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Second Grade Match Reports 10/11

The Second Grade team plays for The Albert Cup.

All of the lower grades generally contain a number of experienced players and young higher grade aspirants. Points for all wins go to the club championship.

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Second Grade match reports for 2010/11 season are provided below:



2nd Grade Report vs Randwick - Petersham - Semi Final

2nd Grade Report vs Randwick - Petersham - Semi Final

garrattA semi-final win over Randwick - Petersham secures a Grand Final spot for 2nd Grade

The Stags B-siders saved their most complete team performance for the two most important days of the season to date. Hosting the semi-final at Chaaaaaaatswood, "senior Thornborough twin" Garratt won the toss and had no hesitation letting his four-strong wolf pack loose under swing conducive skies.

Garratt leads from the front with his blade, getting the side across the line

They did not disappoint. Adair "I consider myself a bit of a loner" Durie (3/20 off 17 overs) set an ever high bar, bowling through the entire first session and never allowing the Randwick Petersham bats to settle into their work. The pack quickly grew by one with James "I changed my facebook name too... to Jimmy" Campbell (3/15 off 11.4) producing as miserly a spell as ever before wait a second, could it be? there was a third in the pack with "Banana bending" Beau Sadler (3/13 off 11) ripping through the Randy Petes middle order. The pack was superbly supported by a committed fielding display, highlighted by an excellent early catch at 3rd slip by "Mr" Beau Sadler and four handy (including one very special) graps by "the younger Thornborough twin" Thornborough behind the sticks. Randwick Petersham 86 all out in 45.4 overs.

With more than half the day's play remaining, the Stags top order set about building a platform for a long stint at the crease, with the skipper Garratt (45 off 182) and "Jordie's missus" Liddle (31 off 100) putting their heads together for 31 overs to put on 56 crucial runs. The highlight of this match securing partnership was undoubtedly the patience exhibited and the willingness to outbore each other and the Randy Petes' fielders. Here's hoping for more of the same this weekend! First innings points were secured for the loss of three bats, before the fourth wicket fell at the overnight score of 4/99.

jordan liddleAfter a stuttering start to the second day, Craig "Busboy" Thornborough (56* off 75) showed his potential with the blade by mixing defence and controlled aggression to score 47 of the last 60 runs, securing a first innings lead of 94 (Gordon all out 180 in the 80th over). Ever hard to suppress, the contributions of wolf pack leaders Campbell (a 28 ball duck) and Durie (2 off 18) cannot be overlooked in enabling CT to do his thing and build the lead. If all ten wickets were sold at such a price the captain wouldn't be losing so much of his hair.

Jordan Liddle stuck around with his skipper, before striking out on the second day

With only 54 overs of play remaining, Randy Petes threw everything at the B-Stags, piling on 9(dec)/ 149 in 22 overs, with Adair "Kong" Durie collecting yet another triple (3/ 60 off 9) and "JC-Bomb" Campbell (2/55 off 9), Ben "Benjamin James" Garratt (2/ 19 off 3) and Beau "Beau" Sadler (1/10 off 2) all chipping in to stem the flow of runs by taking wickets. With the exception of a howler of a drop from an unnamed left arm opening swing bowler, the fielding and catching standards were maintained in tricky conditions and this is sure to be a key ingredient in the trophy tilt. With 56 runs required in 30 overs for outright points, Cameron "Captain Waterproof" Eccles (38 off 42) was having nothing of merely seeing out the day, smashing the ball to all parts to bring home the win in style inside 14 overs.

And thus the seconds roll on to face North Sydney in the ultimate match of the season at Hurstville Oval this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 1 vs 2 from the end of the regular season. Nothing to lose and everything to gain in a match that the Stags have not competed in for over 15 years and have not won for nigh on 85. Cometh the hour cometh the Stag.

Ben Garratt

2nd Grade Report vs Blacktown - Round 15

2nd Grade Report vs Blacktown - Round 15

durie2nd Grade have a hiccup on their way to the finals

It seems I have the unfortunate task of reporting on one of the very few losses that the Stags second grade has endured this season and therefore may be a rather short report. It seemed an odd game right from the start. We arrived on a pleasant saturday morning at Chatswood to find the grass roughly shin high due to the approaching rugby season, and continued on out to the middle where we discovered a brand new wicket which felt a little soft. This situation would not have been predicted by many.

