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Match Reports 15/16

After a pretty ordinary 2014/15 season, the Gordon DCC did much better in 2015/16. Fielding a Colts side again, performances were stronger across the grades and a number of teams made the finals. There were also a number of milestones achieved by individuals throughout the season, and plenty of fantastic accounts of the matches written by the players./

The match reports for each grade can be found in the sections below.

First Grade Match Reports 2015/16

First Grade Match Reports 2015/16

First Grade plays for the Belvedere Cup and all grade points go to the Club Championship total, including the one-dayers and Twenty20 matches. 

There are three separate finals series for First Grade, with the Twenty20 and One-Day competitions having separate finals series to the Belvedere Cup (longer form of the game).

First Grade match reports for 2015/16 season are provided below: 



1st Grade vs Bankstown - Round 13 - 2015/16

1st Grade vs Bankstown - Round 13 - 2015/16

1st Grade returned to Chatswood knowing that a win against the top ranked Bankstown would put us on course for a finals berth. Spirits were high on the back of an undefeated run since Christmas, a successful Coast Night and a vivid memories of Tym Crawford’s direct hit run-out of Josh Poysden the week before. 

It was a strong performance by Cam Eccles at the top of the innings, who must worry why he goes through opening partners so frequently! 

Skipper Steve Colley, as he has become accustomed to throughout this season, walked out to toss without a coin and presented the opposition captain with a free-choice decision to bat or bowl first. He chose to bowl, for beneath them was a slightly tacky and greenish pitch.

Cam Eccles strode out to the middle with his umpteenth opening partner for the season; this time it was Jack Colley who would bravely front the new ball. 

Tym Crawford plays strongly off the back foot, combining well with Cam Eccles after the skipper set a solid foundation 

Both were leaving the ball well before Jack intercepted a delivery with his elbow and deflected it quite skilfully onto the stumps.

That brought brother Steve to the crease who continued on from his form in recent weeks and stroked boundary after boundary all around the ground. 

The bowlers failed to capitalise on the early assistance offered by the pitch, as Steve and Cam were particularly punishing on anything a bit short. 

Steve Colley, 1st Grade's skipper, continues the trend of strong back foot play. Were the Bulldogs bowling too short of a length? 

They rollicked along until lunch and beyond, before Steve was out hooking, caught at fine leg for 56. Their partnership of 109 set the tone for the innings and laid the platform for a substantial score. 

Don't bowl there. Cam Eccles sends the Dogs to all parts of Chatswood.

Three more strong partnerships helped us towards the coveted 400-mark: Cam and Tym added 58 before Cam was out in identical fashion to Steve for 93; Tym and Elliot Richtor put on 75; and Tym and Reece Bombas contributed 77.

Marcus and Dan leave the field a happy pair at the end of Day 1

Elliot and Reece continued on their strong form, but it was Tym who was the standout of the innings, compiling an extremely composed and punishing 128 off 155 balls. The innings finished in the last over of the day at 8/385, slightly lower than our teatime aspirations but certainly enough if we bowled well on Day 2.

The first session of Day 2 was one of the most dramatic sessions that I have been involved in. A delayed start, 21 overs, 6 wickets, 4 dropped catches, a 45 minute rain delay, and over 100 runs were scored.

It was a game of 'Go Fetch' that Crawford had going with the Dogs 

Charlie Stobo celebrated his well-deserved call-up to the NSW 2nd XI team with his best bowling display of the season. 

Charlie Stobo has been in career best form of late 

He took a sensational 6/49 off 15 unchanged overs including a match turning 3 wickets in 4 balls to reduce Bankstown to 3/57 after a rollicking start led by English pro Mark Stoneman. 

After a slight consolidation and short rain delay, the madness continued, with Bankstown losing another 3 wickets for 0 runs to have them 6/109 at lunch, Stobo with 5 wickets and a catch. He was ably supported by Dan Smith and James Kennedy, who both appear to be finding their best form at this critical stage of the season.

The many aspects of Stobo's successful day at the crease. 6 wickets! 

After lunch the runs kept flowing and the wickets kept tumbling. Before too long the competition leaders were bundled out for 198 with more than 50 overs still to play. 

James Kennedy proved a great understudy to Charlie Stobo on this occasion. He's beginning to hit his straps - just at the right time of the season. 

The second innings was a less eventful affair. Despite some spectacular strokeplay from Stoneman, the Bankstown boys plodded along without too much urgency or difficulty. 

It was agreed that Charlie would not bowl in this innings to make it a fairer contest between bat and ball.

This gave a good opportunity for Dan, JK and Chad Soper to get some more overs under their belts. Although they did so without much success (though Dan did pick up three wickets to make up for the four catches dropped off his bowling in the first innings), they bowled tirelessly in difficult conditions and, later, with little to play for. 

It makes a huge difference when your fast bowlers can field well - James Kennedy is one of those! 

Tym, Elliot and last week’s partnership-breaker Reece also rolled their arms over, and even Steve tried out his right-arm hand grenades. Bankstown cruised to 3/203 off 45 overs when stumps was finally called. 

It was an unbefitting end to a dominant weekend performance by the Stags. 

Newman swallows another edge from Stobo as the boys get around him in celebration 

We now sit in 6th position and hope to win the final two games to consolidate our spot in the top 6. From there, who knows!

Max Newman

1st Grade vs Sydney University - Round 10 - Day 2 - 2015/16

1st Grade vs Sydney University - Round 10 - Day 2 - 2015/16

After having a slow week as described by our fearless leader, I was very keen to take the remaining points on offer against the strengthened batting line-up of Sydney Uni after we humbled them on the first day. 

Dan Smith looked forward to the evening where he could "Netflix and Chill" with the recent bachelor 

The groundsman must have found some extra funds in the coffers at Syd Uni and was able to purchase a new mower that could cut down to 1mm compared to the 5mm he left on there on the first week. A reverse on what we saw at Easts.

We got the game underway and the pace of the batting did not get out of 1st gear. The much missed Tjaard Tait was particularly impressed with the ‘Dents’ batting and is contemplating returning the Sydney to play for them if this type of batting behaviour continues. 

Cowen was the only batsmen to get a few shots away much to the dismay of the crowd with shouts of ‘rein it in buddy’ and ‘who do you think you are’ (maybe I imagined these shouts not sure, boring cricket was had all day).

JK who bowled very well for a guy in the brink of a long term relationship and many Messina dates during the week. Rumour has it that he will no longer be participating in any more post game drinks and lunch will comprise of bread sandwiches as he is saving to buy Bae the Range Rover/Country club membership she desperately wants.

Permission granted - James Kennedy was allowed on the field by his Bae and made the most of it 

All the bowlers continued their great lines and length bowling without much luck, always probing and asking questions of the batters. The partnership of Charlie Stobo and Dan Smith is really building and I think buoyed by the fact ‘DS’ doesn’t need to go searching for a girlfriend anymore and can just “Netflix and Chill” with the recent bachelor (too soon??).

Tym also toiled with the ball for no luck always searching for number 3 for the week. 

Tym Crawford continues to provide great support for the opening quicks 

After getting snubbed for a Oscar nomination Wilbur decided not to really participate in the game, rolled his arm over a couple of times but could be heard muttering “it’s not fair” and “it was only a kiss” in between texting his agent at point. Els didn’t take his seat belt off on Saturday. 

So to recap we beat Uni comprehensively on the first day.

After the day’s play JK, after getting the all clear from Bae, and I watched 5s pull off a miraculous victory down the road. What an effort from the boys as they chased down 99 in 15 overs after waiting around all day.

Great effort from new recruit David Spies (can drink aggressively so get around him) and the former Duke for getting his 3rd wicket for the season.

Cam Eccles

1st Grade vs Sydney University - Round 10 - Day 1 - 2015/16

1st Grade vs Sydney University - Round 10 - Day 1 - 2015/16

After a couple of days of heavy rain the Stags were greeted at Sydney Uni’s No. 1 ground with lush outfield and a good covering of grass on the wicket that had all the fast bowlers licking their lips.

Charlie Stobo has been in a purple patch of recent times - another 4 wickets in this match 

With the camera crew for “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” looking to start the filming of the new series in the outfield, the Stags began our day with an intense warm up aided by the little pocket rocket Iain “bevans” Beverley.

It’s great to see the club legend looking fit as ever and sharing stories of his ‘Merica exploits. Full twist please. 

Dan Smith, James Kennedy and Tym Crawford assist Stobo with wickets 

We were also buoyed by the fact that Larkin and Cowen were out as the Sixers required them to be fresh for running the drinks later that night. CA could certainly look at sorting this out - professional cricketers not playing cricket. If Pattinson wants to bowl rapid and yell at batsmen then let him. 

Charlie Stobo shows great form in this shot 

Although perhaps I might just be spending too much time with Sparky.

With thigh pad and left leg guard on ready to take down the ‘Dents opening bowling attack, I hear from the messenger that we had actually won the toss and we are bowling. My immediate reaction was to send him back to make sure as there was no possible way our skipper won a toss.

More action shots of Crawford and Stobo. Great seam position! 

To my surprise we were bowling (finally use the double sided coin I’ve been advocating).

What happened next was described as “surreal ” by some pundits (well... one pundit - Steve Colley at 5:45pm). 

Later in the day, author Eccles was equally in great form 

Dan ‘DS’ Smith and Charlie Stobo went straight through their top order; Stobs was particular devastating removing Mail and Max ‘Carters’ Newman by bowling deceptively straight deliveries. 

Unfortunately Charlie was fined 50% of his match fee and possible looming suspension after the match referee deemed his LBW appeals didn’t actually contain any appeal as he just ran down the wicket screaming with one arm aloft “on your bike son, that’s plumb champ” (this may or may not have been a direct quote). 

Head down, WIll Smith makes his mark at the top of the innings 

The rest of the ‘Dents innings is easier to describe with quotes from around the ground.

“Oh was that Carters” (Steve Colley at 10:45am)

“Just 4 more days in Cairns” (Cam Eccles at 9:24am, then every 5-10 mins afterwards)

“I’ve got enough on that” (Tim Ley, moments before Dan Smith swallowed the catch)

“If you didn’t take 4 wickets Charlie, then someone else would have had to take those 4 wickets to bowl them out” (Michael Owen)

Colley has complete faith in the men around him. Yours gents!

Jack Colley receives some attention from Marcus as the boys leave the field 

Crawford gets one to fly - and Richtor does the rest 

Anyway they were bowled out for 69 (dinner for two) in 31.2 overs. Charlie 4, DS 3, Tym Crawford 2 ‘JK’ Kennedy 1.

Plenty of cricket left in the day.

Max Newman takes one above his head 

After a quick lunch break where Charlie told us how he is a “global influence” as he is being followed on Instagram by a friend of an uncle’s cousin that lives in a small igloo in the Sahara desert (we get it mate, you’re taking wickets), we went about putting this game to bed. 

After losing the early wicket of Reece Bombas (don’t tell Lenny I bought a jet ski) to a peach of a delivery, Will and myself went about our business of taking the game away from the Students. 

The partnership consisted of some absolutely glorious shots down the ground for 0 runs as the outfield must have grown even longer over the lunchtime interval.

Great report Eccles. And a handy 76 as well. 

The partnership of 113 really set the tone for the rest of the day and set up the later session for the lower order to swing from the hip and gift Sommerville 6 wickets. 

Stags finished the day 9/216, Eccles 76, Will 'Mike Lowrey 57' Smith, Richtor 34.

Bring on day two.

Cam Eccles

1st Grade vs Manly - Round 8 - 2015/16

1st Grade vs Manly - Round 8 - 2015/16

2-1. Enough said. The onions dominated again. 

The wicket had a generous covering of grass, but was still hard underneath, so it was difficult to determine just how much assistance the bowlers would get. 

Rare that a week goes past without a comment on Stobo's impressive bowling 

Nevertheless, it was a wicket that we would have preferred to bowl on first, but we lost the toss and were sent in to bat. 

While the odd ball moved off the seam or shot through to the keeper, the pitch actually played a lot better than it looked, and a par score of 250+ was no doubt on the cards. 

Unfortunately, it was not to be, as we lost early wickets to tight bowling. The middle order then went about resurrecting the innings. 

Dan Smith, the hound, tries to run though the Manly innings 

Steve Colley played very positively, particularly straight down the ground, while Jack Colley continued his run of good form with a quick-fire 35 before kicking one. 

Sadly, the tail wasn’t able to wag again and we were eventually bundled out for 142 runs in the 35th over. 

Charlie “JD” Stobo started things up with the wind at his back and straight away settled into a perfect line and length. He maintained the pressure well, but unfortunately received little to no support from the other bowlers. Stobes was eventually rewarded with the wicket of Crosthwaite to a good catch by Steve Colley at second slip. It was a bittersweet feeling seeing the back of Crosthwaite given the mediocrity of his play and chat. 

With the score at 68, Stobo then picked up the wicket of Lenton who played a very good knock for Manly. Or maybe his knock just looked better when compared to his partner up the other end. 

Steve Colley is caught short of his ground

With the exception of getting pulled for six by Sammut, Stobo has been flawless so far this season. He’s always done the job required of him and always finds a way to keep going, possibly because he’s popped more painkillers this season than Digby popped pills at Yass. 

Will Smith then applied his trade from the other end but was unable to get the breakthrough we desperately needed. To that end, Will’s bowling has been excellent so far this season, and while he may not have taken the number of wickets he deserves, his ability to build pressure and bowl to a plan has been invaluable. 

Manly eventually passed our score three wickets down. 

And so we move into the Christmas break. It couldn’t have come at a better time for us. 

From a batting perspective, we need to be more consistent. This means showing a lot more fight when things get tough. There’s no point chasing down 350 against Randy Pete’s, only to get rolled the following week by Easts on a flatty, and then bat out the day against Penrith on a tricky wicket, and then follow it up with a mediocre performance against Manly. 

The fact that Sammut has scored more first-grade centuries than most of our top 6 this season is proof of what you can do if you’re just willing to stick it out during the tough periods.

The reality is that there is no better time to be a first-grade batsman in Sydney than right now. If 350 is a par score on normal sized grounds these days, then our top 6 should all be averaging close to 50. 

The skipper's 60 was the only thing to write home about 

From a bowling perspective, the same thing goes. Too often we’ve started well with the ball, only to let things slip when things get a little tough. You can’t win games without taking ten wickets (or at the very least creating ten opportunities), and we’ve only managed this twice this season (one of which on the last ball of the day). 

We are one of the better bowling attacks going around and we should be confident in our ability to bowl six balls in the right place, and to defend any total. 

In short, our willingness to accept mediocrity must change if we’re going to be any chance of playing finals cricket come March. 

A wise man once told me that if you were able to believe in Santa for eight years, you can believe in yourself for five seconds. It’s time to start believing and show a lot more fight when we regroup next year. We have the team to win the comp this season. 

Texas Forever,

Dan Smith 

1st Grade vs St George - Round 9 - 2015/16

1st Grade vs St George - Round 9 - 2015/16

I’m pretty sure preparation is of paramount importance in any sport, at any level. I used to play with a quite extraordinary character called Phil Mustard, who kept wicket for Durham. 

Upon scoring one of the most ridiculous centuries against Sussex and Mushtaq Ahmed in his prime, the coach at the time – and now championship double-winning Yorkshire director-of-cricket Martyn Moxon – explicitly told him to remember his preparation and repeat it exactly. 

Cam Eccles launches one onto the veladrome 

His night before had involved one of Brighton’s most ‘classy’ nightclubs and a ‘foam party’ until 5am. Phil didn’t need telling twice.

Well, in light of Gordon 1st Grade’s exceptional one-day win over St George, I shall be flying to Cairns (in fact I might already be there as you read this) and attempting to ‘aggressively drink’, contract a throat infection, while it rains incessantly for 3 days. Let me elaborate…

Two of the star performers in the win were undoubtedly Cam Eccles with an in-the-beginning-watchful-but-by-the-end-brutal 135, and James Kennedy with a skilful 3 for 42 in addition to a swooping run-out from the outfield to run out their English pro (they’re no good anyway…)

Crawford nurdles one here... is that a fair description?

Cam and James were part of what will become known as the ‘Cairns massive’ as whatever went on up there on their festive trip, they came back with huge smiles on their faces, ready to hit the ground running in 2016.

The other star performer was Tym Crawford with a tone-setting 79 from just 67 balls, which having been inserted, (win a toss please Steve, how hard?), was just what was needed to knock the St George bowlers off their plans and rhythm. 

He also contributed a disciplined 10 overs, taking 1 for 49, just when the St George batsmen were looking dangerous. Tym spent most of the festive period laid low with aforementioned throat bug.

Smith pulls out the hook shot in search of runs 

And as for the incessant rain, well those of you who were in Sydney last week will know what I mean, and therefore how little appropriate practice was possible.

It was clear when we turned up that everything would be in favour of the team batting second. It seems as if Hurstville Oval is set up for chasing anyhow, given the relative dimensions of some of the boundaries, but the tacky early nature of the wicket served to enhance the crucial nature of the toss.

Steve Colley – pugnacious young talented batsman, great fielder, positive and instinctive but considered captain in the field, all-round nice guy…horrendous tosser.

However, having been inserted, Tym and Cam set about putting together a partnership which turned the game from 30:70 in St George’s favour before a ball was even bowled to just about 50:50 when Tym departed with the score at 1/122 from around 25 overs. 

Crawford and Smith formed fruitful partnerships with Eccles 

From that point onwards, the efforts of everyone gradually ensured that the momentum gained from their opening partnership was not squandered.

I/Will/Jiggy/Wilbur (not sure how to refer to myself in these reports?!) managed to knock the ball around with Cam for around a run-a-ball 55 in a partnership of 132, while Cam received full toss after full toss from their spinners. He duly deposited them over the rope, something which I definitely wouldn’t have done so I shan’t bemoan my luck that he kept receiving full bungers…

At 2/254 with just under 8 overs to go, it was left to Jack Colley to swing himself of his feet a few times for 19 not out, and Steve to ramp his first ball and the penultimate ball of the innings for four. Without doubt this had little to do with Steve, it was Charlie Stobo ordering him to do as such as he left the pavilion. Maybe Stobes should be designated tosser…?

Clearly looking to get that one fine, Will Smith punishes the St George bowlers 

At halfway we were definitely above par on 3/308, but we knew we had to be as conditions were favouring the batsmen more as the day went on. So a good start with the ball was imperative. 

Their captain McCabe is no doubt a dangerous player, but seemingly quite one-dimensional in terms of his scoring areas – cow. That said, he was beginning to look dangerous until Dan Smith enforced a miscue into the safe hands of JK.

Eccles scores freely all around the ground 

With him and his opening partner Cazzulino back in the shed at 2/100, we had taken a definite step towards closing out the game. However, the bowling from all four seamers was exemplary throughout the innings, and kept our foot firmly on the Saints' throats.

Dan Smith secured the key wicket, Stobes bowled as well as ever and went at 3’s (which is fine in the context of the game but he should be ashamed with himself as I’m sure he never goes at more than 2’s.) 

A century in a winning side is always fondly remembered. Cam Eccles will remember this one well.

While JK was full of Cairns Mojo, and his skills with the ball were, I’m sure, a reflection of his off-field skills up in the Northern Territory. 

And Tym, no doubt buoyed by the news that his best mate Adam Crosthwaite had fallen for a golden duck in Manly’s game, shrugged off his ailment and bowled ten very disciplined overs. 

Oh, and I snuck in with two burgled wickets also, could have been three but hey ho….cheers Reece.

All in all, a great way to start 2016. ‘It’s off to Mereweather/Cairns at the finish of play…’

Will Smith 

1st Grade vs Penrith - Round 7 - 2015/16

1st Grade vs Penrith - Round 7 - 2015/16

Coming off a disappointing loss the week before, Gordon 1s were determined to put in a significantly improved performance against our Penrith opponents. 

At the skipper’s behest, we’d all committed extra efforts at training during the week to ensure that we arrived more prepared on Saturday than we had been the week before.

Will Smith's preparation certainly paid off. Ton up son! 

The bowlers in particular had worked hard and were looking in great shape. They had presumably arrived at the ground the reasonable presumption that Steve would again lose the toss and we’d be in the field first. 

To everyone’s great surprise the skipper flipped successfully, forcing us to change out of our pre-emptively applied whites and offer unreciprocated throwdowns to Reece Bombas.

‘Bomba’ Bombas and Cam Eccles both started strongly, moving the score on to 37 before both fell in consecutive deliveries just before the drinks break. 

Jack Colley, inspired by his brother and Will, makes 73 from 79 

Will Smith and Steve Colley then built a strong partnership to take us to lunch. 

The wicket was not your traditional Chatty Flatty. It offered a bit of movement off the seam and the Station End ridge was exploited to good effect by one of their opening bowlers.

Steve fell not long into the second session and Tym Crawford – duly supported by brother Myke – was adjudged LBW shortly afterwards to leave us in a precarious position at 4/125. 

That brought Jack Colley to the crease for his first bat in 1st Grade this season, fresh off a match-winning hundred in 2nd Grade the week before. He looked composed and solid from the outset, and combined for a brilliant partnership with Will who was gradually accumulating at the other end. 

Jack displays his strength down the ground 

The pair put on 123 together with Jack contributing 73 from 79 balls in easily his highest score in the premier grade. Not long after Jack’s dismissal in the final session, Will moved along to his 100, although he did his best to run Chad Soper out for a diamond duck in doing so. 

Will is now averaging 79 this season and has been an invaluable addition to the team, not just in terms of the runs he has contributed but the quality and experience he has shown provides a point of reference to all Gordon cricketers who are seeking to improve their game.

All around the ground Will found runs. A hard man to pin down when he gets started. 

With the score at 262 when Will holed out, and still 25 over left in the day, the team was hoping to push on to a score of 320-340 by the close of play. However, the tail struggled to get going against some steady bowling and we finished the day at 8/308. 

And wasn't the crowd appreciative... of Adair's wines. Surely these guys could play as a 7th Grade side next year.

Whether we were to bat on the following week remained to be seen, but whatever the score, the team should have taken confidence from the atypical Day 1 pitch in our quest for 10 wickets!

Spoiler alert - we batted on in the search for some extra runs on Day 2, as the pitch seemed flat enough to negate any early morning advantage. 

12 runs were added in 3 overs before the final two wickets fell. Chad Soper finished 31*.

The run chase began in eventful fashion. John DiBartolo lived up to his reputation by blasting a four and a six in the first over, but was also dropped and played and missed twice. 

Another classic Colley pose 

Dan Smith got his man in his next over, Tym Crawford seemingly stopped time itself to hang up in the air for several minutes before claiming the overhead catch at point.

Tym’s effort was the first of three brilliant catches in the first session. First Tym, then Charlie Stobo with his left bucket at 3rd slip and Cam Eccels with his more reasonably sized left hand at gully removed danger men DiBartolo, Kohler-Cadmore and Morrissey respectively. 

