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Match Reports 11/12

The 2011/12 season was another successful one for the Gordon District Cricket Club, with both 5th Grade, under Tom Cockburn, and the Colts, under Dave Millar, winning their grade's premiership trophies.

The match reports for each grade can be found in the sections below.

First Grade Match Reports 11/12

First Grade Match Reports 11/12

First Grade plays for the Belvedere Cup and all grade points go to the Club Championship total. 

For the First grade schedule go to Fixtures 

First Grade match reports for 2011/12 season are provided below: 



1st Grade vs North Sydney - Round 16 - 2011/12

1st Grade vs North Sydney - Round 16 - 2011/12

Chad SoperNeeding 6 points and a miracle result in the match between Easts and Saints, we travelled to the picturesque North Sydney Oval knowing the odds were against us. Mind you, not only were the odds against us, but our coach also decided to put down the lamington for another season and pick up the pork pie. Marcos was still fist pumping at Wharf Bar after a big win against the $1.90 favourite Tigers and Greg Lewis was spotted at Anytime Fitness North Sydney 8:55am queuing for a bench.

Chad Soper charges in against the Bears 

Even without the presence of the coach and Marcos, Packers won the toss and choose to bat second. Dan Smith jumped early out of the cage and opened the "Stag" attack on a track which proved a little slow. Smithy shaped the ball around nicely, reinforcing the hard work he has put in at training this season is finally paying off. Unfortunately the ball seemed to be shaping into the middle of the bat.

Up the hill, our leader decided to hand (via the wrist) Chad Soper an opportunity. Soper (1-14) responded and was sensational. 

Dan Smith

From the outset, Chad worked the 2 opening sticks over by bowling "back of a length" and gave them little chance to score. 

Dan Smith keeps tall as he delivers a great spell 

Chad bowled 7 straight! A sign that he is constantly finding out more about "his own game" as a bowler and being able to execute his own "plans" as a cricketer.

James Campbell, "The Real McCoy" replaced Smithy and settled in for the long haul, 10 overs straight. Very English, keeper up, "ring field" etc... JC put the brakes on the scoring and allowed Chad to attack from the other end.

Fortunately it was not as "English" as what Harry Evans is about to experience in the UK. The changes will be, Harold will not have to help with the covers because there are none. Harry will be opening the bowling with an abbreviated run up, (which means shorter than the one at the moment Reece because he will be required to bowl 24 straight from the one end, they play 48 overs). The keeper will be standing up although in exchange for gloves, he will be wearing his 9 to 5 welding mits from the village barn and batting pads as patella protectors. The captain's grandson will be setting Harry's field, due to the fact "pop" can't see anymore and the regular skipper had the week off to watch the away game at Oldham.

The bad news is the opposition only have 10, so "pops" grandson Jonny (who already has bun in the oven) puts his hand up to play for them. 12 year old, little Jonny hands his Burberry cap to the umpire, steams in with the new rock, bowling 70km/hr seam up. Harry's conscience will get the better of him and probably miss a straight one on purpose and proceed to consume 17 pints at tea whilst fighting off Jonny's Mrs and her plans to migrate to Australia with him and start a family.

James CampbellI must interrupt to announce that JC is a specialist at his craft which is deceiving batsman. This reminder takes me back to a 2 day game v Manly at Manly Oval, 2009. JC deceived the manly skipper by a perfectly pitched delivery that swung back through the gate collecting the top of middle stump. I know its a little off the topic and a terribly vague example, however this manly player was good. You just have to ask him. So good that the following season he got out twice in a day against the Stags.

James Campbell continues to trouble batsmen with his big swingers 

Back to it, from overs 3 to 10, JC was superb. I believe he missed his length only once and created a pressure environment which was hard to score. Enter the giant, Scott Heaney. Scotty would be the first to admit he was not "on" in his opening spell. What impressed me the most is the way he returned. "Heans" sets incredibly high standards for himself, so it was really pleasing to watch him fight to get it right.

Special mention must go to Dan Smith (3/40) for the unusual dismissal of one of the North Sydney openers. Unbelievably the ball was "kicked" twice by the batsman and given out as caught at cover. Very peculiar and apparently the pitch was responsible....I guess you had to be there.

At 1/100, things were not going to plan. However we did manage to turn things around. Similar to Heans, Smithy returned with more discipline like the true "champion" greyhound he is. Smithy displayed good determination by bowling to plan and executing.

To be honest, the turning point to our session in the field was the introduction of Lewis and Evans. So often this season, these two have been called upon to work in tandem, affectionately known as "Chest" and "Abs". Harry pranced in off the long run, stood the seam up and planted the ball on a length. Having the best seat in the house, I can vouch for Harold, he bowls a heavy ball and makes it "talk" off the wicket. For about the fourth game in a row, Harry was complimented by the opposition batsman post delivery about how good he is bowling. 4 weeks ago Nathan Hauritz was offering his bat to the in field with a remark, "you have a go".

The highlight, or should I say highlights was Lewis picking up a pair of brothers. Both remarkable deliveries. I say remarkable because they both turned. Straight out of the palm, both deliveries pitched outside off stump and hit the top of leg stump. Had we not removed the brothers we were looking at 250 plus. In the end, we managed to restrict the total to 203.

After no lunch and a break, the two openers Eccles and Lewis set out on mission. Cameron looked comfortable on the back foot from the outset, punching Bills back down the wicket and launched Campbell into the stands as a contender for pull shot of the year. Unfortunately X missed a straight one shortly was very straight.

Greg Lewis, also contender for "palm/pull" shot of the year, started in a positive fashion, piercing the field through the off side with some classic "fingerless" drives. Lewy and Reece Bombas looked in control. Having hit one of the best on drives this season, Reece followed Cam's lead and also missed a straight delivery, although chose not to kick the ball a second time before walking off.

Harry EvansLewis continued to chip away at the score with young Harold. Harry entered the realm at a difficult stage of the game, we were slipping behind the run rate, could not afford to loose another wicket and he needed to get going from the outset.

Part-time specialist, Harry Evans, keeps his side in the hunt 

The chase feel in a heap when we lost Lewy (40). The momentum was gone, we were behind the rate and for the new batters the wicket proved hard to "get in". Steve Colley did his best, as usual, but fell victim to ever increasing pressure of the scoring rate. We lost our middle order in quick succession. The fight back came from Evans (59) and Soper which is something that would make our coach very proud. The feeling from the sideline was that we were always going down, however Evans and Soper put up a fight. Harry was brilliant and gave the side constant hope. Chad (30) played a crucial support role and in the end we got fairly close to the total, falling 8 runs short! So really, not that far off the rate in the end. Our chase lacked structure and we panicked at crucial stages of the innings. Or if you want to look at it like "the ger", we bowled 14 wides, they bowled 2!

Special mention must go to the manager. The service was fantastic and I think a few players have become accustomed to the constant pampering. Although I blame the former manager, Ian Packman for setting a high standard.

Another big thank you to the angry man that sits, observes us under a lens and tells us to be the best we can. This group cannot thank you enough for the time and preparation you put in each week to allow us to be the best we can be. See you shortly. And finally, to the absent Marcos. We love you regardless of whether you are "busy" or not. Up the eagles!


1st Grade vs Mosman - Round 15 - Day 1 - 2011/12

1st Grade vs Mosman - Round 15 - Day 1 - 2011/12

After a disappointing loss to Parramatta last week the First Grade side needed an outright against Mosman to keep their finals chances alive.

Dan Smith

James Packman lost the toss, which did not matter as Mosman decided to bat, and we were more than happy to bowl in our bid for an outright. Dan Smith did not disappoint with two wickets in his first two overs both caught James Packman, where he continued to take five for the innings - the most Sam Bunno has ever seen. Reece Bombas claims he has taken 5 in a PG’s game, but we have our doubts.

Dan Smith in action

Constant pressure from all the bowlers had the Mosman bats in all sorts struggling to score and survive. A good aggressive spell from Scott Heaney, with minimal balls in the batsmen’s half earned himself two wickets both caught behind the wicket. Julian Stephenson continued to plow away giving Mosman nothing to hit except when he was persuaded by the mastermind of the 1st Grade team, Reece Bombas, to bowl a bouncer - the only ball which sailed with plenty of conviction to the boundary. After that he went back to the game plan of 4th stump and picked up 4 wickets all behind the stumps. An excellent display of good tight, aggressive bowling and catching meant Mosman were bowled out for 129. It would have been 125 if Jules hadn’t listened to Reece.

The game plan was simple when we went into bat get the runs and have a bowl before stumps.

julian stephenson celebrates a wicket

We got off to a steady start with Reece Bombas and Greg Lewis getting to tea.

Jules celebrating another wicket!

After tea we saw Greg Lewis expanding his “V” and playing shots all round the ground even a pull shot over midwicket. Just ask him about it on Tuesday. Reece hit the ball hard down the ground especially of the spinners, using his feet superbly, just like he does in the nets. He continued to thump the ball to the fence with the world’s worst bat in grade cricket. Unfortunately with a few runs to get Reece Bombas was dismissed.

We got the runs and added a few for the road, before James Packman was forced to declare when Harry Evans rolled his ankle. James Packman brought the boys in leaving 11 overs at them before stumps. Has to be said excellent palming by Greg Lewis on a superb 78 not out. 

Although we didn’t bowl to our best and were a little bit greedy searching for wickets we were able to snare two vital wickets one From Dan Smith caught Iain Beverley down the legside and Scott Heaney caught Iain Beverly.

Today was a great day to be part of the Gordon 1st grade side. We showed excellent fight by all the boys with our season on the line and achieved everything we set out to achieve. Hopefully we can back it up next week and come away with 10 points.

Steve ‘Buck’ ColleySlip cordon

The slip cordon waiting for another James Packman catch

1st Grade vs Parramatta - Round 14 - 2011/12

1st Grade vs Parramatta - Round 14 - 2011/12

Cam EcclesParramatta: In a must win game for the top grade we arrived at Old Kings kitted out in the traditional creams.

Pre match: Scott Heaney was an early arrival at the ground, no doubt looking to finally meet our beloved Marcos even though Marcos rates Heans as our number one. This cannot be explained as only two weeks ago it was alleged that Scotty was asking a fellow team mate "whats that Eagles supported doing here, is he lost?". And to think I was 8th "unbelievable". In complete contrast Harry Evans was late once again, every excuse was thrown at the captain; "M2 was terrible", "I hit a cyclist." All I can say is guilty. Too the trough.

Cam Eccles plays strongly through the off side 

Alright to the game: With the pitch looking particularly flat the skipper decided it was time we have a bat first after winning the toss. Unfortunately this must have taken the top order by surprise as we were quickly 3 for bugger all as Parkinson picked up Greg, Reece and Harry all caught behind. This brought Steve to the crease with a must needed partnership required. With some early shouts and close calls we were progressing along nicely as the score moved past 80. Unfortunately, Colley fell next to Wood who must have bowled his slightly straighter one and Steve chiped an easy catch back.

Packman and Smith fell cheaply and this brought Iain Beverley to the middle. Another partneship with Beverley and me of 80 before I was out for 70. The end of the innings was nigh and with some lusty swings of the willow from Chad, Jules and Marcos' mate saw our score get to 231. In hindsight the score was probably 80 odd runs short.

Greg lewisThe Parramatta run chase got off to a good start as stumps were called and they were 0/50. Sunday required some excellent bowling and some luck to get the points on a pitch that seemed to get harder and flatter and the outfield becoming fasted after two days of 30+ days. 

Greg Lewis picks up the spinning duties for 1st Grade - taking two wickets in the match 

All the bowlers toiled for a wicket and it came from Jules, a perfectly pitched ball catching the outside edge for an easy catch to Bev. However that was one of too few highlights for the Stags as Parramatta inched closer to the target. Only some good bowling and sledging from Lewis brought a couple of wickets for our spinner. Parramatta eventually passed our score by tea on Sunday, just 4 down, with the only other wicket going to Harry Evans. 

Poor result on a tough weekend.

A good possitive is that kangaroo court is growing and very enjoyable even after a loss. What will Bomb be guilty of this week!

Too the trough.

Cam Eccles

1st Grade vs Bankstown - Round 12 - 2011/12

1st Grade vs Bankstown - Round 12 - 2011/12

Dan SmithRocking up to Chatswood on Saturday thinking that we might not get on because of all the rain we had during the week, we sat around until 1. Then we got the call that we were playing at 2. The boys were pumped and ready to go. 

The Greyhound - Dan Smith - gets the Stags off to a great start 

Special mention to Iain Beverley who was organising his wedding apparently! 

We had won the toss and sent the Dogs in on a track that had a bit of life in it. Dan 'Greyhound' Smith started well with some early wickets from some consistent bowling, while James Kennedy bowled without luck. Then young Chad 'I don't wanna get 5-fa anymore, so I don't have to skull VB anymore' Soper was thrown the ball and without doubt came up with the goods snicking the Dogs batsman off! 

Before we new it we had them 5 for 30 odd. Scott Heaney from the other end toiled hard with some heavy rocks and got himself a well earned wicket. Young Chad was destroying the Dogs at this stage and wickets keep falling and the Bankstown were all out 76. Well done to the bowlers outstanding job. 

Now it was our turn to bat and Cam Eccles and Greg Lewis went about punishing the bowling attack and were off to a flyer the boys put on 39 before cam was out hooking. Reece came in looked to score quickly before he was out lbw with the score at 71. Harry was out in the same over. Steve Colley and Greg batted with good patience and got the score to 112 before Greg spooned one to cover. 

In walked night watchmen Iain Beverley and he and Steve saw us out to the end of the day with the score at 5 for 122.

Turning up on a nice sunny Sunday ready for a Day 2 battle against the Dogs, the boys were keen on getting more points from this game. Bevo and Col started patiently looked in control and wasn't long before Bankstown's head began to drop and runs started to flow. Steve played some quality shots to all parts of the ground which we haven't seen for awhile. Steve was out caught behind for a well made 49. Bevo continued on and looked solid for a bloke who has been worrying about how many guys he's going to invite to his wedding! 

We then lost wickets consistently and we were all out for 229. The boys were pretty confident that we could roll Bankstown again on a wicket that was starting to dry out by this stage. Wickets were hard to come but Dan continued he's perfect swing bowling picked up four wickets and we had Bankstown 4 for not much and we started to feel we could knock them off cheap again. However, two of the Bankstown boys knuckeld down and put on a hefty partnership. 

On came Harry 'repeat offender' evans and with his little medium pacers took a couple of wickets to give us a chance of maybe and outright. We toiled hard for the remaining wickets but the Dogs keep fighting, and at the end of the day we had Bankstown 9 for 290 and the game was called off. 

Well done boys very solid effort from us and where getting better every week. Keep fighting for each other! 


1st Grade vs Campbelltown-Camden - Round 11 - 2011/12

1st Grade vs Campbelltown-Camden - Round 11 - 2011/12

Driving out to Campbelltown through quite a bit rain didn’t give me great hope for the cricket ahead but arrived at the ground to find not much rain about over Raby No 1. So after “the skip” Packman arrived late, but still getting stuck into Harry, and a short delay, the boys were ready to take on the “Ghosts”. The pitch looked like it was in good condition but a little slow so with that in mind James after winning the toss sent the Ghosts into bat.

Chad Soper on his way to 5 more wickets after his recall to 1st Grade

The openers got off to a solid start with 46 before Chad took a wicket in his first over. The runs were ticking over steadily until Chad again chimed in with 3 more wickets. Dan with 2 wickets, James with 1 wicket and Scott, who was unlucky not to take a wicket, all bowled very well and Harry & I helped out also with some tight bowling.

The bowling honours for the day went to Chad Soper with 5 for 44. The Ghosts finished up with 9 for 210. With the target set but, because of the slow wicket, not knowing how good a score on this ground it was, we had to bat sensibly and solidly.

Cam and I went out with a positive attitude to keep the scoreboard ticking over and to make sure we had wickets in hand at the end if they were needed. The Ghosts opening bowlers were quite tight and with the slowness of the wicket runs were not easy to get but we managed to be a hard fought 61 before Cam was out for solid 23.

Reece Bombas came to the crease and we knew that it important for us to continue building runs so our other batsmen could come in and be able to play their natural game. I was out next for 33 and Harry “always late” Evans came in and he and Reece took the score to 134 before he was out for a well made 32 which put us in a good position to win the match.

Reece continued on with Packers who pinch hit 21 off 17 and then Dan “Greyhound” Smith came in to finish off the match, hitting the winning runs, with 4 balls to spare. Reece finished with a good, patient innings of 69 not out.

Reece 'Bomber' Bombas demonstrates his maturity as he guides the side home

After the game there was a quality fines session with a few punishments handed out for previous offences!

Starting with JK receiving the packing of the kits for last week’s crime, then Packman drank 3 fingers of his beer for being late which he loved anyway and finally ‘Situation’ Lewis had to eat a meat pie for leaving early on Thursday night! This was a high carb and saturated fat punishment for the ‘situation’ which required a 5km run later that evening. It was a tight and exciting game and I believe the Stags worked really hard for this win, so let’s continue the good form against Penrith and Bankstown.

Greg Lewis

1st Grade vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2011/12

1st Grade vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2011/12

Dan SmithBreaking news. The Buck (Steve Colley) has a girlfriend. More details in later match reports as the rumours continue to filter through.

But first, what a game of CRICKET! We arrived at Cheeeeeeyatswood determined to get our season back on track. After losing the toss on a pitch with a nice covering of grass, we were sent in to bat.

The author, Dan Smith, brings the team back from 5/19

Although quite green, the pitch was also quite hard, so it was difficult to gauge how the deck would play and what a par score would be. Eccles and “déjà vu” Lewis both departed early, while Steve “I always get out the same way as Ponting” Colley and Harry “18.7” Evans had their stumps cleaned up off some good bowling by Philipson and Collymore. Reece “I almost got fired but…” Bombas’ hard work at training this week did not pay dividends as he too fell victim to the seaming ball.

At 5 for 19, things looked grim. James “Race 4, Number 7” and Dan “Number 7” Smith then tried to take the attack to the Blacktown bowlers. Packers was timing the ball perfectly, while Smithy took full advantage of the gap between 2nd slip and 3rd man. Lucky Guptill wasn’t playing. Packers was particularly dominant against the Blacktown spinners, with the highlight of his innings being a sweetly timed flat six over cover. The pair put on 129 runs for the 6th wicket to give the Stag’s bowlers something to defend.

Chad SoperPackers and Smithy then departed in consecutive overs for 64 and 61 respectively, and it was left to Iain “I’m putting speed-stipes in my hair. Makes you go faster” Beverley and the tail to progress the score towards 174. Special mention also goes to Scott Heaney who is still yet to be dismissed this season.

Young Chad Soper makes the most of his return to 1st Grade, taking 3 wickets

Things did not start well with the ball, as Brett Collison took down the Stags pace bowlers. At 0 for 50, we desperately needed a breakthrough. Packer’s sent square leg back to the boundary, and after one or two mean bumpers, Scott “keaney” Heaney clean bowled the other opening batsman who was stuck on the back foot.

However, it was the introduction of Chad “pumped up kicks” Soper that turned the match around. From ball one, Chad was right on the money and before long he snicked off the no. 3 batsman. Packers then reintroduced James “we found love in a hopeless place” Kennedy into the attack. Many eyes were on “contacts” Kennedy, and he didn’t disappoint, forcing Craig Philipson into a rash shot that was comfortably taken by Scott Heaney. Big wicket. Good song as well.

Wedding at Forester’s Beach Resort?

Chad continued his good work with the ball and was again rewarded with another wicket – through the gate, top of middle – not a bad rock. He was well backed up by 'Harold' Evans who picked up the prized scalp of Collison for 60 off just 55 balls. The next over, Steve Colley then ran out Hodges and Blacktown had lost 5 wickets for just 7 runs. What was more astonishing, however, was the celebration of Steve after the run out, who remained motionless next to the stumps with his hands towards the heavens, not too dissimilar to a Freddie Flintoff celebration.

A small partnership then followed, but it was once again Chad who made the breakthrough. Shortly after, Harold clean bowled Tony Clark. One would think that Harry was bowling with a 300g rock the way the ball crashed into the stumps, but I can assure you he just bowls a heavy ball. Chad finished with figures of 3 for 22 (8 overs) while Harry finished with a tidy 2 for 8 (4 overs). The tail was quickly cleaned up and Blacktown were bowled out for 110, 65 runs shy of victory.

A great performance from the Stags 1st XI after a disappointing game last Saturday. Also, a quick mention regarding the first-class fielding display of Greg Lewis, Steve Colley and Harry Evans who led from the front. After the game, the Gordon song was sung loud and proud. I can also confirm that Reece Bombas never did a match report for the Eastern Suburbs game. Boo-urns!

Get Fah You Bah!

