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Thank you for applying to join Gordon District Cricket Club.

Running a club is no different to that of managing a business. Player€s subscriptions and Associate membership represent a major revenue source which is necessary for the Club to operate efficiently and effectively. It is incumbent on every player to honour his financial obligation at the outset of each season.

If you are a new player, please go to the 'Player Membership' page to find out details regarding the membership obligations or go to the 'New Player Application Form' to submit your details.

Renewing players please click here to complete your online registration form before proceeding to the 'Player Membership' page.

If you are applying for new Associate Membership or to renew your previous membership, please click on the 'Associate Membership' page.

Player Subscriptions 2019-20

Player Subscriptions 2019-20

The cost of fielding six grade teams during this season is in excess of $200,000. These funds are primarily spent on Coaching, Ground Hire with the local councils, clothing and equipment costs (e.g. cricket balls).

These costs are covered by three key areas of funding:

  1. Player Subscriptions
  2. Grants from Cricket NSW & Cricket Australia
  3. Sponsorship & Fund Raising (e.g. Golf Day)

This year subscriptions will be paid via the PlayCricket website at time of registering for this season. 

To access My Cricket registration and fee payment for the 2019-20 season, click here.

For the coming season there has been some minor adjustments to the fees in line with inflation. For cash-flow purposes, subscriptions need to be paid early in the season.

This year’s fees (as per last year) also includes a $50 component for the sale of one raffle book during the season. As a fee paying player, if you sell at least one book you will receive a $50 refund on your fees.

Playing fees include a playing shirt, a training warm up shirt and shorts and a cap (valued at $135). Under the agreement with Beastwear all players and officials are required to wear the club gear at all times when representing the club.

If you wish to purchase additional clothing you can do this via our new clothing store from the link on our website. 

First Grade one day, T20 & Poidevin-Gray playing pants and shirts will be provided to players on an as needed basis at no cost as per previous seasons.

This year all grade playing fees must be paid by 31st October 2019.

This year we are also offering an incentive for any grade player who can organise a Player Sponsor Package to the value of $1,100 (inclusive of GST) will have their subs paid for as part of the package and their sponsor enjoys a number of other benefits.

The Executive Committee has determined that the fees for the 2019/2020 Season will be as follows.

Please note that the new Subscription Rules will be strictly administered.






Playing Member



Includes playing shirt, cap & training gear and raffle.
See below for conditions and rules


Tertiary & Student
Playing Member



Includes playing shirt, cap & training gear and raffle.
See below for conditions and rules


Player (if not
playing Grade)



Includes playing & training gear and raffle.

If paying Grade subs, no additional Green Shield subs apply.


Playing Member


Plus $30 per game

Includes playing shirt, cap & training gear and raffle.
See below for conditions and rules



Payment of subscriptions can be made via our secure online Cricket Australia/Commonwealth Bank facility when registering. Player subscriptions may also be paid by direct deposit to the Club’s Bank account.

Club Bank Account:
Gordon District Cricket Club Inc

Westpac Bank
BSB 032-090,
Account 411-845

Redemption of Active Kids $100 vouchers can only made when payment is made via our secure online Cricket Australia/Commonwealth Bank facility when registering.



  1. ALL players are expected to pay subscriptions at the beginning of the season, including players who meet Condition 2, except those who were contracted to Cricket Australia, Cricket NSW or a Big Bash League franchise at any time during the previous season.
  2. ANY player who plays 10 or more 1st Grade matches (including regular round two-day, and limited overs matches and two day or limited overs finals matches but excluding T20 preliminary or finals series matches) or represents Australia, NSW in senior 1st XI matches or plays in the Big Bash League competition during the current season will receive a full refund of subscriptions that they have paid. 1st Grade players should pay their subscriptions at the start of the season and these will be refunded to them if they meet the criteria as stated.
  3. Grade players unable to pay their subscription in full by 31st October MUST arrange a payment plan with either the Hon. Secretary or the Hon. Treasurer PRIOR to 31st October. The player must then comply with the agreed payment plan (which will be in writing and signed by both parties) or the balance of all outstanding subscriptions will become payable in full immediately. Should this balance not be received within 7 days of the breach of the arrangement, the Selectors will, on behalf of the club, reserve the right to drop or not select the player for the next and subsequent matches.
  4. Grade players who neither pay the subscription by 31st October nor agree a payment plan will be treated as a non-paying member. A breach of this condition will be referred to the Selectors who, on behalf of the Club, reserve the right to drop or not select the player for the next or subsequent matches until the Annual Subscription is paid in full.
  5. Green Shield Player Subscriptions will be due and payable prior to Round 1 of the Green Shield Competition. Green Shield players who have paid a Grade playing subscription are not required to pay any addition subscription for Green Shield.
  6. Should a player obtain a Player Sponsorship package to the value of $1,100, the player's subscriptions for that year will be waived or refunded.
  7. Some player clothing is included in the subscriptions. Any additional or replacement clothing is available for purchase.