Adair Durie charges in on a deck that provided assistance to the bowlers

We lost the toss and no surprise we were sent into bat. Cam and myself were given the instructions to be more cautious than usual given the uncertainty of the wicket. I failed to do this at all and was out in the third over. Cam played some good shots however he fell in reasonably quick succession, Which was followed by Justin, which was followed by Garratt, which was followed by Harry Turner and before long we were looking in a very uncomfortable position at 5 for 29. 'Missy' Higgins and Will Sweeney put up some resistance to take the score to 52 before Missy was out. The tail did wag a little with some big hitting from Sadler, but without doubt the most comfortable bat of the day was Will Sweeney who topscored with 25. We finished all out for 92 0ff just 35 overs, easily our lowest total this season.

At the break Garratt told us that despite the total we put on the board we should give it 100% with the ball and in the feild, and I believe for the opening part of thier innings we did that. The bowlers tried hard and there was good energy in the field, however you know when the end is near when Missy gets a bowl, with Blacktown needing only four runs to win missy bowled his first, and dare I say last ball in grade cricket which ended at the mid wicket boundary and game over. With considerably better batting condtions, in the end Blacktown passed our total four wickets down.  

After the game Garratt stressed to the boys that we shouldnt lose confidence after this game, I know all the lads will train hard during the week and be ready for our preliminary final against Sydney at Chatswood, for what is the biggest game of our season to date.

Jordan Liddle 

2nd Grade Report vs Sutherland - Round 14

2nd Grade Report vs Sutherland - Round 14


2nd Grade have a solid win against the Sharks

With the prospect of securing 2nd position or even chasing down leaders North Sydney the reserve graders made their way down to Caringbah to net us some sharks. Mini Missy (Liddle) and Mini Sadds (Avendano) had an especially long trip ahead of them especially after their cosmetic surgery to look more like their idols.

Will "Manatee" Sweeney flounders around the field

Losing the toss on what seemed like a flat and true pitch we knew we needed to work hard to bowl a underachieving Sutherland side out. With the likes of Murphy the Sharks had the potential to hurt us early on with some big hitting. Early wickets were the key to unlocking their batting. 'Morpheus' Campbell got us off to a flyer, snicking off the opener for a gentle catch to 'Lowndes' Thornborough. Some questions were asked if he did hit it but Missy believed it would get squared up later. 'Morpheus' continued to trouble the batsmen and was rewarded when he broke through the deference's of the Sharks no. 3.

'King Kong' Durie also toiled away at the opposite end with a couple of lbw shouts being turned down. Kong after throwing down some heavy barrels got his man Mario with a catch to point. 'Chippy' Sadler was the next to get a breakthrough with a catch to 'Mini Sadler'. There was still a bit of danger with Murphy still occupying the crease and still looking aggressive. In stepped the sea creature of the hour; the famous Manatee.

Is it a Dugong, is it a Seal, no it's a 'Manatee'.

sadlerWith six wickets required to get the Stags into bat, 'Manatee' Sweeney saw his opportunity and floundered (I don't think Manatees can pounce or even do anything a speed). Murphy gone stumps scattered everywhere like limbs in a Saw movie. He then teamed up with 'Poco' Thornborough, 'Heels' Avendano and the occasional solo effort of obliterating the sticks, to finish off the Sutherland middle and lower order to finish with 6 for 24 off 6. In the context of the game he was able to snatch player of the round, that's the 1st one for the season for 2's.

The real Beau Saddler strides out as he sends one down

With only 30 overs bowled in the day so far a lot of cricket was still to be played. The plan was to bat for the rest of the day and pile on the runs. Did our game plan happen, wouldn't have thought so. Chasing down these small totals needs a good start and that's what 'JA's mate' Liddle and I set out to do. Unfortunately 'Mini Missy' Liddle took a leaf out of his messiah's handbook and left one a little too close to his stumps and was bowled with the score at 1 -10. In stepped our heroic leader to steady the ship and build a partnership. We added 20 to the score until BG poked at one outside off stump and was caught in the cordon for 0.