Dan Smith

1st Grade vs Hawkesbury - Round 9 - 2011/12

1st Grade vs Hawkesbury - Round 9 - 2011/12

After a disappointing finish to 2011, the Stags 1st XI were keen to get back into CRICKET! and ambush the Hawks at our home ground. Our preparation going in to this match wasn’t the best, with a couple of average training sessions. James ‘win at all costs’ Packman lost the toss, and the Stags were sent in to bat on a pitch that would favour the bowlers early on. We were playing a 50 over match whilst the rest of the club (except for the Colts) were still in T20 mode.

Cam "Pinger" Eccles launches a ball into the far regions of Chatswood

Greg ‘kit off in summer, singlet in winter’ Lewis and Cam ‘reverse tail’ Eccles got the team off to a solid start, rotating the strike well and dispatching the bad ball to the boundary, with Lewis even pulling out his first pull shot in his cricketing career. Don’t bowl there.

However, with the loss of Lewis, Colley and Evans in relatively quick succession, a partnership was needed to turn the momentum. After grinding out the first hour, Cam started to find his feet at the crease and took to the Hawks bowlers. He was ably supported by Reece ‘I hate woodport’ Bombas at the other end, and together they shared in a crucial 95 run partnership before Bombas opted for a tactical change of bat and smoked the leather off the ball to the keeper for a well compiled 37 runs.

Enter James Packman. At his best, “Jamma” makes batting look easy. After smashing the spin bowlers out of the attack, Jamma started swotting the pace bowlers into the gaps. His innings of 50 runs off 28 balls was short and sweet and allowed us to edge closer to a par score at Cheeeeeyatswood.

James "I'll get a new club helmet soon" Packman notches up 50 in short time

Meanwhile, Cam continued to dominate the bowling at the other end on his way to 100. A real grinder of an innings at the start, but by the end Cam looked very comfortable at the crease, playing each ball on its merits with a clear intent.

When Jamma departed, Elliot Richtor then took hold of the reigns, hitting three consecutive sixes in a quick fire 24 run stand. At the other end, Cam finished on 122 not out off 136 balls. All in all, it was a very mature innings from the Stags, led by Cam Eccles with the other batsmen batting sensibly around him.

The plan with the ball remained the same as always. The bowlers got out of the box early and shortly after the first bend picked up the first wicket with James ‘4 eyes’ Kennedy clean bowling the Hawks opening batsman. At 2 for 10 and then 3 for 49, we were on track for 6 points. However, some undisciplined bowling and plenty of 4 or 5 ball overs allowed the Hawks batsmen to pick off the runs with ease. Before long, Lowe and Decent put on 150 runs together and pushed the score to almost 200.

We desperately needed a wicket to get us back in the match, and this came courtesy of a slower ball from JK that ballooned back for a straightforward catch. JK did his best to make the catch look difficult, however, diving forward and plucking the ball just centimetres off the ground with his right hand.

Iain "Bevo" Beverley takes a big inswinging delivery as it passes the batsmen

At this point, all 11 of us were thinking that this was our chance to really put the pressure on the Hawks, but again some wayward bowling meant that the gap between the runs required and balls remaining started to close. The Hawks eventually passed our total with 4 balls to spare.

Overall, it was a very disappointing match for the Stags, and it was a shame that we couldn’t honour Cam’s century with a win. That said, we take on Blacktown this Saturday and I have full confidence in this young side to bounce back and take home 6 points.

Harry also bowled a heavy ball.

Dan ‘greyhound’ Smith

1st Grade vs Northern Districts - Round 8 - 2011/12

1st Grade vs Northern Districts - Round 8 - 2011/12

James Packman reports on our Round 8 match against our Northern neighbours.

After an interrupted few weeks due to wet weather and an unexpected weekend off against Penrith, the team had not participated in competitive cricket for a number of Saturdays. It would therefore be assumed we were eager, energetic and excited to take on the Rangers at our home ground prior to the Christmas break. A respectable week at training and the return of the regular skipper and we were prepared to put in the best performance of the year.... or so we thought.

The old fella Packers in full flight

There was something missing at the toss (no Marcus!!! -it was later discovered he was busy at the shops purchasing the brightest set of white trainers possible... in size 4) and immediately the vibe was a little off. The toss however was won and on what appeared to the eye to be a green wicket which would assist the bowlers it was decided we would have first use with the ball. That said it was difficult to gauge if that was the right decision as the bowlers got off to a pretty ordinary start with both sides of the facilities being tested and a variety of lengths being used, mostly to the batsman's liking. Some useful deliveries were produced by "after dark Heaney" and "best out of box 1" smith however as a bowling unit we didn't apply pressure and with "the only one not to get hit for six by Chris Gayle at thunder training" Kennedy having an off day the bowling figures tell the story. One highlight however was watching "sponsored by Tony Wilson" attempting a run up off about 10 steps..and trapping the ND's no. 5 dead in front.

I would be very surprised if there isn't a photo of Harry in action on the website at some stage this week. It has been a turbulent week for "office works" with some of his office ethics coming into question by senior management... nothing more at this stage however look forward to the progression of this story.

No bowling photo of Harry, Packers but we did get him batting

Back to cricket, we were staring down the barrel of 350+ at one stage so to be chasing only 313 was a minor victory, however was going to require a quality team performance with a number of contributors. A steady start from Eccles and Lewis was required and wickets in hand and a run a ball intent needed right from the start. We began to fall behind the run rate and pressure was mounting, mirrors was beginning to loosen up after a slowish start until a hamstring injury halted his late charge and was out for 62. It did give him an opportunity to get the budgie smugglers out in public so he could ice the leg, most would probably just iced it under their shorts - not "the situation" as he doesn't miss any opportunity to get the kit off! Evans the only other batsmen to get in and looked good until losing concentration in the 30s. A cameo by the "old fella" packers on his return game wasn't enough as 10 per over were needed in the last 15 to get over the line and proved too much and the team were finished 9-262 in reply after the allotted 50 overs.

The Christmas break will be a good opportunity to take time out of cricket, catch up as a team and enjoy the camaraderie of your team mates. As a side we are coming together well - it now has to start translating into confidence and a winning way to progress to the next level. There is no doubt we are a team of talented cricketers, it is now about displaying it week in week out. Some thoughts on how each individual will 'find a way' to dominate the 2nd half of the season would be encouraged over the next few weeks and look forward to hitting the ground running in January 2012.

James Packman

1st Grade vs Wests - Round 6 - 2011/12

1st Grade vs Wests - Round 6 - 2011/12

We arrived to Pratten Oval on a picturesque summer's day with the magpies larking and the local shoppers pushing their trolleys through the thick outfield (amazing). After a few rounds ofT20 where we were largely unsuccessful, the 1st graders were keen to get back to winning ways.Stevey Colley

After welcoming back Blair “Beach runs are the best hangover cure” Lindsay to the side our stand in captain and King of the coast Iain Beverley won the toss and sent the home team into bat on a pitch that should give a little assistance to our 3/4 pronged pace attack (depending on the Reece’s Neck).

Steve Colley uses his feet to hit straight

The team motto to ‘out enthuse’ was evident from the get go with James "Contacts" Kennedy and Dan "Redbull Racing" Smith tying the batsmen down with nice line and length. Our first breakthrough came with “Better than what Reece can get” Kennedy bowling a strategic no ball to force a free hit. This free hit saw their opener smash a cover drive straight to Harry "Geoff's new In-law" Evans and take off resulting in both batsmen at one end. Cheers. 1/15 was soon 3/28 as Dan picked up 2 wickets with catches to Reece "the owl" Bombas (neck reference definitely not a nocturnal reference) and "fingers" Beverley. With tight bowling from Scott “How did I get stuck with him” Heaney and Elliot “Let me take over the decks” Richtor wickets just kept coming. Col Chipped in with what some would describe as ‘spinners’ wickets and we went on to dominate with the ball and in the field as we bowled the magpies out for 111 off 45 overs. A few special mentions need to go out to:

Elliot Richtor
  • Steve "this is what I would wear anyway" Colley's one handed pick up and throw with one stump to aim at run out. 
  • James "Geppetto" Packman obviously getting bored with the pace of the game and sitting on the fence and feeding Reece "Parrot" Bombas with some dreadful banter.

Elliot Richtor playing off the back foot
  • The tight bowling from our bowlers to restrict the Magpies to such a small total. 
  • The determination of ‘S. Undries’ to get Wests above 100 runs. 
  • The expert fielding to snag 3 run outs courtesy of Evans, Colley and Richtor. During our festivities at the Orchard later that night I heard many comments on these run outs including one from Dowsley commenting on the Chatswood update board “who is RO, he must have bowled well”.

Harry Evans

With the job half done myself and Greg "Six %" Lewis to get our run chase off to a good start with our first wicket falling at 42. With “The sitch” Lewis trying to up the run rate the game was always in our hands. Joined at the crease by "tip and run" Colley the objective now was to secure the bonus point.

Harry Evans playing through the covers

With the next two wickets falling on 74 (Eccles) and 90 (Evans) the bonus point was pretty much within our grasp. However 4 more wickets fell and the 30th over passed us by. 7/112 looks like the end score was close but it must be known that we were never in doubt. Highlights of our batting performance include:

  • “Retainer” Beverley bringing up the win with a crunching cover drive.
  • “Soft sand – No thanks” Eccles hitting a full toss on leg stump for six, free lessons will be given to anyone needing to learn especially any number 5 batsmen out there. 
  • James “can’t believe Heaney is behind me” Kennedy not batting. We don’t need that!
  • Harry “my chest is silky smooth” Evans finally getting out.

It’s a great feeling to be back on winning ways and even better to have 6 points in our pocket by 4pm.

Cam Eccles

1st Grade vs Sutherland - Round 5 - 2011/12

1st Grade vs Sutherland - Round 5 - 2011/12

Thank God the T20’s are over

The day started with the warm up, it wasn’t the most energetic warm up of the year and that followed through to our bowling. The boys showed glimpses of a game plan but failing to convert we struggled to keep the runs down. Dan Smith showed his skills with a good three overs finishing with 0-22 alongside James Kennedy 1-28 off 4, Elliot Richtor 0-29 off 4, Henry Carmichael 1-16 off 2, Scott Heaney 1-38 off 4 and Kurt Roughley 1-41 off 3. Everyone bowled well at times.

With good fields being set by the opposing team our batsmen found it hard to score boundaries but with Greg Lewis (36 off 34) and Harry Evans (44 off 32) showing us the way, 182 didn’t seem so far away, we just needed a big partnership which didn’t eventuate. It was left up to Dan Smith (17) and James Kennedy (25) to get us through to the final over but even though 148 was a good score, it wasn’t enough against the strong Sutherland outfit who made 182 with only the loss of 4 wickets.

Looking forward to getting back to the longer form of the game!

Scott Heaney

Harry EvansDan Smith
Harry Evans works one off the pads while Dan Smith tries to go over the top

Second Grade Match Reports 11/12

Second Grade Match Reports 11/12

The Second Grade team plays for The Albert Cup.

All of the lower grades generally contain a number of experienced players and young higher grade aspirants. Points for all wins go to the club championship total. 

For the Second grade schedule go to Fixtures 

Second Grade match reports for 2011/12 season are provided below: 



2nd Grade vs North Sydney - Round 16 - 2011/12

2nd Grade vs North Sydney - Round 16 - 2011/12

Adair Durie

Arriving at Chatswood Oval for the last time in the regular season the Stags reserve graders were met with a surprisingly good looking ground considering the considerable amount of rain we endured during the week causing flash flooding in several areas of Sydney. Credit must go to the Gordon groundsmen and all of the officials who helped with the repairing of the covers. Your time and effort was much appreciated!

Adair Durie midflight!

Every single Gordon player knows the intense rivalry between the Bears and the Stags, and this game was going to be particularly significant, not only was it the rematch of last year’s grand final, but we knew we had to win to assure a place in the semi finals with Parramatta breathing down our neck just two points behind us.

BG lost the toss, which turned out to be a good result for the Stags, with the Bears captain choosing to bat first on a hard and green looking Chatswood wicket. The return of Jules Stephenson proved vital for us as he opened up and bowled an agressive and fantastic spell of fast bowling taking 1 for 13 off 7. However, the whole bowling attack deserves recognition; every one of them bowling fantastic spells. Adair "Teddy" Durie and Ben "the bowling allrounder" Garratt took three wickets a piece. Els "Emo" Richtor and Kurt "Roughers" Roughley finished off what was a ruthless and complete bowling performance with 2 and 1 wickets respectively.Ben Garrat

A special mention must go to Craig "Thorny" Thornborough who put on a virtually flawless display of wicket keeping with some onlookers in search of a better term for "hangers" when describing his efforts behind the stumps. 

North Sydney was all out for a miserly 100 from 29.1 overs.

Ben Garratt chipped in with 3 wickets

Although it was a score well and truly under par you just never know in a game like this so application and patience would be needed with the bat. Brett RosenWith yours truly feeling under the weather, Brett and Blair opened up the Stags’ innings and both played terrific knocks getting us off to the perfect start. They put on 79 for the first wicket, both being particularly punishing on the short ball before Brett was dismissed for a well made 43.

Brett Rosen cutting on his way to 43

Blair continued through the entire innings carrying his bat for 40, with some support from the inform Richtor, making a quick fire 15 to cap off what was an all-round performance from the Gordon 2nd Graders, giving us plenty of momentum heading in to the semi finals this week against Sydney Uni. We have been here last year and I think with the self belief and confidence around this group we can do it again. Except one better this time.

Until next time, up the Stags!!

Jordan Liddle

2nd Grade vs Mosman - Round 15 - 2011/12

2nd Grade vs Mosman - Round 15 - 2011/12

Elliot RichtorWhile the rain conspired to leave the Stags clinging to sixth spot after a day-two drown-out, the B-Graders will proceed with a spring in their step after their round 15 clash with the Whales. 

Elliot Richtor raises his bat to his teammates, celebrating a fantastic century 

Winning the toss and batting on a flat, brown Rawson track, the Stags were quickly brought back to earth, plunging to 4/37 as a result of some stray strokes played before coming to grips with the slowish pace and sporadic variable bounce of the wicket.

The Whales were sky high with four wickets before drinks. Understandable. Yet, they were not to know that the fifth wicket would not fall for the next four hours.

While for long periods the off-field chat (discovered bongs, JC’s date options for the team dinner, Shortbus reviews) was undoubtedly more interesting than the on-field action (head down, shouldering arms, “fighting hard”), the side’s two bowling all-rounders ground away, over after over, to resurrect the Stags’ innings. 

Ben GarrattOther than ten-minutes of Richtor (105) madness and two-overs of Garratt (79) forearm cramps the pair controlled the game, until deep in the last session the second new-ball split the pair six runs from a double-century partnership.

Benny Garratt plays himself in before forcing the pace and lifting the run rate

Richtor’s doing, but congrats none-the-less on a supreme debut second-grade ton. Either side of this partnership the Stags lost 4/37 and 5/52, however with the team objectives of 1x 80+ partnership and 1x 80+ individual score met, a defendable total was on the board.

And then it rained.

The equation for the twos is simple. Win and stay sixth (or best case, fifth) or lose and be at the mercy of results elsewhere. All this on top of a score to settle with the Bears.

Ben Garratt 

2nd Grade vs Parramatta - Round 14 - 2011/12

2nd Grade vs Parramatta - Round 14 - 2011/12

Justin AvendanoRound 14 saw the Stags take on Parramatta in a Saturday-Sunday 2-dayer. With Parramatta only a few points behind us, it was important to take 6 points from the weekend. This round saw new faces James Kidd and Pat Effeney join the squad, in place of the injured James Campbell and the captain/triathlete Ben Garratt, with Blair Lindsay taking over the role of captain. 

Superstar Justin Avendano cashes in on a great deck to notch up a century for the Stags 

After winning the toss, Blair decided to let the batsmen loose on what looked to be a good batting deck. While the pitch was quite hard, it wasn't exactly easy for the batsmen, with some variable bounce, and the ball not quite coming on to the bat. Another solid start from Jordie Liddle and Brett Rosen saw us reach 59 before Jordie was dismissed after making a good start for 28. From there Bretty continued the form with some excellent stroke making, and was joined by skipper Blair in forming another solid partnership. Brett was next to be dismissed after notching up a very handy 69, bringing Justin ‘JA’ Avendano to the crease. 

From there the mix of calculated strokes from Blair and and some hard hitting from JA seemed to be perfectly coupled, as the two put on a 100+ run partnership which was vital in ensuring we posted a competitive total. Blair played sensibly, waiting for the bad ball, and ensuring it was adequately punished, and JA showed great control in playing the ball along the ground, while picking the right ball to send out of the ground, and frequently down the street to the mandarin centre as well. 

JA brought up the 100 at more than a run a ball, and in great fashion, mousing one over the ropes, and clearing the fence by a long way. Both batsmen were well supported by the crowd, which consisted of a mix of the old faithfuls, along with the finest youth Chatswood has to offer. This partnership really took the scoring to the next level. They took the team score to just under 350 before Blair was dismissed, followed soon after by Justin. With Justin being dismissed, the local youth decided the entertainment was over, and left in search of a fight down at the skate park. 

Wickets then fell steadily through the last session, with an important contribution made by Elliott Richtor adding 42 to push the total toward the 400 mark. Some incredible late hitting from the recently promoted No.9 batting all-rounder Adair Durie, including a huge another huge 6, took the score to just below 400 before being dismissed. Some late assistance from Patty and Kiddy ensured we passed the 400 mark before the end of the day. It was great to see batsmen at the crease in the last session, and the solid platform laid by the top order batsmen really enabled us to dominate the game from the outset.

Els Richtor

On arrival for day 2, the team was confident of defending 400+ on the small ground, even with a lightning fast outfield, we felt our bowling and fielding, and out-enthusing could bring us home. From the start, we bowled a both sides of the wicket, making it difficult to set fields. The Parramatta batsmen cashed in, and ran rampant in the first session, going to lunch at 1/158, with James Kidd picking up the only wicket. 

Els Richtor bats well with the lower order to continue accumulating runs for the Gordon side 

While this wasn't an ideal start, we tightened our game in the second session with some tight bowling, in particular from the captain, Blair, and Els Richtor. It was this pressure that changed the game, and it was only a matter of time before wickets came. Ramped on by the support of the returning youths (Logan's mates) Els snicked off one of the batsmen, and second string spinner Kurt Roughley managed to catch the danger man off his own bowling, taking him just short of his 100. The tight bowling continued with Blair back in the attack, taking a much deserved wicket.

Roughers then picked up 2 wickets in 2 overs. In this session, we really stuck to the plans of building pressure, and we really brought the game back into our own hands. Going to lunch at around 6/240 meant that we had to the stronghold on the game. To come back from the first session of 1/160, and take 5/70 odd in the second session is a real testament to the whole team, with some solid fielding and bowling, and overall resilience.

Going into the 3rd and final session needing 4 wickets, the team was again confident that sticking to our plans, we could close out the game. More of the same resulted in great pressure heaped on the opposition. Forced to score runs, Justin's mate from cricket superstar looked to take quick singles.

While this was effective in the short term, some incredible fielding from the Stags, mixed with some terrible calls from Justin's pal resulted in 2 run outs in quick succession, one from “the best JK at Gordon”, over the top of the stumps, and a direct hit at the bowlers end from backward point, from the injured shoulder of Avendano.

James Kidd runout

James Kidd's perfect throw catches a Parramatta batsman short of his ground 

Justin followed this up with some terrible chat to his mate, who was close to becoming the leading wicket taker for the innings, which he was reminded of every ball. The pressure all became too much, with the batsmen leaving the ground with 2/55.

The entertainment kept coming all day from the Chatswood locals, namely the spectator having a casual stroll down at long off, and the local youth back to try and score some speed from Logan out at deep point. With one wicket left, the opposition really didn't have a chance, but to their credit, they never played for the draw. Roughley took the last wicket to finish with 4, with 2 to Richtor, 2 to Potter (Justin’s mate from Parramatta), and 1 a piece to Lindsay and Kiddy.

With a tough, ground out 2 day win this week, and only 2 rounds to go, we are looking to be real contenders. With rumours that Lindsay is offering a spot to Garratt back in his side as an all rounder, this should strengthen the squad for the following 2 dayer against Mosman, and the final 1 dayer against your mates North Sydney.

Let’s make these last 2 games count, and take that momentum into the finals. It’s what men do.

Kurt Roughley

2nd Grade vs Randwick-Petersham - Round 13 - 2011/12

2nd Grade vs Randwick-Petersham - Round 13 - 2011/12

I am not greatly motivated to write this match report. I know the limit of my abilities and they can’t compete with the two greatest match reports ever written, those of 3rd and 2nd Grade last round. On the other hand, maybe if I miraculously write a masterpiece, I will find myself in 1st Grade…. which makes me wonder why Missy doesn’t find himself in 2nd Grade. Let’s face it, I would rather be reading a report written by him as well.