We could be excused for believing that we were on to something special today, as tight bowling backed up by excellent fielding and sensational catching had restricted them to 3/53 off 24 overs in the first session.

Dan Smith is really finding a rhythm with his bowling 

But it was not to be. We proceeded to drop five slip catches for the day, including one bloke on three occasions before he reached 20. He would go on to make an unbeaten hundred.

The bowling gradually deteriorated as the day wore on. Smith and Stobo continued their consistent form, bowling tightly and with enough movement to make the batsmen second-guess their strokeplay. 

Charlies' Buckets' Stobo and Chad Soper probe away at the Penrith bats 

The biggest positive of the day was a resurgent James Kennedy, who looks to be inching his way back to his best after a frustrating and interrupted start to the season. His second spell in the middle session was excellent, and was unlucky not to pick up several wickets as there were innumerable plays and misses and a dropped catch.

Newman with a safe pair of hands behind the stumps 

We struggled to bowl consistent lines in the last session, and some good partnerships for the 6th and 7th wicket got Penrith over the line with about 10 overs left in the day.

We can lament the fact that we failed to score enough runs in the last session on Day 1, having been set up to do so by a brilliant partnership from Will Smith and Jack Colley.

Tell your story walking son! Smith has rewarded with a Penrith pole 

But given the game was played on our terms for the majority of day 2, and Penrith needed to double their score in the last session with only half their wickets in hand, we should have won regardless. 

The bowlers created enough chances to take 10 wickets, and the fielders should have given them greater support. Instead they tired in the final session and we let Penrith get away. 

Will Smith and Tym Crawford are given an opportunity with the ball 

We will need a much improved performance to beat an arguably stronger side away at Manly next week.

Max Newman

1st Grade vs Eastern Suburbs - Round 6 - Day 2 - 2015/16

1st Grade vs Eastern Suburbs - Round 6 - Day 2 - 2015/16

Again greeted by hordes of Eastern Suburbs Milo Cricketers, the Stags arrived at Waverley Oval only to see a green looking wicket with substantially more grass than the week before. 

Although reassured by the groundsman that the grass was cut to 6mm all over, I think I would have struggled to cut through it with a whipper snipper. 

Will Smith makes a stand in the second dig - but a little too late for the side 

Regardless, while the grass coverage had definitely increased, we were confident and later shown that the wicket was still hard and definitely not the deciding factor in our poor batting performance.

Importantly, the Onions started off well in the warm up football competition, with solid defence and fluent passing across the back 4 – a vast improvement from the week before. Speed on the wings also helped as we snagged 3 easy goals to seal the victory.

Eccles and Bombas arrived at the crease with a full day ahead, and a score of 346 was definitely not out of the question for us to chase. As stated in the change room before play, one big partnership and another smaller one would see us most of the way there. Eccles departed early with the score on 21, and W. Smith began settling in against the Easts pace attack. 

Bombas was stumped for 22, leaving Captain Colley to set about steadying the ship with Smith. W. Smith batted nicely and looked comfortable before he chopped on for 35, and Axel fell a ball later before time was called for lunch. 

A disappointing session, and we would have to work extremely hard from now on in.

The skipper has a stronger showing in the second dig 

Disappointingly, wickets continued to fall as a combination of poor shot selection and good bowling saw Soper, Smith and Newman fall for 1, 4 and 0 respectively. JK managed a solid cameo of 20 – ably supporting Crawford who was in his 40s. JK fell, and Crawford got bowled trying to salvage as many runs as he could for a solid 54. All out for 173. Not good.

Having been sent in again, the Stags were 2-77 before stumps were pulled. W.Smith not out on 34 and Captain Colley at the other end on 26.

In all, a disappointing day considering our previous success in chasing down 350. 

Credit due, Easts bowled tightly and well enough to restrict runs, but I think our lack of grit and dogmatism was the real theme for the day. Although there were some patches of good batting reminiscent of our Randwick chase, wickets were lost in clumps and fell at important times. 

Snapped! Caught... well bowled in fact. Great camerawork to capture this moment Will Smith was removed 

However, our focus now shifts forward to next week, where we aim to exercise our talents in the right fashion. Preparation during the week is key, and we have plenty to work on in order to take on Penrith at Chatswood before getting back to the Orchard for the Xmas Party straight afterwards!

Bombas promises to talk to any lower grader.

Charles Stobo

1st Grade vs Eastern Suburbs - Round 6 - Day 1 - 2015/16

1st Grade vs Eastern Suburbs - Round 6 - Day 1 - 2015/16

The Stags were greeted by thousands of Easts Junior Milo cricketers at Waverley Oval on Day 1. Just after 9.15, their parents in Range Rovers had picked up the horde of Eastern suburbs infants and the warm up game of football commenced. 

It seems this week's author features heavily in the photos 

I was supremely confident beforehand that the bowlers (Onions) could string some passes together and echo Barcelona FC’s recent success against Real Madrid. The Onions are a solid team when they apply themselves and play in shape, yet at times we seem too eager to release the ball up the middle, and often panic when pressured by the uneducated and unprofessional babble which is the top 5. 

I guess it makes sense when Charles Stobo takes four Easts wickets

However, a strong first quarter from the Onions had no impact on the result of the game as the top 5 scored 3 ugly goals against the run of play to seal the win. Very disappointing from the Onions but I am confident we will turn the tables next week…

Dan Smith is in a rich vein of form, taking 5 wickets on Day 1 

Now to the second most important match of the day. 

After losing another toss, Steve informed us we would be bowling on a surprisingly green, yet deceptively flat pitch. Early drizzle set in as we started, which aided the efforts of the two best looking opening bowlers in Sydney Grade Cricket – D.Smith and Stobo. 

Smith had the better of the ends; as Stobo had to put on the afterburners just to get to the crease against the howling wind. 

Smith bends his back when claiming two early 

Both bowlers claimed 2 early scalps: Smith had Moran LBW and Stobo even managed to snick off Nic Maddinson with an absolute pearl of a delivery (in reality a very slow short ball that was smashed straight to Tym at mid wicket… Nic who…?). 

Either way, with Easts 4-50 odd, things were looking good for the Stags.

However, as Maddinson and Moran departed, so did the life in the wicket. A solid partnership formed when the score had passed 100, and the Onions struggled to find a breakthrough. W.Smith bowled nicely from one end, while Kennedy managed to keep it tight and even find some bounce out of the deteriorating wicket. 

The slips are ready for Smith to snick off 

Our focus shifted from attacking the stumps to bowling dots, hoping that a mistake would arise. Nevertheless, the two middle order bats put their head down and the score soon passed 280 before D.Smith struck once again. 

The Eastern Suburbs tail managed to smash a few boundaries after Captain Colley took the new ball, and the score blew out to 340ish before there the remaining wickets were taken by D.Smith, including a run out. 

Yes Danny Boy! Another Dolphin is sent back to Bondi Beach 

An unbeaten ton and one substantial partnership are all that stopped the Stags from completing a really successful day in the field and the possibility of batting in the last session. 

Nevertheless, the score of 350 does not do our bowling efforts justice, as each bowler kept their lines tight throughout the day.

Special mention must go to Axel Cahlin, as he is a really good bloke and good player. He plays spin well, and also pace. He is great on the front foot, and also the back foot.

Charles Stobo

Ok - So here is one more of Charles taking a catch. Protect those elbows! 
1st Grade vs Blacktown - Round 5 - 2015/16

1st Grade vs Blacktown - Round 5 - 2015/16

Match abandoned after Gordon batted first and made 1/37 on Day 2 before the rain came down again. No match report submitted.

1st Grade vs Randwick-Petersham - Round 4 - Day 2 - 2015/16

1st Grade vs Randwick-Petersham - Round 4 - Day 2 - 2015/16

Well well well what can I say? If your following on from my report from the first week or if this is your first glance at the game against Randy Petes in the top grade, then I recommend you take a peek at my final words from the first week report. 

Reece Bombas looks dominant out in the centre at Petersham Oval

Actions may speak louder than words but words can create something special and this reporter witnessed this first hand during a remarkable chase by the Stags.

Gordon began with the recently formed partnership of Eccles and Bombas at the top of the order looking comfortable against the new ball before Cam was unfortunately out to a ball that the umpire believed would be skidding onto the stumps with the score on 23.

Enter the man with more nicknames than cricket bats, Will Smith. 

Will "more nicknames than Eccles' instagram photos" Smith makes a big contribution to his side's run chase 

Wilbur joined Reece and together they took the score to 87 at lunch with both looking very calm and collected with Reece in particular showing us his trademark front foot drives. 

After some lunch and a coffee excursion for the younger "Onions"; Stobo, Smith and Soper, the 'Fresh Prince' and Bombas took the score further to 182 with both batsmen beginning to look like finishing the game off by tea time unbeaten. 

Will Smith is hard to contain - scoring freely all around the ground 

Unfortunately before Reece could bring up a well deserved century he decided to use the edge of his bat for the first time of his innings and only managed to guide the ball to the safe hands of the first slip and was out for a very dominant 91. 

This one from Reece was guided down the ground - effortlessly 

Imagine the scores this man could produce if he got to choose where he wants to bat in the order! One can only think that Reece, being the great delegator he is, only thought it fair to delegate a century to his partner in runs, Will "I Am" Smith. 

The skipper Colley joined William "Wallace", who continued to fight hard for our freedom with a 'brave hearted' innings and together they added a further 104 in 88 minutes which inevitable took the game away from the Randwick boys. 

According to the "Bombas Bureau of Meterology, a threat of heavy storms lingered, which obviously fueled Colley's aggression to score with brute force which proved to be a great contribution and foil for Smithers at the other end to work the ball around and edge toward three figures. 

Steve Colley displays his strong frame and technique 

Colley fell for a powerful 62 with the score at 286 with Crawford coming in with 60 runs still required with 11 overs in the day remaining. 

Dan Smith and Charlie Stobo watch the batsmen do their jobs out in the middle.
... while Marcus defects his alligence from one Smith to the other 

The keeper Newman obviously had something to do with the weather patterns and relayed the message to Will "son!" and Crawford that the rain would arrive in 8 overs time. 

Tym Crawford assists Will "Hancock" Smith in the final stages of the chase, making 35* at the end of the day 

Crawford and "Hancock" then proceeded to add 56 runs faster than it took Eccles to decide on an appropriate caption for his latest Instagram photo, with the latter bringing up a gritty and defiant century to demonstrate his maturity and class that we have been blessed to receive for the season. 

Will was dismissed four runs short of the win for a 131 and the game finished moments later, with Tym blasting a sixth boundary in his 35* off 27 balls to bring the top graders to three wins on the trot and another victory song!!

So there it is, you have read about it, the Stags chased down a large total away from home with the top order displaying their potential to bat the day with patience and intent. 

The local Petersham flora - reproduced entirely without Cam Eccles consent! #hashstags 

Bring on next week! A new challenge and an opportunity to be better!

Gordon 5-346 (Will Smith 131, Reece Bombas 91, Steve Colley 62, Tym Crawford 35*) defeated Randwick-Petersham 6 dec 345) on the first innings. 

Chad Soper

Second Grade Match Reports 2015/16

Second Grade Match Reports 2015/16

The Second Grade team plays for The Albert Cup over 15 rounds of competition matches.

All of the lower grades generally contain a number of experienced players and young higher grade aspirants. Points for all wins go to the club championship.

Second Grade match reports for 2015/16 season are provided below:

2nd Grade vs Bankstown - Round13 - 2015/16

2nd Grade vs Bankstown - Round13 - 2015/16

The Reserve Graders arrived at Bankstown Memorial fresh from an excellent win over the Rangers and keen to press on and pick up another victory in the tail end of the season.

The boys got right into the warm up with a spirited game of touch and the usual team fielding exercises. 

A quick Google search of "Bankstown Memorial Oval" and a photo of Chris Spratt pops up  

The outfield seemed longer and a bit slower than Old Chatswood and with the deck looking a fair bit greener than its 2nd XI counterpart, the Staggies were not too unhappy about being sent into the field. 

Unfortunately, any thoughts of the ball not rolling through the outfield were put to bed as the second ball of the innings was sliced through backward point for a boundary.

The openers toiled hard with the new ball, hitting the deck and getting plenty of movement out of it and making a couple of Bulldogs look very ordinary (not much you can do when the ball seams 6 inches). Their hard work was rewarded as Skilbeck removed the first batsman with a little edge through to Max (1-29). 

Reagan Klemt, [4-25 (8.3)] Captain Cubbage [1-45 (10)] and Charlie Booth [2-27 (10)] combined excellently during the middle part of the innings to apply pressure to the Bulldogs and keep the wickets flowing especially in the face of a few partnerships which were threatening to put us on the back foot.

Axel Cahlin was also in that same PG's match and his photo also makes the Google front page 

Special mentions to the excellent fielding efforts by Chris Spratt for his superb catch running backwards at mid off and to Corbin Edgar who stepped up brilliantly to the 2nd Grade arena and affected a direct hit run out from the third man boundary to remove the Bankstown danger man.

Skilbeck and Stickland returned to the crease to toil again although they finished with figures of 2-43 (10) and 0-31 (9) respectively, the score sheet didn’t reflect properly how well both bowled throughout as each could easily have picked up a few extra poles along the way.

Late innings resistance once again frustrated the 2nd Graders as a potential chase of under 150 was stretched out to 174 before Reagan came back on to burgle 2 more wickets…although just quietly the “stumping” by Max should really have been a run out to the keeper…

Gordon began the chase well, moving to 30 before Cam New fed the keeper a simple catch trying to run one down to the open third man. Axel Cahlin joined Liam McElduff at the crease and after successfully blocking his first 17 deliveries, began the task of compiling a very good 58 off 70-odd deliveries showing that he is good both on the front and the back foot, against both spin and pace.

‘Macca’ continued his job playing the Rock of Gibraltar, compiling a stolid 49 from 104 deliveries, and getting in some much needed time at the crease in the lead up to this rounds fixture against the Ghosts. 

Liam tonned up in that same PG's match... this time falling just short of 50 

Unfortunately he couldn’t complete a deserving 50 as he was fired by the umpire.

The Stags lost 2 more wickets in short order and were sitting at 5-153 in the 44th. Chris Spratt and Corbin Edgar combined again, this time with the bat to lift the boys to a second straight victory with an excellent partnership and the loss of no further wickets.

Two wins in a row for the 2nd Graders, a rarity this season unfortunately but with the opportunity to go 3 from 3 this round against Campbelltown-Camden and a potential 4th consecutive win vs Hawkesbury the following round at Chatswood. 

The reserve graders will be very keen to make the most of this opportunity and take some good momentum into next season and push for a finals berth of their own.

Cam “Mango” New

2nd Grade vs St George - Round 9 - 2015/16

2nd Grade vs St George - Round 9 - 2015/16

The first round of the New Year saw the Gordon Stags Second Grade facing off against St George at Chatswood Oval in a one day match for what was sure to be a great game of cricket befitting of these two great clubs.

Chris Bateup pushes hard against the Saints 

The Stags day began with the usual inspection of the pitch. At first glance it was clear that this green top was going to be a wicket on which scoring would be difficult early, but once the batsmen got themselves in runs would be able to flow. 

With that said it was the overall opinion that whoever won the toss would opt to bowl first.

After a quick session of covers the Gordon's boys got into their warm up where shortly after commencement they received word from captain Adam Cubbage that he had actually won a toss and had sent St George in for a bat.

After winning the toss and electing to bowl, the Stags looked to opening bowlers Chad 'instagram upload' Soper and Jack 'school bag' Skilbeck to get them off to a good start and get St George on the back foot. The innings began well with Chad starting off the Gordon boys with a maiden.

The economic bowling seen in the first over was short lived with the strict enforcement of leg side wides soon showing some impact on the bowlers economy with St George on 20 off 4 overs. 

However it did not take long for the Stags bowlers to strike back with Jack Skilbeck taking the first scalp of the day in the 6th over making the total 1 for 27 off 6.

With a new batsman at the crease the Gordon bowlers began to tighten their grip on the St George run rate. With the help of Reagan Klemt and Chris Bateup Gordon were able to keep St George to 1-48 off 15 going into drinks.

After drinks it was clear that a change of pace was needed in order to get a break through for the Stags, this saw Anand Verma come to the crease. The combinations of Anand, Chris and Reagan saw the stags hold on the St George run rate tighten and eventually this pressure resulted in a wicket for Anand who at this point had bowled 7 overs 1 for 21.

With the total at 2 for 89 and a second drinks fast approaching the Stags knew that a wicket before the break would hold them in a good position going into the final session of the St George innings. 

In order to get the break through the Stags turned to their captain Adam Cubbage to break through for them. Well, the skipper turned to himself actually. But Cubby's impact was felt immediately as he claimed the wicket of the St George captain and saw the visitors go into drinks 3 for 108 after 32.

The final session of the St George innings saw both highs and lows for the Gordon Stags. First over back after drinks saw captain Cubbage strike again for his team and left the total at 4 for 116 after 33. Morals were high in the field for Gordon, and this saw the persistence of Chris Bateup eventually pay off with a wicket to him in the 38th. 

With the total at 5 for 135 after 38, the Stags were looking to keep the pressure on their opponents and hold them to a low score. However patches of loose bowling and some good batting from St George saw the run rate begin to increase. Even with wickets falling as a result of some great bowling from Skilbeck and Soper, St George entered into their change rooms at 8 for 214 after 50.

After a tidy bowling performance, on a wicket that did far less then what was expected of it the Gordon batsmen headed out after lunch. Focused and confident that they would be able chase down the total set by their opponents the Stags set to work building their innings and after a few tidy overs by the St George bowlers, Gordon were 0 for 16 off 10 with Liam McElduff and Cameron New at the crease.

The disciplined bowling from the St George opening bowlers eventually took its toll and this saw the dismissal of Liam, caught in the slips attempting to cut for 8 with the score at 1-16. Liam would shortly be joined in the sheds by 1st drop Axel Cahlin who was unfortunately caught attempting to cover drive just a ball after Liam was dismissed, this left the score at 2 for 16 after 11.

The fall of Axel saw notorious boundary hitter Chris Spratt come to the crease to help steady the ship, however a gem of a ball from one of St Georges' opening bowlers saw Chris dismissed LBW for 1. With the total at 3 for 18 after 12 things were not looking good for Gordon.

Inform batsman and keeper Max Papworth then took to the crease to help build a resistance for Gordon, things began to steady for Gordon as Max took the total from 18 to 34 in 4 overs. 

The resistance was quickly dismantled by the St George bowlers however as we saw the fall of Cameron for 10 in the 16th and then shortly after the fall of Reagan Klemt in the 17th, this left the total at 5 for 39 as we entered into the 18th over.

As Chad Soper came to the crease moral was low in the Gordon change room, however together the combination of Max and Chad gave the Gordon boys something to cheers about as they began to build a partnership. Together from the 18th to the 28th Max and Chad took the total from 39 to 100 setting an example for the rest of the team and showing that if you apply yourself and occupy the crease there were runs to be had. 

However the 29th over and confusion between the two saw the dismissal of Soper, who was run out for 23 leaving the score at 6 for 104.

Unfortunately the dismissal of Chad saw the fall of the Gordon innings, with Chris Bateup falling for 6 and Max following shortly after for a well ground out 45, leaving the total at 8-115. 

Defeat was imminent at this point and both Anand and Cubby fell leaving Jack Skilbeck at the crease and the total for Gordon 10 for 115 after 36.

Overall it is clear that it is the batsmen in 2nd Grade that must step up and support their bowlers if the side is going to succeed in the future.

However moving into the second week at Chatswood again Sydney University the side feels confident that they will be able to chase down the total set.

Liam McElduff

2nd Grade vs Manly - Round 8 - 2015/16

2nd Grade vs Manly - Round 8 - 2015/16

Rocking up to another Chatswood flatty, the 2nd Grade side were in search for a win before the Christmas break after an outright loss to Penrith in the previous round.

Captain Cubbage was confident in the side bowling first as 2nd Grade's track record of chasing down totals at Chatswood is outstanding; in saying this we won the toss and sent the Manly side into bat. 

Anand Verma, known for his actions off the field as well. You must read below. 

After a positive warm up in the heat and a few wise words of wisdom from the warmly welcomed Axel Cahlin, the boys were ready to come out firing. 

After a consistent opening spell from Jack Skilbeck and Chris Bateup the Manly batsmen had seemed to set themselves in, well at least one of them. First change bowler Tim Ferrero picked up the wicket of a streaky opening batsmen with a genuine half volley spooned to cover for simple catch. 

When the ‘disease’ of a left hander walked to the crease, Ferrero along with the rest of the side did not want this bloke to hang around so Tim decided hoop one into his pads and dismiss him for 0 after 3 balls, leaving the visitors at 2-63. A collapse was on the cards but close chances didn’t go our way with Reagan Klemt bowling an elegant spell of consistency and patience doing his best to make the break through. 

Jack Skilbeck provides a consistent opening spell, before cleaning up the tail 

As the pitch and players roasted in the heat, pace bowling began to be no good so Cubby bought upon himself and Anand Verma to see how the spin would prove. It proved to be the right call with Anand taking the vital wicket of the Manly opener early in his spell proving that dot balls and high intensity in the field brings wickets. Cubby wasn't far behind snagging the next wicket, with a sharp catch by Anand leaving the visitors at 4-116. 

As another small partnership began to build the spin proved to be the right call with Cubby again taking another wicket. From here the Manly side began to throw their wickets away with poor shot selection as Skilbeck and Bateup easily cleaned up the bottom order for a tidy 185.

In the lunch break the 2nd Grade side were introduced to an interesting character who was known as “Mark’s Brother?” The boys thought nothing of it as he looked more harmed than harmless. 

Ferrero dismissed the left-hander cheaply and continued to apply pressure 

He worked his way to all corners of the change room whether it be the showers or behind the mini fridge, then helping himself to some of Anand’s mothers lovely food that she had whipped up for the boys. 

One corner that he then regretted moving to was the corner that Chris Bateup was sitting in. As he parked up right next to the door, perfect for his getaway, he glanced down into Chris’ bag seeing a nice mobile device sitting right on top of the bag, so he decides to lean down and pick it up. Before old mate had the chance to have a good look at it, Chris gave him a few words… and that was the end of that bloke, until later on in our batting innings of course.

As Cameron New and Steve Bristow walked to the middle in the hottest part of the day, their intent was good as they put on a gritty 35 run opening stand before Cameron was dismissed for his final grade game this season before he leaves to Rome to pursue his dream career.

This bought Axel to the crease. Yes. However, the excitement felt by the boys of having Axel at the crease was short lived when Bristow was bowled to a good length ball. Chris Spratt and Max Papworth were the next 2 batsmen in, both looking to play positively but fell to good Manly bowling.

It's almost not a proper 2nd Grade report without a photo of Axel Cahlin 

At 4-104 Reagan came in looking to steady the ship along side Axel. They both worked the ball incredibly well rotating strike on the good balls and dispatching the bad ones. Axel was dismissed for a hard earned 44 as he did his very best to bring us back towards the end of the innings leaving the Stags at 5-127. 