'Knees' Avendano limped his way out to the centre and after his usually greeting of 'no quick singles' we set out trying to build on our total. Yet again we couldn't get any momentum with our batting losing both JA and myself with the score at 56, still 50 to get. 'Hootch' Turner was joined by 'SS Cargo' Higgins and put together a little partnership to get us past the Sharks total before Hootch was cleaned up by a part time spinner and Cargo smashed one to the wicketkeeper. It was left up to the tail to salvage something of the day and they did disappoint (harsh?) only adding another 30 runs ending our innings at 136 and still 13 over's to play. The highlight of our batting performance was King Kong's innings of 4, 4, Out (very entertaining).

With 6 points and 2nd place on the ladder secured the motivation to grab 10 points wasn't there. The second innings saw the sharks set us 240 runs to chase in 40 overs. We didn't attempt to chase down the runs, instead opting to get some valuable centre wicket batting under our belts. In the end it was a nothing day. Big club, 2 grandstands,


Cam Eccles

Player Profile: This weeks player of the round
Name: Manatee
Height : 3.5m Long
Weight : Pretty Heavy
Likes: Tennis, sushi, the Aquarium, smashed crabs,
Fears: Ships and propellers, and Rex Hunt
Favorite Movie: The Little Mermaid

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2nd Grade Report vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 13

2nd Grade Report vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 13

Will Sweeney2nd Grade Report laden with nicknames and great individual performances

The two days of Round 13 against Fairfield-Liverpool consisted of two very different days of weather. The first day was cloudy with intermittent showers. The second day was sunny and warm. The pitch on the first day was also wet with a consistent covering of green grass. As such, Parrot decided to bowl after winning the toss.

Will Sweeney takes a different approach after an off day with the ball

To the credit of Fairfield, the first day ended for rain after 64 overs at 4-170.

That said, Gordon bowled without luck. All 5 seamers bowled good persistent lines and lengths, with many balls beating the bat. The fielding was also near faultless. James 'Ninja' Campbell snared the first wicket, 'Donkey Kong' Durie the second (Cashy), 'Parrot' Garratt the third (1/17 off 1) and 'Queenslander' Sadler the fourth.

Of additional note was the even greater than usual verbal garbage resonating from the slip cordon. Justin 'SuperStar' Avendano arguing with Jordan 'MiniMissy' Liddle and Craig 'Bus Boy' Thornborough that one lands on their heels when they run was ridiculous!

Beau Sadler

Beau Sadler, ever proud of his average, hits down the ground

Gordon bowled 32.1 overs on the second day. The bowling highlight of the morning was Ninja's 14 overs straight reaping an additional 3 wickets (4/72 off 32), with the left-handers being his preferred meal as usual. It has been satisfying seeing the consistent, accurate, swing bowling that Ninja has performed for us all-throughout the season starting to have better results. However, a Michelle would have more appropriate this round.

'Queenslander' Sadler didn't bowl the consistency of the first day, but sporadically generated good pace and picked up another wicket (2/51 off 23).

Will 'Manatee' Sweeney had an unusual off day, thrown off line by the lefties, but his figures didn't reflect his pressure bowling on the first day (0/50 off 13).

'Donkey Kong' Durie only bowled 4.1 overs on the second day due to a stomach virus, having lost 6kgs in the 24 hours before the morning's play, but still sneakily picked up 2 wickets, the 10 and 11 of course. This left Gordon requiring 271 to win off 87 overs on the extended second day.

Cam 'X' Eccles and MiniMissy opened as usual. These two batsmen are giving the team more and more confidence as the season is progressing. Today was no different, until MiniMissy was out caught down legside for 20, the score at 25. Despite undoubtedly having the most complete technique in the team, MiniMissy has a tendency to get out in unusual ways.

Jordan LiddleIt is worth noting that MiniMissy was absent at subsequent team talks once dismissed, preferring the more consoling and intimate company of a certain blond. Ian 'Cargo' Higgins in defence of his prot'g' said, "Fair enough!"