The purpose of this manuscript is to document for the future generations Gordon’s 2nd Grade’s effort and success against Randwick-Petersham, so I shall do so with the ideal of relevance being paramount.

The match was originally meant to be held over 2 days, and 2 weekends. Rain forced the SCA to make this a 1-day, 50-over match on the second weekend.

The pre-match hype was more animated than usual by the Randwick-Petersham website stating that Gordon 2nd Grade hadn’t beaten them for a decade. Such short memories…. we nailed them outright in last’s year’s semi-final! They were always destined to lose after publishing such absurdity.

Benny misses outie 

R-P won the toss and elected to bowl. We probably would have done the same as the tinge of green was enticing, although the wicket played very true. Any movement was due to the humidity and a touch of seam.

Jordie and Brett are becoming an imposing opening partnership. Jordie (488 at 34.86 in 2nd Grade this season) just needs a hint more focus to become an innings rock. His 38 was as comfortable as it was commanding until he was bowled by a pitched up offie.

Blair (462 at 38.50) played a much more subdued than usual innings for his 9, providing a base for Brett’s exuberance. His captaincy next week is no doubt in part a reward for the maturity he displays with the bat. I just missed Blair’s dismissal, but heard his wicket fall as I was returning from Chatswood Westfield’s food court.

With Justin at the crease, the pressure to push the scoring was not as great for Brett (256 at 36.57), but a “yes-no-wait” resulted in Brett being run out for 66. Excellent innings. Great natural batsman!

BG came and went quickly for 1. I long for the days when the foundation of Ben’s batting philosophy was that any delivery in the driving zone was carelessly lofted over cover or mid-off for 4 or 6. Ben missed a mildly out-swinging yorker, not for the first time this year. His season (305 at 23.46) is better than expected thanks to three half-centuries. Tough but true.

Justin played a typically aggressive innings. He made the impressive left-handed R-P opening bowler look very pedestrian, dispatching him to the boundary on numerous occasions.

Blair Lindsay looks to improve his bowling stocks 

The following over, after his batting partner crafted 5 runs off the first 3 balls, Justin (153 at 21.86) attempted to hit the offie for 6 on the last ball with the field spread out on the boundary. Justin always looks to be in a rush to dominate the bowlers, as opposed to accumulating runs at a slower pace in order to lower the risk of being dismissed. He was caught in the outfield.

Like most of the top-order, Logan (272 at 20.92) is continuing to improve as the season progresses. With 9 scores between 19 and 37, his 34 was his second top score of the season. Logan always looks to be in control… until he gets out!

Craig was run out by a freaky direct hit from the outfield, his 15 runs taking the team from 185 to 223, while Kurt was not able to chime in as we have come to expect, out for 2. Julian, on the other hand, ended the innings with great momentum, his 14 came mostly off the last over, out caught off the last ball of the innings. Credit must be paid to JC who ran like the wind during the last over, 0 not out. The final score of 9/236 seemed likely to be enough.

Only 4 overs were bowled to R-P before the rain, then thunder and lightning, stopped play for 90 or so minutes. During the break, R-P were most likely thinking that they were in trouble after two superb overs each from JC (26 at 17.5) and Adair (25 at 18.92). Unfortunately Adair bowled his worst 3 overs in the last 5 years after the break, giving R-P some hope.

However, this was quickly ended by JC, who continued with his mesmerising swing, and Julian, who replaced Adair. It is a pleasure watching a man with 91 1st Grade wickets on the comeback trail after working so hard to get there. Julian’s presence definitely raised the aura and the potency of the Wolf Pack.

Logan Weston guides one behind point 

JC finished with 2/11, Adair with 2/39 and Julian with the totally unflattering figures of 0/44, after being touched up by the R-P No. 10 when the game was virtually over.

Unlike BG’s batting, his bowling has improved to superlative levels of maturity, awareness and skill. His new level of triathlon fitness has provided him with an extra yard of pace. His skill and maturity has enabled him to bowl with both consistency, in terms of line and length, and variation, in terms of speed and spin. His awareness and maturity has enabled him to bowl this variation at the right times and without fear. His match figures of 2/17 are in no way due to luck, and neither are his season figures of 28 at 13.43.

Kurt only bowled one over in this match, for 17 runs! The club’s premier leg spinner openly admits he is not bowling at the phenomenal level shown in 1st grade earlier in the year. This is unfortunate as I am told he is bowling with exceptional consistency and spin in the nets. However, excellent form is only a spell away. Fortunately his gutsy batting and enthusiastic fielding provide significant contribution to the team’s success.

The 5th of the weekend’s bowlers, Blair, once again displayed his all-round cricketing prowess. His left-arm orthodox bowling was handy last year but has moved to consistently dangerous this year. Confidence and maturity seem to be the key ingredients to his 3/30 and season figures of 7 at 17.71. His flight and spin constantly tests the batsman’s nerve and skill.

Justin Avendano hits out

It is also important to mention that Craig once again displayed his consistent prowess with a faultless display behind the stumps, this round’s highlight being his swift stumping off Blair’s bowling.

So that is my brief summary of the situation in 2nd grade, in the context of primarily the last round and also of the season. Looking forward, a win against Parramatta virtually assures our place in the finals. A loss virtually assures our place out of the finals.

Adair Durie

2nd Grade vs Bankstown - Round 12 - 2011/12

2nd Grade vs Bankstown - Round 12 - 2011/12

Blair LindsayThe round us ‘quicks’ fear the most. The Saturday/ Sunday double header. And there are two this season! There had been a bit of rain around during the week, which gave me a little inspiration for the upcoming round. I was, however, rearing to go after a cheeky Friday night/Saturday morning team meeting at ‘Cargo.’ ‘Cargo’ apparently is sponsoring this match report and every time I get the name ‘Cargo’ into it, there’s a free drink for our next team meeting.

Blair Lindsay askes some questions of the Bankstown batsmen

So after realizing the time, we all left ‘Cargo’ and went straight to the game. Turns out when we got there, we had to sit around and wait for the pitch to dry. Now, I don’t understand why this happens? And I can say this now because we did win the toss. However it is widely known that my best batting is done on a grassy top <insert picture of James Campbell batting> Oh, we don’t have one. Who’s running this club’?

But I didn’t have to think about my batting till later. And this morning it would be Adair and my opportunity to make the ball talk. Adair was so excited that we were bowling he had polished a whole bottle of Savignon just as the Umpires said they were heading out. With a blood alcohol level of about 80% wine, 20% silliness, Adair marched out to the crease, leaving a fresh bottle down at the fine leg boundary.

Adair finished the innings with 5/13. His deliveries were a combination of the ‘spinning Kong, hand slap, head butt, giant punch, and Konga beat,’ which we know and love of Adair. For those that haven’t played as the character DK in Smash Brothers don’t worry. But don’t read on. The innings lasted 27 overs. Adair was still drunk when we came off.

Ben GarrattHe walked off the field and hopped onto his exercise bike. He has a deep connection with his bike. Ask Justin Avendano. Adair had lost 20 kilos some years back in an extremely intense exercise regime. Don’t picture K-Fed doing star-jumps to Kylie Minogue’s ‘Let’s Get Physical’.

Not only did we not get a photo of James Campbell batting, but with their demolition of the Bulldogs, we didn't get a photo of him or Adair bowling! Here is the skipper instead.

What a farce these weight loss programs are. Instead get inspiration from Adair who, with a whole lot of grape squashing, extreme scootering and barrel rolling can now fit into those boat shoes he so wanted for Christmas. Don’t pretend that you don’t know the ones I’m talking about. They have bells connected to their amazing tassels. And yes shoes, he had chubby feet.

But his feet he could rest for awhile. We were batting. ‘JA’ Avendano was the only promising sign from the top order. He really showed that he could score runs on a problematic wicket. There was one other scorer that reached double figures but that was from an old timer and he will not be mentioned. He continually gets my name wrong and he never goes out of his way to pick me up even when he’s playing in a different team. Speaking of lifts, you don’t understand how great it is having Elliot Richtor back in the team.

Enter the lower order. This is where the story should really begin. Because these guys really have talent. Pure talent. Not the kind of stuff moulded by hundreds of throw downs. We don’t need to study videos of correct batting techniques. No. We are ‘thoroughbreds.’ Yes there are some glitches in our techniques, but that’s why we are inconsistent. And that’s why when we are at the crease, everyone is on the edge of their seats. Anything can happen. Yes I am talking about Craig, Kurt and yours truly. We made it look easy. Did I mention it was on a green deck.

Special mention must be given to Roughly. It’s tough to say it I know. I mean he lives out west and he sometimes goes to the Flinders, but he loves to share. And we all know about the culture here at Gordon. Sharing is what we do best. Why do you think me and Jordan Liddle are having such a great time on a team full of ‘in a relationship’ type guys. And we get the full age spectrum as well, starting with JA and through to Craig.

But I was talking about that sort of sharing with Roughly I was talking about his ability to share stories. I mean a story is usually followed with someone retorting ‘classic Roughly.’ Each story contains a deeper meaning, and Roughers will tell the story to you over and over until you finally understand it. I dare you to ask him about his story about his socks.

Speaking of socks, a man who loves Capri pants and showing a great deal of sock on the cricket field, Adair Durie. It was after his demise that the pitch had flattened up. This was as soon as he got out, because I had definitely batted on a green deck. And obviously it was easier to score runs on this wicket now. We were back in the field and bowling again. The bowlers all toiled hard but wickets were slow coming. My mind began drifting...

At some point I was imagining being at Killara, I had heard ‘Missy’ Higgins and Harry ‘Turntables’ Turner were batting together. When those two meet at the crease a conch is sounded. A subtle sound to some, yet for others, they know what’s up; that two incredible males have come together, and will dominate the ball in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

Lucky Missy is great talisman of words, his imagery has spoilt me. But seeing that partnership in the flesh. Words cannot describe.

Where was I, were we talking about cricket?

Not a whole lot happened in the end. They sent us in with a late declaration. Jordan Liddle did very well bludgeoning a quick 70 odd. This almost put us in with a chance, which would have been embarrassing for the Bankstown captain who had left us chasing 160 off 19 around 8 an over to get. Overall good win, we are back in the top 6! Bring on 4 free drinks at ‘Cargo’ this Friday, I mean 5. And bring on Randwick this Saturday.

James Campbell

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2nd Grade vs Campbelltown-Camden - Round 11 - 2011/12

2nd Grade vs Campbelltown-Camden - Round 11 - 2011/12

AdairAt Chatswood Headquarters, spectators and supporters from various parts: local, deep south, distant north, and far west, arrived looking forward to a relaxing day of socialising, as well as some entertaining cricket action, were disappointed that the only action was Gordon’s skipper, Ben Garratt, winning the toss.

Adair Durie continues to lead the attack for his skipper

Instead of willow and leather colliding on the pitch, it was thunder and lightning from above, and rain pelting down.

Possibly the supporters from the far western regions were not too disappointed, as their team holds the upper hand on the competition table. Prospects of play were not looking too positive as Chatswood Oval became water-logged, but after four hours of dressing room games and spectator ramblings of suicide like exploits on the F3, the rain finally eased.

A start to play still seemed unlikely, but with Adair quietly encouraging the umpires to reluctantly leave their slumbering in the lounge area, and with the probable next curator at the SCG, Logan Weston, working magnificently on the super sopper, the umpires kindly deemed play to start at 2.45 pm with a 25 over aside game. Finally, the action we had all been waiting for was about to unfold.

Campbelltown is sent in to bat and what a start, with Adair “Any One For Red” Durie snaring a wicket with the third ball of the innings. The Gordon bowlers kept it very tight, with accurate bowling backed up by energetic fielding and some top catching behind the wicket. The Campbelltown innings, with wickets falling regularly, was never allowed to get into full stride. The Captain rotated his bowlers well and Blair “AB” Lindsay helped out with some tidy overs. However, at 6 for 107 after 21 overs on a wet outfield, the Ghosts had runs on the board and wickets in hand for a final onslaught. Captain Ben “the bowler of the moment” Garratt had other ideas.

Ben GarrattCraigLogan and James

Benny Garratt, Craig Thornborough and James Campbell & Logan Weston all contributed heavily

After bowling three tight overs, B.G. had a wicket with the first ball of his fourth over, thanks to an outstanding running catch on the boundary by James “it’s all in the technique” Campbell. Next ball, Campbelltown’s top scorer got an edge and was caught behind by a smart catch to Craig “keeper” Thornborough, to bring his tally to two after his brilliant first diving catch off Adair.

Two balls, two wickets. The pressure is on.

Ben bowls and the ball is hit hard back high to Ben’s left: a return chance; Ben dives: juggles three times, finally snaring the catch. A hat trick!! Congratulations. The skipper has now taken 15 wickets from his last 17.2 overs. This is from a skipper who regularly needed encouragement to bowl himself in games. A great effort. Next over, Elliot Richtor bowls the final Campbelltown batsman. All out for 112. All bowlers contributed with fine spells with Adair Durie 3 for 22, James Campbell 3 for 13, Ben “hat-trick” Garratt 3 for 12, and Elliot Richtor 1 for 18, sharing the honours.

A small total to get, a top batting line-up, get a good start and a win should not be a big problem, but with a wet outfield, dodgy batting conditions against a good bowling line-up, and Gordon 2’s penchant for the dramatic, nothing is certain.

Gordon got off to a good start with Jordan Liddle and Brett “The Flasher” Rosen building steadily against tight bowling. An opening partnership of 31 off 6 when Brett falls. A solid start. Blair “Cuddles” Lindsay has a rare failure with the bat. No worries. Plenty in reserve. Justin Avendano, B.G. and Jordan after a well compiled 29, soon follow victims of good bowling and a pitch that is obviously bowler friendly.

James Campbell5 for 73, no need to panic. Elliot Richtor is still there and batting well, and Logan “The Curator” Weston is coming in. Oh crap! Elliot is out. 6 for 77.

The far westerners are starting to smile. Could be a long trip home south for others, Harbour Bridge closed, tunnel clogged, bugger it. Experience needed. Keeper in. A partnership please. Logan plays out a maiden. 5 overs left, 36 runs to get. Tension and runs steadily mount.

James Campbell partners with Adair Durie to cause a top-order collapse

Andrew Falk, a steady hand on the scoreboard, but I think I detect a slight quiver in the fingers though. A partnership at last, we reach 100. Sit still Manuel. Craig falls. Oh, why do they do it to us old blokes?

Kurt is run out: 8 for 104.

Mark “The Paparazzi” Weston is having trouble staying focused while, at the table, tiny pearls of sweat stain the scorebook as Dickie’s grip on his pencil tightens.

J.C. comes in, a level head and a technique to match. Logan pulls, a certain boundary. Oh no! He has punctured the square leg umpire. One run instead of four. The umpire claims he has never been hit in 40 years of umpiring. Why now? 8 for 105.

One over left. Curator, it is up to you. First ball: 4. Second ball: 2. Third ball: Logan skies it, fielder runs back and drops it. 2 runs and it is all over. A win that was never in doubt. Well played Logan. Congratulations again skipper. Well played Gordon 2’s. Can’t wait until next Saturday.

The Spectator

Ben garratt

Benny Garratt celebrates his hat-trick!! Congratulations!!

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2nd Grade vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2011/12

2nd Grade vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2011/12

Ben GarrattWe headed out west to Blacktown for round 10 of the competition. With the Team coming off a good win last week against Hawkesbury with both batting and bowling performing well we were confident that we could pull off another win.

Skipper, Ben Garratt - "Double 'R', Double 'T', Two 'A's" - takes six wickets for his side  

With a pointless 5km warm up run around Joe Mcaleer we were sent into bat on what looked to be a good wicket. Jordan got off the mark 1st ball but 3 balls later Justin hit one to short mid wicket for 0. Blair batted beautifully with Jordan and put on a good partnership of 73, both Batsmen looked solid at the crease playing lovely cover drives for 4 and putting away the loose ball.

Jordon fell on 27 and soon after Blair 40 and Ben 7 and Logan 8 all fell cheaply and at 5 for 134 we needed someone in the middle order to get us a total to defend and henry batted well for 33. 

Losing 9 for 83 there’s not much to talk about with most batsman falling cheaply hitting the ball in the air in front of the wicket. The deck was a bit slow and we didn’t play to the conditions.

Henry C

With the bowlers feeling confident after last week’s performance, defending 158 was going to be hard work. 

Henry Carmichael shows his worth as an all-rounder 

Early wickets were going to be key and JC did this by picking up the opening bat to a good catch in the slips by Jordan. Adair and James bowled very tight and were not leaking runs. Ben and Henry took over from the openers and were brilliant.

Ben 6 for 28 bowled good lines and changed his pace to claim the Blacktown wickets. Henry 1 for 20 built up a lot of pressure and was unlucky not to pick up more wickets. Blair again bowling his handy spin in the middle of the innings picking up 1 for 18 did a great job. Once again all the bowlers put in a big effort to defend 158 to bowl out Blacktown for 133.

Big mention must go to BG picking up another 6fa. He has assessed the wicket in both games and his clever change of pace working perfectly on the slow wickets.

We have to keep performing when we get back to the longer format of the game to have a chance of making finals again.

Justin "Superstar" Avendano

2nd Grade vs Hawkesbury - Round 9 - 2011/12

2nd Grade vs Hawkesbury - Round 9 - 2011/12

Isn’t it great to be back in the winner’s circle!!!  

After a near miss against our neighbours Northern Districts before Christmas, the Gordon 2nd XI boys regrouped and produced a comprehensive win against the Hawks in the shorter form of the game.

Ben Garratt - Hardest man in the club?

With Captain Garratt “2 ayyyy’s, 2 arrrrr’s and 2 teeee’s pleeeease” winning the toss, the boys sent the opposition in on a good looking deck. With our warm up complete (which now includes a full lap because it’s what men do) the boys were underway with a top start by Adair and JC (1/17off 4) bowling tight which saw an early wicket to Jimmy.

A partnership threatened to ruin our plans but a double bowling change by the skip bringing himself and the 20/20 specialist spinner Blair Lindsay on, saw a double breakthrough. Ben "BG" Garratt provided his team with a 20/20 bowling master class with a mixture of cutters and yorkers and even turning a few leggies much to the delight of our fluorescent haired spinner now known as “Big Wheels” (Kurt Roughley) who also must be commended for his strong performance with 1-22).

Another wicket to BG and the Hawkesbury bats continued to struggle against some economical bowling by the Stags. Regular wickets fell in clumps which as we learnt in our previous 20/20 encounter, put the bowling side on the offensive. Here the boys were able to capitalise on some poor shot selection by the opposition and with more poles going towards the swing king Garratt in the last over and strong out fielding performances by Logan “Gus Logie” Weston and Henry “I drive to Richmond to field” Carmichael, the Hawks were dismissed for 103.

Special mention to Benny finishing with the amazing figures of 6 for 13 off 4 overs and debutant Max Newman behind the stumps in his first 2nd grade game, who was not overawed by the jump in the grades and showed us that he can mix it with the best at this level with a tidy performance.

The job was only half finished... or so we thought. Justin Avendano (27) opened with Jordan Liddle (48*) and both played with such confidence and power that yours truly began to purchase paddle pops ‘on tap’ from the lovely Hawkesbury tuckshop lady, what a vixen! The boys made the most of the fielding restrictions in the first 6 overs with the cricket superstar campaigner showing some favouritism to the Hawkesbury spinner. A well rounded partnership of 55 in just 8 overs set the foundation and when Justin was dismissed going hard at the ball, the left handed Missy lookalike (Jordan Liddle) and Blair “Afridi” Lindsay (31*) brought the boys home in the 16th over with an easy victory.

Lets continue this form boys!!!

Chad Soper

2nd Grade vs Northern Districts - Round 8 - 2011/12

2nd Grade vs Northern Districts - Round 8 - 2011/12

Match report from Brett Rosen

Being the first 20/20 match for yours truly this was an interesting game for me. Only three hours of play with a one hour warm up. Excessive?? Probably not as it turns out. It seemed to me that the plans would be simple. Bowl 20 overs for as few runs as possible in the first innings or if we bat the belt hell out of the thing until we have as many runs as we could possible cram in to 20 overs. One of those proved to be correct. 

Blair Lindsay hits out during his 30.

We bowled better than I could have hoped with all bowlers excelling and possible only Adair to be singled out for yet another 3 wickets. Field placings were astute and the fielding some our best since I joined the team. All in all bowling Northern Districts out for 102 in 19.3 Ii thought was brilliant and as good as you could hope for. In retrospect I should have hoped for better. We started our run chase without doing anything crazy against one of the better bowling attacks going around 2nd grade.