It was at this time in which Tiddles asked the question that no one would ever refuse, that being if anyone from our top 5 would like to go help out fielding for 5th Grade across at Beauchamp Park. Chris Spratt being Tiddles target, jumped on the offer with great excitement (as you could imagine) and was on his way! Another reason to stay at the crease. Or be a bowler.

Although Axel's dismissal bought stress to the Stags, it also bought our best mate ‘Mark’s brother’ back to the oval but this time he was caught scavenging through the vacant Manly change rooms while they were on the field. 

Bateup and Verma took it into there own hands to kick old mate off the field but some unnecessary backchat from the Manly players on the field sparked the intelligent brain of Mark’s brother, which made him throw a glass bottle into the fence, shattering glass along the boundary line. The 15 minute delay was over as our dear friend left the oval ‘calmly’ in the grasps of Tim Cubbage and we continued our attempt to chase down Manly’s total. 

Manly re-introduced their opening bowler, who had more of a slinging type action to say the least, and was brutal in knocking over our bottom order. By bringing the ball from right behind his back, afternoon sun and deteriorating pitch, the ability to pick up the lengths of the balls was proving difficult as our final 6 wickets fell for just 12 runs, falling 47 runs short of the required total.

A disappointing way to finish 2015 for 2nd Grade but a break may do us the world of good as we will come back fighting in the first round of 2016 more determined for the win we deserve to have.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Tim Ferrero

2nd Grade vs Penrith - Round 7 - 2015/16

2nd Grade vs Penrith - Round 7 - 2015/16

This may well be the shortest match report of all time but, alas, a reporter can only write about what is in front of them. And when what is in front of them is an outright loss before tea on the second day, there is not much good to reflect upon. 

Cam New opens the batting for the 2nd Grade side 

The Gordon 2nd Grade team were pleased to have their fixture against Penrith moved from the geographically impossible Howell Oval to Killara. However, I am sure they would have preferred to pay the $20 in tolls if it meant winning 6 points (or at least not conceding 10).

The skipper, Adam Cubbage, finally won his first toss for the season and elected to bat on a wicket that would prevent some challenges early but would flatten out after tea. 

Batting was tough in the early overs with the wicket providing inconsistent bounce as well as some sideways movement. However, the experienced Penrith bowling attack must be given some praise for putting the ball in the right spot more often than not, allowing for the wicket (and some questionable shots from the GDCC batsman) to do the rest. 

The Gordon innings never really got moving, with wickets falling constantly at both ends. Eventually it slumped to all out for 89 – nowhere near enough runs for this standard of cricket. 

Tim Ferrero whips one off his legs as he partnered Reagan Klemt 

The only batting performance worth mentioning was Reagan Klemt’s hard fought 28*, which could have been more if someone else showed enough application to stick it out with him. 

Penrith immediately set about chasing down the runs before the close of play on Day 1. They came out with an aggressive attitude, knocking off a fair chunk of the total from Gordon’s seamers. They passed Gordon’s total only 2 down and were in strong command of the game. The match slightly changed its course in the evening session, as the Gordon spinners bowled extremely well to both restrict runs and take wickets, restoring some respect to the day’s play. 

Penrith slumped to 8 for 163, giving Gordon a slither of hope for the reverse outright. 

The pick of the bowlers was Anand Verma (5-46 of 19), who’s excellent control frustrated the Penrith batsman. An honourable mention also goes to Adam Cubbage (1-47 for 20) who worked in strong partnership with Verma, keeping it tight whilst also picking up a crucial wicket. 

Penrith immediately declared at the start of play on Day 2, giving them the maximum time to dismiss Gordon for the second time. There is not much to say about Gordon’s second innings that was not previously mentioned in this report about the first innings. 

Another lusty blow from Tim Ferrero 

Some slight nuances were that they were dismissed for 104 instead of 89, and Reagan made 29 instead of 28* (again the only batting performance worth any mention). 

This gave Penrith 31 runs to chase in their second innings for the outright victory. Gordon’s opening bowlers, Jack Skilbeck and Dan Stickland, bowled well to pick up a wicket each. However, they simply did not have enough runs to bowl at and Penrith made the runs comfortably with 8 wickets in hand. 

Overall it was a tough two days of cricket for the young Gordon second grade side. 

The batting was not good enough and needs to drastically improve if they are going to be competitive at this level. Hopefully lessons will be learned, improvements made… and all that jazz.

Jack Skilbeck

2nd Grade vs Eastern Suburbs - Round 6 - 2015/16

2nd Grade vs Eastern Suburbs - Round 6 - 2015/16

Following a disappointing loss to Blacktown, the Gordon Stags 2nd XI entered Round 6 staring into the abyss of being limited to a ‘mathematical’ chance of finals cricket far too early in the season.

With reasonable batting conditions on offer and nothing less than victory acceptable, Captain Cubbage dutifully lost the toss. 

Textbook Spratt. Fetch that one gents! 

It would prove a masterstroke with the Dolphins electing to bat shortly before persistent rain forced the square to be covered.

Close enough to 45 minutes play was lost before Stickland and Skillbeck went to work with conditions conducive to swing bowling. Both begun well – Stickland picked up 2 early wickets to continue a rich vein of form with the new ball – but in giving the ball a chance to swing the pair were guilty of straying too full.

Cam New is looking solid at the top of the 2nd Grade order 

Bateup and Ferrero were introduced and begun to slow the scoring rate. Some persistent pressure yielded two wickets before a pair of Easts batsman combined for the most productive partnership of the innings. 

Cubbage operated steadily, as is the captain’s prerogative, whilst the rest of bowlers were rotated in an effort to prize out a wicket on a surface that felt increasingly familiar to a weary attack. Verma’s spin broke the 145 run partnership but before long Easts had steadied and sat 5/275 at the midpoint of the last session.

Jack Colley's return from 1st Grade on day 2 was a massive boost for the side 

QC Comms proudly supports Jack Colley

It was here that the Stags exorcised the demons of Round 4 – Cubbage started the rot by removing Ezekiel for a flawlessly complied 182. Some fizzing leg breaks and a touch of reverse swing saw the final 4 batsman all dismissed for nought. All told, Easts were dismissed for 288 and in doing so had slumped to lose 5/13.

About time skip! Papworth and Verma celebrate the skipper's breakthrough 

Gordon were arguably unlucky not to enter day 2 with all ten wickets intact when opener Bristow’s front pad once again fell afoul of the umpires judgement. The men in maroon suffered no further loss, reaching 1/30 at the close of day one.

Day two saw the Top 6 welcome back their spiritual leader in Jack Colley whom returned from 1st XI duties. Jack’s impact was felt immediately with the Top 6 finally able to muster a challenge in pre-game touch football. Some generous extensions of play allowed the Top 6 a scarcely believable return from 3-0, with the 3-3 deadlock to be decided by each group’s contribution to the run chase.

It can only be thought the Bottom 5 was trying to spur on the batsmen. Upstairs for thinking!

Tim Ferrero leans into his work in the reserve grade side 

The Top 6’s campaign began brightly, with New and Spratt sharing a sparkling second wicket partnership of 114. Spratt (49) combined an impressive range of shots with resolute defence before holding out whilst New (61) was particularly harsh on any overpitched deliveries, driving down the ground with great authority.

The lunch break arrived just one over too late for the home side with their pursuit suffering a significant setback when New and Papworth (0) were dismissed on the stroke of 12:30. It seems the boys were following 1st Grade far too closely!

Mortgageport proudly supports Chris Spratt

A number of useful partnerships followed the break, but each time it appeared the chase was under control a wicket was lost. 

The common thread through each of these partnerships was Colley (117*), who produced a gem to anchor the side’s chase. Colley showed great maturity and an impeccable sense of timing – both in his choice and execution of stroke play. 

Chris Bateup provides yet another option for the skipper after Skilbeck and Sitckland's opening spells 

As if to mock the notion of any nerves Colley sprinted through the 90s with a pair of towering 6s to bring up a well-deserved and ultimately unbeaten century.

To express Verma (12) and Stickland’s (4) contribution by their own runs would horribly understate how well each played their supporting role in a number of invaluable partnerships (45 and 34 respectfully). 

Whilst the home side ensured a nervous finish by losing their 9th wicket with just 6 runs left to win, Skilbeck (8*) cooly carved out a well struck boundary through cover to seal a crucial victory for the Stags and the Top 6.

We're keen to know where the photo of Skilbeck is hiding - surely someone caught that 'well struck boundary' on camera 

With renewed belief, the side now confronts a Penrith side flying high in 2nd position at Killara Oval.

Chris Bateup

2nd Grade vs Blacktown - Round 5 - 2015/16

2nd Grade vs Blacktown - Round 5 - 2015/16

After a week of rain and a multitude of cancellations the reserve graders endured the lonesome journey out to Blacktown, one of Sydney’s greatest cultural centre, unclear of what conditions awaited them. 

The boys were hopeful that the early rise was not wasted for fear of being locked in a change-room listening to the ramblings of Stickland and Reagan’s theories of betting on a sport he hadn’t known about until 3 weeks ago.

Dan Stickland is congratulated after an early wicket in their defence of 145

Fortunately the ground was in exceptional condition, and we were all stoked to see a ball actually roll along the surface. A month at Chatswood has floated the idea that one should field with boxes on for added comfort, security and peace of mind. 

A nervous groundsman informed us that the pitch is a bit soft but will “be sweet” to bat on once it baked out. I was sceptical, seeing as the sky was in fact grey.

The warm-up has been an area needing improvement, so too has the top 6s touch rugby skills. I am pleased to report that the former was outstanding, plenty of energy and enthusiasm as the stags look to improve on recent outings in the field. 

The latter however remains the same: despite a one man advantage the top 6 cannot find a way to get through the bottom 5, who prevailed 3-0 with some fleet-footed running and excellent tactical nous. There were rumblings of discontent from the top 6, claiming we took the game too seriously, but if running into holes and releasing a winger with a significant overlap is too serious, then lock me up and throw away the key. 

Plenty more of this young man to see at the Stags - Michael Roberts 

I think Cubby lost the toss, I'm not actually sure, but he has the last 3 rounds so I’ll just assume he did. We were batting, and looked to apply what worked so well against North Sydney mainly “Play straight, be great.”

Debutant Matt “Dingo” Chamberlain and Cam New looked to do just that, but scoring was tough going with a pitch difficult to drive on and a sluggish outfield. 

Dingo fell pulling and Chris Spratt joined Cam. Full of confidence after making a point of removing his yellow clads (he represented Australia you know!?) and reminding us that he has a Cricinfo page, Spratty knocked it around in typical Spratt fashion. 

Once the bowlers actually put a ball on his stumps he nicked it into his pad and was given LBW (it’s a batsman’s game). 

Reagan, fresh out of the friend zone and fresh into the runs, steadied the ship with our second debutant Nick “Rocher” Ferrero until lunch once New had found his way back into the sheds. At 3/64 it wasn’t an ideal start but if we kept wickets in hand we’d be able to cash in later on…

When this man is fit... what a star. Jack Skilbeck troubles the Warriors 

Alas it wasn’t to be as Ferrero left a straight one second over after lunch, he told us it came in viciously - but I'm writing… so it was going with straight. 

Unfortunately it didn’t get much better as a flurry of quick wickets saw the departure of Reagan, last week’s centurion Chris and Cubby. At 6/84 things weren’t looking great, fortunately Tony Wilson was creating the finest hour of conversation in 2nd grade history. 

Topics ranged from the Melbourne Cup, during which Tiddles surprisingly supported female jockeys, to the standard discussion of player’s mothers. According to Tiddles, a mother-daughter combination at cricket is best, but he would like to see more of Mrs Spratt in attendance.

During this our third debutant Michael “Blue” Roberts was at the crease and looking sublime, let me tell you, the boy can bat. He and “Dogs best friend” Anand Verma put on 35 and Michael in particular looked in great touch for his 46, definitely one to watch. There’s not much else to ride on, a final score of 146 was simply not good enough and a lot of our batsmen would probably regret the shots that got them out. 

Dan Stickland did his best to bundle out the Blacktown boys 

After an extended tea break due to a light shower the stags were out in the field looking to make life difficult for the warriors. Life was indeed difficult for 7 of the 8 batsmen who took the crease, Stickland found some rhythm and movement from the top end removing the top order with 3 wickets, Skilbeck back from injury and back with a vengeance bowled some great areas and was rewarded with his two opening poles for the season. 

Unfortunately one batsman (I don’t know his name, oh wait yes I do! It’s all over the Gordon mobile team app… thanks Tids) took it to the bowling and dominated the innings compiling 81* at the end of the days play. The day ended with Blacktown 6/131, a meagre 15 runs behind.

The many facets of Michael Roberts' game on display here 

Day 2 arrived and so did the rain. Play started at 12 and Blacktown knocked the runs off in 5 overs. Skilbeck delivered a faint glimmer of hope when he snicked off the number 8 in his first over. However, the pitch was significantly flatter and with a wet ball the bowlers were on a hiding to nothing. Blacktown passed the score 7 down and declared with a lead 32. Gordon survived 4 overs before the rain came (again) and the game was called off.

Obviously 146 was never going to be enough, and despite some great bowling from Skilbeck and Stickland (3/44 off 9 and 3/52 off 13) Gordon always had their backs against the wall. You could turn around and say “well Gordon had the worst of the conditions” which is true, however 9 of the 10 dismissals were poor shots and errors of judgement rather than unplayable deliveries. 

It’s such a shame we couldn’t fight that little bit harder on day one, who knows an extra 50 runs could’ve seen us walking off Joe McAleer a lot happier. 

We'll leave you with this one. Great camera work by Tiddles! 

We have the talent and ability to play some seriously good cricket, you just need to look at our chase of 350+ against North Sydney and you can see the potential of this side. Easts represent a great chance for the boys to get back to the playing the kind of cricket we all know we’re capable of. Let’s work hard during the week lads and get around it for Saturday! 

Dan Stickland

2nd Grade vs Randwick-Petersham - Round 4 - 2015/16

2nd Grade vs Randwick-Petersham - Round 4 - 2015/16

Both teams had stopped warming up and eagerly watched the toss. You could cut the tension with a knife as both bowling units prayed for the signal from the skipper of a high elbowed forward defence that would signify that they could put their feet up and watch the other side toil on what resembled the German Autobahn. 

Chris Bateup finds the photograph after playing a pull towards the Chatswood fence 

Anticipation turned to fear and that fear turned to dread as we heard the elated cries of the opposition. We were disappointed (but not surprised) to find that Cubby had lost the toss and that we were fielding. 

The quicks kept it tight but could not find any penetration on a placid wicket and Randwick-Petersham started solidly and moved to 0-72. When the breakthrough did come, it came through skipper Adam ‘Cabbage Patch’ Cubbage. Adam (22-8-1-80) started fantastically and collected the top of off to remove one of the openers. 

Cam New compiles a gritty half century 

Continued pressure with the ball led to a runout and when Anand ‘Mr V’ Verma (26-2-2-98) struck twice, at 4-185, the door was open to restrict the trotters to something very chaseable. This brings us to tea, the Stags walked off knowing that they were giving the equines a good tussle. 

The scoring rate had not exceeded 3 for most of the day which at Chatswood is an absolute mission. 

This reporter wishes that he could end the transmission here but what happened after tea was diabolical. It was as if we had decided we were in the lower grades and that we would only play for two sessions. And we’re not – Bombas still talks to us.

After tea, the fielding fell away considerably. The batsmen got on top and the Gordon reserve side flat lined. 

Out of ideas and deflated, the Stags stumbled and were put to the sword by a Randy Pete’s side intent on dominating the third session. Randy Pete’s young gun Henry Tornton had looked vulnerable till this point, chipping many balls into a packed offside and being dropped off a sharp chance but he along with the skipper Mclaughlin put a deflated Stags to the sword with a ruthlessness that would make any four star military general proud.

Keevers snags his first 2nd Grade pole 

The bowlers continued to toil but the wickets did not come and as they tired, the scoring rate lifted. Of the chances we had, Thornton, on 70, hit the ball straight down the throat of long off. The catch was misjudged and landed safely. 

After this he did not look like getting out and Thornton went on to finish the day at 185 not out. Of the other blunders, the stags bowled a lot of overs of spin and were so far ahead of the game (in terms of overs, not in terms of being ahead of the opposition) that they bowled an extra 8 overs in the day (which went for about 100). McLaughlin (60) holed out on the last ball of the day to give Keevers (13-2-1-44) his first 2nd grade scalp and with that the day ended with Randy Pete’s 5-422 (dec). 

In the warmup on Day 2, a bottom 5 with the sheer weight of experience (age) beat a sprightly top 6 at touch footy. The fight shown by a resolute bottom 5 would serve as a sign of things to come from the tenacious tail later in the game. 

This man may well be the next all-round start - Chris Bateup! 

Lads, the warm up is a microcosm of your life. The way you do the warm up is the way you do life. One of the old Tai Chi masters that frequents Chatswood Oval told me this at the lunch break and I believe it rings true. 

Nicknamed the ‘Collapso Kings’ last year, 2nd grade was notorious for a cheeky crumble. After chasing down over 350 last game to defeat the Bears, this scribe dared to hope that the ghosts of the past would not be back to haunt the second grade batting lineup. 

With the score at 0-44, we were doing it very easily in the face of some quality quick bowling. Steve ‘Log’ Bristow (14) was the first to go, trapped infront and when Jack (20) ran down the wicket trying to hit the spinner for 8 only to be bowled a collapse was triggered. 

Gordon was now 2 for 76. Not the worst start, and it could be worse. A ball later Gordon was 3 – 76. 

Not ideal, but it could have been 4-76. Two balls later it was 4-76. 

Still it could have been worse, and we did avoid conceding the hattrick. Not long after it was 5-76 and then 6-88. At this stage, we could easily have collapsed, been all out for 100 and then been able to blame the groundskeeper for preparing something unfit for cricket. 

Dan Stickland toiled hard on the German autobahn 

However, just like in the touch footy warm up, the bottom 5 didn’t get the memo. In the face of some fiery pace bowling by Durham quick Barry McCarthy, Gordon started to stand tall. Although it doesn’t take much to get the ball around the nose of Verma, an intense battle ensued with bouncer after bouncer whizzing past the nose. 

Verma negotiated the spell with Zen master like focus while Chris ‘The Man from Parra River’ Bateup, took a different approach. Chris decided to sledge the bowler, and the fielders, and anyone else who was within earshot. He took great delight in reminding the fielders of their failures in the Randy Pete innings (which is impressive considering their total). 

After struggling to face the leg spinner early, Bateup (118no) found an approach that worked and proceeded to plunder the Randy Pete’s attack to all parts. The bowlers tired and the run rate started to increase. Boundaries and singles started to come with ease but the 70 run stand ended when Verma was caught in the deep taking the aerial route to the spinner. 

Chris Bateup showed the fighting resolve that the top order failed to muster 

Dan ‘Fingers’ Stickland (13) came in and supported Chris but fell after adding 50 runs for the ninth wicket. At 9 down and 190 behind the opposition, the match rested on the debutant shoulders of Matt Keevers. As he strode out to the crease, questions were asked in hushed tones about his ability to bat. 

Answers including, ‘he made his first run in round twelve last year’ were given. 

With the dressing room not totally filled with confidence, Matt was quick to dispel any doubt in his ability. Timing the ball well and murdering the ball through cover. He scored quickly to finish on 36 before being undone by a masterful half tracker (by the leggie). 

In total we put on 206 for the last 4 wickets which is a great sign. Sadly, 422 was just too many to chase from 6-99. Another plus from the top order was a fighting 51 from Cameron New. Cameron batted with conviction in the face of a collapse and helped hold the first half of the innings together.

A disappointing result considering that for two sessions on the first day and all but 15 overs on the second day we were right in the game. 

Get fah’ you bah’

Anand Verma

2nd Grade vs North Sydney - Round 3 - 2015/16

2nd Grade vs North Sydney - Round 3 - 2015/16

Let's be honest, with a victory over North Sydney, completing 5 from 5 across the grades, it's a pretty piss-poor effort by Max Papworth not to submit his report for the round 

2nd Grade vs Mosman - Round 2 - 2015/16

2nd Grade vs Mosman - Round 2 - 2015/16

Anand VermaA postponed Round 1 saw the Stags eager to get the ball rolling with a win to set up the season. A new kit ignited a previously absent enthusiasm about training gear, with the topic being consistently conversed for most of the day. Props to the committee for a big win, and really this is where the success starts. 

Anand Verma begins the 2015/16 season in good form 

However as only one set has been handed out to each player, high probabilities of theft is most certainly an issue... So keep them locked up or on at all times. Rumours circulated that some were being worn under whites for extra security, an interesting strategy. 

Anyway, newly appointed 2nd Grade captain had a considerably hard job of attempting to get the side to Allan Border on time, especially with 3 returning from uni games the previous evening. Luckily your author was in bed by 9 on most nights during the week and definitely did not circuit, however could the same be said for Spratt "the perfect week" or Miller "the closet fiend"?

Reagan KlemtI certainly thought I was 0 chance of having to actually write this match report, because really Spratt was paying $1.10 to be late, but as he walked in at 8.20, my heart sank and I cancelled all plans for the weekend to reach the Webmaster's strict deadline. 

Reagan Klemt adds to his Fantasy League value - is he in your side? 

Cubby lost the toss and we were sent into the field on a relatively flat deck and quick sandy outfield. Gordon would have to bowl well to keep Mosman to a chase-able total. 

Dan Stickland started very well at the top and his tight lines and lengths were rewarded with his opening pole for the season. Mosman then began a consolidation and batted well for an extended period of the first session without getting away from us. 

Welcome A Verma. With his writing taking a backseat due to a pending lawsuit, he has obviously re-invested his time toward cricket, and it certainly paid dividends. Bowling with exceptional control and really dictating the pace of the game saw the Stags get back on top. Anand then continued to bowl tight throughout the innings returning figures of 3-28 off 10 overs. An exceptional start to the season mate well done. 

No doubt he has booked his spot into various fantasy teams, alongside D Stickland with equally impressive figures of 3-27 off his 10. 

Adam CubbageChris Bateup, the Stags new recruit, also came back well to finish with figures of 2/48 off his 9. Both him and Cubby really restricted late scoring seeing Mosman all out for 216 off their 50 overs. 

We're looking forward to many overs of the Cubbage / Verma partnership with the ball 

A great all round effort in the field for a first hit out with no drop catches and a very commendable team bowling effort. It was now down to the batsmen to get the job done. 

Unfortunately 2/0 was not a good start, and credit to the Mosman bowlers they bowled really well. However other then Darren with the top score of 39, the batsmen really didn't offer much resistance folding for 125. 

Although a disappointing effort, hopefully this performance will make the 2s top order more determined to prove to the selectors and the club why they belong in the higher grades. 