Snapped!!! - Jordan Liddle's blonde is not impressed by the action on the field

Parrot was back at his team's favourite position for him, No. 3. He was looking good until he lazily drove one to short cover on 11.

X and SuperStar took the score from 63 to 166, with SuperStar out after tea off a full-toss on 41, caught at mid-wicket. He once again looked comfortable, his innings being typically offensive and laden with glorious drives on the ground and in the air.

X unfortunately fell not long after on 96, providing slips practice off a wide full delivery from an off-spinner. X is obviously in good form. His innings was flawless, only getting a little loose just before tea on 74 and again on 75. His drives and cuts were scintillating. Of greater note was:

  1. The patience X showed by waiting for 'his ball' to punish, and
  2. X started slowly (X was only 5 when MiniMissy was out for 20), allowing his 'eye to get in' before settling back into 'business as usual' and reaping the rewards of time at the crease.

Cargo joined Harry 'Hooch' Turner on 174 but was out lbw on 4 with the score at 188. While making his way to his cricket kit, Cargo rather aggressively asked the green plastic chair next to the change-room door, "Is there any danger of a good decision?" Whilst cringing in pain, I am sure I heard the sore plastic green chair say, "I thought you smashed it as well".

Harry Turner Harry Turner Harry Turner

Harry 'Hooch' Turner shows the rest of them how it's done during his masterclass

Manatee joined Hooch on 188 and left on 215, out lbw to a full-toss for 13. His innings was highlighted by two lofted 4's over the off-side.

Bus Boy helped Hooch take the score to 247 when he was bowled by the very slow-medium bowler. His innings consisting of his usual, busy running between wickets and occasional successful cross-bat swipe.

As expected, the game was soon over when Queenslander joined Hooch. His 14 not out consisted of 3 powerful 4's including the match-winning runs. This now takes his average to 121 and it is likely his new bat is going to stay in his kit until next season!

Hooch ended on 61 not out. His innings was chanceless. Hooch has brought a significant level of maturity to our middle order. At no time did Hooch seem pressured by the fact he was holding our innings together, as well as our chance of 6 points. His cuts and drives were very precise. His attentive running between wickets gained a few pressure-relieving runs (that is, pressure off the spectators) and he always put pressure on the fielders, some time too much!

So another 6 points, keeping us second on the ladder, 9 points ahead of third. Unfortunately, the 1st place North Sydney achieved an outright, moving them 8 points ahead of us. The draw has reasonably meant that we would need to have an outright win against the 16th placed Sutherland and North Sydney would need to lose against the 5th placed St George in the next and penultimate round for us to achieve an unlikely 1st place. I'll go to bed now to dream about similarly likely things!

Adair 'Donkey Kong' Durie

2nd Grade Report vs Penrith - Round 12

2nd Grade Report vs Penrith - Round 12

eccles10 points in 40 degrees for the 2nd Graders  

With a long drive out to Penrith, the Wolverines were not too excited to play in 42 degree heat. But with the start we got off to, the heat didn't bother the pack. The deck had a lot of life in it and we had to take the most of it. Adair 'Donkey Kong' Durie and James 'Foxing' Campbell got us off to the dream start picking up early wickets have them 5 for 30. Judge and JC have been doing a great job all year of keeping the spinners off.

Cam Eccles pumps the Panthers

The slip cordon is always in the game with the Penrith batsman playing and missing most deliveries. 'Chunks' Sweeney and Beau '107' Sadler came on with instant success with Chunks striking with his 1st ball. The fast bowlers bowled great lines with a moving ball. 'JA' finished the innings off with Beau always looking comfortable under the high ball.