The top five batsmen stayed composed and being about 3 for 60 after about 11 overs we looked to be in exactly the position we wanted. Blair Lindsay was comfortably the pick of the bats. It took a good catch from their keeper to get rid of him. Unfortunately this is where it fell apart for the Stags. Between some good bowling and a middle order unable to keep out the good balls and take advantage of the first half of the innings we were soon dismissed almost 20 runs short in what should have been a relatively simple run chase.  

The ND's bowlers must be commended for their efforts as must the rest of their team for always believing they could scratch out a win. Too bad we didn't have the chance to play them in a two day game as that attack would have given our batting unit a good indication of where we're at leading in to the second half of the season.  
Blair Lindsay, Ed Howitt and Jordan Liddle in action against ND's

One more of these games to get through then bring on the real cricket as us older blokes know it. Many more points to come for seconds after Chrissy. Time for a break before we really get stuck in at the start of 2012.   

Second Grade scores

Northern Districts 102 (Blair Lindsay 2 for 13, Ed Howitt 2 for 15) defeated Gordon 83 (Blair Lindsay 30)

Brett Rosen

2nd Grade vs Penrith - Round 7 - 2011/12

2nd Grade vs Penrith - Round 7 - 2011/12

Round 7 against Penrith was a must-win game if GDCC 2nd Grade were to have any realistic chance of emulating or improving upon last year's achievement. To the team's credit, both the bowling and batting were to the task.

The wicket was clearly to the batsmen's advantage but the morning humidity made the decision to bowl easy.

Brett Rosen hits one through cover

Accurate off-side and good length bowling of James “Els, can you take this catch” Campbell, Adair “I don’t catch well on my left” Durie, Chad “My pectorals are sore from benching” Soper, Ben “My last year’s bowling figures are better than yours” Garratt and Ed “508,next...” Howitt forced Penrith to 6/113 after 35 overs, heading for a score of around 160-170. Ed’s off-spin was a harmonious addition to the usual pressure exerted by the 2nd Grade “Wolf Pack”.

However, fine hitting from Penrith’s Number 8 (Betros - 70 from 39) and Number 7 (Pradhan – 45 from 49) taught us the difference between half-volley and block-hole / yorker. All bowlers except James “I’m the more accurate but a tad slower” Campbell were hit over the boundary during Penrith’s flurry to 7/218 in the 47th over. More typical scoring resumed for the final overs after the Betros dismissal as Penrith finished at 9/237 off 50 overs. It is worth noting the 3 catches by Craig “Who cares about a few broken fingers” Thornborough including one caught behind up at the stumps off Ben.

GDCC’s innings began with Logan “What comes after the 20’s” Weston and Jordie “Thanks selectors, now how do I know when to shave” Liddle looking extremely comfortable. The first ball that seemed to trouble either of them removed Logan for 19 off 25, caught in the slips. For whatever it is worth, there was a pleasing aspect of control to Logan’s innings. Jordie too continued with control and authority, also disappointing both himself and all spectators when out lbw for 32 off 41. Both these batsmen have improved significantly over the past few rounds and a much larger score is nearby.

Brett “I have given up thinking when I am batting” Rosen again was the star of the innings. His power without needing to take to the air was impressive.

Chad Soper in action on Saturday

Being bowling by a straight one on 72 off 66 was not so impressive, but his partnership of 81 with Ben “I still actually can loft over the off” Garratt, taking the score from 70 to 151, was the foundation of GDCC’s victory. However we were not able to complete the task without raising the blood pressure of the lower order.

Ben “All these old people are diminishing my authority” Garratt was joined only briefly by Harry “I can talk as much silliness as Kong” Turner and then formed a 39-run partnership with Henry “These second graders are an unusual bunch” Carmichael, the partnership taking the score from 165 to 204, until Ben skyed a rank full-toss, out for 58 off 83.

With 7 overs remaining and requiring 5 runs per over for victory, Henry and Chad quickly but clinically finished the game in the next 4 overs, Henry finishing with 27 off 29 and Chad 22 off 17, and their partnership 36 not out.

This was a critical yet satisfying win after last round’s debacle. It places us 6 points out of the Top 6, although with a serious quotient deficiency.

This game was also a timely segue to the next 2 matches with both of these being 20/20s. Although both the batting and the bowling have improved, the batmen still need to keep concentration to extend their innings and craft more damaging partnerships, while the bowlers need to more readily consider the slower ball against premeditated big-hitting and bowl the yorker with more precision if it is going to be attempted. Bring on the Hit & Giggle!

Ben Garratt, Chad Soper and Henry Carmichael helped to get us a win on the weekend 

Adair Durie

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Third Grade Match Reports 11/12

Third Grade Match Reports 11/12

The third grade team plays for Mitchell Cup. All of the lower grades generally contain a number of experienced players and young higher grade aspirants.

Points for all wins go to the club championship.

For the third grade schedule go to Fixtures

Third Grade match reports for 2011/12 season are provided below:



3rd Grade vs North Sydney - Round 16 - 2011/12

3rd Grade vs North Sydney - Round 16 - 2011/12

Henry CarmichaelWith Ed being in form with the coin toss, we were batting first on what looked to be a good batting wicket. This was somewhat wrong as we found ourselves in trouble at 6/50. Henry came to the crease and took his usual batting game with him, showing excellent aggressive strokes that rattled the North Sydney bowlers. Beau Saddler also joined Henry and established a crucial partnership in the innings to reach a score of 169 which was a respectful total seen the position we were in.

Henry Carmichael proved to be the rock of the Gordon innings

With this score, we knew we were well in the game, as North Sydney needed to get the runs in fewer than 30 overs to be a chance of making the finals. As such, the bowlers were expecting an explosive batting display from the Bears. With this in mind, our bowling had to bowl straight, as extras could not be afforded. James Kidd bowling exceptionally well picked up 5 wickets that he rightly deserved. James Kidd

Runs were tallying up fast, however the wickets were falling as well care of some excellent catching by Harry out in the deep. 

After Effeney’s efforts last week at Killara, it is fitting to mention the efforts of another Stag, Ian Higgins this time, who caught a great catch out at long off. However, in steadying himself, he touched the 4cm concrete edge running around the ground which happened to be right near the Bears’ players.

James Kidd in great form coming into the finals series 

Ian straight away signaled a six. As he should have. Ed Howitt Jnr

However, instead of applauding Ian’s sportsmanship, the Bears carried on as if the bloke batting had hit the winning runs. That’s just typical behavior from North Sydney and why I will always play for a team that embodies sportsmanship above all else.

Club coach Ed Howitt Jnr in action

Having them 7 down with a few runs to score the game was still close and a wicket or two at the end could have grabbed us the 6 points. However, this was not to be. Coming of two losses, we are hungry for a win and will be ready for a good game this weekend.

Kris Colley

3rd Grade vs Mosman - Round 15 - 2011/12

3rd Grade vs Mosman - Round 15 - 2011/12

Tjaard TaitThere were a few alterations to the 3rd grade side that came up against Parramatta in our last fixture. We were now a little light on Knoxonians as we lost Bangs, Lines, and Turner, however it was left to Sweeney, Higgins, Kidd, and Ed Howitt Snr to fly the Knox flag. Both Jack and Kris Colley also found themselves in a third grade side together, which was worth the admission price alone.

Tjaard Tait works one to the leg side 

Ed Howitt chose to bat first against a classy Mosman bowling attack, and after a busy warm-up, the plans were in place to accrue a total that we could defend. Hoppa got the scoreboard ticking over quickly as he usually does. Reg, the guy that has a pet python, joined Kris Colley in the middle, and the pair gave us a free lesson on turning over the strike. This was much to James Kidd’s despair as he was on sight screen duty when the left and right hand combo went to task. Kris and Damon added 52 to the total before Col was dismissed on 41 after a solid opening knock. Reg claimed he had trained too hard, (nothing ever changes) and finished with 34.

Ed Howitt Snr cracked open a pack of ‘footy fever’. Henry, Wilbur, and Pat certainly caught the contagious footy fever, and had a field day discussing the opening round of Super Rugby. Hurricanes to get the spoon in the NZ conference. 

Henry Carmichael

Tjaard worked hard for his 22, whilst Henry suitably adapted to game situation. His innings was unlike what we normally see from the big hitting Chennai import, although he did manage to sneak in a Carmichael Classic bomb over cover. A well-earned 23, in conjunction with Kidd’s 14 helped boost us to 215.We were content with this total, as we enjoyed what was left of the spirit of cricket beers.

Classic 'Chennai' Carmichael bombs one over covers 

As Kiddy was leaving the change room he notified Hoppa that he had a fairly large function on the following Friday night, to which Junior replied: “That’s not ideal James.” This is not the first time I have heard our Club Coach say this. Pre-season training at Narrabeen, the first grade captain was having a hit in the nets, and what a better time to bring out some new balls. Packers danced down the wicket, and as Ed watched a $63 Kookaburra fly into the Narrabeen bushland, we heard: “That’s not ideal James.” 

Astonishingly, Kiddy was fresh and one of the first at Killara the following Saturday for Day Two. After heavy precipitation throughout the week, it was not surprising to see some rain cards played. Not many thought we would have a game, which was reflected in the amount of tea that was brought. However a magnificent job of covering the wicket throughout the week allowed for one of the only games to play on Saturday. The help of Falk, Wilson, Michael, Howitt, Higgins, Effeney, and the ground staff at Killara was monumental in getting us a game, and to everyone else that contributed, we are very grateful for your efforts.

HenryThe wicket had a bit of early life to it, so it’s understandably perplexing that our first wicket was a run out. With player of the year points on offer, Sweeney didn’t want the catch anyway. His foxing was second to none, and executed an outstanding run out. Howitt then claimed the important wicket of Roberts through a spectacular catch to Jack Colley. I am a little concerned about Jack, as now Steve and Kris are living out of home, someone needs to toughen him up because he is still soft as butter. Nonetheless, a sensational catch in the conditions.

Henry backs up his batting with some handy wickets in tough conditions 

With the score at 4-53, we had early control in a topsy turvy game that had a number of momentum shifts. A Mosman partnership followed, however we were patient to remove the left hander who took a particular liking to the legside. Henry jagged one back through the gate, and one did bring two, as Carmichael went bang bang in the same over. With the ball becoming increasing harder to grip, spin bowling was the best (only) option. Howitt and Tait displayed some high quality lengthy spells of bowling, as the pair completed 50 overs between them.

TaitAt 7-160, we had a small delay with two dogs on the field. Normally at Killara, the dog walkers start arriving from about 5:30, and ask annoying questions like: “Who’s winning?” and “When is Missy going to bowl?” However this time, a lady decided to open the gate, take her dogs off the leash, and let them run wild. Missy decided to let her know that: “We’ve actually got something on here at the moment, can we do this later?” Not quite sure what that was all about.

It's hard to keep Taity out of the action, with bat or ball 

The intensity of the match lifted another gear and after two wickets to Ed, we had the Whales on the ropes at 9-180. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the last wicket, and the last batting pair saw Mosman home on the final ball of the day. A thrilling and tense finish to a game that was full of tough cricket. In the end, a solid hit out against a quality opposition. A good taste of pressure cricket, which there will be plenty of in the forthcoming weeks. 

Tom Beverley

Editor’s Note: See the article regarding Mosman’s commendation of Pat Effeney’s spirit of cricket.

3rd Grade vs Parramatta - Round 14 - 2011/12

3rd Grade vs Parramatta - Round 14 - 2011/12

Missy HigginsAfter a short lay-off through injury, this scribe arrived at Merrylands Oval to be greeted with a slightly unfamiliar squadron of Gordon cricketers. Most notably, it was a far less intimidating 3rd grade line up in the absence of our hairy and hard-working hybrids - Little Lion Man (Effeney) and Little Bear Man (Cubbage). One was up. One was down. Neither here to amuse us.

Hey Missy, perhaps this was as better shot to play on 99?? 

On the flip side, the changing room bore a far less noxious odour. It was also flooded in one corner, but this was no surprise given the housing of Manatee over Saturday and Sunday. The reverse-inclining-pivot double-doored entry to our temporary abode was also worth a mention, although honestly it was too confusing to describe properly in words. Let’s just say it required a lot of effort to enter/exit this change room.

As it turned out, the toss was one of the few Ward Howitt has won this season (so I understand), or over his career for that matter. Inevitably, given his lack of experience in this regard, his election to bat was not great (we very quickly found ourselves 5/50 on the first morning). This, however, is very easy to say in hindsight, given the wicket looked reasonably batting-friendly. Further, the Parramatta quicks bowled with discipline, with one completing a hatrick with a ball that had one of the Kolley brothers (Dave?) shaping to leave, then decked to dislodge his leg stump.

The non-striker Higgins (who, by the way, is preparing to make his Hillsong radio debut after the success of his podcasts) described this ball as unplayable.

In fact that was really the story of Missy’s early morning. He was a spectator to the demise of our top order. However, slowly but surely he accreted runs, mostly with little tickles and flicks to the on-side (as he was constantly reminded by the intellects in the Parramatta cordon). In a display of defiance, Missy continued to 50 and then 80 with the support of the Mini Beaver. Tom Beverley played a very important innings in the context, taking singles here and there whilst occasionally branching out with a booming shot.

After he departed, Missy continued on his merry way but was incomprehensibly denied his hundred after he lobbed a ball to mid-wicket on 99. This was undoubtedly the worst ball of the day, and deceived Missy by its parabolic like qualities as it floated through the air. A fantastic innings all the same, which put Gordon in a commanding position going in to day two.

Ed Howitt

Let’s not forget Charlie “Billy Bongwater” Bangs’ contribution either. His 2 or 3 bombs at the end of the innings, which got progressively bigger in size, were awesome. One even interrupted the Under 8 swim carnival next door. Harry ‘Hooch’ Turner claimed it was 109m. Silliness. He was too busy downloading country and western tunes on his iPod in preparation for the night’s festivities. Gordon all out for 224, or thereabouts.

In the short list for photos of the year, Howitt is bowled neck-and-crop 

The short conclusion of day 1 was equally exciting, with T-jaard and Billy removing an opener a piece. The Roxy was surely heaving on Saturday night.

Day 2 was much more subdued. Reg even had time to let his new pet snake loose on the outfield for a while. Gordon slowly accumulated wickets throughout the day, albeit a couple of small partnerships. As usual, Howitt Jnr lead the charge, claiming 4 crucial wickets with his wily straight-ones. All the other bowlers also contributed and Alex ‘Lines of” Lines even snatched a cheeky run out in combination with “Fingers” Beverly (rarely has a quicker and more probing pair of hands been witnessed).

As was the trend throughout the game, this act by Lines cost Taity about $400. Gambling has been taken to a new (low) level by this two, and not an over went by without some sort of odds being thrown about.

In any event, the game was secured with an hour to go in the day. Another solid win, another step closer to the finals. An exciting few weeks ahead.

Will Sweeney

3rd Grade vs Randwick-Petersham - Round 13 - 2011/12

3rd Grade vs Randwick-Petersham - Round 13 - 2011/12

Damon LivermoreWe arrived at Punchbowl to be pleasantly surprised at the condition of the playing surface. A slight amount of grass and a firmish appearance. Absolutely outstanding for the amount of rain and poor weather we have had all week. We knew a lot of other games would be either washed out or rain affected. Hopefully a win here would consolidate our top 6 rank.

In my 20 years of grade cricket, I don't have too many fond memories of the Petersham Oval wicket. 

Damon Livermore, batsman and author 

A 4 innings match was common and being dismissed twice in a day was even more regular. But the pavilion, with all its memorabilia and its top class afternoon teas, was highly regarded. The Pavilion was even making an appearance during the lunch break segment on the cricket show. a commentator. That's how good it was.

Things have changed now. The wicket was great and the Pavillion was .......the toilet bowl. A smell often associated with a prank of enormous proportions. The change room was not the greatest place to be.

Anyhows, in many companies, if you do a bad job, for long enough, they simply ask you not to do the job anymore or just not to come back in on Monday. Let's be honest. It's not the coins fault. Ask Pic. It's the bloke who we send out there to represent our team, our club, our state. Howitt has got to go! Edward Howitt - you're fired ! 

We can ramble on for hours about how it comes down to's always a 50 /50 tails south of the harbour....whatever! Its going to cost us a premiership one day! I vote Clem to do it. Hi Clem.

Lost the toss and sent in. The wicket was soft and seamed a little early on. We can cope with this now; in fact we dominate on a wet seaming wicket. Howitt, who only wants to open the batting so he can win player of the year ahead of his old mate Fester, takes his positive attitude about marriage and applies it to his batting. Gets on the front foot early, goes over the top, has a crack at anything wide and he will not be home late for dinner.

He just goes and smashes the ball to all parts of the ground while Harry Turner sits and watches.

At the score on 60 from 10 overs, Tom Beverley noticed an attractive woman with a baby in a pram fast approaching. As she noted, 60 from 10 overs was a good score,that confirmed that she was in fact a male and that the baby was indeed a rolled up blanket. If she didn't mention the score, (real women don't understand the score) we may never had known....and Tom may have had a date for Valentines Day.

Howitt's 44 from 43 balls set the tone. Reg joined Harry at the crease to form a memorable partnership. Reg's 88 was regarded as one of the best ever at Petersham Oval. Harry and Reg's running between wickets was brilliant. With the outfield so slow, singles and twos were crucial. Harry continued to blunt the Randy Petes attack. His solid determination to bat for long periods of time is commendable and now i am glad to see the runs are piling up next to his name each week. Reg and Harry put on a 100+ run partnership before Harry was run out on 66. A great innings. Missy batted with a bit of intent again this week and is showing that his form is returning at the business end of the season.

A few cameos at the end proved important as we reached 247 from our 50 overs. (Damon Livermore 88, Harry Turner 61, Ed Howitt 44, Ian Higgins 26).

We should have made 249, but Cubbage thought it would be good to run the first one hard and push for 2 on the last ball. Unfortunately, Cubby was run out attempting the 2nd. Unfortunately, Cubby also ran 1 short. Good effort Cubby, I've got Shayne Lin's number for you.

With the phone ban lifted for the lunch interval, we could see oceans of red headed our way on the radar. So when we returned to the field to bowl at the Randy Petes' batsmen, rain started to fall after just one over. Covers were called and full credit must be given to the Gordon ground staff. A commendable job indeed.

With the rain not as heavy as the radar indicated, play was resumed with the loss of just 6 overs and the target reduced to 217 on run rate.

We bowled reasonably well but drifted a little too much on leg stump early doors, providing easy runs to the vacant mid wicket area.

Kris ColleyAs the sun stuck its head out in the afternoon, the wicket firmed up and turned into a good batting track. wickets were hard to come by, so excellent fielding was crucial in this period.

However, wickets fell at regular intervals but the Randy Petes' batsman scored quite quickly with their aggressive shot selection.

Kris Colley looks to score runs down the ground 

With the score on 6 for 130, their number 7 played and missed a few times but found a liking to Taity's offspinners, bombing 3 consecutive sixes. There was a possibility that this guy could win the game single handedly. But our steady heads in time of immense pressure, turned the screws and forced the run out of the year. I don't want to talk about it further but it was pretty damn impressive.

Our bowlers toiled away as usual.

Effeney 1 for 20, probably bowled the best lines and was unlucky not have a few more wickets. James Kidd 3 for 31 bowled a fraction short but got the breakthroughs we needed. Tjaard Tait 2 for 29. Came back well after being hit for 3 consecutive 6's to post impressive figures. Adam Cubbage 1 for 27. Best wicket ever. Pushed the James Gatting look-a-like back onto his stumps. Classic Cubbage delivery.

But what won us the game was the outstanding fielding. 3 run outs really changed the game. A great effort from all the boys. 

We kept the chirp up in the field the whole time and the energy we created was exceptional.

With 3 more games to go, we need to continue this roll we are on. We are often given the worst of the conditions to bat on and we bat with intent and determination. We have bowlers that can change the game but most importantly, we have the fielders that can carry us to a win!

Yours in Cricket

Damon Livermore

PS: To the gamblers in our team, you are wrecking homes and hurting feelings. I know who you are and betting on dot balls while I am batting is very hurtful.

PPS: A big hello to umpire Chris Weir, i know you enjoy my match reports. You even tell me so
3rd Grade vs Bankstown - Round 12 - 2011/12

3rd Grade vs Bankstown - Round 12 - 2011/12

Ed HowittA must read report from Ian Higgins

Let's be honest. You don't care what happened in a 3rd grade game at Killara Oval vs Bankstown in round 12 of the 2011/12 season. Gosh, I barely even care and I participated (starred) in the affair. You're reading this because I’m writing it. What? That's arrogant? I know. I don't care.

Ed Howitt celebrates one of his bagfull of wickets

So let's cut to the chase, call a spade a spade, and I’ll give you the boring bits first and the decent bits - the bits you actually care about -second.