Let's get on the board this week against North Sydney! 

Reagan Klemt

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2nd Grade vs Sydney - Round 1 - 2015/16

2nd Grade vs Sydney - Round 1 - 2015/16

No play in the 1st Round match against Sydney after rain kept the players off the round and the match was abandoned.

Third Grade Match Reports 2015/16

Third Grade Match Reports 2015/16

The third grade team plays for Mitchell Cup over the 15 rounds of competition matches. All of the lower grades generally contain a number of experienced players and younger higher grade aspirants.

Any points accumulated throughout the season go towards the club championship.

Third Grade match reports for 2015/16 season are provided below:



3rd Grade vs Bankstown - Round 13 - 2015/16

3rd Grade vs Bankstown - Round 13 - 2015/16

The performance of the Gordon Cricket 3rd Grade side was less than acceptable at the weekend. In fact one player after the match was heard saying “I feel like I’ve been interfered with…”

Both sides were greeted with overcast conditions. Our Captain Missy thought the pitch, was a little cold and decided to have a bowl.

Will Calov took the early breakthrough... and left others in particular discomfort 

The opposition had a number of very experienced players, who we are told only started playing since Christmas. That included Darren Etteridge and Chris Gane and a couple of other veterans.

From my eyes this wasn’t reflective of a side coming second last on the table

Will Calov made an early breakthrough and hit a couple of the Bankstown bats in the groin region. On both occasions play was stopped due to the severity of the blows

Paddy Effeney continues to give his lionhearted efforts 

There were a couple of spells of bowling that the skip wasn’t too happy about , but we managed to claw things back to 4/88 and then roll the dogs for about 160. Jono New ended with 3/41 and Scott O’Brien 2/35.

The side was optimistic of chasing the total down and were keen not to leave things for the tail like previous weeks. However this was not to be, with one batsman falling one after the other.

We were dismissed for the paltry score of 60 with only two batsman making it into double figures which is very disappointing.

Jono New and Scott O'Brien make indents in the Bankstown side 

Full credit must go to the Bankstown side who’s bowlers bowled straight lines and made the batsman play.

Our side is currently sitting in 11th on the table, just six points out of the top six with two matches remaining. We will have to win both and a few sides ahead of us lose a game or two.

The boys were in a particularly good mood after their performance with the ball 

Apologies for the shortness of this report, but there really isn’t much to report about on this game. However congratulations must go to the other grades who have found some late form in the season.

Mitchell Kleem

3rd Grade vs Sydney University - Round 10 - 2015/16

3rd Grade vs Sydney University - Round 10 - 2015/16

As the boys turned up to the ground, the waiting started. Not because of the rain that drenched Sydney during the week, but rather to see whether Boothy would find the ground and Dom’s next excuse for being late.

Dom Thomson continues to contribute to 3rd Grade's victories. A ton around the corner perhaps? 

Boothy did… eventually… and Dom’s lack of creativity was a little disappointing after an entire Christmas break to practice. Therefore, we moved to the warm up and, after a few stretches and a catch and a throw, it was time for the toss. The pitch was a little tacky and lots of grass, so you can only imagine how happy the top order were when Missy won the toss and chose to bowl.

After Dan Stickland's first over it was clear that it was a bowler’s paradise, with balls shooting up at the batsmen from a good length. 

Will Calov teamed up well with Dan Stickland to put pressure on the Students early at St Pauls - home of some of the smallest changerooms 

With some disciplined bowling from Will Calov and Stickers, wickets started to fall with Will taking the first, caught at point, quickly followed by Stickers finding the outside edge and Boothy taking a sharp catch at third slip.

Things got even better next ball when the batsman decided to leave the ball on off stump.

As wickets continued to fall, the main stayer was Jono New, bowling up the hill and into the wind. 

Jono New, keen to impress against his old club, did exactly that! 

Jono was beating batsmen with swing, or drift - hard to tell if it was just the wind pushing it. Playing against his old club, Jono picked up a 4 wicket haul. Gotta love it!!

After a quality bit of bowling from our quicks it left Sydney University all out for 71.

Knowing that it was going to be a difficult run chase the Stags started off well, getting to 20 for no loss, but unfortunately a couple of quick wickets were lost, bringing Dom to the crease, where he scored a vital 29 alongside Lachie Stewart who ended up on 42 not out.

Gordon achieved first innings points on Day One for the loss of 6 wickets.

After rain delays on the second day, the order came from the skip to get as many as we can as quickly as we can, the score was 9/131 when Missy declared.

Will Calov and Dan Stickland form a great opening pair 

After sending the students back in leaving them with a 60 run deficit, intentions were shown early on by the students by attacking our bowlers to knock off the 60 runs, wickets fell but runs also came freely, the students finished up with 5/215. 

Tim Ferrero draws the batsman into a false shot 

During this innings, we were shown why David Warner can hit the ball so hard with a Sydney Uni player batting with a tree trunk called the kaboom, he ended up with a century with some of the cleanest ball striking I've ever seen.

Gordon Stags were set 156 in 24 over's, the plan was to go hard early and see if we could run it down, Steve Bristow started off well by hitting boundaries but wickets fell on a regular bases which changed our approach. 

We found ourselves at 5/34 and Sydney Uni getting a roll on. The forward defence did its job leaving us at 6/48 after the 24 over's.

Not sure if Lachie Stewart's shot is your text book forward defence, but it certainly did its job towards the end of the day 

A satisfying first innings win over the competition leaders.

Matthew "Wendy" Chamberlain

3rd Grade vs St George - Round 9 - 2015/16

3rd Grade vs St George - Round 9 - 2015/16

A talented bunch of stags rocked up to St George confident of good day of cricket and a strong win. Immediately, the opposition tried to throw us off our game by providing without a doubt one of the grubbiest change rooms in the southern hemisphere. 

Dan Stickland looks to make an impact against the Saints

Fortunately for me my kit did fit in the shower which was surprisingly the cleanest part of the room. After a strong warm up and great captaincy at the coin toss by the world renowned author 'Missy' Higgins, we found ourselves bowling on a lively pitch and pumped for a good days work.

The team started from the get go with Dan Stickland and Lachy Borg bowling great lines, Sticks grabbing the first pole caught behind. Borgy too was rewarded for his hard work, snaring their dangerous number three courtesy of the Grade Cricketer at second slip. 

With the Saints sitting at 2 for 30 odd the Stags turned up the heat and put on a masterclass. Tim Ferrero, accompanied by long-time admirer Tiddles on the side line with his Kodak, bowled beautifully and grabbed back to back wickets and was awfully close to a superb hat trick.

Charlie Booth didn’t want to be left out and as usual tied up the other end, leading to false shots and wickets. Within the next hour, after some stumpings, bowleds and a run out, the Saints were squirming at an incredible 8-53. However from then until the conclusion of the match it was all St George. 

BoothDespite continually bowling well the batsman showed great class and the 9th wicket partnership added 72 and then a further 25 for the 10th wicket. As such, the Saints soared to 151 and it seemed like the pitch had flattened out. Charlie Booth was the pick of our bowlers with 3-23 from his 10 overs. 

Charlie Booth took three poles to give the Stags a chance at victory 

Mick Roberts also had a cracking game behind the stumps with 6 dismissals including 3 stumpings. His improvement over the season with his gloves has been fantastic. 

Special shout out to Scott O’Brien for getting a wicket, a surprisingly uncommon occurrence this year. Surely he’s due for a bag of wickets soon as he continues to bowl solid game after game. 

Gordon’s batting performance isn’t much to talk about. Early and regular wickets didn’t allow any partnerships to form and we never looked like reaching the target. Whilst the Saints bowled well and not much went our way, it appears not many of us fully applied ourselves at the crease.

Ian Higgins tried his best however he had next to no help and eventually departed for 36 as one of the last wickets. Our final score concluded on a disappointing 80 runs. 

Unfortunately, Lachy Borg re-dislocated his left shoulder whilst batting and a long stint in the hospital could mean the end of the season for him. We all wish him the very best in his recovery. 

Whilst there were several positives from our bowling and fielding performance our batting clearly had a shocking day at the office. However, 3rd Grade is still very much in the hunt for the finals and looking to greatly improve from Saturday’s performance.

Dom Thomson

3rd Grade vs Manly - Round 8 - 2015/16 - Version 1

3rd Grade vs Manly - Round 8 - 2015/16 - Version 1

The lack of the familiar ‘light beers after midnight gents, and Diet Coke with every 5th bourbon please Newy’ text message from “Missy” Higgins on Friday night could mean only one thing, it was the last round before Xmas and Missy was resigned to the inevitable. 

Jon 'far better game' New provides his view on the trip down to the seaside 

However, the picturesque drive to ‘God’s Country’ and the sweet lyrics of Taylor Swift’s ‘22’ washed away any ill effects, and provided inspiration for a crucial game against last year’s premiers with a young 3rd grade side. I felt 22…..percent.

With searing heat, and a dusty pitch, the toss was going to be crucial. Missy called it right and invited Manly to take the field during the hotter part of the day. First blood to the Stags, and to Missy in the battle of the senior statesmen.

Matt “Wendy” Chamberlain took the field with Corbin Edgar, who was looking to establish himself as a fixture in the somewhat fluid position of 3rd Grade opening batsman. Unfortunately, the umpire had other ideas and quickly fired Corbin the moment he got within a metre of one down the leg side. 

Unlucky for Corbin, but the second half of the season will hold many further opportunities for crucial contributions as this side seeks finals glory.

After Missy fell, Dom ‘Level 5 Laser-Lotus (one for the ‘Community’ fans)’ Thomson and Wendy set about establishing a solid base from which the Stags could attack and set a score of 200+. Each batsman offering a number of majestic cover drives, cut shots, and excellent aggressive running between the wickets.

The boys put all their energy into the fielding drills 

Wendy fell victim to some good, restrictive, left arm orthodox from the pick of the Manly bowlers. A flatter, fuller delivery that spun past his outside edge and trapped him in front was his undoing. There was some conjecture as to whether he’d done enough to be hit outside the line, but Dom helpfully clarified later that it was ‘very bloody out’.

By the time Jon ‘the less aesthetic brother, but with far better game’ New came to the crease, the Manly spinners had found a groove and were applying a stranglehold on the game on a turning pitch. Thomson, New, Stewart and Borg took the score from 56 to 136 during this period of the game. 

Each batsman clearly had no issue with keeping the bowlers out, but fell in efforts to lift the scoring rate above 4 an over.

It doesn't matter which report you read, Dom Thomson's clash of cream and white doesn't get any better 

At 8-141, Manly were threatening to take control of the innings and restrict the Stags to a low total. Michael “VIP” Roberts and Charlie Booth combined to ultimately provide a match-winning partnership. In a match where no other batsmen from either side hit at a strike rate above 70, VIP helped himself to 49 at a run-a-ball, and Charlie took 18 off 15. 

Another great contribution from VIP with the bat this season, which will surely state his case for a move to a higher middle order position. 

The Stags posted a very competitive total of 9-195. 

With the benefit of observing what had been successful for Manly in attempting to restrict our batsmen, the bowlers took to the field confident in their game plans and ability to take the 6 points from the game.

The initial phase of the run chase was very competitive. Borg took the first wicket with a lazy, ‘just-throw-the hands-at-it’ drive from the Manly opener which yielded only a chop-on bowled. The remainder of the Manly top order combined some powerful hitting and drop-and-run tactics very well to have the Stags on the back foot. 

A couple of difficult chances went to hand, but weren’t held on to. A recurring theme for the side, which will need work with Trevor after the Xmas break.

New, Booth and Scotty ‘the best beard in grade cricket’ O’Brien set about taking the pace off the ball and grinding the scoring rate to a minimum in the middle overs. With New somewhat steady at one end, the pressure mounted on the batters to take Booth on. They were only able to get a couple of hits away before Booth took two excellent wickets.

It was great to see Charlie reading the batsmen’s body language, anticipating what shots they were going to go for, and adjusting his pace to be a little flatter and faster to get more turn. The reward was a wicket bowled, as one batter tried to force him off the back foot to a ball that wasn’t short enough, and another that the following batsman ran past.

Jon New gets a good view of "VIP" Roberts' innings

A really good innings by the young Manly keeper and no.3 (78) saw the game build to the crucial moment of the match, with Manly placed well at 4-128 and requiring a Booth-VIP-esque finish to take the win. 

At mid-off, I reflected on how the boys had responded in a similar position a few rounds earlier against Eastern Suburbs – a couple of big shots, the game was presumed over, and the bowlers failed to force Easts to work all the way through the final 50 runs to take their win.

Well, what a difference a few rounds and a few extra wins can make. The presumption in the field was always that we were going to get the job done, and so we did. Manly completely imploded to be all out for 169. 

The final 6 wickets included 3 run outs, and an excellent delivery from Patrick ‘I just love cricket again’ Effeney to remove the ominous figure that waddled to the centre at 9 with nought on his mind but boundaries and a couple of pork cutlets at Manly Wharf Bar later that night.

Well done on a really good win for the boys to finish the first half of the season. A crucial win that sees 3rd Grade placed 6th on the ladder. With the likes of Richtor, the Duffman, Stickland, Barker, Jayasekara, Miller and Keevers looking to return to various grades after Xmas, things look promising for Missy’s side.

However, the post Xmas schedule will be St George (7th), Syd Uni (2nd), UNSW(4th), NDs (5th) and a Bankstown side that was last two rounds ago but is now being led by a couple of returned 1st grade servicemen including Darren Etteridge. 

The scene is set for the side to state a case for Premiership-contenders or to drift back into the pack. Up to you boys. 

In the wise words of Ricky Bobby ‘if you ain’t first, you’re last’.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all. 

Jon “better writer than his brother” New

For Michael Roberts take on the 3rd Grade match, follow this link 

3rd Grade vs Manly - Round 8 - 2015/16 - Version 2

3rd Grade vs Manly - Round 8 - 2015/16 - Version 2

The 3rd Grade Stags arrived at Mike Pawley Oval with nothing less than a win on their Christmas lists (and maybe a new stick Dad, if you’re reading this). 

The pitch looked like it was good for runs and on that note Higgins sent us in to bat. Good intent was shown early on in the innings, however Corbin Edgar decided to middle one to the keeper, a definite edge that everyone around the ground heard, not sure why he was upset with the decision? 

Dom Thomson's innings gets two write-ups this week. This one focuses on his cream/white clash. 

This brought the skipper to the crease, who had already done his only job in winning the toss, so any further contribution would be a bonus. A small partnership began to brew between Chamberlain and Higgins which evidently put the pressure on the ‘Tahs’ as reflected by their choice of words towards the skipper. 

With Higgins departure, soon followed Chamberlain who wanted to emulate his cricketing idol in Shane Watson and kick one off the spinner, if you ask me it was plumb, hitting middle and off halfway up, not sure why he was upset either? 

These wickets brought Dom Thomson and Jonathan New to the crease, at first Dom was mistaken for one of the lower grade Warringah shires players stumbling on to the wrong field pairing an odd combination of creams and whites, however he let everyone know he had turned up for the right game by crunching boundaries and building a strong partnership with Jono who had decided the spinner was going deep over cow-corner. 

Jono New works alongside Dom to push Gordon's case forwards 

An aggressive 36 run partnership between the two looked to boost the Gordon total, however with some quick wickets, Charlie Booth and Michael Roberts were left to have a bit of a swing notching up a good 46 run partnership at the bottom end of the innings which helped in boosting the total to a modest 9/195 by the end of the 50, certainly defendable with the slow out field especially when the ball became old.

A quick lunch and some suspicious looking ‘energy shots’…..Corbin. Followed by some inspiring words from the captain “let’s just work hard and get these ‘blokes’ out” was all that was needed for the Stags to get on top of Manly as Lachlan Borg struck in his first over, instantly applying pressure.

Strong efforts and tight lines were allowing the bowlers (particularly the two spinners Booth and Scotty O’Brien who bowled superbly) to limit the runs from the batsmen early on as Manly started to push for runs before the ball got old. 

Michael Roberts, author of this article plays one well out in front of his body 

However with missed opportunities, and a gradual flow of runs Manly looked to be in a commanding seat at 4/150 with 10 overs to be played and the level of intensity had died, except Corbin who was more awake than ever, looking like he needed some chewing gum badly; must have been those ‘energy shots’ at lunch.

The return of New and Effeney for their second spell, with the old ball in hand bowled very well. The batsmen were clearly struggling to score runs, taking risky singles and playing dangerous shots leading to the cleaning up of the majority of the tail by the two bowlers with vital contributions from Borg both with the ball and in the field. 

With 30 to win, 9 down and only an over to go Borg decided he would throw drown the stumps from the boundary and finish the game, selfishly robbing Scotty the chance of taking the last wicket to reward his hard work of applying pressure for others only to claim his scalps.

Effeney limbers up before taking the game away from Manly's grasp with a wicket towards the end 

A pleasing result, leaving us slightly above Manly on the table having had a disadvantaged season due to rain was capped off by a song in the all so spacious change rooms, a great way to end 2015 and a good platform to build on for 2016.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Michael Roberts

To read Jon New's version of events, click here 

3rd Grade vs Penrith - Round 7 - 2015/16

3rd Grade vs Penrith - Round 7 - 2015/16

Our excitement levels could not have been higher as we found out we were travelling to Penrith for our “home game”. Nonetheless we embarked on our journey keen on taking six points to stay right in contention for finals. 

On arrival the usual pre match banter was flowing getting everyone into the right frame of mind for another hard day of cricket. Michael “VIP” Roberts looked like a ghost as the battle of schoolies looked to have taken his toll however he insisted he would be ok. 

So the photographers turned up to the home ground... and no-one was there.
So we sourced a photo of "VIP" Roberts in trouble with the Cops at Schoolies 

The pitch looked hard but also green so upon losing the toss we weren’t too disappointed in bowling and what a terrific start we got off to. Lachlan Borg and Patty “Jono’s mate” Effeny taking a wicket on the last ball of each of their first overs. 

From here we really looked to set the tone of the match. Jono New bowled excellently taking three wickets as he battled the heat, dehydration and according to him, the fact he was seeing double. 

Scott O’Brien was again unlucky with the ball but must be pleased by his tight bowling which created pressure and we were able to take wickets the other end rotating the quicks. Scott finished with a wicket eventually after much toiling and missed chances but he was absolutely stoked in doubling his wicket tally. 

Lachie discovered there was a slight hill approaching the crease in his second spell but insisted he was the fittest man in the club so he could bowl for days. Lachie also took three wickets. It looked as though Penrith were going to be bowled out for around 80-90 but a few frustrating partnerships and a few dropped chances enabled the visitors/home side reach 129 on a very slow outfield which probably was equivalent to around 200. 

A special mention to Charlie who finished the tail with some smart bowling.

Before close of play Gordon still had to survive 13 overs. Matt “Wendy” Chamberlain and Muzz “Muzza” McMurray didn’t give any chances despite a very talkative and geed up Penrith. 

Matt "Wendy" Chamberlain in the previous match against Easts 

Arriving day two we were welcomed by a much refreshed Michael Roberts who was still coming to terms that schoolies was over. Matt and Nick continued on their business from the week before but with more fluidity as they worked the quicks very well into gaps and ran very hard. However when the spinners were brought on it made scoring a lot more difficult as it was turning significantly and the pitch was cracking. 

Nonetheless we knew we only needed one or two good partnerships to win the game. 

After two quick wickets both the openers fell. Bringing Darren and Missy to the crease, both were very positive from the outset. Missy took the aerial route and made a significant 21 which further took the game away from them. Upon Missy’s departure another partnership was formed around Darren who made some fine shots hitting a big straight six down the ground. 

On Corbin’s wicket there was a little stutter as we lost another soon after however Darren was too good and got the boys over the line with an excellent 50. 

Darren was out attempting to go big once we had passed the scores. Apparently Penrith have a policy where they have to either finish the overs or bowl the team out so we continued despite knowingly no result would ensue. 

Michael Roberts finished on 22 not out playing some classy shots. 

Unfortunately Penrith’s policy around spirit of cricket didn’t extend off the field, as there was no attempt made to offer beers or have a chat after the game. 

As Muzza pointed out they probably didn’t like our policy of winning. 

Corbin Edgar

3rd Grade vs Eastern Suburbs - Round 6 - 2015/16

3rd Grade vs Eastern Suburbs - Round 6 - 2015/16

We arrived to Trumper Park to be graced with a green top on Day 1 of our clash with Easts. Missy lost the toss and we were sent in. It was a promising start for the Stags onlookers when their opening bowler (renowned for his speed) bowled his first ball to second slip, followed by a ball sent half a metre down the leg side.

Charlie Booth looks to attack in the heat of Day 2 

Unfortunately this waywardness didn't continue to that extent. After the departure of McMurray and Higgins, Chamberlain and Edgar want about steadying the ship. The pair took us to the long tea break in gritty fashion. However, immediately after the break Corbin Edgar departed with wickets falling consistently after that. 

After Chambo was dismissed for a well compiled 49 the scoreboard didn't look pretty for the Stags. The score was 7-122 when Miller joined Thompson in the middle. 

Chamberlin (right) and Edgar set about righting the 3rd Grade ship 

The pair went on to add 87 between them before Miller was caught for 40 playing a typically lazy stroke. 

The next two wickets fell shortly after leaving Dom stranded on an expertly made 61 not out. In an innings that mixed elegance with brute force, it was a much needed knock for the struggling Stags. It was a shame he went down to 4th Grade the following week.

The total ended on 218, a par score considering the condition of the wicket. 5 overs were left to be bowled with Effeney hitting the top of off in his first over. That was the only excitement for the Stags and Easts ended the day on 1-10.

Matt Chamberlin continues to impress at the top of the order for 3rd Grade 

The following week the Stags bowling outfit, excited to get a run on a wicket with an abundance of pace and bounce arrived to discover a wicket that resembled a Chatswood deck at 3pm on a 35 degree day.

An early wicket on Day 2 was produced by Nick Miller 

An early wicket to Miller was accepted gracefully by Roberts to start the day, however, the Stags would be left ruing a missed opportunity shortly after. With a partnership ensuing Jono New was introduced to the bowling crease. 

A superb spell followed from New, breaking the partnership and then dismissing the new batsman shortly after. From there on it was a hard toil for the bowlers with good balls mixed in with far too many bad ones, not to mention the many edges falling short of the cordon (which was unheard of the week before). 

We picked up one more wicket before the Dolphins reached their target. They were led by a superb 125 not out by their number 4 batsman which was undeniably impressive.

We'll sneak in another of the author before this report is out 

With the 6 points lost, the Stags were left with nothing but disappointment and despair to drink away. 

Inconsistent bowling and a poor batting display must be improved on next game if Third Grade wish to be finals contenders.

Nick Miller

3rd Grade vs Blacktown - Round 5 - 2015/16

3rd Grade vs Blacktown - Round 5 - 2015/16

Match abandoned due to wet weather. No match report submitted.