With a small target required the boys were confident we would chase the runs down before the end of Day 1. Cam and Jordy didn't get off to the best of starts with a mix up with the score on 6 Jordy was run out for 2. Soon after Harry was LBW for 0. With the score 2 for 11, Cam and JA got the score to 48. Cam, JA and Missy fell within 15 runs of each other. We needed a partnership to get us over the line.  Ben 'Fingers' Garratt toughed it out with Sadler and declared at 7 for 127 so we would have 8 overs at them. Day 1 finished with a victory to the boys and the score 0-13.

avendanoComing back on day 2 we needed early wickets and Chunks did that for us. Will bowled at pace with great lines picking up 5 wickets. He has improved a great deal during the season and is a key player for us getting to the finals. BG introduced himself in front of 'Missy' Higgins and bowled a good spell of bowling taking 2 wickets in 2 balls. The field came in for the hat-trick ball. Ben must have thought the batsman had a weakness with the cut shot, bowling it short outside off, but got us right back in the game for a outright win.

This humble author snaffles a catch in the slips

Chasing 77 for victory Jordan and Cam got us to 38 before the 1st wicket. Harry and Justin fell soon after before Cam and Sadler getting us over the line. With a controversial finish with Beau been bowled after we passed the score, it meant it would half his average. But the game was over so it still remains as the best average in 2nd grade at 107.

Another great win by the Wolverines. This puts us into 2nd position, and a good shot at the finals.

Justin Avendano

2nd Grade Report vs Northern Districts - Round 11

2nd Grade Report vs Northern Districts - Round 11

avendano2nd Grade stick to their guns against the Rangers  

3 Weeks ago after breaking down at Manly oval both physically and mentally and giving myself a self diagnosis that I was going to be out for 6 to 8 months with a torn spinal cord I found myself on the roster this week 'playing.' All that hard work and exercise really paid off during the week.

Justin 'Fox 8' Avendano - A movie career beckons

When you're winning you don't want to miss games and also there was no chance I was going to miss out on seeing Sweeny's hansom face, and going for a ride in that funky smelling car. If one was to describe the aroma that smacks you across the face upon entry, you could say it was a mixture of food sorts, cream donuts, cheese burgers, and yogo gorilla puddings. Sween's likens the smell to that of breakfast.

You got to love a home game at Chatswood Oval, especially one where you have the honour of partnering 'Judgy' Durie in the opening spell of the morning. Everyone who has the opportunity to take the new ball at Chatswood Oval should feel privileged as there is always plenty in it. And as 'Ted' Durie likes to explain, each ball is worth $60 so by taking the new rock he and I are making a mockery of our cricket fees. It was also great having the big 4 back in the team having missed Beau who was pumped to bowl to his old team, he definitely had a twitch in his eye and was in great form having taken 4 wickets the week before.

ecclesWith a great team vibe, a wolf pack mentality and a string of victories the energy in the field is good and it definitely shows. Everyone is behind the bowling and wickets tend to fall regularly. Another reason we haven't dropped many chances this year. Craig 'Thorny' noted at the end of the 1st day, that you could see the differences in the teams and I quote Thorny 'you could really see the differences in the teams,' Thorny, 'Saint' to some and 'George' to others has really brought a new culture to this young Gordon 2nd grade team. He must have learnt a lot playing for that other club ' who was it again?

Cam Eccles posts 148 to keep the Ranges at bay

With short boundaries and a true playing wicket 270 was probably not a bad result although I think we deserved better, there were times where we did bowl too short however this was mainly due to intimidation tactics. Intimidation has been a big factor in the 2nd grade team this year, we offer intimidation with a four pronged attack of pace bowlers, with our aggressive batting, our enjoyment of the male camel toe and the fact that a few of us are involved in the bikey gang 'the wolverines.' It isn't hard to spot a fellow 'wolverine' off the field, they wear matching scarves, drink Semillon and love good cheese. One of these wolverines Adair finished with a modest 3 wickets.

The batting this year apart from the game against Sydney and Manly has been a pleasure to watch its always good knowing that when you have bowled first, day two is my weekend off. And to analyze our success I will break it into stats. For those that don't like stats look away spoiler alert.

In 2nd grade this year 3 of our players are in the top 10 for batting and runs scored.

7th is Justin Avadano 372 runs
9th Jordan Liddle 364 runs
10th Cameron Eccles  357 runs.

When you look at batting averages we have one person up there.

9th Beau Sadler!?! %&*$ He is averaging 75 this year.