Scores on doors:
6/253 (dec) from 56 overs.
Them: 104 all out from 44.1 overs and 6/108 from 26 overs.

Howitt lost his millionth toss in a row and we were sent in on a wicket that was moist and an outfield that was lush. Openers Turner and Howitt walked out to the middle in gumboots, wearing life jackets and carried one end of a canoe each. Their efforts to merely make it out to the middle were well rewarded as Howitt specifically was ruthless on some lack lustre opening spells from the Bankstown bowlers.

The captains 33 from 31 deliveries received was as entertaining as it was frustrating, as good balls - be they few and far between - were interspersed with textbook and borderline cliché' wrenches, cuts and pulls from balls not worthy of such a bowler friendly wicket. If only Gordon's captain knew how to win a toss, both sides could have had Sunday off. As it was, Howitt was dismissed at fine leg and Livermore was smartly caught from a rank long hop. Higgins and Turner (unarguably the best looking partnership in grade cricket) were reunited after 47 minutes of separation and rejoiced their reunion with an 86 run partnership which would ultimately take the Stags out of reach of the Bulldogs.

God it was a good looking partnership. Aesthetically, their bodies have rarely looked better and their lofted drives, flicks and pulls were highlighted in between moments of brooding, posing, propositioning and finger bashing. Cargo was a heavy discussion point between overs and whether or not there is in fact a "downstairs".

The outfield was, and presumably still is, unfathomably long. The only way to penetrate the field was aerially as anything along the ground would screech to a halt. 4's were turned into 1's and even balls landing mere feet from the perimetre would pitch and station unerringly close to the boundary without ever crossing it. Turner's 65, Higgins' 58 and Tait's 58* on other days may well have been hundreds. Howitt's 33 would have been 10.

Tjaard Tait makes short work of the Bankstown bowlers on Day 2

Long story short, Turner smashed them. Higgins smashed them. Tait smashed them. 253 was akin to 793 according to one spectator.

Truthfully, after an evening and extensive period of non-rain, the wicket looked and played significantly better on day 2 of this encounter. The bounce was quicker and overall truer, the pitch continued to turn but was entirely less outrageous than the day before and balls regularly came onto the bat as if Sydney wasn't the wettest city in the hemisphere. It cannot be argued that the visitors had the better of the conditions by a discernible margin - which is probably irrelevant but no less important to mention.

Unpredictably, Gordon's bowlers were truer to the conditions at foot and fieldsmen offered fewer chances to batsmen as they stood in shin-high cooch. Stephenson and Howitt were exceptional. Does that surprise you? Obviously not. Hence why these minutiae are so irrelevant to any part of your life, I may as well be writing to you about what I'm thinking about right now.

And what I am thinking about right now is that I'd be happy to substitute Jim Courier for Ian Healy on Channel 9's coverage of the Australian cricket summer. I love his accent. I love his honesty. I love his je ne sais qoui. I don't have the power to make this happen, nor do I really care as I have both a 'mute' and 'volume up' button. Rich kid.

Anyway, I’m getting side tracked and bored because all I really want to talk about is the highlight of the summer for every Gordon Stag player, ever, but through fear of climaxing too early I shall save it for the end. Yes, I have a perennial fear of climaxing too early. Hoppa bowled a bloke who played a back foot defensive leave. It was the slowest death since Leonardo Di Caprio's character in Titanic.

The 'mane' man, Pat Effeney charging in for his skipper

Cubbage picked up an equally comedic wicket from a ball which was on its way down for the second bounce, as the batsman pulled a ball straight to Tait who was sweeping on the square leg boundary. The only thing funnier than the dismissal itself was the way Tait caught the ball as he rolled awkwardly over his head and somehow managed to get 3 spikes from his right boot to scrape up his left thigh. It was as if Wolverine had made an advance on him. That bloke is weird. Saffa's are weird.

The 10th wicket of the Bankstown first innings added 32 before Stephenson, fresh from taking a properly decent two handed catch diving to his right, confirmed the 6 points with his first ball of a new spell. Without saying a word, he collected his wide brim hat from the umpire, walked 4 metres towards the Killara dressing rooms and called out to the visitors "Put 'em on".

With only 26 overs to have a crack at the outright victory, one could never really hold hopes of taking 10 points away from this match, but to beat a club like Bankstown so thoroughly is such a rare feat, everyone in the home dressing room were more than happy to try to dismiss some batsmen twice in a day. I think most have been on the receiving end of a Bulldog flogging at one time or another.

A slightly more folically-challenged bowler - Jules Stephenson

And that's exactly what happened. With 6 of the Bankstown players having played Green Shield last season, the contrast between youth and experience was never more tangible. It fringed upon the embarrassing for the visitors as they continually chirped at the fielding side, with bat in hand, and 6 second innings wickets were gifted rather than earned.

Harry Turner capped off a truly tremendous outing with 4 wickets in 5 overs, 2 from full tosses. The first resulted in a quite remarkable outfield catch from Adam Cubbage. A knee high full toss from Turner was comprehensively flicked with distain from the right handed opening batsman toward the mid wicket fence. Cubbage, fractionally behind square (probably eyeing off picnic baskets) took 641 steps to run 30 metres, as he does.

As the ball dropped from the heavens, "Carbo" (in no way does this nick-name work, as he doesn't at all resemble the "Packed to the Rafters" character, nor does his name align with this alias. Also, can report writers stop inserting weekly nicknames into their match reports? It's annoying, it rarely has context for the neutral reader and it's not funny) dropped to the floor and slid along the sponge cushioned canvas. He lifted himself from the dirt triumphantly, almost in disbelief, and held the ball aloft in one greedy hand. An unequivocally astonishing grab, deserved of mention.

However, my second favourite moment of this match occurred thanks to Jules Stephenson in the second innings. After questioning the left handed opening batsman, who seemed regularly open to symposium, if he could score a run on the off-side, he stood atop his mark and vociferated to the striker "This is going to be a half-volley outside off-stump. It won't swing."

Harry Turner makes a big impact in the second innings

He didn't offer a stroke. It hit middle and off. Queue eruption.

But let's cut to the chase. The game was done. The good guys had taken 15 wickets in the day on a far superior day for batting than the one before and the 'baddies' were limping to the 80th over of the day without any real ambition. I think there comes a certain self-satisfaction from beating a team after having the worse of the conditions.

79 overs have been bowled for the day; the 80th is a proverbial dead rubber. Higgins has been warming up for a month and a half.

Higgins is on.

First things first, he gets a sweeper. All good captains will give an inexperienced bowler a sweeper. It's captaincy 101. Higgins is nervous because A: he realises he hasn't got his bowling shoes on and B: he will have to complete a full over. 6 balls and everything. And C: Paul Stephenson has his camera primed and pointing straight at I. Higgins. I don't know how Jules does it every week. Literally every week - off season inclusive.

At this point, let me run you through my current grade bowling experience for those I haven't told. 8 years, 0.1 overs, 0/4.

Many of you will point out that my current economy is 24.00 per over. Cheers for that. At this point, I’m really looking at going for anything less than 6 boundaries in this over. You have no idea how much I need this. More than Cubbage needs a back wax, or a rug dealer or something. Cheap shot.

Is this photo real? With photoshopping and graphic design, could this really be Ian Higgins bowling?

I hand my cap to the umpire, look him dead in the eye; "right arm over.... and rapid". Leg spin is not for the untrained, and with recent work commitments, my pursuit to usurp Nathan Lyon as Australia's premier spinner has had to be put on hold. For now. I don't have a run up, so I kind of amble around where a good run up would start. I've seen them on the telly hanging about here; I’ll just do what they do. All of a sudden, the wind picks up. It's more than gusty. It's near cyclonic. It's meant to be. The best wind bowler in grade cricket is on.

So I roll out my first ball, praying it doesn't get pumped for a 4, or a 6, or an 8. I burgle a dot. Perfect. Now I can tell the striker to not get out to me. "Don't get out to me. Don't be my first. I'll never forget this. I'm going to take the scorebook home with me and frame it on my wall. I'll never forget your name". Kids are so easily riled. Stephenson at point isn't helping, sledging me.

I run in again, nay steam, lusting for a wicket I’ve dreamed about for as long as I’ve donned the Stags cap - more than 100 fixtures ago. I don't know why, but I’ve decided to run my fingers down the side of this one, trying to seduce the left handed wicket-keeper batsman into a false drive in hope of feeding one of the many hungry vultures, barely concentrating, around the blade.

An error in execution on my behalf sees that plan go to waste and in semi-despair I see the kookaburra bounce half way down, openly inviting a boundary laden stroke. Without realising how quick I can actually be, the ball lifts and kicks and bites, rushing and hurrying the batsman. He's pushed back upon his stumps, practically fending away such an unfairly aggressive delivery. The ball nastily careers into the splice of the bat and is lofted, as planned, toward the man of the match.

Now, I’ve seen some beautiful things in my time. I scribe this with the evenings 7th Heineken beside me. I remember the times I spent touring the Heineken factory in Dublin and the shared experiences and laughter I had. The bands of string that limply lasso my left wrist from which I purchased on Las Ramblas in Barcelona remind me of all the things I’ve seen and done. The places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, the things I’ve achieved.

Cubbage congratulates Higgins after his first ball doesn't get punished to the boundary

I've seen sunrises in Rome and and Paris and sunsets in New York and Tokyo. I've had both kinds of threesome, and once slept with two different birds in one night. But nothing, upon nothing, compares to the sight of when that ball left that bat and sailed safely into the hands of Harry Turner at deep mid wicket. My friend. My beloved friend.

I'm not sure if I’ve ever had to work 8 years for something before. Maybe to graduate kindergarten. So there you go. A third grade match report. Now go and do whatever you're supposed to be doing.

Gordon 6
Bankstown 0


3rd Grade vs Campbelltown-Camden - Round 11 - 2011/12

3rd Grade vs Campbelltown-Camden - Round 11 - 2011/12

Adam FlemingIt was a long journey to Raby 2, and even longer for me. As I arrived at the newly refurbished facilities of Campbelltown-Camden I was more than impressed; especially as I was greeted with the news that we didn’t have to share a changeroom with another team. The changeroom was filled with positivity as we headed out to inspect a relatively hard but grassy pitch before our warm up. We awaited a few late comers - Harry ‘Disco’ Turner and Ian ‘Cargo’ Higgins if I was to mention some names.

Adam "Flem ball" Fleming - part of a successful opening pair

We had a solid warm up followed by a not so surprisingly poor coin toss in which Hoppa lost and we found ourselves out on the field bowling first. Campbelltown’s openers kept out some very tidy bowling from Adam ‘Flem ball’ Fleming and Julian ‘Midnight’ Stephenson, who bowled some nice lines at good length and managed to get a bit of bounce from the grassy wicket. After a catch going down early in the slips, it wasn’t too long before Jules had his man, pulling a shorter ball straight to Turner at square leg.

This started a small tumble of wickets. Shortly after this 2 more wickets fell in the same over from Flem, both LBW, proving bowling full and straight with the new ball will get wickets.

The bowling continued to trouble the batsmen as the run rate was going not much over 2 an over for the first 20 or so overs. Hoppa brought himself on for a short little spell and trapped another victim in front of his stumps to claim his 500 and something’th wicket.

It was an all too familiar sight as the Campbelltown boys found themselves 4 down for 30 odd and in a bit of strife.

Jules StephensonDespite the prediction of a local Campbelltown meteorologist, the rain was in fact falling from the sky at this point and began to get a little heavier. Covers were brought on and play was shortly delayed until it eased up. After the break James Kidd came on to bowl, 2 balls after the break a full pitched ball on middle stump struck the pad of yet another of Campbelltown’s batsmen.

Jules "Midnight" Stephenson - the other half of the opening bowlers

The middle overs brought about a longish but relatively inexpensive partnership due to some really tight bowling from Tjaard Tait, Harry Turner and James Kidd, who bowled to the field whilst the opposition batsmen were rarely able to pierce the field and looked for few singles. A few catches were put down but we stuck to our plans and kept it tight all the way to the end as Flem and Jules came back on for the last 6 overs. Jules dismissing their only batsmen to score a 50 in the dying overs, leaving us with an uncertain score of 6 for 142 on a pitch that was starting to get flatter. And the sun starting to come through the clouds was about to make it a little bit dryer and flatter.

However, Hoppa was unsure about what the new ball could do to us early, so we still had a fair bit of work to do.

Harry TurnerHarry Turn(tables)er and Hoppa headed out to bat after lunch to chase down the low total. The first 2 overs were a little shaky as balls were whizzing past the bat and popping off a length; the total looked as though it might be a tough chase.

Harry didn’t last long, copping a good ball and he was trapped in front and on his way.

Harry Turner makes a contribution with the ball before missing out with the bat

Damon or Damien (as he prefers) ‘where’s my bacon and eggs’ Livermore, trounced his way out to the middle with the swagger of a guy that owns a Mercedes Benz and can keep his lights on all day. His innings started well, working the ball around the field, rotating the strike around to Hoppa at the other end who was swatting balls all over the park. The aggressive batting of both Hoppa and Reg unsettled the opposition bowlers, and they had changed the bowling about 4 times in the first 10 overs. Runs were flowing easily and fielders continued to chase balls around the park.

Damon Livermore    Ed Howitt

"Reg" Livermore looks to his trademark hookshot, whilst "Hoppa" Howitt celebrates his 50

After 1 for 4 we raced away to 1 for 120, Hoppa reaching his half century in 20th over. Reg soon followed suit and brought his half century up shortly after. With a win well in sight it was the bonus point that we were now after. ‘Cargo Bar’ Higgins went in after Hoppa to work a few singles around looking to support his partner at the other end (and possibly improve his average) and chase down the few remaining runs. Both batsmen were still there in the 27th over when the runs were chased down with 8 wickets in hand.

A convincing win for the Stags. Well worth the long drive.

Special mention must go to Clem Bromwhich and Adam Cubbage, who, despite not contributing with either bat or ball made a long drive for a game of cricket with their team mates… TFC guys.

James Kidd

3rd Grade vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2011/12

3rd Grade vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2011/12

Tom StoboIn 3rd grade, we don't even ask who won the toss, we just ask "what are we doing?" 

We bowled first on a slow but decent Killara Wicket.

Get a good look at this young man - Tom Stobo - we'll be seeing a lot of him in the future. Either at GDCC or in some police line-ups (see property damage story below)

Early wickets were the key and Jules Stephenson assisted by bowling the opener on the third ball and also took a wicket in each of his subsequent overs. It was good to have Jules back, his pace was decent and hitting the right areas brought instant rewards.

We bowled well and wickets fell at regular intervals. The fielding was exceptional as always, led by Missy Higgins and young Brett Rosen. These two always lead from the front with banter and very witty remarks. It makes the time spent in the field rather enjoyable.

But I'm happy to be parked at 1st slip most of the game just so i can have a decent, mature conversation with Tom Beverley. Hi Tom, done any food shopping lately?

The spinners bowled really well as a group. Just as Ed Howitt ties up an end, someone like Taity or Cubbage can take over at any stage and do just as good a job. Having 3 spinners in your team, in a limited overs game is always a very handy option.

A few catches just didn't go to hand in the latter overs but this didn't really matter, the Stags were on top with the ball, eventually ending the Warriors innings on 141 in the 42nd over.

(Tjaard Tait 3 for 17, Julian Stephenson 3 for 23, Adam Cubbage 1, Ed Howitt 1, James Kidd 1, Tom Stobo 1)

Special mention must be made of Tom Stobo. Yeah, he may have taken a wicket with his 1st ball in Grade cricket but watching him collect a ball that went for 6 down the road, then trying to throw the ball back to the field whilst standing on the road and the ball hitting a parked van was exceptional. I think the driver of the van, who was sitting in the van at the time, was rather pleased.

Also, Missys mate who was seen walking round the oval with a flag on his back and wearing a funny hat was also a highlight. Missy, where do you get these friends??

Back to the cricket

The rain held off and the wicket improved for the 2nd half of the game.

With a bonus point a possibility if the runs could be scored under 30 overs, Ed and Brett Rosen set about to collect quick runs with 50 coming off the first 6 overs. Some lovely cut shots over 3rd slip really boosted Howitt's Scoring rate. Bretty also played some glorious shots with Tom Beverley's bat.

It's all a blur - Jules Stephenson continues to perform in his comeback year

A couple of wickets meant a consolidation was needed and Clem Bromwich provided this with a well-made 34 off 38 balls, while Ian Higgins and Tjaard Tait also kept the runs coming. Missy was out once again LBW. He has missed a couple on his pads this year. The bin and the chair in the change room must have been on his offside as they were dipatched quite easily on his return to his seat. Just saying.....

With the cut off for the bonus point closing in, Taity continued to block the hell out of it. Luckily, for the team of course, Taity was dismissed and Tom Beverley pretty much ran a suicide single to win the game for the Stags with a Bonus point. Great win and an early finish to boot.

It's great to have that winning feelings back again. Hopefully everyone is fit and injury free this coming week to take on the 3rd placed Ghosts.

Yours in Cricket

Damon Livermore

3rd Grade vs Hawkesbury - Round 9 - 2011/12

3rd Grade vs Hawkesbury - Round 9 - 2011/12

Thirds turned up for the first match of the new year, ready to burn off some Christmas pudding, but surprisingly were greeted by a pitch that was a worrying grey colour. On closer inspection, the decision to leave the white covers off on Thursday night to let the square get some moisture had left the wicket too wet to start on time.  

Damon "Reg" Livermore was particular fond of the leg-side boundary

Eventually it was decided to start at 12, 2 hours after the initial start time.  Some players called for a super over to decide the match, but it was determined that the match would remain 20 overs a side, with the start to the 5ths match also pushed back. 

As per usual, Howitt (now engaged!!) lost the toss and the Stags were sent into bat.  We expected a slow wicket, with some unpredictable bounce.  However, although we had the worse of the conditions, the 2 hours of sun had dried out the wicket and it played much better than we expected. Howitt opened and, after dispatching two balls for six with his trademark wrench over the (very) short Killara boundary, was dismissed for 22 off only 8 balls.  Livermore then joined Turner and together they built on the rapid start and we were flying along at 10 an over.  Harry scored a well made 28 off 25 balls and Reg was particularly severe, smashing 68 off 36 balls. His only undoing was yours truly saying that we could be about to witness the first Gordon T20 100. Reg was dismissed the next ball!

After a bit of hiccup mid innings, losing 6/46, including Dowsley damaging his ankle while getting run out going for a single he would never consider taking in any other form of the game, we were suddenly 8/152. However, some impressive hitting from debutante Bromwich (17 off 10) and a late innings cameo from Fleming (38 off 14), including 3 sixes in a row, got us to the very satisfactory total of 200. Thornborough (10 off 15) also deserves some credit for holding the team together while wickets fell around him, ensuring we batted out the 20 overs.

The author of this report, resting a sore ankle, wasn't able to field and thus can't comment in specific detail as to the energy and application in the field.  It is safe to say, however, that we went from being very confident to very worried, very quickly, as is the way with T20s.  The Hawks came out of the blocks flying and were over 80 after 7 overs and 2/100 off less than 10 overs. After a few economical overs, we were able to peg the Hawks back a bit, but it was very tight all the way - 30 off 3 overs, 17 off 2, 13 off 1 with 3 wickets remaining. 

Howitt stepped up to take the last over. Watching from the sidelines, I knew the next batsman in was a left hander, who would have easy access to the short boundary and, in a strange way, I was hoping a wicket didn't fall! The first two balls both went for 2 runs and then Hoppa snuck one through to clean bowl the batsman and the left hander walked to the crease. 3 balls left, 9 to win, 2 wickets in hand, left hander on strike. 

Ed Howitt, man for any situation, impersonates a flamingo during all the hustle and bustle of a T20 match

As dreaded, the next ball angled in to the pads and was slogged for 6 over the short boundary. Suddenly it was 3 off 2 and the Hawks were in the box seat.  Howitt though is the right man for a tight situation and crucially managed a dot ball off the next ball, which was hit straight back to him, meaning a single off the last would still result in a Stags victory.  This proved to be the case as the ball was hit into the batsman's pads and rolled a short distance away on the off side. An amazing win by the smallest of margins!

Credit must also go to Adam Cubbage (1/21 off 3) who bowled some tight leg spin when the Hawks were threatening to race away and Adam Fleming (4 overs for 20 runs) who was the most economical of the bowlers, including keeping the penultimate over to only 6 runs. Thanks also to Jack Colley and Ben Armstrong for their assistance in the field.

Right, enough of this crazy cricket, back to the real stuff.

Nick Dowsley

3rd Grade vs Northern Districts - Round 8 - 2011/12

3rd Grade vs Northern Districts - Round 8 - 2011/12

T20! What’s all the fuss about?