3rd Grade vs Randwick-Petersham - Round 4 - 2015/16

3rd Grade vs Randwick-Petersham - Round 4 - 2015/16

Ian Higgins won the toss at the picturesque Coogee Oval and decided to bat on a wicket that had a steady coverage of grass. There was a little bit of moisture underneath but a good batting performance and the instruction from the captain to "bat the whole day" would see the Stags in a good position at the end of Day 1.

Andrew Crosland in full flight at Coogee 

The start couldn't have been much worse when Jonathan New holed out to mid-on without score and the 3rd graders were 1-0. Missy joined Matt Chamberlain and the two set out to negate the dangerous new ball and did so with good effect, adding 53 for the 2nd wicket before Missy was caught behind for 22. 

Tim FerreroWhen Matt was bowled for 31, a semi-collapse looked on the cards as Andrew Crosland was adjudged LBW shortly after and Gordon were 4/69. Tim Diehm was bowled just after tea with the score on 93 and the afternoon was in the balance with 5 wickets already lost. 

Taking matters into his own hands - Tim Ferrero 

Tim Ferrero took matters into his own hands and aggressively compiled a blistering 42 before being given run out and Gordon looked to be in a spot of trouble at 6/131 on a very difficult wicket to score. 

From here, a score of 180-200 would have been taken. However, the lower order and tail had other things in mind, as partnerships of 27, 58 and 40 took the score well past this and somehow over 250. 

Scott O'Brien did the bulk of the damage with a magnificent 62 not out in the circumstances. However, he was ably supported by Lachlan Borg (29), Charlie Booth (26) and Rob Barker (20).

The over rate was particularly slow all afternoon against a very tidy 5 pronged pace attack. 

However, Gordon's persistence would eventually pay off on a wicket that was very difficult to drive on as they finished the afternoon just before 6pm at 9/262. A very satisfying performance with the blade.

It was Scott O'Brien who did the damage at the bottom of the innings, but he isn't that photogenic - so here is a photo of Lachy Borg instead 

Missy declared the 3rd Graders’ innings closed after assessing a reasonably similar looking Coogee Oval wicket from the week before and stressed that early wickets and the new ball would be key to their successes on Day 2.

A run out in the first over got things under way and very much set the tone for what was in truth a disastrous innings from the Randwick side. 

Rob Barker produced an absolute beauty of an inswinging yorker in his first over and the score was 2-0 after two. He picked up the second of his four wickets in the next over, comfortably taken by Tim Diehm and the score was 3-4 after four. 

A rollicking start and one that never looked in danger of being turned around. 

Rob then took his third wicket after a good catch by Scott O’Brien in the gully and R-Ps were 4-16. 

Scott O'Brien was handy behind the wickets. Here is a photo of Lachy Borg bowling instead. 

The score then moved to 37 before the second run out of the innings was affected by Jonathon New who dove to save four before returning a perfect throw to the bowler’s end. Rob took his fourth wicket the next ball and the first innings points were all but sealed with the score at 6-37 after only a handful of overs bowled. 

Rob Barker was running hot and everyone wanted to get a piece of the action. A group of unruly adolescents, stripped to their swimwear, ran onto the field and attempted to touch Rob at backward point, such was his hotness. It was as if it were something out of a Tony Wilson fantasy. This, coupled with the Latin drums banging all afternoon from one of the overlooking apartments, are just some of the sights and sounds one can expect from an afternoon at Coogee. 

Tim Ferrero, while physically present on the field, had his eyes glazed over as his mind was clearly focused on one of his harem of birds and the distraction of a Coogee circuit was all too much to bare. 

Randwick limped to 103 all out with Lachlan Borg bowling an impressive 8 over spell of 3-20 in the middle overs and Charlie Booth picking up the last wicket. 

Rob Barker is cheered off the field. A fantastic spell in both innings 

The second innings wasn’t much better for Randwick as they slumped to 2-20, thanks to another terrific opening spell from Patrick Effeney and Rob Barker. At 3-57, 5-68 and then 6-83, Randwick teased the Stags with the offering of an outright victory. 

However time ran out in the end and Gordon were more than content with 6 points and sang the song loudly and proudly – albeit with a couple of us needing to consult to learn the words to the song. R-P finished at 6-100, still 59 runs behind Gordon's first innings. A terrific result overall and one that will definitely help our quotient; small victories after being washed out in round 1.

Don't worry about leaving your mates hanging.

Only four bowlers were used in the second dig and the 25 overs of spin from O’Brien and Booth went for 2/26. Terrific control was exhibited from both. 16 wickets in 80 overs is a magnificent effort and will hold the 3rd Graders in good stead moving forward. 

Jono New 

3rd Grade vs North Sydney - Round 3 - 2015/16

3rd Grade vs North Sydney - Round 3 - 2015/16

Chalk and cheese. Apples and oranges. Round 2 and Round 3. What a difference a week could make. 

After bowling 18 wides and going at 6s against Mosman in the previous round there was only room for improvement. 

Higgins rocks back and punishes the Bears lose bowling 

A stunning outfield and a sunny day had Jono New sneezing as we left for one of the best warm ups I’ve ever been involved in. As 9 blokes left to roll their arm over I was left with Cam New discussing his aesthetics regime. 

Missy failed his one job and we were sent out into the field for a hard day’s grind on what looked like a beautiful deck for batting. Gordon’s favourite punching bag Matt Keevers started off proceedings with a wicket in his second over, the grab well snared by the captain in the slips. 

From then on the bowling was superb. Tight lines, good fielding and a general lack of impetus from the North Sydney batsman saw the run rate barely get above 2 runs an over in the first session. 

Rob Barker applies the pressure on the Bears' batsmen, in a team effort 

However, it took over an hour until Patrick Effeney struck to have the bears creeping along at 2-63, still going at 2s. After crawling along to 86, Gordon’s coolest player, Tim Ferrero, was handed the ball striking in his first over. It took the remaining 9 players and a stump to pry Missy off tiddles’ new favourite during the celebration.

A partnership was always going to form on this deck but with excellent bowling from Gordon, in particular Nick McMurray who bowled superbly without luck (sorry again….), the run rate always remained less than 3 runs per over. 

At tea North Sydney were 3-115 off 41. After Keevers polished off the tub of hommus and rubbed 2 litres of lubricant onto his groin with uncomfortable eye contact we were back out in the field with the game very much in the balance. 

It was an excellent catch down the legside from Tim Diehm off the bowling of Chris Prell that reduced North Sydney to 4-126 off 48 overs.

Nick McMurray does his job for the team, keeping it tight at one end 

Poles from Rob Barker and Paddy Effeney then had the Bears in trouble at 6-163 in the 63rd over. Keevers then snared two wickets in two balls to have the Bears reeling at 8-198, he then proceeded to waste the hat trick ball down the legside. 

Another partnership built as our fielding dropped away slightly, but still the run rate never touched 3. At this point Effeny had seen enough and decided to purchase a house. The elder statesman of the club was visibly animated as he barked orders down the phone at fineleg. The end result leaving him a little light on for post day 1 beers. Well done Patrick.

It took a sharp caught and bowled from Bobby Barker to claim the 9th wicket of the day at 230. Unfortunately that was as far as we could get on day 1. 9-235 the score at stumps. A fantastic effort.


A celebration of Higgin's demolition of North Sydney's target 

After not being invited to Tim Ferrero’s house party, a few stags went to the local pub to ponder the bigger questions in life and watch on as Jono New inhaled 5 bourbon and cokes, visibly relieved to have avoided batting in the final overs. 

The job was clear on the morning of day 2. Wrap up the last wicket in as little time as possible and chase down the total on what was still a flat deck. 

After Tim Ferrero debriefed us all on his house party and “plenty” of birds, the stags took the field to wrap up the inning. A few streaky shots from the tail added 15 runs before Bobby Barker snared the 10th with a good catch in cover from the ladies man himself. 

The total was set at 251 for victory with 74 overs left in the day. 

The two New brothers opened up the innings and batted superbly, blunting the new ball and laying a great platform for the chase. Jono was brutal on anything over pitched and Cam pulled and cut away anything short. The right and left handed brothers making batting look a breeze. However, just as the 50 partnership was reached, a mistimed pull of the bat of Jono saw his day end after having made a solid 25. 

This brought the captain to the crease with a plan to hit the spinners out of the attack. And he did just that. With comfortable ease Missy began to elevate the scoring rate, cutting anything short and sweeping anything overpitched. At the other end Cam was all class. Finding the middle of the bat without fail he pierced the covers regularly and never gave a chance for his wicket. 

The partnership grew passing 50, then 100, then 150. Missy achieved his 100 with the score on 1-220. An excellent knock with runs coming from all around the ground. Just as we all thought a 9 wicket win was assured, after carrying his bat through the innings, with the score on 247, just a boundary short of the win, Cam pushed a catch to cover to be removed for a superb 88 ending the 197 run partnership. An excellent knock from the opener showing great signs of things to come. 

Missy, with little fuss, hit the winning runs to complete an emphatic 8 wicket win and finish his day on 123 not out. A captain’s knock. 

Led by Pat Effeny, the first song of the season was a cracker. Some of the new boys better learn the words because if we continue to play like this we’ll be belting it out every round for the rest of this season. 

Andrew Crosland

Fourth Grade Match Reports 2015/16

Fourth Grade Match Reports 2015/16

The fourth grade team plays for the Reid Cup. All of the lower grades generally contain a number of experienced players and young higher grade aspirants.

All points for the results from the side go towards the club championship.

Fourth Grade match reports for 2015/16 season are provided below:



4th Grade vs Sydney University - Round 10 - 2015/16

4th Grade vs Sydney University - Round 10 - 2015/16

4th Grade this round began with a soggy outfield, but a hard, flat wicket. Thankfully the few days of rain had not made it’s way onto the pitch, and with the excessive heat which had also been around the week before, the deck looked like a cracker.

Mitch Kleem is coming into a rich vein of form at the right time in the season 

The day began with Captain ‘Les’ Leighton losing the toss and being sent in, which was something that the rest of the team was happy to go with, as we all ran around on a soggy outfield with the intense top 6 vs bottom 5 game of fielding soccer.

McMurray and Kleem started the innings off cautiously. Kleem with a flourish of 1’s around the ground, playing himself in. McMurray was not so lucky, with a good grab at first slip with the score at 1/10.

Turki, who struggles to put together one of these match reports himself, made a solid start, as usual, looking comfortable on all lengths. He was given a life early on with a sitter dropped in the slips – McMurray must have been tearing his hair out watching that. 

This was just delaying the inevitable however, as Turki was, again, caught at first slip.

This bought Crosland to the crease and he looked solid with a good partnership forming. Kleem had begun a more aggressive approach against the students, hitting some great straight shots. Crosland went about his business in the standard way, rotating the strike and putting away the bad ball. 

Crosland was unfortunately run out due to a communication error and departed after his good contribution.

Kleem was eventually caught at point for a great and authoritative 71. This was a great innings, giving the Stags grounding and something to build on in the middle and lower order.

The Stags were a little tested in the middle order, with a fight back from the Students in the way of some tight lines and lengths. Nick Prell and Sammy Watts made good contributions down the order, showing grit and resistance with good intent.

The Stags were eventually dismissed for 195 in the second last over of the day, hence concluding the day, given the 2 overs for an innings change over.

The defence for the Stags was unfortunately halted in the second day of the match. This was due to heavy rain towards the end of Thursday and most of Friday, with the council deeming the wicket unsafe for play.

Some good signs for 4th Grade, with a gritty batting performance, and hopefully a win around the corner.

Nick Prell

4th Grade vs St George - Round 9 - 2015/16

4th Grade vs St George - Round 9 - 2015/16

After a disappointing run of loses before Christmas and a week of rain, the stags turned up at Killara keen and confident they could start 2016 with a good performance. The addition of Nick McMurray and Lachie Stewart strengthened our batting line-up and fielding set up to try and topple the 2nd place St George side. 

Andrew Crosland was one of only a couple to contribute with the bat 

Skipper Benny Leighton decided to bowl on an uncharacteristically soft Killara pitch. Sam Watts and Vikrant Nehru opened well, but couldn’t quite get the breakthrough as chances went begging in the field. It was the introduction of Andrew Crosland that snared the wicket with a much-needed LBW.

However, as the now distinguishing wides crept into the Gordon bowling line-up a change of tactic was needed as drinks arrived with St George 1-65. 

Enter Ben Leighton and Lachie Stewart. Our two spinners bowled with exceptional line and consistency as the pressure started to mount on the now settled St George batsmen. By simply bowling to a field the boundaries dried up and kept the run rate below 4 an over. 

'Lez' Leighton was first to strike as they raced through their overs to try and rush St George into their mistakes. The plan worked as Lachie picked up three wickets of his own including a brilliant catch by Oli Zannino behind the stumps to remove their captain. Bowling on a slow pitch Lachie was able to change his pace and build the pressure finishing with 3-32 of his 10 over spell while also bowling himself into PG’s selection the next day. 

After the second drinks break Gordon were working hard to keep the runs down, but with wickets hard to come by and the pitch flattening out, the St George batsmen began to accelerate with ease and they raced to 5-171 off 41. A few tight overs from our fast bowlers restricted the scoring but without a wicket the Batsmen were able to soar in the last three overs grabbing 40 runs propelling their score to 250. It was a disappointing end to an overall good bowling performance. 

With a good in-form batting line-up and a score of 270 in our last run chase, there was confidence around the group during the lunch break. Despite the pitch becoming much flatter in the afternoon, the outfield was still extremely slow as boundaries were hard to come by the whole innings unless risky aerial shots were taken, leading to poor decision-making.

Two early wickets and the costly run out of Mitch Kleem saw Gordon struggling at 3-31 and 250 looking much further adrift. Crosland (23) with some support by Lachie and Nick tried to rebuild but once again the disciplined bowling attack and good fielding and catching by a obviously well drilled St George meant the scoreboard pressure of 8 an over become too much as the wickets started to fall. The last wickets fell with little resistance and determination as we crumbled to all out for 101, 150 runs short of the target.

A disappointing batting performance including 2 run outs and an inconsistent bowling performance including 23 wides showed the fragility of the side and the lessons that need to be taken into the coming rounds. Let’s get out to training and show the potential that we have next week in the 2-dayer against top of table Sydney Uni.

Will Calov 

4th Grade vs Manly - Round 8 - 2015/16

4th Grade vs Manly - Round 8 - 2015/16

It’s been a tough season to date for our 4th Grade side, with the team experiencing many changes including three Captains, before Round 5.

All three leaders have done their best, considering the circumstances, including Nick McMurray who led the side brilliantly during the washout against Blacktown!

Kleem chases down the imposing Manly target 

We faced a tough prospect though against competition leaders Manly, who had a talented and highly spirited young side. This has been the case against many of the teams we’ve come up against. Anyone who thinks this grade is a walk in the park, needs a reality check.

I’m unsure who won the toss, but Manly batted first and it wasn’t long before Nick Prell made an early breakthrough with his left arm seamers. Nick has so far impressed us all with his no nonsense attitude towards his cricket. 

He grew up on a property between Goulburn and Crookwell and has been exposed to the harsh realities of drought that once gripped the district. He is a great addition to the Gordon Cricket Club.

Nick was well supported by Sam Watts who snagged 4/40

Manly eventually posted a sizable total of 9/293. 

A couple of observations, as a batsman who likes to get on with it, there is nothing worse than facing a bowler on a nagging line and length. That means no half volleys and nothing short where the batsman can free their arms.

It means hitting the top of off stump, where the batsman is unsure whether to come forward or back. The idea is to get him off balance and wait for the mistake.

With the right fields in place, pressure quickly builds and wickets follow. Sometimes though, you can be too attacking at Killara. 

Mitch Kleem opens the shoulders in the shot - and takes aim at a few people in this report 

Many of the lower graders need to hit boundaries. Take this away and their day out in the park, quickly changes to an endless grind. 

To the batting and the new opening partnership of Matt Coffey and Mitchell Kleem started well adding 40 or 50 with the first wicket, before the departure of Matt who made a handy 18.

Kleem followed with 57. Clearly the dominate contributor to the initial partnership.

Saahil Turki who’s been making consistent contributions over the past few weeks, tucked the ball around and scored 40. Pity he can’t contribute off the field by submitting his reports on time. [Editor's note: Or even at all]

Meanwhile Andrew Crosland was back to his best with a very aggressive 67 that featured some hefty blows to the boundary.

We were left with a hundred to get off the last 10 overs, and this proved to be too much and were bowled out for 260 or 270.

In summary I believe our side needs to get to get back to the basics. 

In a stellar weekend, Sam Watts takes 4 against Manly and other 4 against Penrith in PGs 

Preparation for the next game starts on Monday, with Sunday a ‘hangover’ day. That means getting an understanding of where you’re at mentally and physically. 

Ask the question what do I have to do this week, to be in tip top condition for Saturday? That could include weights sessions, going for a few runs, laying off the junk food or being more cricket specific.

Personally I don’t think those 10 minute sessions in the nets are enough, if you’re someone who likes to play their shots, you need to be hitting balls all the time.

Read books about cricketers and learn to visualise yourself performing well.

Speak to our coach Trevor Chappell, his brother Greg is an expert in this side of the game.

To end on a positive note I met a young local bat maker on Tuesday who had one of the standout exhibits at the Bowral Twilight Christmas markets.

Vandal Bats - Mitch Kleem rates the product. You can find out more by following the link below. 

15 year old Billy Barge who plays for the East Bowral Blues has sourced his willow from former Test Cricketer Ian Callen who has a property in the Yarra Valley in Victoria.

People can check out his his products at this link.

Also our local cricket enthusiast Rodney Cavalier is organising a bus tour during the Bradman Festival in January that will take people to all the places around the Highlands that played a special part in the life of "The Don" and his family.

Shephards Station, one of the stops on the tour 

Mr. Cavalier had terrific feedback from a tour he conducted back in January, where he spent time with Directors of the Marylebone Cricket Club and journalists from India.

Yours, as always,

Mitch Kleem

4th Grade vs Eastern Suburbs - Round 6 - 2015/16

4th Grade vs Eastern Suburbs - Round 6 - 2015/16

Killara, once again, whether you believe it or not, produced a flat batting wicket for the game against Easts. With quite an overcast day and a thick outfield, Easts won the toss and elected to bowl.

Dom Thomson looks to make a difference in the second dig 

With a prime batting wicket ready for runs to be scored on we were enthusiastic to make the most of it…. or were we.

Wickets began to fall early in our innings and partnership were very hard to come by. Easts gave us as many chances as possible to establish ourselves dropping upward of half a dozen catches, but the Gordon batsman were unable to make the most of their opportunities with only Kleem, Turki and Watts able to make double figures.

After 33.4 overs we were dismissed for a dismal 51.

We knew it was going to take a big bowling effort to at least stay in the game for second innings and James Kidd produced a quality early spell creating a few chances that went begging. After dropping Easts hot head S. Pointer early on he continued with countless opportunities to serve lip to the bowlers and make his way to an unbeaten 74, while the other Easts batsman around him looked to score quickly. 

After these early chances the Easts batsman didn’t give too many more declaring late in the day at 3/176 and sending us back in with 8 overs to negate at the end of the day. Mitch and Stan saw these overs off with some diligent batting and we ended the day at 0/18. On a positive note Nehru’s 9 overs 1/25 was the pick of the bowlers, bowling a consistent line and length passing the edge frequently in his spell. 

The second day was a day for Gordon to redeem its mistakes of the first innings and bat for the day to save itself from conceding an outright victory. Mitch Kleem started positively with the bat cracking a few boundaries early on, making his intentions to the Easts bowlers. 

This positivity was however short lived as what seemed the impossible began to happen all over again. A moment of de ja vu had begun to creep into the Gordon batsmens heads and they began to relive the demons from the 1st innings. With a lack of intent and patience from the Gordon batsmen the possibility of batting out the day slowly began to slip away. 

The only resistance of a fight back came from Lachie Stewart who made an admirable 39 before being caught trying to put one over the top of mid-off.

In the end Gordon fell 3 runs short of having to make Easts bat again. Let’s hope to see a big turn-out of 4’s players at training and turn around a very disappointing two days against Easts to have a big win out at Penrith next round!

Tim Diehm

4th Grade vs Blacktown - Round 5 - 2015/16

4th Grade vs Blacktown - Round 5 - 2015/16

Match abandoned due to wet weather. No match report submitted.

4th Grade vs Randwick-Petersham - Round 4 - 2015/16

4th Grade vs Randwick-Petersham - Round 4 - 2015/16

Having completed a convincing win against North Sydney the previous round, the 4’s were keen to continue their good form at home this time to Randwick Petersham. 

3 changes were made, with run scorers Lachie Stewart and Saahil Turki coming into the top 6 while Nick Prell strengthened the bowling attack. 

Ben Leighton spins his side back into contention 

More importantly however, the teams for the Top 5 v Bottom 6 soccer warm up were altered. Lachie Stewart showed his enthusiasm for the round ball game by taking a commanding role in midfield on week 1, however the top 5 were unable to control possession and succumbed to the bowlers for the second game in a row. 

I am confident the top 5 will hit back this week with evidence of some exciting partnerships and clinical finishing starting to show in the final third, however it is always going to be a challenge to score goals when Vikrant Nehru decides to park himself between the posts. 

Now on to the cricket, unfortunately the partnerships the top 5 are creating in the round ball warm up did not materialize once being sent in by Randy Petes. Whilst the previous week Killara was paradise for batsman, this round was a very different story. 

Roberts, tidy behind the stumps, watches one roll back onto the wickets 

It should be noted that on Friday morning we received word from Corbin that it was highly unlikely any play would occur on Day 1 due to a drenched field, so to get started on time was a minor miracle and we must give credit to the grounds men at Killara for their work. 

Stan was dismissed early on, bringing Dom and Mitch together, with Mitch continuing on his merry way with consistent run scoring, taking the attack to RP’s as he always does. Dom also looked in great touch despite the ball doing a fair bit through the air. This partnership reached 50 before Mitch was caught out, and from here wickets fell at regular intervals of 20 runs, with the innings never really gaining any momentum. 

Corbin, 28, and Saahil, 24, both contributed to the total in the middle order, as did Nick Prell (26) with some clean hitting down the order. Overall though the absence of a large score from one of the batsman was telling and the innings was closed at 172 after 50 overs. 

With RP’s facing the same conditions as us we were confident we had a shot at defending 172, but a good start at Killara would be vital. 

Whilst a wicket did not come immediately, Nick Prell and Sam Watts gradually built up the pressure and with the score at 23 both struck in consecutive overs. For the rest of the afternoon we were treated to some excellent leg spin bowling from Ben Leighton. 

Nick Prell nails one down the ground with the spin 

‘Lez’, much to the delight of Tids watching on, bowled with fantastic control and swung the day back in our favour, taking 3 wickets for next to no runs. Credit should be given to Vikrant, who bowled very well at the other end to keep the pressure on the batsman that eventually fell to Lez. 