Cam Eccles played a great innings scoring 148 runs, POW! If you wanted to know the secret to his success you would have to look to Friday night where he spent most of his night at the 'rape dungeon'. Yes he did miss the 2nd grade Friday 3am team meeting at Cargo but he scored runs so all can be forgiven. Cam and Jordi have really built up a great relationship in the top order, I wouldn't be surprised if Jordi isn't joining Cam on his Friday nights. Gone are the old days were the opening bats would see off the new ball these two are real run scorers and have the ability to stay out there all day Jordi scored 51 and both shared an opening stand of 110. If they can keep this up we will stand a really good chance come finals!

campbellOther highlights of the innings was Harry 'Hooch' Turner getting timed out as he was to busy 'talking' to these birds at Chatswood in the Cedrik Pike stand. Some call it talking, others call it sharing sandwiches, lucky they were good sorts otherwise we he would have had to have a drink from the cup. 'Pockets' Avendano also did well to score 48 runs, I'll also mention that Pockets will be the new face of the cricket superstar show on TV. What does this mean, it means he gets to hang out with none other than your mate Allan Border. We wish Pockets luck with this great opportunity. For the team let's keep the momentum building into the finals!!!

The author, 'Hernandez' Campbell, continues to excel in the top grades

Here's a little song that will keep us going through to the finals


Jimmy 'Hernandez' Campbell

2nd Grade Report vs Manly - Round 10

2nd Grade Report vs Manly - Round 10

turner2nd Grade gets pipped by Manly

After a large festive season from a number of the lads (no Wilbur, I'm not saying you have put on an extra few kilo's nor Brian am i implying that Jordy drank anything but lemonade over NYE) it was almost a start of season feeling for 2's who had gone into the Christmas break performing very well and sitting in third spot. Some solid wins in the latter games of 2010, the Stags were gaining confidence and playing some very good cricket.

Harry 'Hooch' Turner plays a commanding innings to nearly get the boys home

When Missy finds a computer and completes his match report, you'll be able to read more about it. With plenty of rain around during the week, Manly Oval looked green which led the skipper to say "we'll have a bowl" after correctly selecting which side of the coin would be facing up.  After a solid warm up and the muscles finally feeling better after Thursday's training (ok, that may have just been my muscles after coming back to cricket a year older), the lads headed back to the dressing room to get ready to take the field.  

With 'BG' Garratt giving his usual inspirational words at the start of play, this weeks speech included the word facet, the boys hit the field keen to continue our winning streak. 'Judge' Durie led the wolf pack from the front with a superb spell of bowling. The only problem being that it was almost too good for the Manly openers who kept playing and missing or having a slog.  This didn't last too long with Judge breaking through and with 'JC' Campbell chipping in, we quickly had Manly in all sorts.

durieAs can be seen by one of the photo's displayed on the website last week, the bowling from Judge commanded an impressive slip cordon, even if 'Pockets' Avendano at first slip was hiding behind  the keeper because he had a sore left thumb. A good period in the field with plenty of talk (BG said he almost heard Eccles talk) and some good catches by the boys, including 2 by Elliot Richtor at second slip, Manly were in trouble at lunch 5 down for just over 100. Lunch allowed Judge to talk (for the first of many times) about his bowling to the English cricket team on New Years day at the SCG net session which clearly led to Paul Collingwood's retirement.  After hearing this for the third time in 30 minutes, i was grateful that Judge bowls and I keep wickets.

Adair 'Judge' Durie takes apart the Manly batsmen

After lunch, the Stags continued to take wickets and with good energy in the field led by Missy, we pretty soon had Manly at 9-162. Sweeney, BG, 'Els' Richtor and Pockets all provided solid support with Judge collecting a 5 for. With JC injuring his back, someone's mate Brad helped out on the field while JC had a lie down in the grandstand. Even with JC's spikes giving Brad the appearance of wearing clown shoes, he fielded well and even completed a very handy bit of fielding which cut a certain two runs to one and enabling Pockets to pick up a caught and bowled next ball.