It really isn’t that hard. Don’t bowl a JK length, play some normal cricket shots and thump the ones in your area. The thirsty thirds showed exactly how it’s done on Saturday.

Adam Cubbage celebrtaes a wicket on Saturday

The toss was lost yet again and we were given first chance to make the most of the early life on a typical Killara pitch. At 1/21 off the first 3 overs, it was looking though we might be chasing a large total but Adam “Lines bowls faster” Fleming continued his good form with the ball bowling his 4 straight for a miserly 10 runs and picking up 3 good wickets.

From that point on,  all the bowlers kept it tight with Harry “Hooch” Turner and Will “Moose” Sweeny picking up one each and spinners Adam “Bear” Cubbage and Tjaard “I bowl now that Hopper isn’t captain” Tait cleaning up the tail with two each.

Special mention must go to Justin “Superstar” Avendano and Damon “Smashes 20’s” Livermore in the field with both taking great catches in what was a clinical fielding performance. In the end, ND’s were all out for a below par 115, probably not enough on a good wicket but hey, it is T20 and anything can happen. When you think about it, it’s only 6 an over for 20 overs .

The next 14.1 overs were a master class in aggressive, power hitting from the Superstar, smashing the ND’s bowling to all parts of Killara oval and especially harsh on anything vaguely short.


Adam Cubbage, Harry Turner and Justin Avendano in action against ND's 

Harry and Justin put on 112 for the first wicket, with Harry playing the perfect foil innings ending 49 not out. Justin’s great innings ended on 65 with the skip finishing off proceedings.

A great way to finish the first half of the season and head into the Christmas break on a very positive note.  Hopefully that momentum can be taken into the second half providing the turkey and ham doesn’t get the best of us

Happy Christmas everyone 

Adam Cubbage 

3rd Grade vs Penrith - Round 7 - 2011/12

3rd Grade vs Penrith - Round 7 - 2011/12

Third Grade journeyed to Cook Park to take on Penrith in Round 7.

Wet creases at both ends of the pitch were a cause of concern for the delivery stride of the bowlers, however, the Stags were keen for a game, considering the RTA profited around $200 in tolls from us. Dylan was the only person pleased about this. Cheers Dyl.

Senior and Missy greeted each other with their usual friendly exchange. After a three hour delay, the ground was fit to play, and both sides would contest for the six points with 42 overs each.

It was strange not having Hoppa skipper the side, however, Damon is a more than competent replacement. Often when there is a long delay prior to a match, it’s hard to keep focused. Reg mentally prepared the team in a positive frame of mind to play cricket, and stamped his authority in regular fashion by stating: “the days of static stretching are over.” Apparently static stretching can be more harm than good, as it causes the muscle to tighten rather than relax. Can someone pass this onto Marcus?

We unfortunately lost a toss that had a major influence on the outcome of the game. Nonetheless, we were sent in on a wicket that had a bit of life to it. Kris “I’m tougher than Steve AND Jack” Colley was impressive. His technique and patience were clearly up to the bowling and conditions that were in front of him. Kris ended up with 14 after batting for 52 minutes, but this was not a true reflection of his contribution. Higgins was subject to yet another great decision. Don’t think he would have reviewed it anyway. Maybe check the no-ball?

At 4-32, we were in a bit of danger. Taity was joined by Cubbage at the crease, who were both well aware of the situation at hand. They managed to deflate the chests of Lalor and Gott (good blokes) to ‘get’ us back into a decent position through some sensible batting, and some hard fought runs. Tjaard “I played school cricket against Vernon Philander” Tait finished with a well made 25. Cubby was run out soon after on 23, however provided a solid platform in the course of those middle overs, so the lower order could accumulate some vital runs with wickets in hand. We finished on 9-116 off our 42 overs. The slow and large outfield at Cook meant this total was more respectable than it looked, and definitely something to defend.

Jules took the new rock and was threatening until he pulled up a bit tight at the end of his third. James “I got an extra 5 litres of petrol” Kidd put the ball in the right areas, but was unlucky to go wicketless with a couple of decisions not in his favour. At 0-50 we were behind the 8-ball, but we continued to toil away and apply pressure to the Penrith batting line-up. Pat “I can name 10 players in the NRL that wear headgear” Effeney continued where he left off from his second spell against Wests. Pat has been in some good form recently, and is consistently swinging the ball. His figures were 2-18 off 8.

Reg then decided to take the pace off the ball by calling upon Adam “I vote on the Vodafone viewers choice” Cubbage. From his first set, we all new Cubby was on song. 3-100 soon became 7-109. Cubby was backed up by some classy fielding to assist him in taking 4 wickets. Chris “I bat in a long sleeve because I lost my short sleeve in round 1” Retallick was a magnet to the ball, and snared 2 catches. Livermore then took a full stretch cracker at square leg. That’s right everybody. I haven’t seen Reg move this fast since the last time free samples were given out at Lane Cove Fitness First. Julian “take me off your text list” Stephenson then followed suit with a screamer in first slip diving low to his left. At 7-109 the pressure was well and truly on, but we couldn’t manage to finish them off, despite the risky shots from the Panthers lower order. Our total off 116 was passed with 6 overs to spare. The third grade stags found themselves on the wrong side of some decisions, and although we came away with no points, there were plenty of positives to take out of that fixture. Thanks to Senior and Paul Stephenson for scoring and managing the team.

Tom Beverley

Fourth Grade Match Reports 11/12

Fourth Grade Match Reports 11/12

The fourth grade team plays for the Reid Cup. All of the lower grades generally contain a number of experienced players and young higher grade aspirants.

Points for all wins go to the club championship total. 

For the Fourth grade schedule go to Fixtures 

Fourth Grade match reports for 2011/12 season are provided below: 



4th Grade vs North Sydney - Round 16 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs North Sydney - Round 16 - 2011/12

Adam Cubbage4th Grade won the toss and bowled as they needed a bonus point at Killara.

We were all keyed up to put in a strong performance against the Bears and the bowlers came out firing, bowling good lines and restricting North Sydney to just 140 at Killara.

Adam Cubbage in action for the last time this season before heading back to play cricket in Ditchling, England

Back in the sheds over lunch, we knew what we needed to do. 5 runs an over would get us home within 30 overs and with a bonus point. Nothing too difficult at Killara, despite a slow outfield. After the break, things quickly took a turn for the worse, as Gordon went into bat with an attitude to get the score perhaps more quickly than required. They soon found themselves 8-26 and a very early exit in our final game for the season. 

Some lower order resistance nearly tripled our score before the Bears were handed the win after we were bowled for about 70. A disappointing end to a very inconsistent season where the batsmen failed to fire on too many occasions.

Jack Colley (reporting on location from Maitland)Alex JacksonMichael Perry

Alex Jackson and Michael Perry had a great first season with the Stags
4th Grade vs Mosman - Round 15 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs Mosman - Round 15 - 2011/12

Adam CubbageCubby’s 4ths arrived at Allan Border oval with nothing but an outright victory in mind. There was a sense of confidence amongst the side, and on a fairly good batting wicket, Shayne called “north” and won the bail toss. 

Adam "Shayne" Cubbage takes charge of the team, leading from the front with the bat 

It’s hard to believe no-one had a coin. Bowling first would provide us with out best chance at an outright win and the Stags took to the field.

Beau Saddler provided an early break through as the Mosman bats struggled against some tight bowling. The platform was set for Big Alex Lines, who took a wicket with his very first ball. Before long, Linsey had 4 wickets in 2 overs. He proved too fast and awkward for the Whales who looked like fish out of water at the crease. 

He continued to take wickets consistently while the Stags remained on the job in the field knowing that anything short of 20 wickets would not be good enough. 

Eventually Mosman were all out for 70, with Linsey finishing with the remarkable figures of 7 for 19. We were obviously very happy with our bowling performance, but keen to replicate it with the bat. The plan was to get the 70 runs, then build a first innings lead as quickly as possible and aim to have 10 or so overs at the Whales later in the afternoon. 
Mitch Kleem (52) and Michael Perry (46) provided us with the perfect platform and before long, we had reached and then passed the Mosman total. This effectively gave the incoming batsmen a license and with a very short boundary on one side the total climbed rapidly. 

Chris Retallick (52) showed his class, while Cubby (46), Shayne and Beau attacked the Mosman bowlers. After 35 overs the Stage were 7 for 237 and had a lead of 167. Shayne declared with 10 overs left to make inroads in to Mosman’s second innings. An edge found the gloves of Rinny and the Whales had lost their 11th wicket of the day. 

Alex Lines caught 7 of the Whales fishing outside off. What a day out! 

At the end of the first day, Mosman in their second innings had a deficit of 132 runs with 9 wickets in hand. We had executed our plan and felt confident that we could achieve an outright win on day 2.

Unfortunately a deluge of rain not helped by an uncovered square throughout the week meant that day 2 was washed out. With 6 points secured and most other games also suffering from wet weather, we find ourselves at the mercy of a couple of other results and a win for us against North Sydney. An outside chance at playing finals, but still a chance.

Charlie Bangs

4th Grade vs Bankstown - Round 12 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs Bankstown - Round 12 - 2011/12

Tom GoochGordon 4th Grade travelled to Bankstown to take on the Bulldogs in what was to be a battle of seventh versus eighth and a possible birth in the top six for finals contention.

Tom Gooch strives for the extract yard of pace

Despite the rain deluge that came the week before, we were greeted with a wicket that was a little moist but definitely fit for a game. Openers Mitchell Kleem and Michael Perry got off to an explosive start with blows right across the ground. ‘Chilli’ Perry was dismissed at mid off trying to sky one in the air.

Alex ‘Motor mouth’ Jackson was sent in by our captain, Shayne Lin, to absorb some time in the middle, spend some time away from the boys and to let the pitch dry a little further. Unfortunately for all, he was caught behind shortly after a brief stint at the crease.

Kris Colley was looking positive after retrieving his drivers’ licence from an ATM near Greenwood the week, before but gloved one early, giving an easy catch to those waiting behind the stumps. Colley will be looking for a big one soon which he has done plenty of times before. He has, though, apparently landed a big one away from the game.

A man of few words, we will be looking to his brother Jack to let us all in on his love life.

Speaking of which, Jack continued from where he left off the week before scoring another 50. Both brothers are keen to play their shots and are looking to hit the ball. Obviously every cricketer is striving for that right balance between aggression and not giving their wicket away.

Kleem was dismissed for 56.

Chris Retallick was given out to an LBW decision and felt rather aggrieved with the judgement. However, whilst we felt that we definitely didn’t get the rub of the green in this game, I’ve been around the game long enough to know that there are swings and roundabouts when it comes to these things.

Charlie BangsIn this game, however, if a couple of decisions went our way instead of theirs, the outcome could have been quite different.
Shayne Lin made a quick-fire 29, making striking some massive blows through third man and down the ground. But the star of the show was none other than Tom Carruthers who scored 95 in an innings that was calculated and poised.

Charlie Bangs tries to extract a bit extra from the flattening deck

The rest of the lower order all made handy contributions with a total of 277 realised with 29 overs left in the day.

Three wickets were obtained in this period for 44 runs and the Stags were on top for a big day in the field the following day.

What transpired the following day could only be described as unimaginative and boring. With 109 overs to get the runs we got in 50, the Bulldogs fell 10 runs short of the required total with 2 wickets to spare.

There are many ways to look at this. Yes, it is admirable to see a player grind away a hard fought innings in trying times, but when does this in interfere with the spirit of the game?

I remember I was at school when Mark Waugh, Phil Emery and Wayne Holdsworth conducted a coaching clinic. I was there blocking away and Waugh yelled out to me at 12 years of age ‘Hey mate play some shots’. This was coming from one of Bankstown’s favourite sons.

Something is wrong when you are bowled half volleys on what was quickly becoming a road and you are blocking it back to the bowler. The points structure for grade cricket has been set by the administration to encourage vibrant play. With zero points being attributed for a loss or a draw, there is a huge incentive to play for a result.

Getting off my soapbox now, I still feel we should have been able to take the ten wickets. In the words of Malcolm Marshall to David Boon on debut ‘Are you going to get out or am I going to have to come around the wicket and kill you.’

Our bowlers performed admirably given the conditions.

Mitchell Kleem

4th Grade vs Campbelltown-Camden - Round 11 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs Campbelltown-Camden - Round 11 - 2011/12

The rain had been pelting down for three and a bit hours; the ground was soaked; puddles covered the outfield; it was 1:30; not a ball had even thought about being bowled and I was ready and packed to head home.

Thanks to the relentlessly positive attitude from both skippers, however, Gordon and Campbelltown 4th grade managed to squeeze a match in on the day, and not a bad match at that.

Colley looks down the ground for early runs

The morning and early afternoon proved to be one of those typical wet cricket days. The covers were on from 9:45am until 2pm, and most of us thought that the weather had defeated us. There was the usual back and forth between players, captains and umpires. Will we or won’t we?

Having snuck a warm up in, sans touch I couldn’t help but notice, the rain started and came down steadily for most of the day. Mick “Radar” Perry had the smartphone out and was giving us regular updates. “There’s one patch of rain, and it hasn’t moved from this spot in about two hours.” Apparently the clouds had decided that they liked Killara, as they tend to do, and remained over Bert Oldfield oval as long as they possibly could.

The umpires weren’t particularly positive, even at 2 o’clock, about the possibility of play, because of the large puddles that surrounded the wicket. Despite the lack of hessian under the covers, when we peeled back the tarpaulin we discovered that the pitch had managed to remain remarkably dry. Both skippers decided it was better to make a fist of it and try to play than go home having sat around all day.

We were cut down to a 25 over-a-side fixture, and Captain Lin promptly won the toss and sent the Ghosts in on a wicket that looked fine, played fine and generally was absolutely fine. What was very fine for the Stags and not so fine for the Ghosts was the first delivery, sent down by Alex Lines. Big fast bowler steams in, bowls a half volley on middle, batsman struck on pad, umpire raises the finger, batsman on his way. It was a nice way to kickstart a day that had hitherto been rather uneventful.

Mitch Kleem, concentrating on Mark O'Neil's recent coaching, looks to squeeze the knees together

Linesy looked very good in his first mini-spell of two overs. He was the pick of the Staggies bowlers, picking up two wickets in his first two overs and he finished with the figures of 2-15 off 4. Having not played for a month, Big Al looked to have picked up a yard for mine.

The Ghosts batsmen tried hard, but in the end the Gordon side picked up wickets at regular intervals, stifling the batsmen and slowing the scoring. A partnership for the fifth wicket of 48 had the stags on the back foot. The Ghosts wicketkeeper took a liking to some flighted deliveries from Alex “Motormouth” Jackson and to a lesser degree Tom “BouncersGo46” Gooch and “Radar” Perry. Once Goochy and Radar tightened up, however, runs proved harder to come by, and runouts eventuated.
There were three run outs in the innings, each one more spectacular than the last. Two were affected by Kris Colley in one over as part of a team hat-trick.

A couple of dots from yours truly built the pressure, the batsmen clipped one straight to square leg, and Colley swooped in after the unwise call of “yes” to knock back the middle stump. Pinpoint.

Next delivery, a rather nervous looking number 9 came in, was promptly struck on the pad in front of middle and was on his way, quick as you like.

Next ball, another clipped to mid-wicket. This time Colley bolts from square leg, picks up one handed and hits the middle stump at the bowlers end. Kris did end up making the song, these two runouts combining with his useful 19 runs to make up a good days work for Colley K.

Another LBW and a caught behind later and the Ghosts were dismissed for 147, and they would have been disappointed seeing as they were 6-135 with five overs remaining.

The Gordon innings was dominated by Colley the Younger, with Jack playing a very mature and well paced knock to chase down the Campbelltown score comfortably, with eight balls to spare and six wickets down. Sherman and Perry fell early, but Kleem stayed at the wicket with Kris Colley for a decent amount of time and started to build a platform.

The author, Pat Effeney, charges in on his way to 3 wickets 

Once Kleem was dismissed, Colley and Colley joined forces and took it upon themselves to chase down the score. Slowly but surely they chipped away at the Ghosts’ total. Some overs were bigger than others, but they made the score 71 before Kris was dismissed, somewhat controversially, LBW for 19.

Jack kept the score ticking along, with some lovely hitting and regular singles and twos. Chris ‘Retro’ and Lines both played useful hands but were dismissed hitting out (Lines trying to hit a glory maximum to end the game), and Alex Jackson went out with six runs to get off two-an-a-bit overs and four wickets remaining.

Jack did the sensible thing to knock a two, then a single at the end of the over, and another at the start of the next. Two runs to get, the man who doesn’t stop talking on strike. Thankfully, Jackson abandoned conversation long enough to hit a two straight back past the bowler with eight deliveries remaining to secure the victory for the Stags.

A man seldom mentioned in this report has been the captain, Shayne Lin. He took a good catch to dismiss the number six batsmen (the last man out). That was about it.

Otherwise, a real team effort was good enough to get the W on the day. A big thanks goes to Dave Millar who filled in fielding for the injured Anthony Sherman, and also lended his booming vocals to the victory song. I’d also like to thank the girl who was going to walk her dog on the field during play but didn’t at my request.


How good’s winning?

Patrick Effeney

4th Grade vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2011/12

Pic ShermanThey say you learn more from a loss than you do from a win. The Gordon 4th grade side decided to put this theory to the test before Christmas, losing four straight.

A vintage "Pic" Sherman flick through the leg side 

After a strong win in the 20/20 contest against Hawkesbury to get our season back on track, we headed out to Whalan Reserve to take on the lowly placed Blacktown side.

At the back of each team member’s mind was that winning becomes a habit which has been something that has been a regular occurrence over the past few years.

One of the more peculiar arrangements at this ground is a pole situated in the middle of the gate on entry and exit from the field.

Small things, small minds. (Editor’s note: This is to stop motorbikes etc from entering the playing field and ripping up the grass.)

One of the great appeals of grade cricket is seeing former team mates and friends around the traps. Low and behold Stuart Slocombe former personal trainer and Gordon lower grader was now turning out for the Warriors. Yes that’s right all 150 kilograms of him. Stuart was quick to point out that he’d given away the personal training thing and was living around the corner these days at Kings Langley.

Back to the cricket and Captain Shayne Lin elected to bat with the hope of putting runs on the board. Sherman and Kleem went out to bat keen to get the side off to a solid start.

Kleem back from sabbatical continued his disappointing start to the season was first to go for seven. ‘Pic’ Sherman and Michael “Chil” Perry progressed things nicely until Shermsy was out for 29. Jack Colley chipped in for a handy 28.

Kris Colley was at the crease for a brief period but will be looking for big score in the coming weeks. Chil was dismissed for a handy 20 cameo but the star of the show was Chris Retallick with a very fine 70 not out.

The oval was very slow and sluggish with plenty of two’s and three’s on offer. I suppose this really emphasises the importance of fitness. Likewise Killara has been a little on the slow side too.

Pic Sherman Jack Colley Michael Perry

Anthony Sherman, Jack Colley & Michael Perry apply their trade against the Warriors

Retallick was well supported by captain Shayne Lin with a couple of big zacs and the lower order players all chipped in, including Ben Armstrong, Tom Gooch. Did I miss anybody? A total of 222 was defendable.
Turning 34 on February 17, Kleem has realised how out of touch he is with what interests the youngsters these days on TV. Nowadays the younger generation aren’t interested in watching Discovery and National Geographic.

Kleem asked the younger brigade if they’ve seen manhunt. This show is about an Australian man who joins tribes from Africa on hunting expeditions. The blowpipe is used. This is where a poisionous arrow is used in a hollow piece of bamboo to shoot down monkeys and birds in trees. Quite fascinating.

A newcomer to the side Charlie Stobo, and son of the great Richard Stobo, proved a real handful with the opposition batsman. He is a real competitor and seems to have plenty of ticker.

Yours truly was responsible for a truly magnificent run out where one stump was thrown down from side on. Kleem will be looking to consolidate his position at mid on and hence giving him the title of the Allan Border of the side.

Wickets fell very quickly in the innings and the Stags were well on top from the start. Young Wack Jacko (Alex Jackson - a good little Grammar boy) is building with confidence with each game and is starting to really understand the importance of flight and getting the ball above the batsman’s eyeline.

With continued application and consistent rhythm hopefully he should keep improving. Another space cadet in the field he joins Kleem on the quest for discovering new planets in the solar system in between balls.

All the bowlers performed well with Charlie Stobo 2/30, Ben Armstrong 2/14, Tom Gooch 2/24 and Jacko 1/24 .

A niggling partnership from Blacktown ensued and some dropped catches. It was then decided enough was enough and dismissed Blacktown for 119 14 under the 133 mark, giving the side a bonus point.

