Gordon U/11 Red - Round 8

Charlie Crawshaw - U11 RedsU11 Reds v St Ives Warne  

U11 Reds fight to the end

Three wickets from U11 Red opening bowler Felix Walsh and a top score of 25 not out by James Mulder were the highlights of a nail biting game on Saturday.

Charlie Crawshaw proudly shows off his Good Sportsmanship Award

St Ives Warne batted first and it was slow going thanks to some very tight bowling from the Reds and an outfield in desperate need of a good mow.

After five overs, St Ives were 3 for 15 with Walsh dismissing both openers. It was a fine display of line and length bowling from Walsh who is back to the excellent form he showed last season. Angus Chitty ' whose bowling improves each game - claimed the other wicket to have the Reds well on top.

St Ives then fought back before some excellent team work saw Chitty, now standing in as wicketkeeper, complete a run out.

U11 RedsThe runs then dried up as the U11 Red bowlers and fielders turned the screws and eventually Brae Mason took the fifth wicket - clean bowling a middle order batsman.

Walsh then returned to the attack picking up his third wicket to have St Ives at 6 for 98.

Tom Hampson, Brae Mason and Player of the Match, Felix Walsh, on the boundary during Saturday's run chase

The Reds conceded just three runs from their last four overs as Mason, Walsh, Tom Hampson and James Mulder bowled tightly and the fielders pounced on every ball.

Set 104 to win, the Reds started solidly with Mulder and Charlie Crawshaw opening the batting. Both played well but found it hard to get the ball to the boundary with the long grass preventing them getting full value from their aggressive shots. A number of loose balls were also missed down the leg side.

Crawshaw retired five not out which brought the left hander Chitty to the crease who began by playing very straight and looking good off the back foot as he eased runs past the close in fielders.

Mulder retired on 25 not out ' a score that takes him to the number two spot on the batting table. Charlie Bibb was next in and he and Chitty were tied down by some very good bowling and they also missed opportunities to put the loose ball away. Bibb was bowled trying to smash the ball to the boundary.

Next in was Hampson who immediately set about lifting the scoring with some quick running and two good blows. Unfortunately, he was bowled for four looking to keep the scorers busy. Mason was next in and he also took to the bowling and struck the only boundary of the entire match. His quick fire innings ended on six and the Reds were now in need of big hits and quick runs. Finn Mclay looked good and hit one sweet pull shot for two ' a shot that would have been four had the grass been a little shorter. When Mclay fell, Sam Duckworth came in but got a good delivery while trying to push for runs.

U11 RedsWith plenty of wickets left, Ned Vandermark and Tim Perry took to the bowling trying to guide the Reds home. The pair needed 12 runs from the final two overs ' a run a ball. Unfortunately, they fell short of the target with the Reds finishing on 6 for 94 at the end of 30 overs.

Charlie Bibb, Tom Hampson, Player of the Match Felix Walsh, and Brae Mason all waiting to bat during Saturday's run chase

While all the boys tried very hard, the big lesson for the Reds' batsmen from this game is to make sure to punish the loose ball. Many short deliveries slipped by down the leg side begging to be hit for four.

The positive was the overall excellent attitude and enthusiasm on display by the Reds ' especially in the field. The boys put in a very special effort of which they should be proud. Felix Walsh was named Player of the Match.

The sportsmanship was again wonderful to see as the Reds continue to show every other team how to play cricket in the right spirit at all times. Charlie Crawshaw picked up the Good Sportsmanship Award.

Practice is on again this Friday as usual. Next game sees the Reds take on the Roseville Rickys at the Allan Small Oval at East Killara.

Good luck!

Steve Bibb