs past the close in fielders.

Mulder retired on 25 not out ' a score that takes him to the number two spot on the batting table. Charlie Bibb was next in and he and Chitty were tied down by some very good bowling and they also missed opportunities to put the loose ball away. Bibb was bowled trying to smash the ball to the boundary.

Next in was Hampson who immediately set about lifting the scoring with some quick running and two good blows. Unfortunately, he was bowled for four looking to keep the scorers busy. Mason was next in and he also took to the bowling and struck the only boundary of the entire match. His quick fire innings ended on six and the Reds were now in need of big hits and quick runs. Finn Mclay looked good and hit one sweet pull shot for two ' a shot that would have been four had the grass been a little shorter. When Mclay fell, Sam Duckworth came in but got a good delivery while trying to push for runs.

U11 RedsWith plenty of wickets left, Ned Vandermark and Tim Perry took to the bowling trying to guide the Reds home. The pair needed 12 runs from the final two overs ' a run a ball. Unfortunately, they fell short of the target with the Reds finishing on 6 for 94 at the end of 30 overs.

Charlie Bibb, Tom Hampson, Player of the Match Felix Walsh, and Brae Mason all waiting to bat during Saturday's run chase

While all the boys tried very hard, the big lesson for the Reds' batsmen from this game is to make sure to punish the loose ball. Many short deliveries slipped by down the leg side begging to be hit for four.

The positive was the overall excellent attitude and enthusiasm on display by the Reds ' especially in the field. The boys put in a very special effort of which they should be proud. Felix Walsh was named Player of the Match.

The sportsmanship was again wonderful to see as the Reds continue to show every other team how to play cricket in the right spirit at all times. Charlie Crawshaw picked up the Good Sportsmanship Award.

Practice is on again this Friday as usual. Next game sees the Reds take on the Roseville Rickys at the Allan Small Oval at East Killara.

Good luck!

Steve Bibb