Mitchell Kleem

4th Grade vs Penrith - Round 7 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs Penrith - Round 7 - 2011/12

We arrived at Killara hoping to turn around the start of the season. Despite the rain throughout the week and overcast conditions, captain Shane Lin won the toss and elected to bat. Openers Mitch Kleem and Anthony Sherman played posiively, dispatching the loose ball to the boundary. Mitch kleem (20) was the first to fall at 1-45 after setting up a good foundation. When Anthony Sherman (25) lost his wicket at 2-57 it seemed as if the team was in a good position.

MItch Kleem hits a four thyrough covers

However the middle order having kept their form from the previous games built a collapse which soon saw the score at 7-67. The pitch did give some assistance to the bowling side, although there was no excuse for for such a collapse. Someone needed to steady the ship and this was done by some good aggresive batting by Shane Lin (39) and Adam Fleming (10) keeping the scoreboard ticking over at the other end. Their partnership of (51) was vital as the score was now looking respectable at 118. With Gordon soon all out for 123 we knew that it was going to take some good bowling to knock over the Penrith side.

Penrith got off to a good start with one of their openers showing some good intent and scoring some quick runs. Charlie Bangs (1-51) bowled very sharp with the ball hitting some good areas shaping away from the batsmen. With the score at 1-43, the total of 123 did not look that far away. The wicket at 2-63 brought upon by some rapid, accurate bowling by Alex Fleming (4-24) and Alex Lines, (2-26) lead to a cluster of wickets bringing the score to (5-77). Fleming and Lines were both desperately trying to show they could bowl faster than one another. May it also be mentioned that none of these wickets could of been possible without pic's work in the slip cordon, as he was seeing the ball as good as ever grabbing four catches in total. 

The bowlers failed to maintain the pressure on Penrith as they passed the total with three wickets in hand. With another thirty or forty runs on the board the game would have been completely different. Hopefully the batsmen can do some work over the week and find some form in the last game before the Christmas break, which will be a T20 against Northern Districts. 

Tom Carruthers

4th Grade vs Wests - Round 6 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs Wests - Round 6 - 2011/12

Fourth Grade returned to Killara in a rain enforced one day game, looking to improve on what was a disastrous performance the week before at Sutherland.  Welcoming back some key players, the mood was light until Captain Rin obviously lost the toss to send us into the field.

Despite an early wicket, some ill disciplined bowling allowed Wests to score freely at all times during the innings creating numerous partnerships and always scoring freely.

Mitch Kleem back in action

Flemball was the pick of the bowlers, constantly catching out the batsman with his lack of pace and subtle variations.  Goochie also chimed in with 3 cheeky poles.  

277 for victory was always going to be a tough ask, but has been the case during the year, the middle order failed to deliver after a solid, but unsubstantial opening partnership.  Unfortunately, we are not going to win games of cricket collapsing from 0/45 to 7/64 every single week.   Chappo batted calmly for his 29 being the last man out, but there needs to be more value on wickets especially when starting an innings. 

We need to improve in all aspects before Christmas in order to push towards finals; however we know we have the ability to become a top 4 side by season’s end.

Alex Lines

4th Grade vs Sutherland - Round 5 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs Sutherland - Round 5 - 2011/12

Compliancy is the only word that can be used to describe the game against Sutherland. We thought we had the game won within the first 15 over’s which technically we had but it is never over till its over.

Julian Stephenson happy to be taking more wickets in 4th grade

This is something I have learnt from watching one of the greatest sporting nations to exist and I don’t mean Australia, I mean New Zealand, the Kiwis whatever you want to call us. We do hold the rugby world cup, the rugby league world cup and any other cup that is played for - apart from the four nations now after a somewhat remarkable win to Australia over England Sunday morning. So I think I do know what I’m talking about. It’s that you have to keep fighting till the end. Never give up, never expect it just to happen no matter what the score or who the opposition are as things can happen, and happen they did.

Let’s get to the game.

For me it was a very early wake up at 6.30am as Sutherland is about as far away as Sydney is from the land of the long white cloud. I don’t know if I took a wrong turn leaving Castle hill but it ended up being a 70km trip to Sutherland oval where I just managed to arrive before 9am. With the inspection of the pitch done before warm up it was noted that Shane really needed to win a toss otherwise we would find ourselves batting on a pitch that the groundsman’s was still preparing up until play. It was green, not too soft but would be more difficult to bat on now than later in the day when the sun dried it out. We welcomed 6 people into 4th grade this week with many players being out either doing a uni exam or winning poker tournaments in the Philippines, then deciding to spend the cash there and find a bride. The new players we welcomed in or back into the team were Mitch, Iqbal, Max Newman, Paul our English import, flemmo@bowlolgist (Adam Fleming) and Tom Gooch.Tom Gooch

Warm up started with a game of touch with a small pink rugby ball and a field that included dog poo in the middle as we couldn’t be bothered moving the field. As usual any out markers are just a guideline to Shane so when his team run out by 10m its still play on as they are just there as a guidance. Shane’s team won which is a sad thing to say.

Tom Gooch watches his ball

With that over there was a solid warm up in the already sweltering heat. Shane was called to the middle to do the toss which he again lost, however the coin did land on the side rope of the pitch and for some reason the umpires called a re toss which ended up with Shane winning it and us sending them in .The plan was to bowl full and swing the ball to make the most of what was in the pitch. What happened next happened so fast, some thoughts turned to who we should go and watch once we won or maybe the team lunch at sizzler was on again.

Jules Stephenson coming off 5fa against St George again did the job for the Stags claiming a wicket an over for the first 4 over’s before he got a brace the next and was on another hat-rick that was again denied. Jules bowled the perfect line his whole ten over’s for a very well deserved 6/16 off 10 straight overs. It must be noted that once Jules saw the pitch in the morning he decided that his knee would hold up to bowling after deciding during the week that he would just play as a bat. He was well supported by flemmo@bowlologist who bowled some good lines and earned himself a wicket thanks to a leaping Max Newman at midwicket who timed his jump to perfection and got some great hang time to take a mark overhead. Gooch replaced flemmo@bowlogist and brought instant reward with a wicket to a catching short cover.

Michael Perry

At 8/81 it was all the stags. However it was noted that we had to stay up for the challenge as anyone could put on a partnership and that’s what happened as we ended up relaxing a bit too much as we tried to finish them off.

'Chilli' Perry in the delivery stride

Conversation turned to why Shane’s company Channel 9 was not sponsoring 4th grade as they could cover every game and beam it live around Sydney on Channel 9 each Saturday. 

Michael 'Chilli' Perry and flemmo@bowlologist then combined to try and take the last 2 wickets quickly. Flemmo had the remaining batsmen running for their helmets as he sent down some sizzling balls at pace. Word going around grade clubs is that he is faster than Alex lines.

Sutherland ended up all out for 87.

How do I talk about what happened next.

We lost Mitch early to a run out, 1 for 4. Michael ‘Mickey D’ Dalrymple and Michael ‘Chilli’ Perry then combined to try continue their good form in the middle and take 4s home. Until Chilli was fooled by a slower one to be bowled. 2/40. Mickey D was joined by Max Newman before both of them followed each other in quick succession, as well as the Englishman Paul. At 5/57 it was tight and game on.

Enter our captain, our leader, the inspiration, tactician. First ball bang 4. it must be difficult for Shane to bat in a shirt as he loves to stalk the picket fence shirtless, looking for any eyes that may wonder his way whether it be from a nice woman or man passing by who knows. Andrew Crosland looked to support Shane with the odd boundary and a few singles before Shane lost his wicket, who must of thought he was facing Alex Lines or Andrew Chapman, wanting to dominate the bowlers to the end. 6/79.

The author watches his ball through point

Then it was all over on 86. One run short.

A very disappointing finish to what should have been a good win against one of the teams in the top 6. It must be said though we have been playing very well so it was disappointing to come to such a halt but we will bounce back. Overall there were too many lose shots, and not enough patience on a track that had quickened up but was still doing enough. We need to stand up now take some pride in our game, pride in the Gordon club and come out bloody hungry next week against Wests.

Michael ‘Chilli’ Perry

4th Grade vs St George - Round 4 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs St George - Round 4 - 2011/12

Adam CubbageThe Gordon fourth graders travelled out to St George this week to take on the ladder leaders. The day started with the usual rubbish banter. This week’s topic was Andrew Chapman murdering 50 beers and 80 rums, losing his phone and blacking out, a standard weekend for Chappo. The topic then quickly moved on with the boys eager to learn about my heritage and the Chinese culture, Alex “Linsey” Lines has suggested an end of season trip to the Great Wall to gain a deeper understanding and respect for other cultures.

Adam Cubbage does some damage with the ball in hand 

On to the game. The wicket was very flat and the weather was hot, perfect day to get out in the field. Kris Colley was nominated by the team to bring the sun cream each week but decided not to show, ensuring the whole team would be burnt; Linsey does not like Kris very much anymore.

After losing the toss we got our wishes and had first crack at the St George batsmen. Jules Stephenson, making his comeback after a couple of years out of the game, started up with Pat Effeney. Pat had the early success with two wickets in his first over caught behind and then to Cubby at 1st slip. As the day continued on, the St George batsmen went into their shells. Before the break Jules made the breakthrough claiming the Saints skipper and then a wicket the very next ball to be on a hatrick, the first attempt for the day. At drinks we were in a good position taking 5 wickets for not many runs.

After the break a long partnership set in. We were unable to make a breakthrough for 20 odd overs; however it cost us little with St George only scoring at 1.5 an over. It also must be noted during this time Chapman was as useless in the field as his banter off the field. At tea we had St George 5/100. The plan after tea was to go hard to ensure we could break the partnership and get stuck into the tail.

Catch!!Straight after tea Jules struck twice in two balls to be on another hatrick. Again another failed attempt but two very important wickets. The St George number 3 decided after batting for 50 overs it was time to get a move on taking a liking to Linsey smashing us around.

The proof?? Or more confusion?? Was there a dropped catch from the hat-trick ball? 

Linsey now hates cricket and has decided to take a mid season break to the Philippines to make some money and find Taity that special someone.

Cubbage was the next to break through and it was his turn to be on a hatrick. Despite all the rubbish that has been going on twitter, a catch was never dropped with the ball falling short of Pic Sherman at first slip. Pic would have probably dropped it anyway. The lesson learnt here is that whatever the 4th graders tweet is not true unless it’s about #murderingmanyrumz.

Anyway the last wicket fell the ball after with Saints out for 180. Jules was the pick of the bowlers taking 5, Cubbage with 3 and Effeney toiling hard for 2. For Paddy’s efforts, the team has decided to chip for a new pair of sunglasses; if you have seen the current pair you will understand.

We went out to bat for the remaining 14 overs with the goal of batting through to stumps. Micky Dalrymple and Pic opened up starting well, until Pic was dismissed. It was this time, at about 5:15, I couldn’t handle Chapman’s face and decided it was time to leave. The arguments began over who would captain the side for the last 15 mins. At stumps we finished the day at 2/69 and in a strong position to take the points.

Day 2 banter was all about the trip into Balmain. The two Barker boys in the team, “Retro” Retalick and “Crosy” Crosland bantered about the exam they had to study for on Monday, Cubbage kept pushing for a promotion up the order, Chapman continued to talk rubbish and Michael “Chilli” Perry was making us all laugh about his tales of the Kiwis beating the Kangaroos in the Four Nations.

Michael DalrympleThe Kiwis ended up losing to the Poms so we may not see Chilli this week at training with the depression of losing the rugby league grand final, the getting knocked out of the Four Nations and on top of that he is still a kiwi. Poor guy.

Mike "Micky Ds" Dalrymple looks to go straight down the ground 

On to the cricket. Jules and Micky “D” started solidly. Micky was out caught for 42 getting some good time in the middle before heading off to the mines in a couple of weeks for Uni. Retro joined Jules and a partnersip grew. We were looking comfortable at 3/150 when Jules was dismissed followed by Crosy.

The discussion then turned from the team lunch at Sizzler to the fact that Chappo averages 6 this year and we may be in some trouble. Chapman walked to the crease and blocked every ball until the target was reached. Retro was dismissed after the total was passed for a well made 50, the dismissal was an interesting one; the less said the better.

In the end it was a very comfortable win against strong opposition, putting ourselves in a good position after 4 rounds with 3 good wins. The talk after the game was to stay focused and not let complacency creep into our games. It a big 6 weeks until the break and its crucial to perform well in the first half of the year. The boys can now look forward to watching Cam Eccles #kickone in the 20/20 game.

Next week we have another tough game against the Sharks with many players unavailable so its time to step and give it a good crack and repeat last years 5/5 against them.

Shayne Lin


4th Grade vs Easts - Round 3 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs Easts - Round 3 - 2011/12

Adam FlemingSaturday morning started normally with my standard 10am wake up, however the strong beam of light that protruded into my bedroom got me thinking, I do not want to field today. Upon arriving at the ground my thoughts were mirrored by the rest of the team, with numerous insults and threats being thrown at Captain Shayne “Rin” Lin.

Adam Fleming bowls a 'steady' line whilst Shayne "Rin" Lin waits for the catch

With that in mind Shayne decided that he would again lose the toss for the 3rd time straight this year, after having a year of Rinny winning ever toss, losing the toss has been a hard thing for the team to swallow. With his head down Rinny had to inform us all that he had indeed lost the loss and we would be fielding, as the 4th grade team is a hard team to impress, Rin was subjected to some concentrated ‘banter’ for the next half an hour.

However with that behind us all and the jokes aside, we came out onto the ground in the usual high spirits expecting early wickets that we had seen from Killara this year. With that in mind Lines after 2 weeks of watching Pat Effeney and James Kidd take the wickets, decided that he himself would take 5 this week.

Having Easts 4/10 of 8 overs was the desired start with Linesy having figures of 3/10 and ‘steady’ bowling from Fleming of 1/0 of his 4 overs.

However seeing the new batsman Chapman walking out for Easts I feared that the innings was far from over, knowing the damage that a Chapman can do to a bowling team.

The only way to combat a Chapman is to bring another one on to bowl. This was one of the standout moves of Rinny’s captaincy this year. Tom Gooch and I managed to stem the run flow with Goochy picking up a wicket. Some loose fielding allowed a partnership of about 30 runs in 25 overs. However, some quick wickets from Cubbage before tea allowed ourselves to proceed to tea with Easts 8 down for 80 odd, from 45 overs.

After tea everybody was well and truly over watching Easts bat, we came out switched on and upbeat to finish this innings off quickly. Lines, being easily subjected to peer pressure, was subject to some choice ‘banter’ from myself and Fleming from mid off and mid on. This got Lines as fired up as possible for him, and he proceeded to clean up the last 2 wickets with Easts bowled out for 87 from 50 overs.

As Colley and Mike padded up for chase down this low total, Rinny stressed the fact that if we bat our natural way we would chase the total down and have 6 points by the end of the day. While on the way to a decent start Mike was fired out LBW. This bought another mini collapse to our struggling top and middle order as we slumped to 5/40, however Kris Colley, being the rock of the innings, was still out there scoring at an Easts’ run rate.

Andrew ChapmanWith the hopes of the team resting on Shayne, you could say that the dressing room was a little on edge, considering that it wasn’t after Christmas and it being common knowledge that Shayne doesn’t score runs until after Christmas.

Andrew Chapman displaying good form with the ball in the early season

However with his team needing him and numerous hash tags of #cubbageforcaptain circulating on twitter, Shayne stepped up and blasted 65 from 40 odd balls including some huge 6’s onto the top of the pavilion and even ruining the tennis game of some old ladies, as the constant call of heads was shouted out in their direction.

Kris even managed to hit some clean balls and end up at 47 not out, proving that he may be of some use in the T20’s. With the 6 points secured and a declaration overnight in mind Shayne was caught on the boundary ending his entertaining innings, Cubbage headed out with direct orders to go for it, so in try Cubby style he blocked and left the remaining balls of the day. Day 1 finished with Gordon hitting 6/167 from 29 overs and an 80 run lead.

With the declaration made overnight before the beginning of Day 2, Easts came out to bat facing a modest 80 run deficit, however we became instantly worried when Chapman came out to open for Easts. This move highlighted Easts strategy for the day, which was to edge anything on the stumps and play and miss at everything just outside off.

In a day of cricket which many of us will want to forget, Fleming and Linesy again started brilliantly has we had Easts 3/20, however steady slow partnerships and few wickets in clumps didn’t allow us to bowl Easts out until 4:52pm. Even Cubbage had economical figures of 3/58 from 25 overs, along with the standard steady figures from Flem of 1-9 from 9 overs and Linesy and Goochy bowling very well for 2 and 3 wickets respectively.

With 28 minutes to chase down 80 “Rin” and Sherman opened up to do some damage, however Rin ran Pic out and then followed shortly after – along with Crossland – leaving the game now well and truly out of our grasp. The game was called off and the hot topic for most of the afternoon GDCC poker was less than 2 hours away.

The general consensus at the end of the game was to drink the memory of Day 2 away and everyone delivered that night, especially Moth coming up with the idea of the night for Taylor. As soon as beer entered Rin’s mouth he was straight onto twitter to #thefirststupidsayingthatcameintohishead, as after the poker night we headed off to the Crowie. To quote Cubby’s “check in”, we were all murdering a fair few rums.

And what was a great night for team and club bonding took place and was then re-capped on Twitter the next day, along with the 4th Grade plus Taity’s standard hash tag of #cubbageforcaptain. Of course this bonding was let down by the Barker contingent of the team who, just as at school, failed to keep up with the dominant Knox component of the team.

Andrew ‘MB/MVD’ Chapman

Fifth Grade Match Reports 11/12

Fifth Grade Match Reports 11/12

The Fifth Grade team plays for the Dave Sherwood Cup. All of the lower grades generally contain a number of experienced players and young higher grade aspirants.

Points for all wins go to the club championship. 

For the Fifth grade schedule go to Fixtures 

Fifth Grade match reports for 2011/12 season are provided below: 



5th Grade vs Sydney University - Grand Final - 2011/12

5th Grade vs Sydney University - Grand Final - 2011/12

Although the road to finals was a long 16 rounds (2 losses, 3 draws, 10 wins, 1 outright win), the Gordon 5th Grade team came away with the Minor Premiership. 

A fantastic effort with important contributions from the 36 players below throughout the season:

Ahmed, Iqbal

Cubbage, Adam

Newman, Max A

Armstrong, Ben

Edgar, Corbin

Nirthanakumaran, Deva

Bangs, Charlie

Fleming, Adam G

Partridge, James

Bangs, Thomas

Fonseka, Mark

Perry, Michael

Beverley, Thomas

Gooch, Tom

Richtor, Dan

Carruthers, Thomas

Hand, James

Skilbeck, Jack

Chapman, Andrew

Jackson, Alex

Stephenson, Julian

Cockburn, Tom J

Kinghorne, Carl

Stickland, Daniel

Coleman, Andrew

Klemt, Reagan

Stobo, Charlie

Colley, Jack

Leiboff, David

Thomson, Dominic

Cooper, Tristan

Lines, Alex

Todd, Matt

Crosland, Andrew

Monaghan, David

Turki, Saahil

I’m sure those lucky enough to play finals cricket would agree it is an experience. It can take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, bring out the best and worst in performances, and lead you to either loving or even hating the game. 

tom carruthers 2nd slip catch

After the disappointing 1 wicket loss to Randwick in the quarters, we bounced back strongly with a 118-run win against Sutherland – great momentum leading into a grand final.

Tom Carruthers snares one of many in the finals series

Just to make a grand final is an achievement in itself. Many of the team had either never played in a grade grand final, or if they did, had suppressed memories of a loss, which can be difficult to overcome. Of note was Matt Todd, who reminded the youngsters how lucky they were to be in this situation as it has taken him 20 years to have the opportunity to win a grand final.

Day 1, we were not getting ahead of ourselves, particularly, as we had not played Sydney University all season due to rain affecting our round 1 match. Our approach was simple, to play like any other match with the same 3x P’s; plans, patience and pressure. We were confident in the team and the ability we possessed to win (echoing the words of Geoff Hickman).

Tom bangs oh no!

Losing the toss, we were forced to bowl on what seemed like a good batting deck with a lightning outfield. The other important decision, from which end to open, was left to chance with Tom Bangs choosing the hand I held the bail in.

An edge goes through 3rd slip

I cannot help but think, what-if Tom choose my end because he had the ball on a string; devastating in line, length and movement and was justly rewarded. Removing Sydney University’s best batsmen Skinner (4) and Cowan (0) who placed number two and four on most runs scored in 5th grade, Tom lead us to a commanding position of 6-38 (with 5 of his own! and one to Tom Carruthers).