Coming into Day 2, with a much more batsman friendly pitch on offer, we knew another good start was essential if we were to have any shot at a victory. 

Unfortunately it was tough going early on, and the RP captain batted very sensibly around many of his younger teammates and gradually chipped away at the total. 

Benny 'Lez' Leighton and Nick Prell in action at Killara 

Despite a wicket to Lachie Stewart (neat work behind the stumps as well from Roberts), the 7th wicket was not taken until it was too late and RP passed the total prior to tea. Whilst there were a few chances dropped, plain and simply not enough runs were scored by the bats on Day 1. 

If we can get back to how we batted against North Sydney we will give our bowlers much more freedom to attack the batsman and get the team in a better position to win some tough games coming up before Christmas. 

It was good however to see everyone stick around for a drink and a chat afterwards despite the loss, some of us even were treated to the story of Corbin’s love life, but more on that later.

Stan Gaynor 

4th Grade vs North Sydney - Round 3- 2015/16

4th Grade vs North Sydney - Round 3- 2015/16

Mitch KleemWe arrived at Killara for the first home game of the season hoping to rectify our performance from the previous week. From the get-go, the warm-ups were sharp and we looked switched on. 

Despite Mitch’s early blunder, bringing the wrong tea, he started the match off in style, hitting boundaries to all areas of the ground, whilst also being able to manipulate the ball into gaps. 

Mitch Kleem in glorious form, catipulting the Stags innings towards 400 

Stan at the other end was the rock, just ticking the strike over, before falling victim to a short ball. A very solid 23, but we expect more from Stanly. Meanwhile, Mitch was still firing along, reaching his 50 in no time, with Dom Thompson also looking very impressive at number 3. 

Michael RobertsAs Dom continued to impress, Mitch notched up his first century of the season, it was an absolute delight to watch, he got us off to an absolute flyer and really set the tone for the day. He wasn’t done there though, he continued on his way to 115, before being caught, outstanding innings. 

Michael Roberts looks down the ground for his half century 

We lost a couple of quick wickets after this, with Dom being dismissed by a great catch at cover, and the skipper, Corbin Edgar, deciding to leave one…. which unfortunately took his off-stump. I’m sure this won’t happen again.

This brought two new batsmen to the crease, ‘Chambo’ Chamberlin and Lachy Borg. They continued along nicely, both notching up 50’s before both being dismissed, both caught at long on. Lachy in particular seems to be making a habit of this. 

Michael Roberts continued the run scoring, making an effortless 55, looking the pick of the bats for the day, before once again bunting it to long on. 

Next match hopefully we can all put our hands up to go on with the job. 

Next to the crease, Charlie Booth. He came out looking very fine, playing some aggressive strokes and picking the gaps with ease. Vik Nehru, Sam ‘Watto’ Watts and ‘Lez’ Leighton all contributed down the order and brought us to a very formidable total of 9/404.

Vik Nehru plays the team role, tying up an end for Watts to capitalise 

Corbin decided to declare in order to get 10 overs at them before the close of play. With the energy levels through the roof and Lezley’s chat on point, we were ready to have a real crack for a few overs. 

Watto and Vik took the new ball and did a very good job for us. Watto had an immediate impact, taking the first three wickets of the match in no time. He was charging in, moving the ball in the air and really got us going in the field. Vik tied up the other end and helped force the errors of the North Sydney batsmen. 

Almost catchWe started Day 2 with high hopes. With North Sydney already 3-22, needing a further 380 to win, we were in the box seat. However, it was no walk in the park. Watto and Vik started the day off for us again, both working very hard, but the pitch was offering very little in return. It looked to be a great deck to bat. 

Almost... just short in the slips. Even against the Bears! 

With this in mind, and the seamers unable to get a break trough, the skip turned to Boothy. He had an immediate impact taking two wickets in two overs. Well-deserved for Boothy who bowled extremely well in the previous match but was very unlucky. 

From here we again had to toil, with Lez bowling well but unable to get a breakthrough, and Boothy continuing to bowl tight. This brought the skip to the attack. Yet to bowl for the season, he brought himself on at the perfect time, taking a wicket in his first over. He continued in this fashion to claim another wicket for the spell, a great return to the bowling crease. 

I must note the catching in the slip cordon was exceptional all day. Chambo’s catch diving forward to claim Boothy’s first scalp was very impressive, Boothy took a screamer off Corbin’s bowling, and Corbin took an absolute blinder the previous week off Watto’s bowling. We hope this trend continues!

Sam WattsAfter Corbin’s break through Lachy Borg took one wicket, which took us to tea. From here we only needed to claim 2 more wickets to seal victory and with North Sydney only 156, we gave ourselves every chance to have another crack at a second innings win as well. 

Sam Watts, working well in partnership with Nehru, takes the spoils this round, with 3 poles alongside his skipper 

Despite our ambition, the tail certainly wagged, and the last two wickets of the match were not easy to obtain. We had to work hard and dig in, as North Sydney took a very negative approach to there batting. 

Corbin’s captaincy through this period was exceptional, chopping and changing the bowlers, hoping to get that needed break through. In the end, he himself stepped up to claim the ninth wicket. However, this wicket can also be attributed to Ben Leighton’s impressive chat, talking the batman out of it. 

Mitch Kleem

Mitch Kleem is captured here punching multiple holes through the North Sydney field 

Lachy captured the final wicket with only 20 or so overs to go in the day. As much as it was tempting to strap on the pads again, we decided to call it a day and take the 6 points.

It was a great match, with all team members contributing to the win. I think it is safe to say we are enjoying each other’s company thus far, with good banter flowing through out the day. Hopefully we can keep in good form, and push hard all year. 

Go Stags.

Lachy Borg

4th Grade vs Mosman - Round 2 - 2015/16

4th Grade vs Mosman - Round 2 - 2015/16

A long drive out to Balmoral Oval saw the Gordon boys take on Mosman. A scorching day, quick outfield and cracking pitch, we planned to bat first. Stan ‘the man’ Gaynor (26) and Mitchy Kleem (30) had a terrific opening stand and got us off to a flyer reaching 60 without loss. 

Corbin Edgar is watchful early 

However, it was a few quick wickets which brought Corbin Edgar (30) and Matt Chamberlain (31) to the crease. Both played brilliantly and were setting us up for a good total. However, consistent with the theme during 2014/15, wickets at the wrong times led to a collapse and a total of 170 - a score way below where we were aiming.

Application. Perhaps? Early season rust. Hopefully. Either way, we need to dig in with the bat if we are to play deep into the season.

So, after smashing down some of the state’s premier fish and chips and the long haired Boothie falling for every girl under the age of 75 who looked at him, we began our first defence of the season.

During the first over I knew something wasn’t right; Sammy Watts had started bowling no balls. Now if you know anything about Sam Watts, it’s that he quite often picks up 2-3 wickets in his first spell and we’re away.

Lachlan Borg looks for runs through the offside 

But after a poor start we were searching for the first wicket.

Lachie Borg was the pick of the bowlers (1/15 from 10), bowling cross seam and keeping it super tight. Charlie Booth bowled some good areas and contributed with a hectic caught and bowled. 

Corbin’s captaincy was on point mixing the bowlers up at the right times but on the whole, we hadn’t scored enough runs. A disappointing first game performance-wise. But this team definitely has the potential to have a terrific season, and some above average chat!

Ben Leighton

4th Grade vs Sydney - Round 1 - 2015/16

4th Grade vs Sydney - Round 1 - 2015/16

No play in the 1st Round match against Sydney after rain kept the players off the round and the match was abandoned.

Fifth Grade Match Reports 2015/16

Fifth Grade Match Reports 2015/16

The Fifth Grade team plays for the Dave Sherwood Cup, which they won in 2011/12 and 2012/13. 

All of the lower grades generally contain a number of experienced players and young higher grade aspirants and our 5th Grade side has traditionally been quite strong.

All points for all wins go towards the club championship.

Fifth Grade match reports for 2015/16 season are provided below:



5th Grade vs Manly - Round 8 - 2015/16

5th Grade vs Manly - Round 8 - 2015/16

The loss of the toss on a fair wicket at Beauchamp saw Manly bowling first in what seemed like inhumane conditions as both the temperature and Stags runs seemed to increase throughout the day.

Opening with the bat saw the dynamic duo of Sherman and Livermore racing towards the crease, which in turn saw instantaneous runs being scored. 

After a quiet beginning to his innings, Tristan Cooper cashed in on the Manly bowlers in the later overs 

Although, the dismissal of Sherman was seen early in the innings, the runs kept flowing whether they were from the bat or the umpires signalling wides. 

There were well over 20 in the innings. 

Wickets seemed to fall at regular intervals within the top order as a result of some mistimed cross bat shots, which landed the Stags in some hot water at 4-69.

Partnering with his skipper, Rahul Krishna made a defining 71 which set the Stags on the path to victory 

However, the cool heads shown by Rahul Krishna and skipper Tristan Cooper allowed for the Stags to prosper within the heat of battle as a defining 90 run partnership. 

This set the tone for the rest of the innings as it provided a solid platform leading in to the last ten overs of the innings as the score reached 5-159 within 40 overs. 

Shayne Lin and Damon Livermore look to stamp their influence at the top of the innings 

Cooper was the first to be dismissed on 47 after some entertaining fireworks, which left the men from Manly chasing their tails within the field. 

Anthony Sherman was captured in action by one of our supporters, Prasanna Punja.
We love getting photos sent in - from the boys supporting the batsmen from the sideline (on your iPhone), to action shots.

Some further late order hitting was seen by Monaghan and Krishna. However, the dismissal of Rahul within the latter overs of the innings saw a well made 71 come to an end. His innings once again demonstrated the importance of early patience in order to cash in later in the innings. 

Later order hitting by Monaghan and Pat Rice saw the Stags reach 8-234 within 50 overs. 

Early troubles were seen for the Stags with the new ball as the Manly opening batsman attempted to up the run rate with them scoring 26 runs within the first 3 overs. 

Matt Todd looks to rip through the Manly batting order 

However, some smart bowling from Stickland saw the opening batsman cleaned up. 

Some outstanding fielding was seen through Pat Rice within the outfield, as the batsmen were overly ambitious when challenging Rice from the boundary rope to fall victim to a direct hit. Manly, after some early wickets, set about restoring a partnership to further help their run chase, which accumulated, to 60.

Matt Todd entered to break the shackles of this partnership, and put Gordon back in to the match. 

As a result of this wicket, Stickland was able to apply further pressure on the more experienced batsman in order to conclude his time at the crease with the score reaching 5-102 within 31 overs. 

Tristan Cooper opens the shoulders and hit one back over the head of the Manly bowler 

Stickland and Chauhan made it hard to score for batsman approaching the crease, which saw wickets falling at regular intervals with Stickland and Chauhan picking up wickets each during this stage of the game. 

As a result of some built up pressure, unnecessary risks were seen through another run out by Rahul, which further improved the Stags’ chances of a bonus point victory. 

A re-energised spell from Rice saw him concluding the match as he picked up two wickets with Manly ending their innings all out for 121 of 40 overs with the Stags also receiving a bonus point victory. 

Rahul Krishna firstly performed with the bat, then again with the ball 

Therefore, a very all rounded performance with the bat and ball concluded the Stags last game before Christmas as a comprehensive victory against a team within the top 3 has allowed Gordon to enter the top 6. 

Hopefully the break will allow for greater performances to come within the second half of the season as Gordon continues to risk within the ranks.

Manus Chauhan

5th Grade vs Penrith - Round 7 - 2015/16

5th Grade vs Penrith - Round 7 - 2015/16

Coming off a couple of losses and a draw, we really needed to get back into the winners circle. However, we knew the Penrith club were going to be tough after a strong win in their the previous match.

Matt Todd supports the quick bowlers as they took poles 

The coin favoured us in batting first and we made a great start with Ryan and Damon at the helm. Damon was picking off the loose balls and Ryan was again showing great patience. Tragically, Ryan copped a short ball on the thumb, which more or less rules him out for the season after undergoing a procedure inserting a plate with 5 screws. 

At the time we all thought he was soft and should have played through the pain...

To add insult to injury this break in play saw the panthers pounce taking advantage of some poor communication between batsmen with two quick run outs. Having survived the two run outs, Damon was at the mercy of some sledging (as you could imagine) and with wickets continuing to fall around him he remained in control was rewarded with a 50.

Dave Monaghan and Aaron Crofts 'race' for more wickets 

With the score at 6 for 104 (7 including Ryan's retired hurt), a patient but vital partnership between David and Glen added 69 runs to the total and with the 'most improved player from last year' Patty Rice joining David to add another 44 bringing our total up to a competitive level (although we still felt it was below a par score on a pretty flat wicket).

With Toddy and Patty seeing off the final overs of the day and 218 on the board, the team was hopeful of some quick fire runs on day 2 followed by some early wickets.

The man. The legend. Mark Harvey.
What a clubman!
We suspect he's had more hours in the field than almost anyone else this season. And all as a substitute.

Unfortunately, neither of the things we were hopeful of transpired. Patty was adjudged caught behind from the umpire as he padded one through to the keeper and being given out caught behind (although I reckon the balance of decisions probably went in our favour this round at least). I'm sure Penrith feel the same way – all we really hope for is to achieve a fair and an enjoyable competition.

But now back to the game ... Penrith with 218 to get and the Stags hopeful of early wickets.

Early wickets did not come though and with a few indirect deliveries heading to the boundaries, the Panthers appeared to be comfortable and on their merry way.

It was the first ball of David's second spell, which according to Shane changed directions 2 or 3 times, found a gap between bat and pad, bowling the more aggressive opener. This brought about a classic 5th Grade collapse, with Aaron and David in a race for the most wickets (or so it seemed). 

Damon Livermore acknowledges the support on the balcony at Beauchamp after reaching 50 

A partnership of tight bowling saw 5 wickets fall in as many overs and all of a sudden what was a comfortable position for the Panthers became one which they found themselves licking their paws.

Knowing all too well that rolling through the tail of oppositions is not an easy task, we went about it using the same formula of patient line and length bowling. With reward, we bowled them out in the 52nd over for 118.

With 23 overs left in the day, 99 times out of 100 both teams would call it a day and enjoy a cold drink. For some unknown reason and you would have to say not in the spirit of the game, Penrith decided against the cold drink, against an early trip back west, and against any likelihood of changing the result of the game to continue ...

Ryan Tullia was in sparkling form before breaking his thumb 

So what happened next in this 23 overs doesn't actually matter so I won't comment.

In summary, we grabbed 6 points with both hands. Whilst we have some work to do with our batting to ensure we don't lose wickets in clumps the positive with our batting is two games in a row we have seen through 70+ overs, which in previous seasons was almost unheard of. 

More of 'Reg' in glorious form as he set up the Stags' innings 

Our bowling continues to improve, with wickets being shared. I'd say we still have a way to improve if we are to see ourselves in the top 6 by season's end, particularly how we bowl in combinations.

David Monaghan

5th Grade vs Eastern Suburbs - Round 6 - 2015/16

5th Grade vs Eastern Suburbs - Round 6 - 2015/16

Gordon 5th Grade started round 6 by welcoming Jamal Prasad (John Philipson) back into the fold as well as old club favourite Damon “Reggie” Livermore and young gun Ryan Tullia.

The toss was lost on a flat but dead wicket and the Stags were set for a day in the field.

Matt Coffey makes a strong start at the top of the order 

Starting well, Dave Monaghan took a wicket early on and Easts were 1 for not many. ‘Man Monas’ bowled tightly in partnership with Paddy Rice to restrict the batting side’s progress and maintain pressure.

This resulted in a slow but steady fall of wickets, lead by Matt Todd and Anthony Sherman with 3 wickets each.

Gordon looked on top all day; restricting the run rate and never letting a partnership get out of hand. 

Pic and Toddy combine for an early wicket against the Dolphins 

Nonetheless a couple of decisions going against us and a failure to take wickets in clumps had Easts scraping slowly through to 9/212 at the end of day one - a pretty good day overall for the 5ths.

Arriving back at Snape Park for day two and the pitch looked much the same, a seeming anomaly when playing Easts, Coops exchanged niceties with the team’s favourite trigger finger, Umpire Neil, and we were underway, chasing a solid but highly achievable total.

Ryan Tullia in good form after a million throw downs from his old man 

The Stags started cautiously but steadily, making it to 0/81 before Matt Coffey fell for 49, making sure he re-counted the scorer’s handiwork to try and find another run somewhere.

Ryan Tullia was soon after dismissed for a well made 36, his first grade cricket runs despite two tons in as many weeks for the Colts. 

The Stags looked to be in a good position.

Much like day one, Gordon never really seemed behind in the match, but the wickets kept falling and we failed to solidify partnerships and finish the job. 

Sponsor, and 5th Grade player, Anthony Sherman captured in his 'dressing room' 

Check out his services here

Damon Livermore made a strong 23 in a natural return to cricket for the 15/16 season, capitalising on strong pre-game throwdowns from fellow clubman Glen Tullia.

Shayne ‘Shelton’ Lin looked in good form making a strong 28 and seemingly sailing the team home, but the call of Taylor Swift must have been too much to bear, controversially ‘run out’ for our 8th wicket.

In the end the Stags were bowled out for 186, 26 runs short of a fairly achievable total. Though we played well and always appeared on top, Gordon was let down by a failure to capitalise and finish the job.

Pat Rice opening the bowling for the 5th Grade side  

However the Easts team was strong and in the end deserved the win. A frustrating game for Gordon, but promising signs highlight a sure return to the winner’s circle come round 7.

Matt Coffey

5th Grade vs Blacktown - Round 5 - 2015/16

5th Grade vs Blacktown - Round 5 - 2015/16

Match abandoned due to wet weather. No match report submitted.

5th Grade vs North Sydney - Round 3 - 2015/16

5th Grade vs North Sydney - Round 3 - 2015/16

Saahil TurkiThe toss saw Gordon batting first against Norths on a very good wicket and quick outfield at Beauchamp on Day 1. Sherman got the Stags off to a quick start blazing away in typical 'Pic' style pushing the score to 49 off 8 overs. 

Saahil Turki loosens the shoulders in the search for runs 

Two relatively quick wickets saw the Stags sitting less easily, but those would be the last wickets for the next 20 overs with Gordon adding 156 to their score in this short amount of time. 

The loss of Stewart and Philipson in quick succession partially slowed the run rate but Crofts stayed busy hitting multiple boundaries before losing his wicket, Gordon's 6th. 

StewartSolid contributions from the rest of the order saw the Stags finish at 353 all out off just 63 overs, a tremendous effort. 

Lach Stewart raises his bat. A century for the Stags 

With 17 overs left in the day Gordon bowled tightly with Monohan managing to steal one wicket from the Bears overnight. 

(Turki 123, Stewart 101, Sherman 27, Crofts 27, Rice 27)

Day 2 saw a tight start from Rice and Monaghan taking 3 vital wickets in the first hour. The remainder of the session and part of the way into the next after tea would be hard work as North Sydney batted what one can only describe as conservatively providing few opportunities to take wickets. 

PhilipsonDave MonaghanMatt Todd

The 5th Grade bowling attach, Coffey, Monaghan and Todd run through the Bears 

With Norths 6 down at tea, we were confident we could bag the rest of the wickets for a comfortable win. All the bowlers contributed on a tough day with the ball with Todd, Rice, Monohan and Philipson all taking 2 wickets. 

Gordon ended up bowling the Bears out for 160 off 83 overs. A very convincing second win making it two from two in 5th Grade when we've got on the paddock. 

(Monaghan 2-27 from 13, Todd 2-47 from 22, Philipson 2-17 from 6, Rice 2-17 from 17)

Lach Stewart

ToddyEditor's Note: For a match that had two centuries and the 500th wicket of a Gordon servant, Matt Todd, Lach Stewart could never be accused of over-statement. Saahil Turki partnered with Pic Sherman to set the side up after Coffey was dismissed early, before working through the later part of the first session with the author, and other century-maker, Lach Stewart himself. Congratulations to both of them.

Matt Todd acknowledges the supporters after snagging his 500th! 

Without foreshadowing what is to come, more will be said about Toddy's achievement in the next week or so. Congratulations Matt!

Saahil Turki

Saahil Turki makes a beautiful century, laying the platform for the team's victory 
5th Grade vs Mosman - Round 2 - 2015/16

5th Grade vs Mosman - Round 2 - 2015/16

Round 2. After the delay, it was our first hit out of the year. It saw us up against Mosman – one of our local rivals.

Tristian “Coops” Cooper won the toss, or rather Mosman called incorrectly, and decided to bowl first on a very flat wicket at Beauchamp. 

Matt Coffy makes an impact in his first outing for the Stags 

We were a little inconsistent with the new ball, however Dave Monaghan managed to pick up 2 wickets in 2 balls to get us on a role. However the runs were flowing so it was up to the slow bowlers to bring us back.

‘Pic’ Sherman bowled well for his ten straight over picking up the third wicket. At the drinks break Mosman were 3/100 and in a good position. We decided it was going to be spin for the remainder of the innings.

Timeless classic. Sherman lofts one through the offside 

Our 4 spinners did a great job building pressure which led to a consistent flow of wickets, all shared amongst the spinners. I have to say the fielding was excellent on such a bumpy surface and played a huge part in restricting our opposition.

We managed to bowl Mosman out for 180. Given the outfield was so quick and the pitch so flat we felt very confident going into out batting innings.

We started our innings with a flurry of boundaries from Pic and the score raced to 50 in no time. As it always happened in the lower grades there was a mini collapse and we lost 3 quick wickets.

Dave Monaghan is undoubtedly going to snag 25+ wickets again this season, while Pat Rice will be looking to secure his passage through the grades 

Not to worry Lachie Stewart and Mike Dale belted the Mosman attack all over the place and we got the job done with a bonus point. 

The highlight of the day was Aaron 'Ronny' Crofts taking his first catch for the Stags from his first attempt, after taking about 15 attempts to bag one last season. And what a catch it was! 

Next week we take on arch rivals North Sydney looking to start off our season well. If we play like we did and continue to improve this team will be one to watch come the end of the season.

Of course if anyone needs a gym membership hit me up!

Shayne Lin

5th Grade vs Sydney - Round 1 - 2015/16

5th Grade vs Sydney - Round 1 - 2015/16

No play in the 1st Round match against Sydney after rain kept the players off the round and the match was abandoned.

Gordon Colts Match Reports 2015/16

Gordon Colts Match Reports 2015/16

The Gordon Colts team is a side selected after the 5th Grade side and plays in the Metropolitan Cup.

Over the past ten years, the Colts side has been very strong and has won a number of premierships. This strength means our grade sides benefit from the pressure these players put on the 4th and 5th Grade players.