The Treasurer will keep the Chairman of Selectors informed of the status of each player's subscription. If a player has not paid his subscription by October 31st the player may be added to the NSWCA defaulters list.

Club Postal Address:

Gordon District Cricket Club Inc,
P.O Box 379,
Roseville NSW 2069

Associate Membership drive for 2018-2019

Associate Membership drive for 2018-2019

The Gordon District Cricket Club is seeking your assistance to secure needed income while at the same time substantially increasing the number of supporters and former players to become directly involved in our proud club. Below you will find a message from the President, Geoff Hickman seeking your help to enable our club to continue its great traditions and increase its important role as part of our community. Please read Geoff's message and dig deep and become an Associate Member of the GDCC. Don't leave it to someone else, this is your chance to contribute.

President’s Message

Gordon DCC is a club with over 110 years of history, of proud achievements and has been the nursery of many legends of Australian cricket. Many of you have written your own page in this great history and we thank all former players, volunteers, officials and supporters for their contribution to, not only our proud cricket club, but the great game of cricket in Australia. We all want and expect our club to go for another 100 years and provide opportunities to the future legends of Australian cricket.

We would like to encourage former players and all supporters to continue their association with the club. Much has been documented in recent months about the struggle of grassroots cricket in Australia. The reality is our great club survives from year to year on the hard work of our volunteers and players and the financial support of our loyal sponsors. That with the financial contribution of our Annual Golf Day allows our club to remain financially solvent. With rising standards and expectations, the club needs to continually raise the bar on available resources. With that in mind we have embarked on an ambitious five-year plan in order to maintain our place in one of the world’s leading club competitions.

The fees that our players pay each season only cover approximately a third of the overall costs of running our club. We do not pay our players, we spend most of our money on providing quality coaching and the costs of playing each week (e.g. ball costs, ground hire etc).

As a past player or supporter of our club, we welcome your support and assistance. We seek more volunteers to assist in the running of our club, and to broaden the sources of income, to supplement our existing revenue streams.

In order to achieve this goal and to provide you with the opportunity to become more engaged with our club we are re-launching our associate membership packages, aptly known as the STAGS ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP. Each package will provide benefits to you as well as the opportunity to stay connected with our great club and continue to write our history in the great game of cricket in Australia. Further details of each package are included below.


Stags Bronze Fee and Benefits

  • Annual Member Fee - $100

  • Voting member of Gordon DCC

  • Membership of TEAM APP, allowing you to stay in touch with the club (live scores, team selections, news & events)

  • Club Cap

  • Great Northern Loyalty Card 

  • Invitation to annual STAGS membership day at Chatswood Oval to watch 1st grade (free drinks and food)

Stags Gold Fee and Benefits

  • Annual Member Fee - $300

  • Stags Bronze benefits plus,

  • Club polo shirt

  • Invitation to club Awards Night with 20% discount off ticket prices (maximum 2 guests)

Stags Platinum Fee and Benefits

  • Annual Member Fee $500

  • Stags Bronze and Gold benefits plus,

  • Invitation to annual Sponsors Networking Dinner

  • Invitation to Annual Golf Day & Dinner with 20% discount off ticket prices (maximum 2 guests)



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