U10 Silver – Round 16 vs Mosman Thunder

Final Ball Thriller Between 3rd and 4th 

This round saw another hot steamy Sydney day with a thick slow outfield. As such the coach talked early to the team that running between the wickets would be key to the game plan.

Mosman Thunder batted first and got off to a fast start with 24 off the first 4 overs and the retirement of Francou at 20 off just 13 balls.

In the lead up to the 12 over drinks, break the pace of scoring slowed with tight bowling from the likes of Riley, Aadit and Hadley to see the Mosman Thunder get 58 off the first 12 overs. This tight bowling continued in the 2nd half of the Thunders innings with few wicket chances given both from run outs and catches. The fielding of our team again improved on the week and managed to hold the Thunder to a total of 2/109. With top bowling figures by Hadley, a messy 3 runs from his 2 overs,

A challenging but achievable score that we had made several times before just not against a team of this quality.

We opened with Charlie and Joshua to some of the fastest bowling we had seen all season and this contained us to just 21 off the first 4 overs. By the 12th over we were back on pace with 64 runs scored and only 2 wickets lost with Joshua retired. The 2nd 12 overs was a very different story.

Tight bowling and tidy fielding saw is lose wickets quickly and pulled back our run rate to have us 4/100 at the end of the 20th over. Ten runs required off just 3 overs doable but with a strong bowling attack and slow outfield not in the bag. We still had to face overs from some of Mosman Thunder’s best bowlers.

Over 21 saw 4 runs taken off it and tension in the crowd ease a little at 6 runs required off 2 overs. The next over saw Charlie S dismissed and only 2 runs scored, tension rising again. Four runs off the last over, 3 off 2 balls for a win and talk of a draw was developing on the sidelines.

With a run out to Raddhish returned to the crease from an earlier retirement and the boys scampered a quick single off the 2nd last ball. Two runs need for a win, One for a draw!!!

Final ball thriller bowled and the boys rake off for a run without hitting. Ball fielded close on the leg side and returned to keeper bails taken of appeal for run out and its close. Umpire Ogg reviewed from square leg, NOT OUT is the call and we draw!

This leaves us in 3rd spot on the ladder just in front of Mosman Thunder by averages.

Very exciting game all round with high quality cricket in all aspects. Well done Gordon Silver.