Colts match reports for 2015/16 season are provided by the players below:



Colts vs UNSW Gold - Round 13 - 2015/16

Colts vs UNSW Gold - Round 13 - 2015/16

The Stags affiliate side arrived at David Phillips to find a hard, grass covered deck and a welcome small perimeter, with decidedly less lushness to the outfield than we had experienced in previous weeks at our beloved, asbestos ridden Beauchamp Park.

A scary sight - Cam McBrien charges in with the wind behind his back 

As always, the green tinge to the playing surface caused some discussion as to whether the best option at the fall of the coin would be to bat or bowl first. The focus then turned to the warm-up, under the guidance of the evergreen Todd Williams. Around 10 minutes into the warmup, Messers Cant, O’Neill-Fuller and Tullia (Senior) were heard to comment about the intensity of said warm up, and were looking to retreat to the comfort of the sheds. 

Conveniently, skipper GT was able to remove himself and attend to the flip of the coin which saw the Stags in the field as the opposing skipper called correctly. 

Rudy Midya backed up Cam McBrien very well 

The new ball bowling was excellent. Cam McBrien bowled with the wind and harassed the opening bats, whilst Rudy Midya matched Cam’s efforts into a strong wind. The combination resulted in an early wicket to Cam, and the skipper’s timely change to bring Aaron Crofts into the attack payed dividends almost immediately to keep the momentum in favour of the lively young Stags bowling outfit.

Aaron took two, and the Bumblebees were precariously placed at 3-for, before an inspirational piece of fielding from some old bloke that resulted in a runout and a comment, somewhat along the lines of “please politely escort yourself from the playing arena after taking on the fielding ability of this has-been, young man’. I’ll let you presume how that may have been paraphrased.

From there, the Gordon outfit largely continued to apply excellent pressure, executing good bowling plans which were well supported with solid fielding. A young star of the future which this club will hear more about is Rahul Krishna. He bowled into the breeze with his leggies artfully, and finished with the figures of 4-17 off 9 overs. 

Michael Cant plays strongly through the legside 

This young kid has not only the ability, but the temperament to become a quality top grade cricketer. The last time I was this impressed by a young leg-spinner that could bat was by a fellow called Sam Robson, who went on to play test cricket for England. 

With those efforts the ‘Bees were bundled out for 120. Time for the combined experience and youth of the Gordon batting line up to stand up and dominate.

Amazing how the man can bat when not fired first ball by his own side 

The evergreen Michael Cant and the effervescent Anshul Baruah strode to the crease to get us underway. 

The Gordon legend, ex-First Grade skipper and all-round nice guy, Canty, missed a full toss on leg to start the innings, but from there, it became a batting masterclass. I remember the first time I ever met Canty. It was playing for my old club, against Gordon, at Killara. Our bowling attack was formidable… one or two internationals, and Canty was the subject of one of the best sledges I’ve ever heard in cricket.

Upon bringing up his hundred, with deft cuts, nudges, and an obvious unprecedented knowledge of the art of batting, amongst the claps was the comment “They misspell your name in the paper every Sunday, you Cant”. 

Tullia and Cant share a laugh about sledges of old 

In this Colts chase, Canty made 83* of the 120, and not only helped the young players that are the future of this club, but showed a promising young player like Anshul how to go about opening the batting.

The Gordon Colts win with a bonus point, and consolidate our position towards the semis. Let's win next week and give GT a stressless week.

John O'Neill-Fuller

Colts vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2015/16

Colts vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2015/16

There aren’t too many days where someone goes out and takes 6 wickets to create every opportunity to take the 6 points from the opposition. This was Dermott Beattie’s game and only the weather was going to spoil it.

6 wickets to Dermott Beattie. Fantastic work by the young Colt!! 

After the torrents of rain during the couple days prior to the first Saturday, we were surprised to see such a dry Beauchamp wicket. Covers were quickly and efficiently taken off to make sure we had the best preparation possible. A young Blacktown side won the toss and sent us into bowl. 

A much wanted good start was replicated in the first over by gaining a wicket after three balls. Cam McBrien and Rudy Midya took sneaky wickets to keep Blacktown to 3-26. 

Dermott Beattie – keep that name in the back of your mind… or better still… in the front of it - came into the attack and was effective immediately by grabbing a well worked wicket. After getting a great start to the game, Blacktown fought back with many of Dermo's balls going the distance all around the ground. 

None other than the man Dermott Beattie was there to take the vital wicket. 

The run rate was slowed down dramatically due to great bowling by Dermott. Derm obviously wasn't finished as he polished off Blacktown's tail, rolling them for 119. 

23 overs were still left to play in the day, Oliver Williams and Anshul Baruah helped us gain a steady start to be 0-24 at stumps. 

Rain continued to flow through towards the end of the week, but thanks to the great help from Paul Beattie, Tim Cubbage and Glenn Tullia, we were able to get on the park to work towards the win. 

After our steady start, we slumped to 4-51. Glenn Tullia and John O'Neill-Fuller's partnership was very much needed as we were able to get out of a rough patch and get closer to the win. 

2 wickets then quickly fell with Gordon still needing 30 to win. Glenn Tullia provided a wonderful captain’s knock to get us over the line and gain the much needed 6 points. 

Well done to Derm for his 6-for, GT and JOF for getting us over the line. 

Ben Parker

Colts vs Hawkesbury - Round 9 - 2015/16

Colts vs Hawkesbury - Round 9 - 2015/16

After the deluge that hit Sydney early in the week I don't think too many of us thought we would be playing cricket on Saturday. However, after a couple of fine days later in the week Beauchamp was in pretty good condition, a credit to the groundsman. 

A talent to be watched - Beattie bowls a great spell after making a handy 32 

Captain Tullia (GT) was keen to have a bowl first on a wicket that was understandably a little soft before mentioning to the boys that he wouldn't be disappointed if we had to bat - probably because he bats at 7. Anyway not too disappointed he was, as Hawkesbury sent us in.

We lost a wicket midway through the first over brining John Phillipson to the crease. John was new to the colts team so what happened next was a bit of a surprise. He was out at the end of the fourth over for 27 (2 sixers 1 four) off 18 balls, Colts 2 for 29. Meanwhile I was still on 0 having only faced 2 balls but being thoroughly entertained at the non strikers end. Wickets fell a little too regularly although Brady Morrison was looking good before getting a good one on 21. 

At 5 for 79 as GT walked to the crease I was thinking, I bet he's pretty disappointed we had to bat now. The match was only 17 overs old and with John's early cameo our run rate was a very respectable 4.5 so we just needed a partnership. 

GT and I put on 75 and we were back in the game at 6 for 154, GT out for a fighting 21 and I was out not long after for 60. With 12 overs still to play Dermott Beattie made a smart 32 and Cam McBrien finished the innings with some big hits for 22 not out. Innings closed at 9 for 222. A total that we were very happy with.

John Philipson gives the ball some air 

At the break GT spoke about there still being plenty in the wicket provided we bowl well and we were all confident of defending 222. Our bowling innings couldn't have started better with a run out to GT and early wickets to Cam McBrien (1) and Aaron Crofts (2), Hawkesbury 4 for 33. 

At this point the Hawkesbury captain decided he would relieve our umpire, Ryan Tullia. With his season ending injury and no official umpires for Colts, Ryan is happy to help umpiring so both teams provided an umpire each. 

The problem was Ryan kept giving them out, caught at 1st slip, not using your bat and getting hit on the pads in front of the stumps, not making your ground running between wickets, unusual dismissals like that. After a heated conversation mid pitch between the two captains and with the support of the other umpire, Ryan was rightfully called back.

We took wickets at 73 and 79 both to Dermott Beattie who bowled a great 10 over spell, 2 for 19. 

With Hawkesbury 6 for 79, and the Webmaster Weekend Wrap already calling us out... "things got a little sloppy".

More wickets fell to Rudy Midya and Brady Morrison while Daniel Alleyn, in his first game for Colts, bowled well and finished with 2 for 20 off 8 and Hawkesbury all out for 50.

In the end, a good win keeping us well placed on the ladder in 3rd. 

Andrew Harvey 

Colts vs Sydney - Round 8 - 2015/16

Colts vs Sydney - Round 8 - 2015/16

With a win last week against Mosman, Colts looked to go for back to back wins against a strong Balmain outfit. A hot day at Beauchamp would set the scene for Round 8, with the Colts losing the toss and taking the field in this Sunday fixture.

Beattie in the round before against North Sydney 

Balmain were in real trouble from the get go. Fast heat from Ben Parker saw two early wickets fall and Balmain left with a lot of work to do. Balmain managed to form a small partnership, taking the total to 53 before Cam McBrien picked up two quick wickets.

Despite the poor start by Balmain Batsman being 4/64, Balmain stood resilient and advanced to 119 thanks to wide balls racing for four and hard hitting. However with a change up in the bowling attack, Harry Wallace clenched an important wicket sending Balmain into a lower order collapse, with Patrick Rice, Rudy Midya picking up late wickets.

Fielding spurred the bowlers on with all catches being taken 6/10 of the wickets were catches and sharp technical fielding saw the run rate fall leaving Balmain with a small total of 185. 

Colts looked to start a typical innings losing an early wicket as Anshul was run out for cheap. Harry Wallace looked to contribute with the bat by smashing 4 boundaries. The wicket of Aaron crofts fell at 55 and 28 runs later Harry was stumped. 

Olly Zannino and new batsmen Mitchell O’ Donell were left to rebuild the Gordon run chase and they delivered adding a 59 run partnership and poising Gordon for a comfortable victory.

All in all the chase had gotten a lot closer than expected, with one day rules applied the Balmain bowlers were reluctant to bowl down leg side?!?! With 70 (that isn’t a typo) extras tacked on to aid the Colts batsmen.

Skipper Glenn Tulia batted with Mitchell to oversee the final runs for victory as Colts go back-to-back. 

Rudy Midya

Colts vs Mosman - Round 7 - 2015/16

Colts vs Mosman - Round 7 - 2015/16

With a couple of tight losses accumulating under their belt, the young Colts team were eager to get back out on the field and on a winning roll. 

A slightly sticky second day wicket out at Mosman and an equally sticky, hot day would set the scene for Round 7, with the colts losing the toss and taking the field in this Sunday fixture.

John O'Neill-Fuller walks back to the sheds at Balmoral 

The Mosman openers looked very solid, with one youngster particularly catching the eye of the skipper John O’Neil-Fuller, however some tight bowling particularly from young Ben Parker (1/18) aided by the inconsistent wicket saw the first wicket fall quickly. One brought two and two brought three, thanks to some good planned bowling from Aaron Crofts (1-10) and tight fielding from the team. 

Mosman were in real trouble but some slightly impatient bowling from the young and excited Gordon side tied in with some disciplined hitting from a Mosman pair saw the right side of the score board climb. However a good ball from Prashan (1-19) saw the much needed breakthrough and though expensive at times the spinners Krishna (2-52) and Beattie (2-31)were then able to roll through Mosman’s middle-lower order. 

Noticing the likely possibility of being all out before tea, Mosman dug in, frustrating the Gordon bowlers. 

However some proactive captaincy and a bit of luck saw Rudy Midya (1/15) and Anshul Baruah (1/4) both chip in with a wicket to stop the Mosman innings at 163 runs. 

Ben Parker whips one off his legs has he notches up some red ink as the Stags pass Mosman's score 

With an under par score and 15 overs to bat in the day to bat, Gordon were looking to dig in and get through to stumps unscathed but some miscommunication between Baruah and Krishna tied in with some good fielding and a direct hit left the score at 1/20 at stumps. 

Coming into next week the conditions were very similar and it looked to be a good chase for Gordon. However some good and energetic bowling from Mosman saw Krishna fail to add much to his solid start the previous week and prevent Crofts and Wright from settling at the crease. 

With the wickets tumbling Oliver Williams (17) was the next man in and together with Andrew Harvey (31) they rebuilt the Gordon chase.

Skipper John O’Neil-Fuller (22) continued pushing Gordon's case, however it was Dermott Beattie (53*), ably aided by Ben Parker (13*), who stole the spotlight as he busily anchored the tail end of the Colt’s chase, bringing up the runs with three wickets in hand.

Dermott Beattie was really the star of the show. With experience beyond his years, he brought the side home, notching up a half century in the process 

All in all the chase had gotten a lot closer than expected but some great bowling from the young attack and maturity from the middle order batsman, saw the Colts back on their winning horse. 

Gordon 7/166 beat Mosman all out for 163

Anshul Baruah

Colts vs Sydney University - Round 6 - 2015/16

Colts vs Sydney University - Round 6 - 2015/16

When we left home, there was certainly no hope for a solid game of cricket, but as the clouds parted and the sun came out, we saw hope of a quality game against an opposition of equal ability.

The wicket was a batting paradise but the weather conditions where not of the same calibre.

John "Two Pumps" O'Neill-Fuller imparts his wisdom on his chargers 

Gordon won the toss and bat was the call. The team was unsure about the decision but we prepared for the game, both the openers (Dante Otto and Anshul Baruah) were full of confidence in the pitch and their ability.

The call to bat first came under even more scrutiny when Anshul Baruah was bowled out early in the first over for 2 with fellow opener Dante Otto following for 6 shortly after.

Andrew Harvey (12) and Rahul Krishna (27) revived the innings, digging in against the new ball. Unfortunately they both fell too early into the innings leaving the team with a job still to do. 

Rudy Midya takes 2/38 from 12 overes 

In comes the fill-in skipper, John O’Neill-Fuller, with a huge 52 to save the team from an extremely low total, dispatching balls to the rope with ease.

Even after a powerful captain’s knock he fell through lbw to an inswinger from the opposition captain. From there the tail crumbled with only 33 between the last 6 batsmen to end our innings on 138.

We knew we had to bowl well to restrict them to our minute total and for the latter part of the day we did just that with Rudy Midya (12 overs 2/38) bowling extreme heat up around the batsmen rib cage and Prashan Seneviratne (12 overs 1/30) bowling beautiful line and length.

Coming into the next week the conditions were much the same so we knew we had a chance with the ball. With Cameron Mcbrien bowling good heat with a great line and length for 1/23 we thought we were in with a chance. Hut the wickets weren’t falling quick enough, until Rahul Krishna, 4/47 from25 overs, bowled beautifully to almost take a thrilling 5 wicket haul. 

But even with those outstanding figures the bowling force simply couldn’t restrict them to such a low total with Sydney Uni reaching the total just before the afternoon tea break, to end a difficult game in difficult conditions.

Oliver Williams

Colts vs Randwick-Petersham Gold - Round 5 - 2015/16

Colts vs Randwick-Petersham Gold - Round 5 - 2015/16

We left home in heavy rain thinking we had no chance of playing cricket. Surprisingly, as we approached Maroubra, the conditions were not too bad. The groundsman was busy preparing the pitch, and it was agreed by both captains that we would start on time. 

Anshul Baruah took three wickets and also struck the ball well 

Gordon won the toss on a very juicy wicket. The Randy-Petes captain apologised to him team mates. We set ourselves the target of bowling them out for under 100. 

The opposition came out blazing, and the running between wickets by their openers was outstanding. After 9 overs, the score was already 79. This is an area of our game we need to improve, as we are giving our opponents an aggressive start in most games played this season. 

Anshul Baruah finally made the breakthrough with an LBW and followed it up with another wicket caught by Manus Chauhan at first slip. 

Rahul Krishna  bowled ten tight overs alongside Manus Chauhan, before knocking out 43 runs 

Again, it was our spin bowlers who reduced the run rate and got us back into the game. Manus Chauhan 1/24 off 10. Rahul Krishna 0/30 off 10. Prashan Seneviratne bowled very tidily once again taking 1/10 off 6. Another wicket to Anshul (3/51) and 2 late wickets for Cameron McBrien (2/51) saw us reduce the score to 7/210 after 50 overs. 

A few showers came through during the break, but this was no excuse. The pitch played fine all day. The seam of the ball was ruined early for both sides negating any swing. 

In reply, we were 2/55 after 23 overs (20 of those runs in extras). We did not show the same intent as our opposition, and the running between wickets needs improvement. 

The skipper, Glenn Tullia, tried to up the run rate towards the end 

Anshul Baruah (24) joined Rahul Krishna (43) at the crease and both batted very well, continuing their good early season form. The run rate was maintained at almost 5 per over for the remainder of the innings. 

Glenn Tullia (20 not out) and Oliver Williams (10 not out) were at the crease when rained finished the game after 45 overs. We were 5/159 and still 51 runs short. 

This was the first loss of the season for the young Colts side, but a lot of lessons were learnt. With majority of games washed out, it appears we maintain 3rd position on the ladder, with a lot of improvement left in us. 

We will bounce back at home next round vs Sydney Uni.

Glenn Tullia 

As the cars behind spin their wheels in the rain, the Gordon skipper carries on 
Colts vs Randwick-Petersham Green - Round 4 - 2015/16

Colts vs Randwick-Petersham Green - Round 4 - 2015/16

Arriving at the ground to a dry Beauchamp park after the torrent rain during the week, the mighty Colts were up beat and ready to take on the Randy-Petes. 

After losing the toss we were sent out to field. The pitch looked as though it could offer something to our bowlers. We soon found ourselves in a difficult position with only fielding with 10 players, plus an ill Cam McBrien. 

Krishna pairs with Falky to restrict Randy-Petes, at takes 4 along the way 

This reduced down to only 9 during the 1st session as Rudy Midya "strained" a heartstring hamstring. 

A few early chances went begging but the boys began to dig deep. ‘GT’ Tullia took a blinder of a catch to get the ball rolling. Rahul Krishna and Michael Falk both bowled fantastic long spells to quickly dry the runs and produce much need breakthroughs. They both finished the innings with 4 wickets as we were set the chasing total of 278. 

Tullia, Cant and Falk raising the average age of the Colts - by quite a bit! 

The second Saturday quickly came again and all the boys were ready to chase the much needed runs. After having a much needed long preparation we began the innings well with Ryan Tullia and Anshul Baruah both knocking the ball around well. The first wicket fell to Anshul on 21 to an unlucky controversial 'catch'. 

The many shots of Falky bowling darts - on his way to 4 poles for the Colts 

Rahul and Ryan both enabled a solid platform to work from. We were sat in a good position at the end of the 1st session. 

Rahul had his woodwork knocked over from well placed yorker. Next ball some terrible umpiring fired Michael Cant for a golden duck (sorry Canty). 

Lucky the cameraman had their Canon on the ready - Just the one ball for Michael Cant 

With Ryan still looking very solid he was joined by the crease with Brady Morrison. Both running between the wickets brilliantly and placing the bad balls through to the boundary very well. The fantastic form of the great man Ryan Tullia continued as he notched up his 2nd 100 of the season. 

Thanks to the hard work by Ryno and Brady we were able to reach the target comfortably before the rain set. Ryan finished on 161* and Brady 29*.

An innings from Ryan Tullia to remember to maintain a vital win. 

Ben Parker

Ryan Tullia performs well above his years, notching up his second ton for the season 
Colts vs UNSW Gold - Round 3 - 2015/16

Colts vs UNSW Gold - Round 3 - 2015/16

Chris RetallickLosing the toss was always going to lead to a long day in the field, with a lightning fast outfield at David Philips, and a pitch resembling the flatter parts of the roads we drove on our way to the game. 

Chris Retallick resurrects the run chase, stabilising the middle order after a start of 3/10 

With no recognised spinner in the line-up, and a stand in wicket keeper, it would have to be a good tight display by everyone to keep the runs down and leave a gettable target on the board.

Cam McBrien and Rudy Midya offered up some good length early on and Rudy got a couple of wickets (including a sublime technical catch by the stand in wicketkeeper Tim van Zuylen) to keep us with a foothold. However a couple of missed run out opportunities and some aerial shots somehow avoiding the catchers they got well on top at 2/161.

However the breakthrough finally came and set things into motion for our bowlers. Anshul Baruah had the ball swinging and was rewarded with a couple of wickets finishing the innings with 2/45. UNSW lost 8/100 in the end and posted a very chasable 261. Pick of the bowlers was Midya with a battling 3/41.

With 4 overs left in the day to survive we were hoping to get through unscathed, however the open the bowling with a spinner trick payed off when Tim thought he was safe to leave one but misread the spin to be trapped LBW.

Rudy Midya1/1 starting the second day got worse when the two Tulia’s fell early to some aggressive bowling leaving us 3/10.

Rebuilding started when ‘Retro’ Retallick and Harvey teamed up in the middle to get the right column of the score rising.

Rudy Midya digs deep on a flat track for his side 

 Some punishing shots from Retallick off the left arm spinner moved us along well passing 50 and taking the score past 120. 

Retro finally fell for 63 trying to continue his assault on the spinners with a slog sweep but ended up giving a friendly top edge.

Harvey continued his steady stroke play and brought up his own 50 just after the tea break. He couldn’t keep it going though and fell for 58 leaving Krishna and Baruah at the crease. At 5/172 it could have gone either way, however they missed their chances (including one by an ex-Stag) and we made them pay. 

Andrew HarveySpecial mention to the backhand tactics from Andrew Harvey serving hot cordial at the drinks break. 

Yes Andrew Harvey. If a contribution with the bat wasn't enough... drinks may well have been 

Krishna brought up his 50 and then pressed on with some aggressive batting to really drop the heads of the fielders. With 24 runs needed off the last 8 overs of the day, UNSW had a very slim chance for victory, but required wickets which were not on offer from the Stags. Could a draw be possible?

Not a chance. The Colts reached the target 5 wickets down for a great win!

Anshul Baruah finished 46 not out and Rahul Krishna 80 not out after some absolutely fabulous batting with the composure of players much more experienced.

Congrats on a great win boys and special mention to the middle order who batted with the pressure on and got us over the line.

Tim van Zuylen

Colts vs Hawkesbury - Round 2 - 2015/16

Colts vs Hawkesbury - Round 2 - 2015/16

Oli ZWith no cricket played in Round 1 the young Colts side were looking to get the season off to a good start, taking on Hawkesbury in the heat on Sunday down at Beauchamp Park. 

Skipper Glenn Tullia won the toss and had no hesitation in batting first with the plan to tire the Hawkes out in the heat while getting runs on the board. Ryan Tullia and Rahul Krishna got off to a solid start in the first few overs before Rahul was dismissed with the score at 29. 

Oli Zanino looks to take advantage of the Hawks bowling attack 

Ryan was joined by Oli Zanino and the two of them quickly went about their business keeping the scoreboard ticking over. Ryan quickly passed his fifty and by the time Oli departed for a well made 44, the score had reach 167. Their partnership of 132 had come up in around 20 overs and was highlighted by some sensible batting coupled with aggressive running between the wickets. 

After Oli had been dismissed Ryan kept pushing on and as a couple of wickets fell around him he pushed through the 90’s, keeping calm and brining up his century in the 36th over. 

Sam Braham looks for some away movement with the new rock 

Unfortunately, he was stumped next ball trying to up the run rate, however his innings showed an immense amount of maturity, being happy to work ones and twos while waiting for the bad balls to cash in. It was a chanceless innings and a great start to the season for Ryan.