Unfortunately, Manly's final pairing, batsman 10 and 11, decided they would show us how you bat with discipline on Manly oval and proved quite stubborn to remove. They defended good balls and dispatched poor ones.  Pretty soon the score crept towards 200 and then they went past. With tea delayed by 30 mins to allow us to get  the final wicket, it was a long hot session and with little joy.  Finally after tea we managed to sneak an LBW and finish the Manly innings at 226.

Jordy and Cam started the Gordon innings off in fine fashion and at stumps we were 0-66 chasing 226.  Looked like an easy win at this stage didn't it?

Unfortunately, the second week did not go to plan at all. From a great start the week before, Stags were now in big trouble losing 6-16 to be 6 down for 82. This meant Harry 'Hooch' Turner was batting much earlier than expected (he was hoping for a bit of recovery time after apparently a night of passion) and joining him at the crease was Els who said he only bat if required because he had a sore finger.

ecclesI don't know about the two Bevo's and Shayne, but us keepers generally play each week with broken and bruised fingers and there is none of this whingeing.

Great camera work, but perhaps something Eccles may want to forget

Hooch and Els batted superbly and saw us get to lunch still 6 down.  After lunch they continued the solid batting and with Judge counting the runs required to win down, victory was back in Gordon's grasp. The partnership had taken the score from 6-82 to 6 -201. Unfortunately, with a new ball taken and some decisions not going our way, the game went Manly's way. It is still amazing we lost the game and I even thought we had the game when batting with JC and needing 13 to win (even if JC was commenting on how his helmet was way to big for his head and maybe he shouldn't have swapped lids with Judge), but that is cricket.

Overall, we should take away some excellent performances, namely Judge's bowling and the batting of El's and Hooch and look forward to winning more matches on the way to the final series.

Craig 'Thorny' Thornborough

2nd Grade Report vs Sydney Uni. - Round 9

2nd Grade Report vs Sydney Uni. - Round 9

2nd Grade vs Sydney University

No report submitted by Ian Higgins

2nd Grade Report vs Campbelltown - Camden - Round 7

2nd Grade Report vs Campbelltown - Camden - Round 7

sadler2nd Grade scare the Ghosts  

1st of all sorry this is not a 2000 word report like last round from Adair but here we go. We travelled to the amazing complex of Raby on a perfect Saturday morning. The boys knew that a win would get us into the top six. As soon as Adair walked out to the wicket he signalled to Ben we were going to bowl. Ben won the toss and sent Campbelltown into bat. Adair 'King wolf' Durie (3/27) started this innings off well collecting 3 early wickets with James 'never in doubt' Campbell taking a great catch moving backwards and forwards to claim it.

Beau Saddler in fine form, keeping it tight and picking up a pole

In the huddle after his second wicket, Adair suggested we needed to bowl as a pack of wolves. We did so, with James Campbell (1/19)collecting his first wicket for the match. JC and Adair bowled with great accuracy and were constantly beating the bat which set the game up for the supporting bowlers.

Will 'beef' Sweeney (3/23) bowled with great precision with a swinging ball to collect 3 wickets well supported with beau Sadler bowling with great pace collecting one himself. Justin (2/5) chipped in with 2 late wickets to finish the innings with Campbelltown only managing 104. The enthusiasm in the field was 100% better than last week, we were always on top. Keep it up boys.

Cam Eccles and Harry 'Justin?' Turner started off the innings well putting on 30 before the 1st wicket. Cam got off to a good start but played one shot to many to lose his wicket for 16. Ben 'let it bounce' Garrett batted very well with some beautiful lofted drives before he lost his wicket in unusual fashion when the ball slipped from the bowlers hand and went straight up in the middle of the pitch. Ben ran towards the ball and attempted to hit it on the full when he top edged it back to the bowlers hands for 30. With the bonus point in sight at 30 overs, Harry decided to finish it a little earlier with a four to bring up a well deserved 50 not out.

It was another great win by the boys with all players contributing in different ways. If we keep up the spirit of this team we will have a great shot at the finals.

Justin Avendano

2nd Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 8

2nd Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 8

2nd Grade vs Parramatta

Inaugrual T20 match washed out.



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