With less than 10 overs to go a couple of wickets fell as the boys tried to keep pushing the run rate higher. Quick cameos from Dave Leiboff (20) and Sam Braham (15no) along with some really intelligent batting from Andrew Harvey helped the score creep up to a very competitive 7/266 off our allotted 45 overs. 

Andrew again showed maturity well beyond his age to keep the runs ticking along, whilst the batsmen around him were searching for boundaries he didn’t hit a single ball in the air, again just working ones and two and finishing with a very handy 33no.

Ryan Tullia on his way to a chanceless century, congratulated on his milestone 

Despite having runs on the board, the boys were well aware it was going to be a hard slog on a good batting deck. Cam McBrien and Sam Braham got things started with the new ball and were both unlucky not to pick up early wickets as a number of edges found their way down to the boundary. 

The Hawkes had got off to a bit of a flyer at 0/60 off the first 10. With a bowling change getting Anshul Baruah into the attack, the flow of runs slowed and the Stags were on their way as Anshul picked up a wicket straight after drinks. From there the boys began to squeeze the run rate and start building some pressure. Two more wickets then followed first to Rahul and then Sam returned and got a well deserved caught behind. 

Cam McBrien does the job for his skipper, tying down the batsmen and drying up the runs 

The runs continued to dry up and Cam McBrien came back into the attack, picking up the 4th wicket in his first over back. By this stage it was 4/140 from 33 overs, leaving the Hawkes needing 127 from the final 12 overs.

Unfortunately, some lose bowling combined with aggressive batting saw the runs start flowing quite freely again and the Hawkes were still well in the game. A quick change saw Anshul return to the bowling crease where he took his second wicket, removing the number 4 for 75 which pretty match confirmed the result. From there a run out followed and the Hawkes finished their 45 overs 6/228. Anshul finished with 2/37 from his 9 and Sam with 1/37 from his.

In the end it was a fairly comfortable win for the boys however we did let it get a lot closer than we should have. Plenty of positives to be taken from the game – particularly the top order batsmen setting up the game and some really great fielding. Most importantly 6 points first up and a great start for a very impressive young team. 

Dave Leiboff

Poidevin Gray Shield Match Reports 2015/16

Poidevin Gray Shield Match Reports 2015/16

The Poidevin Gray Shield is an age competition for grade clubs for players under 21 years of age.

The Poidevin Gray matches are played on a Sunday, and consists of 6 one-dayers, with the top 6 sides making their way through finals.

For the PG schedule go to Fixtures.

Poidevin Gray match reports for 2015/16 season are provided below:

Poidevin Gray vs Penrith - Round 5 - 2015/16

Poidevin Gray vs Penrith - Round 5 - 2015/16

Following the respective fixtures against Manly on Saturday, the boys were especially keen for the drive out to the base of the mountains, on what promised to be another stinker of an Aussie Summer Sunday.

Although the weekend didn't contain any wins for Sam Watts, 8 wickets across the two games was a massive personal achievement 

As has become the tradition over past weeks, we kicked off our warm up with some high intensity fielding soccer. A sport not widely known for its physical contact, that didn’t stop Axel Cahlin from asserting his authority early on leaving a dazed Regan Klemt sprawled in a tangled mess with the biggest hit seen since big bad Barry laid that left hook on West Coast’s Brent Staker back in 2008.

Despite this massive blow to the bottom 6’s stocks, they managed to pull off a gritty 3-0 win due in part to some sloppy defense from the top 5. 

There were some jokes about Cam New heading over to the States after Xmas... based on the following paragraph... Crawford will track him down. Where ever he goes.

The post mortem suggested they were probably being weighed down by ageing coach and ‘yarn spinner’ Tym “Crawf” Crawfors, who saw fit to get one last stretch out of his legs while he still has enough hair to comb over his increasingly roomy forehead.

It's hard not to capture Axel Cahin in action. Count the shots in this article alone.

The captains got together, and once Stobes successfully lost the toss, the Staggies were sent once again into the field, eager to open the account early on a pitch which looked brand new despite seeing 100 overs the day before.

The man himself and debutant Will Calov – fresh from a stint over in the UK - got things underway and despite a few loose deliveries early on, found that there was enough on offer for the bowlers if they hit the deck hard and didn’t offer too much width. 

Will Calov, Tim Ferrero and skipper Charlies Stobo apply heat to the Cats 

And so it was with a bit of good fortune that Will kicked the Stags off when a well struck straight drive from opener Cam Weir caught just enough of Will’s finger before crashing into the stumps at the non-strikers for a “tragic” run out. 

Charlie Booth bowls with good control during the middle overs 

Continued effective bowling by “Chuck” Stobo, and the introduction of our next debutant Sammy Watts, saw the second of the Penrith’s under age state representative opener on his way with the score 2-41 off 8 – Max Papworth taking a scintillating grab one-handed to his right despite suffering from what appeared to be a broken toe. 

Wickets fell at steady intervals throughout the middle of the innings as both teams felt the effects of the increasing heat. The only salvation from which proved to be the drinks breaks scheduled every 10 overs and the inspired inclusion of some ice-cold towels supplied by Timmy Ferrero’s mum and which Jack Colley took to like Matt Preston to a delicately crafted silk cravat.

Excellent spells by Tim, Reagan and then Boothy and an all round top effort in the field kept the pressure on the Cats who were suddenly unwilling to take any extra runs on offer. 

Calov returned to the crease for the Stags claiming two more wickets including danger man Sammut who had continued his form against the GDCC, slicing his way to 50 before holding out to Reagan at mid off, leaving the Penrith contingent hanging at 5-122 in the 32nd.

Back in the country, and immediately in all of Tiddles Fantasy League sides, Will Calov makes an impression on his return 

The lower middle order scored slowly as the field was pushed back, singles replacing boundaries in the final overs. Charlie Booth took a hanger at gully to remove the very chirpy Isherwood off the bowling of Stobo making it 6-152 in the 41st. 

The seam cartel, headed by “Chobes” and Timmy (who picked up a run out of his own follow-through) from the rural end and Sammy from the Pavilion end closed up the innings. 

Sam claiming two quick wickets in the final over to take his allotment to 4 wickets on debut and 8 wickets for the weekend. 

Well done Sam, top effort mate!

Tim Ferrero looks like he's modelled his action on Reagan Klemt's 

With the job half done, New and Spratt went about chasing the Cats 9/200. Spratty got off to a flier as usual – catching the eye of Penrith’s local news crew – and plundered the bowlers down the ground with ease. 

With the score on 50, a few wickets fell quickly which brought Axel and Jack together at the crease. The pair batted with great intent, turning the ball into gaps and putting the bad balls to the boundary. 

Jack (34) fell to an LBW shout, 2 in two days!, and was replaced by Papworth, who looked to continue with the intent Jack had shown but was undone by a bit of extra turn as he advanced down the wicket to the offie. 

Before he padded up, Jack Colley went on the attack against the Cats' bowlers

The Stags were left at 4-119 from 33. A little behind the 8-ball. Chuckles “Spotto” Stobo showed great class, steering the ball into gaps and supporting Axel in the chase. 

Here's another.
Cahin is strong off his legs. 

The pair took the total to 169 before Stobes (22) was caught at midwicket. Axel fell the next over, caught on the boundary for a terrific 46 (90 runs for the weekend), which meant the boys now sat at 8-169 still requiring 32 from the remaining 4 overs.

Enter Charles “Boothman” Booth. In what can only be described as one of the major turning points of the match, Charlie controlled the tempo of the game between balls with great maturity and charged the spinners with confidence, ably supported by Will Calov. The boys ran extremely well between the wickets, turning ones into twos and really getting us back in the game. 

And if you didn't think the onside was his scoring zone, here's more of Cahlin 

When a mix-up saw Charlie (16) run out two balls into the 49th over; the task fell to the two debutants. 10 balls, 14 runs, 1 wicket. 

Everything stopped. Stobes and Timmy gave up their game of spotto. Boothy’s old man took a break from his sips of chandy and Tiddles could be seen staring down the barrel of his camera, eager to prove he can take photos of more than just Axel Cahlin or Tim Ferrero.

Skipper "Chuck" Stobo partners with Axel to eat away at the Cats total 

With just one over remaining, they boys had whittled the required runs down to 10, and when the Penrith opener started off with a no-ball, it seemed like the unthinkable was all too possible. A single and a two of the next two deliveries saw us needing only 6 off 4 and when Will heaved the next ball over mid off for a boundary, only 2 runs were needed from 3 balls. No small task.

Tempers were running hot, the field came in and a dot of the next ball made it 2 from 2. A quick single and a fumble brought the scores level with one ball remaining in the match. 

Shock us! Chris Spratt on the hook. And looks strong down the ground too. 

A mammoth effort by Will and Sam at the death, which deserved to be converted into a win. 

Unfortunately, a bit of sharp fielding saw Ryan Hackney throw down the non-strikers end with enough evidence for the umpire to rule Sam short of his ground.

An unbelievable finish to a game that had a bit of everything. A sterling effort by the boys in the field, and a monumental battle with the willow. 

Special mentions to the Spratt man, Axel and Jack the "Guzzler" Colley for setting the innings up; and to Boothy and Stobes who mixed support with attack beautifully. But with 6 wickets (and a run out…not that one) between them, and for nearly getting the boys over the line, this writer was most impressed by the efforts of our two debutants. 

Before Cam New signs off his career at Gordon, here's final shot of Cahlin - but the rarer 'offside shot' kind 

Devastating to end up sharing the points, but a valiant effort to get us there with the ball and the bat! Well done!

So where does this leave PGs? 5 games, 2 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie see us on 15 points and in 9th place. Just one point behind the Cats and two behind Sydney and Bankstown with 1 game left against North Sydney on Jan 10 down ol’ Chatswood way.

From all of us at PGs, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May the Christmas turkeys be plump and the backyard cricket decks be flat (or a green demon if you’re into that kind of thing).

Cam “Newy” New

Thanks also to Reagan for his heartfelt well wishes in the post game wrap up.
Appreciate it. Champ.

Poidevin Gray vs Sutherland - Round 4 - 2015/16

Poidevin Gray vs Sutherland - Round 4 - 2015/16

Sutherland away. With our team lineup looking great team on paper, I was keen for a top performance from the boys.

Batting first on a good deck, our new additions to the side, Matt Chamberlain and Cam New, went about their business negotiating a swinging ball. Matt fell to a peach which ripped out his off stump, and Jack Colley joined Cam. They both batted extremely confidently, with Jack racing to 18 off 12 balls. 

One of the gents that could hold his head high on the day, Tim Ferrero bowled well in defending their small target 

He was stumped with his head in the clouds, and Axel fell soon after. Cam looked set on 36 after building a good little partnership with Max Papworth and setting us up for a decent score. But 3-94 very quickly turned to 7-95. 

Ferrero and Stobo looked to rebuild, with Tim looking particularly deadly 36 not out off 31 balls. But no one else could hang around, and we were bowled out for 131. Extremely disappointing. 3 run outs, a few loose shots, an innings everyone would like to take back.

From the outset we looked to attack and take wickets. However Sutherland also looked to attack and dominate the bowling scoring quick runs in a search for a bonus point.

An opening stand of 57 was broken by Boothy. From there, we didn’t bow our heads but kept hunting for wickets and applying the pressure in the field. Boothy bowled extremely well taking 4-31 from his 9, and could have easily taken 5 with help from his mate “Papsmear” Papworth. 

Ferrero kept it tight, but ultimately Sutherland passed our score 5 down. It could’ve been a totally different story if we’d scored another 50-60 runs which would have allowed the bowlers to have a good score to bowl too. With all the talk building up the Sutherland bowlers, I think we could have definitely won this game.

But with the team 2 wins from 4, the race to the finals is still on. The potential is 100% there to win this competition.

Ben Leighton

Poidevin Gray vs Parramatta - Round 3 - 2015/16

Poidevin Gray vs Parramatta - Round 3 - 2015/16

Gordon lost the toss and bowled on a flat good batting deck today at Chatswood. 

Parramatta started slowly but surely and despite some excellent early bowling from in particular Charlie Stobo, they patiently moved to 1-60 after 20 overs.

Max Papworth is cheered off by Tim Ferrero and greeted by the Gordon supporters after guiding the side's successful run chase to secure the points against Parramatta 

Unfortunately Matt Keevers could not continue after 5 overs with continuing hip problems. Nick Miller replaced him and bowled a really economical spell of 8 overs for 21 runs. After a good wicket from Lachie Borg, Parra were 1-85 off 26 overs and then Charlie Booth was introduced to the attack with immediate success. 

He took three quick and vital wickets off only 4 overs, to have the visitors 4-131 off 37 overs. From this stage our bowlers were on top. Wickets fell to Miller, Ferrero, Borg and two to Stobo, to have Parra 9-198 after 50 overs.

Charlie Booth shows excellent control and attacking prowess to really turn the game in Gordon's favour - taking 3/22 from his allotment 

All the bowlers shared the spoils - Stobes had 2-37 off his 10; Nick Miller 1-23 of 9 excellent overs; Lachie Borg 2-33 off 10 vital overs; Tim Ferrero 1-29 off 6; Charlie Booth 3 -22 off 4, Reagan 0-27 off 6 and Matt Keevers 0-25 off 5. 

An excellent effort by all on a very flat deck.

Borg and Miller toil away, while team mates mob a successful Booth 

Mortgageport proudly supports Chris Spratt

Our opening bats (New and Spratt) commenced the chase in an aggressive and sensible manner and after only 12 overs we were 0-64. 

Cam New looks more of the 'aggressive' rather than sedate and sensible as he lofts one down the ground for a boundary 

During this time Spratty hit one of the biggest sixers for many years, clearing the stand and the railway line. He was out for a well compiled 46 and I am sure he is very close to the big ton, which will delight all and sundry. 

We lost 2 quick wickets and appeared to somewhat lose our way. One was Cam New after a very compact 24 and the other was Axel Cahlin , the result of an unfortunate run out.

The pressure was on our new No 4 in Max Papworth and Reagan Klemt. 

Zac! No pressure felt here by Chris Spratt. The same can't be said for the Parramatta bowlers or the commuters on the St Leonards to Gordon train trip 

Neither disappointed, with special credit to Pappy for a brilliant 67 not out in his new top order role. He was ably supported by Reagan with a patient and vital 44. Both bats naturally blossomed as the partnership grew.

We had a small hiccup with Reags and Borg out however Tim Ferrero joined Max and they both saw us home with 5 down in the 46th over.

Write Now Communications proudly sponsors Reagan Klemt

Ferrero demonstrating his value to the side with bat and ball 

An excellent effort from our boys and this will boost their confidence for the really tough games ahead in Sutherland and Penrith. We are currently sitting equal 5th with 3 others on 12 points however are only 1 point behind the joint leaders on 13 points. Is this our year?

Tony Wilson

What footwork shown by Papworth here against the slower bowlers, before celebrating his half century in the middle of the pitch 
Poidevin Gray vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 2 - 2015/16

Poidevin Gray vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 2 - 2015/16

After the rain all week, the PGs boys were keen to get out on the field and stick it to the Fairfield-Liverpool side. A warm up for champions, the starfish eased many minds and many nerves as we took to the field. 

Yes. Played Stobes! A Lions' batsman castled by the quick 

Numerous cries of “Go Keevers!” were heard from the looming Tai Chi bands and it really got us going.

Charlie “Treebeard” Stobo struck in the first over followed by a second in the 7th over. A tight opening spell from Stobo and Matt Keevers bowled excellent in partnership, which left Fairfield 3-33 off 11 (Stobo 3). 

Lachy Borg then struck with an excellent display of bowling, catching ‘Mr. Sandhu’ plum in front leaving him to walk off very disappointed with his performance and his lack of chat. 

The batsman looks on during Frame 1, his fate sealed in Frame 2 and celebrated in Frame 3 

Charles Booth started brilliantly claiming a wicket early in his spell, leaving Fairfield 5-82 off 29. Charlie ended up with excellent figures of 1-34 off his 10; an excellent effort at Chatswood. 

Cahlin looks to the legside for runs. A great shot by the photographer! 

A run out, and wickets to Ferrero and Keevers left Fairfield 8-199 off their 50. A total that seemed not to big a task for the Stags batting order. 

An excellent opening partnership from Spratty and Cam New had us in an excellent position at 0-56 off 8. With Spratt and Cam both being dismissed, at 2-59 it was up to someone to stick in and bring the boys home. 

Unfortunately, wickets continued to fall at a regular pace. 9 wickets fell for only 50 runs, which meant we were bowled out for 109. 

Now Cahlin plays straight while wickets tumble 

A very disappointing result, considering the way we bowled to put ourselves in the game. Hopefully we can go out there this Sunday against Parramatta and prove why we are a big threat in this competition. 


Max ‘Pappy’ Papworth

Poidevin Gray vs Western Suburbs - Round 1 - 2015/16

Poidevin Gray vs Western Suburbs - Round 1 - 2015/16

Axel Cahlin scores a classy 81 not out as he steers the Stags to a comfortable win against Wests at Pratten Park.After the week of rain it was good for the Under 21 Poidevin Gray team to get on the park on Sunday.

After losing the toss Gordon were asked to bowl on a slow and low wicket which made scoring hard for the Wests batsman.

Charlie Stobo collects the opener, caught by Max Papworth

The Gordon bowling was also first class with Charlie Stobo starting proceedings at a great pace and keeping the batsman at bay.  After an unfortunate back injury to Rob Barker meant he couldn’t continue after two overs, Nick Miller supported Stobs with some excellent new ball bowling.  The going was slow for Wests as the run rate was kept to under 4 most of the innings. Max Papworth was also in top form with the gloves taking the first three catches and then executing a fine run out from a Tim Ferrero return.

Another catch to Max, this time off Nick Miller

With Lachie Borg also helping with 2 wickets and Charlie Booth and Reagan Klemt playing their part Wests finished with 8 for 178 off their 50 overs.

Chris Spratt and Cameron New got the Gordon innings underway before Cameron was out first and then Chris for a well-made 24.

Reagan Klemt, Lachie Borg and Tim Ferrero in action at Pratten

Axel Cahlin and Reagan Klemt then got together to put on 74 important runs while the Wests bowling was at its best. Reagan played an excellent support role while Axel played shots all around the ground to end up posting 82 not out. His shot making was both classical and punishing at the same time and the bowlers had no answer. After Reagan departed for 34, Tim Ferrero and then Lachie Borg batted with Axel to see us home after 45 overs with the score at 4 for 179.

Axel during his fine innings of 82 not out



Wests 8 for 178 (Lachie Borg 2 for 22 off 10, Tim Ferrero 2 for 18 off 6, Charlie Stobo 1 for 21 off 9, Nick Miller 1 for 28 off 10, Reagan Klemt 1 for 51 off 6, Charlie Booth 0 for 26 off 7, Rob Barker 0 for 11 off 2 were defeated by Gordon 4 for 179 (Axel Cahlin 82 not out, Reagan Klemt 34, Chris Spratt 24)


A.W. Green Shield Match Reports 2015/16

A.W. Green Shield Match Reports 2015/16

The A.W. Green Shield is an age competition for grade clubs for players under 16 years of age. The Green Shield matches are played either on Sundays or on weekdays during the school holidays. The competition includes semi finals and a final.

A. W. Green Shield match reports for 2015/16 season are provided below.



Green Shield vs Western Suburbs - Round 3 - 2015/16

Green Shield vs Western Suburbs - Round 3 - 2015/16

The match against Western Suburbs was washed out.

Green Shield vs Sydney University - Round 2 - 2015/16

Green Shield vs Sydney University - Round 2 - 2015/16

The Greenies bounced back from their Round 1 defeat with a convincing victory against a somewhat lacklustre Sydney Uni side in extremely hot conditions at Killara Oval on Sunday.

It was one of the more unusual games the boys have played; this was due to the two rare run outs when the batsman hits the ball back to the bowler, coming off the bowler’s fingertips to run the non striker out... that's right, not once but twice.

Nick Astridge looks to demolish the tiny Sydney University total 

With a former Stag appearing for the opposition, the boys found some extra motivation to win. After both batting teams recorded high scores during the 4th Grade match the previous day, the Killara deck looked like producing two high scores yet again. This was not to be the case for Sydney Uni.

After Gordon lost the toss, the students elected to bat. We had a good start with Liahm Williams bowling a very impressive opening spell with 3/15 off 6 overs. Also an early run out coming off the finger tip of Sam Braham made sure we were on top going into drinks. 

Will Bremner in full flight, taking 2/3 in his spell 

We kept the pressure on and finished off bowling Sydney Uni out for 68, with great contributions from Liahm Williams (3/15), Will Bremner (2/3) and Sam Braham (1/18). 

The batsmen continued the momentum knocking up 1/43 off 17 with a great dig from Andrew Harvey steadying the ship after losing an early wicket. 

Nick Astridge, 17, got the Stags over the line with a valuable bonus point win 

At the end the boys got over the line with ease getting the runs 3 wickets down after 26 overs – a valuable bonus point win. Andrew Harvey (29) and Nick Astridge (17) were the standouts. 

A great win from the boys who simply outclassed the students. Our final match before Christmas is Wests on Tuesday and we are looking to continue our winning ways.

Dermott Beattie

Green Shield vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 1 - 2015/16

Green Shield vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 1 - 2015/16

The 2015/16 Greenies kicked off their campaign against Fairfield-Liverpool at Rosedale. Rosedale Oval is so big it could easily be confused with Warwick Farm racecourse which is right next door. 

Three boundaries all day, and all on the short side, only emphasised that no one in U16 can hit a ball that far. 

The boys take the field to defend their total 

Congratulations to Brady and Dermott; obviously plenty of time in the gym has paid off!

We won the toss and decided to bat on a wicket where you couldn't be confident you made the right decision. Wickets fell regularly and opener, Nick Astridge was the only top order batsman to provide any resistance, still there at 3/39 and 4/69 before falling for 35 with the team in trouble at 5/75. 

The boys reflect on one wicket and form their plans for the next 

A much needed partnership of 35 between Dermott Beattie (23) and Dan Alleyn (29) saw the Stags post 154. A lower total than what we were hoping for, however, we were still confident that we could defend it.

Unfortunately like the batting, our bowling and fielding were not at the level we wanted. We were able to bowl well from one end but rarely both and also put down some catches which proved costly. 

Despite this we were never out of the game and it wasn't until the 49th over before we were beaten. Prashan Seneviratne was easily the pick of the bowers with 3/18 off 10 and was the reason why we were still in contention late in the game with a stunning second spell. 

Rosedale Oval is a big place, and the boys were confident to defend their score 

Sam Braham also bowled well with 1/23 off his 10 and was unlucky not to have taken more.

Although beaten on the day, so was half the competition. 

The boys are still confident of a strong season ahead and are looking forward to our next match against Sydney Uni on Sunday at Killara.

Andrew Harvey


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