A 7-wicket run partnership of 36 from Sydney University attempted to pull back some of the momentum but was stifled by an efficient close to the innings (109 runs in 37.2 overs) with Toddy and myself picking up two wickets each. With the exception of an 18-run over to forget (sorry TC!), the first innings performance, not just bowling but also the fielding (2x catches to Carruthers, 1x Klemt, 1x Kinghorne) was everything skipper Tom Cockburn and the team could hope for.

tom bangs 5 wickets
Tom Bangs clapped off after his stellar performance

With plenty of overs left in the day and a small total to chase, Tom Cockburn and Saahil Turki went out with purpose and application. Seeing off both opening bowlers and building the score to 43 without loss, you could say ‘they did their job’! From what little momentum Sydney University had left after their first innings, we took it in our stride.

As in most final matches, there will be a twist and unfortunately we could not avoid ours. 4 wickets fell in quick succession (3 of them LBWs). There were flashbacks to our round 13 match against Randwick; chasing 99, trotting along at 1-38, we were bowled out for 85. Safe to say there were heightened nerves and heart rates.

5th Grade supports

The responsibility of consolidating the innings then fell heavily on Tom Carruthers and Tristan Cooper’s shoulders. No easy task but the focus and patience applied by both TC’s wrestled the impetus back in our favour with a 68-run partnership, taking us past Uni’s total.

The ever faithful 5th Grade supporters

This great stand provided the lower order with a little less stress and a tad more confidence to go out and play our strokes but with a mindset that there was plenty more overs left to play.

Carruthers’ innings ended on a top score of 43, Cooper 31, Cockburn 26, Turki 12, and Klemt added a classy 35. Myself, Bangs and Toddy enjoyed our lead and advanced the score to 224 (off 68.1 overs).

A lead of 115 and an awkward 7-over period to end day 1, the Stags were keen to continue our momentous rollercoaster ride. With two big in-swingers to start the 2nd innings, I then threw in an out-swinger which drawing an error and a great grab in the slips by Carruthers – what a start and the end to day one!

Day 2, and Sydney University had a mountain to climb. Again, we simply needed to apply the 3x P’s – “just another day at the cricket”.Dave Monaghan accepts man of the match

Not as dominant as Tom Bangs in his first innings spell by virtue he was taking polls and LBWs, I found myself with three more quick wickets; safe catches by Toddy and Cooper. Bangs was also in the action again taking the prize wicket of Skinner, taking the score to 7-41.

Dave Monaghan accepts his Man of the Match award

Another lower order fight back saw Sydney University approach a total that would make us bat again. However, Dan Richtor had other ideas providing the break through with Toddy reminding me how to catch.

Matt Todd went on and picked up 5th-grade-wicket number 59 for the season, a record breaking achievement that has been the backbone of the team’s success all season.

Matt Todd 1matt todd 2matt todd 3

A photo sequence of a Matt Todd LBW dismissal

Tom Cockburn although relatively young has a mature head on his shoulders and has led the team to this successful position. All season he has had a knack of when to change bowlers and field placings to produce a wicket(s). Having four wickets in the bag, he wanted me to partner with Toddy from the other end and grab a ‘5fer’. Thinking the rollercoaster had reached its peak … edge … Carl Kinghorne takes a diving catch behind the wicket – OH YEAH, WE WON THE FINAL!!!!!

final catch 1final catch 2final catch 3

team celebrates

And the final wicket falls!

A great result for the team, the club, the selectors, and the supporters.

A worthy mention must go to Max Newman, who unfortunately could not play the final but was instrumental with bat and gloves all season. He topped the charts for 5th grade batting with 545 runs.

skipper tom cockburn holds the dave sherwood

Skipper Tom Cockburn holds aloft the Dave Sherwood trophy

After a disappointing end to season 2010-11 going down to Manly in the semi final, to win the double header of minor premiership and premiership, and to win so convincingly in the final (by an innings and 23 runs), it’s great reward for all involved.

For those buoyed to go on next year and defend our title, all the best, and those moving on to bigger and better things good luck and up Gordon, get fah you bah!!

David Monaghan

team official photo

5th Grade vs Sutherland - Semi Final - 2011/12

5th Grade vs Sutherland - Semi Final - 2011/12

Andrew CroslandIn the biggest game of the season to date, Gordon made the trek out to Blacktown to take on the Sutherland Sharks in a must win semi final. An absolute picture of a ground awaited us, as the Sharks won the toss and elected apply the pressure early with the new ball.

Andrew Crosland comes of age with the ball during the finals series 

A shaky start saw Saahil (4) snick one off early to a good catch in the slips, followed by Tom ‘The Burner’ Cockburn (12) missing a straight one leaving us in trouble at 2-17. As has been the case in more games than not this season, the revival was lead by Max Newman (45). Playing straight and putting away the loose ball, Max and Tommy Carruthers (13) saw us to 47 before the bowlers struck again. Andrew Crosland (18) and Max then saw the side to lunch at 3-87.

After the interval, the bowlers struck, removing Crosy and leaving the Stags in trouble at 4-90. Tristan Cooper (4) came and went, as the ever reliable Max continued on his way. Dan Richtor (28) and Max then saw the score to 128 before a good piece of bowling removed Max, caught and bowled. Dan quickly followed to a brilliantly bowled waist high full toss, as Gordon stumbled to 7-150, far short of what was desired. Carl Kinghorne (26) then combined with the most underrated player in the club as Dave Monaghan, calm as ever, strolled out to the wicket. 

Max Newman

The pair batted supremely well to put on a vital 60 runs to push the Stags over the 200 mental barrier. 

A loss in concentration saw Kinghorne dismissed with Gordon on 211. A flashy cover drive from Tom Bangs (3) was one of the highlights of the innings but his stay was short lived. The stage was now set for the player of the year to continue his new found form with the willow. 

Max Newman plays the role of the glue within the Gordon innings 

Toddy (40 n.o) and Monaghs (79) then set about demoralising the Sutherland attack. Boundaries were flowing to all parts of the ground as the Sharks’ heads dropped. 

All their early hard work was being erased by some brilliant tail end batting. Monaghs eventually fell, but not after the damage had been done. The pair put on 80 runs for the final wicket, catapulting Gordon to a massive score of 297. 

With 9 overs to bowl at the end of the first day, Gordon toiled hard but failed to find a break through. Sutherland 0-30 at the close of Day One. As it turns out, the same runs were made by the Colts and their opponents, Sydney University, were in a very similar position!

Day 2 saw Sutherland off to the brighter start with both openers hitting boundaries and keeping the scoring rate ticking over. With the score on 62, Bangs (2-69) snuck one through the gate, removing the opener and getting the breakthrough Gordon needed to start their day. 

Tom BangsA brief partnership ensued, but it didn’t last long as Tommy C (2-30) claimed the other opener with the score on 90. This sparked a collapse as tight lines from Crosy (2-28) and Monaghs (0-21 off 13) combined with solid fielding saw Sutherland collapse to 5-105 as Toddy claimed his first (4-23). 

Tommy Bangs continues to put in great performances for the 5s 

Sutherland never recovered losing wickets in regular intervals as Toddy did what he does best. The last wicket fell with Sutherland on 179, still 118 in arrears.

Arguably Gordon’s best performance of the season, especially the rear-guard action, as they move within one game of the coveted Sherwood Trophy.

Andrew Crosland

5th Grade vs Randwick Petersham - Qualifying Final - 2011/12

5th Grade vs Randwick Petersham - Qualifying Final - 2011/12

Saahil Bowled

Fifth Grade unlucky to lose, but still in the hunt for the David Sherwood Cup.

The majority of the 5s have never played finals cricket before, but you could tell upon arriving at Chatswood Oval that everyone was fired up for a big game. 

Unfortunately the weather was horrible as per usual but upon uncovering the pitch we saw a deck that couldn’t have been any better given the conditions. It was decided that play would commence at 12.30 and 73 overs were to be bowled in the day.

Saahil Turki looked good until one got through the gate.
Andrew Crosland

Tom ‘Shaft’ Cockburn lost the toss and we were sent in against an attack that had rolled us for 80 odd in January but one that we knew we could dominate. The openers started strongly with Shaft scoring freely through the off-side, while Saahil ‘Gobs’ Turki accumulated runs at the other end. The score progressed to 30 before Randwick struck, with Shaft leaving a ball that jagged back and would’ve taken out middle. Gobs departed soon after and was followed by Tom Carruthers with the score on 40 and the innings in the balance.

Crossy has been in form lately, and a big score is just around the corner!

Andrew Crosland strolled out to the crease carefree and immediately started finding the middle. He got to 30 in short time, with Max Newman playing a controlled, smart innings, feeding him the strike at the other end. Another rain delay took the momentum out of our innings and the newly juiced up deck saw a big off cutter take out Crossy’s off-stump at the resumption of play. From there we regained control of the innings, with Newman picking up where Crosland left, displaying an array of glorious shots around the ground despite the added movement off the pitch the rain had given. With Max scoring runs at will, I was able to just survive at the other end and turn over the strike, which worked well as the score was taken to 4/145 before Randwick struck again. 

This saw a monumental collapse occur that was reminiscent of our regular season match with the opposition, as our final wickets fell rapidly to see our total stall at 168. Newman finished with 62 to top score for the innings.

With our batting the weak point this year, our bowling attack is used to defending low totals, so we knew that 168 would be enough provided we bowled to our plans and held our catches. The innings started perfectly with Monaghan clipping the bails on his 4th ball to have the score at 1/0. Edges were beaten and pads were struck but no more wickets were taken on Saturday evening as Randwick finished at 1/10.Toddybackatchatswood

Toddy back in action down ol' Chatswood way.

We started strongly the next morning, bowling controlled lines to halt RP’s scoring before the wickets started to fall. The first went to Tom Bangs with a fine edge going straight to Max, before Crossy struck twice and Tom Carruthers once, to have the opposition in trouble at 5/30. With their captain realizing he needed to switch the momentum, he came out blazing and made a quickfire 36 in a partnership that saw the score progress to 100. We felt we had the batsman at the other end out with the score on about 50 when he edged a ball to Max and started walking before stopping, with the umpire mysteriously not raising the finger – but hey, that’s cricket!

With Matt Todd not yet having taken a wicket to add to his 50 for the year, it was only time before he struck, claiming the next three wickets when Randwick looked to be getting on top, to see the score progress to 9/153. The final overs were nerve-wracking for both sides, as tight bowling and cautious batting ensued. One lush swing by the no.11 saw Randwick take the win for the second time this season, this time even closer than the 10 run win they had over us a few months ago. Credit must go to the opposition however as they were more clutch in the moments where both sides really needed to dig deep and grind it out.

Tom Bangs bowlingTom CarruthersMatt Todd

Tom Bangs, Tom Carruthers and Matt Todd will all be essential against Sutherland in the semi final.

Fortunately for the boys there are many positives we can take out of this match.

  1. We had control of this match on a difficult first day batting track and without a few mental lapses a big score was there for the taking.
  2. We bowled to our plans extremely well for the majority of the second day, with only a few balls straying onto the pads letting the batsmen off the hook on a short Chatswood boundary.
  3. Our fielding was top notch and some of the best it’s been all season.
  4. We don’t have to do covers next week!

With many experiencing finals cricket for the first time, I know the boys will be up for the challenge more than ever this week. From a personal experience those left in 5s from last year are 0/2 in finals the last 2 seasons and I know how much everyone wants to win. With a bowling attack that is consistently strong in all facets, and a batting lineup that is still yet to click but feels as though it is getting closer and closer to doing so, we know that we can dominate this week and book a place in the grand final. Next week we will be playing Sutherland at Blacktown International Sports Park no. 2.

Tristan Cooper

Slips celebrate Dave's wicket
Tony Wilson's photo of the year - The grippers celebrate as Dave Monaghan bowls the Randy Pete's opener with 6 overs left in the day.
A close up shows the ball in between the stumps and the bails falling off!
5th Grade vs North Sydney - Round 16 - 2011/12

5th Grade vs North Sydney - Round 16 - 2011/12

Tom CarruthersWe arrived at Tunks Park for the last round of the season against the Bears, knowing that this was to be a vital game as a minor premiership was in our sight. Despite the rain during the week the groundsman had done an excellent job in preparing a flat wicket. The outfield was always going to be difficult getting value for shots so time spent at the crease and building an innings was required. 

Max Newman flicks one off his pads 

The Stags won the toss and made the easy choice of electing to bat. The aim for the first half of the innings was to keep wickets in hand and set up an attack for the later part of the overs. With an early wicket to the bears Gordon needed to steady the ship. This was done by the captain Tom Cockburn and Max Newman. Cockburn played a well constructed innings looking in fine form for (49). Cockburn built a partnership with Max Newman who is also in fine form just coming off the back of a big hundred against Mosman in the previous week. Newman showed his strokeplay to all parts of the ground before falling for (35). As this wicket fell, we were still in a positive position in the match.

However, the run rate needed improving. Matthew Todd decided he was the right man for the job, promoting himself to second drop in an attempt to score quick runs. With player of the year points in hand Toddy proved himself dispatching the Bears attack, scoring a quick (38). The middle order continued to tick the scoreboard over with a handy (21) from Andrew Crosland. The lower order batsmen, Dan Richtor (24) and Dave Monaghan (13), finished of the innings bringing the total to a very defendable 216. This was worth a lot more considering the outfield was damp and difficult to score runs.

Tom CockburnIt was the Bears turn to bat on a good wicket, with the outfield drying up and we knew early wickets and building pressure would be the key. Dave Monaghan opened up the bowling, continuing his good form, and ability to make a fool of the batsmen by shaping the ball both ways. Monaghan picked up the first wicket swinging the ball through bat and pad of the opening bat. Tom Bangs built the pressure from the other end, by bowling tight lines. 

Tom Cockburn trusts the bounce at Tunks Park and plays of the back foot 

Credit goes to all of the Gordon bowlers who consistently built the pressure, sticking to the game plan, which resulted in slow scoring by Norths. Tom Carruthers and Matthew Todd followed up the openers by bowling in partnerships and picking up a few wickets each to slowly collapse the Bears top and middle order.

One of the Bears' batsmen was showing a strong intent to score despite the wickets continuing to fall around him. This batsman looked threatening, by putting away the loose balls, although a quick bowling change by the skipper bringing on Tom Gooch saw his wicket fall. The Stags were now well and truely on top, with a bonus point and minor premiership in sight, there was plenty to play for. The Bears were struggling at 9 down for 80 odd. 

Matt ToddToddy finished off the tail, and ended up with 3 wickets which puts him in good stead for player of the year. The Bears were all out for 87 and the Stags had obtained the bonus point.

Player of the Year, Matt Todd deceives the Bears' batmen, before Max Newman whips the bails off 

An excellent win to the 5th grade boys means that they have achieved a minor premiership and were in fine form for the finals in the coming week. A great performance overall, resulting in an exciting oppurtunity to play a home final at Chatswood Oval.

Get to training this week to prepare for a 5th grade premiership!

Tom Carruthers

5th Grade vs Mosman - Round 15 - 2011/12

5th Grade vs Mosman - Round 15 - 2011/12

Max NewmanThe Stags elected to bat on what was a very good Beauchamp deck. Knowing the rate at which runs are scored after tea, the aim was to be only 1 or 2 down at the break. This unfortunately wasn’t the case with Mosman bowling good line and length to get the most out of the wicket, making it difficult for our top order to get settled and we headed to tea at 5/89. 

Max Newman - top scorer in the whole 5th Grade competition - celebrates his century 

It should be noted that the baking wars continue between Newman and Monaghan, with this round going to Max for his for his freshly baked cookies. This off-field form continued on-field for Max who returned from the break looking even more determined to make a big score. Andrew Crosland and Dave Monaghan chipped in with valuable knocks of 23 and 22 respectively, but the story of the day was undoubtedly Max’s century. He gave very few chances in his innings of 108 and looked steady at the crease. 

We were eventually dismissed for 201, losing our last 4 wickets for zero. Nevertheless, 201 was a very defendable total on a slow Beauchamp outfield with a bowling line up boasting the one and only Matthew Todd. With only 7 overs left in the day, Toddy managed to find the edge and the Whales looked beached at 1 for 17.

Despite the boys best efforts to get the ground playable on Saturday, not a ball was bowled and the game was abandoned at 1:30. This makes the North Sydney fixture a crucial one if a home final is to be secured for the mighty fifths so fingers crossed the rain holds off.

Tom Bangs 

5th Grade vs Parramatta - Round 14 - 2011/12

5th Grade vs Parramatta - Round 14 - 2011/12

Parramatta won the toss and put us in on a damp deck that was seaming all over the place and cover drives were hard to get hold of. Turkey (Saahil Turki) and I opened up and got off to a slow but watchful start. Turkey was the first one to go, playing across the line to a full ball and got trapped in front after lots of hard work.Tristan Cooper

Pepsi Max (Max Newman) was the next to come in and got off to a flying start with two cover drives that reached the fence; however, a fielder at square leg got the better of Max when he took off for a risky single and was caught short.

Tristan Cooper driving through the covers

Shafty (Tom Cockburn) came out next and was caught playing a drive that he popped up to mid-off. As a result, we were 3/30 odd just after drinks. I got a couple more before being caught off a slower ball which I kindly lofted back to the bowler for 17 and we found ourselves struggling at 4/40. Tom Carruthers and ‘Upright’ aka Tristan Cooper we're now in and pushed the ball around and played some sensible shots against the spinner. Then the boundarys started flowing and we were starting to get back on top of it. 

‘Upright’ was finding the rope consistently against the spinner. Carruthers then got trapped in front and we were now 5/71. Dan Richtor was the next to come in and started well pushing the singles around and got us to tea without further loss of wickets. The pair put on a few more before Upright was caught behind. We were still losing quick wickets. Richtor batted well for 23 before being trapped in front. Tom Carruthers

Now at the crease Ronnie Mc D (Ben Armstrong) and Crozzy (Crosland) who added a very valuable partnership worth 42 before Ben popped one up to short mid wicket. Crozzy fell the next over also getting caught after a great knock of 37 to get us up to 9-157.

Tom Carruthers playing sensibly and straight

Shaft opened the bowling with Toddy and Dan (Sticky) Stickland and finished the first day with Parramatta in trouble at 5-36 with both bowlers bowling great areas and giving nothing away.

The next morning the deck was playing the same - surprisingly after a day in the sun. Parramatta weren't just going to give up and came out positively, playing their shots and putting a bit of pressure back on the bowlers.

Some great fielding and tidy bowling dried the runs up and the wickets started to come. They got within 30 runs of our total but Ronnie Mc D got a run out at the bowler’s end from square leg which finished up their innings.

A great display of leg spin bowling had Toddy end up with figures of 6/60 and a well fought victory for the boys!!

Carl Kinghorne

5th Grade vs Bankstown - Round 12 - 2011/12

5th Grade vs Bankstown - Round 12 - 2011/12

Ben ArmstrongA familiar scene for the summer saw the first day of the two day match against Bankstown rained out, with Lake Beauchamp living up to all expectations. This forced a revised second day’s play with a scheduled 120 overs to be bowled out. Having lost the previous game, the 5’s were looking for a quick bounce back to continue their charge into the finals.

Ben Armstrong continues to perform for his skipper

The revised early start time was always going to catch someone out, with Tristan Cooper rolling up late to the cry that his internet alarm clock failed to go off. Though based on our fielding in the early overs, you’d have thought the whole team was struggling with the early rise. Three catches went down before the first was held, though with neither of the Bankstown openers showing any intent and good lines from 'Joel' Monaghan (3-29 off 11.1) and Tom 'or Charlie' Bangs (1-15 off 11) the run rate remained below 2.

It took a good catch from Saahil Turki to remove the first bat, gobbling a skied ball at mid on (first of 2 solid catches from Saahil). And from there the wickets came at regular intervals with Benny Armstrong (1-20 off 8) and Toddy (0-10 off 12) strangling the life out of Bankstown as they continued to put the spectators to sleep.

Coop’s also managed to steal a couple of poles (2-20 off 5) before completely forgetting how to bowl forcing a change; Carl Kinghorne was thrown the ball. Bowling his first ever spell for the 5’s, he managed to end Bankstown’s misery. Bowling great areas and taking 2 poles (2-9 off 7) with him to the dressing room.

Max NewmanBankstown had managed just 106 all out off 56 overs, Gordon doing extremely well to stay awake in the field. A special mention should also be made to Dom Thomson who fielded like an animal, completing a great catch as well as a full stretch diving run out removing Bankstown’s solid opener.

Max Newman chases down the runs in double quick time

Tails in the air after that fielding performance, the Staggies run chase got off to a poor start with Sunhil out for 4, bringing the in-form Max Newman to the crease to join Carl Kinghorne. The two set about making light work of the Bankstown attack, steering us ever closer to the target of 107 for the win. However, with Carl on 30, the partnership was broken bringing Reagan Klemt to the crease.

Reagan (25 n.o) obviously had somewhere else he’d rather be as both he and Max (58) knocked off the remaining runs in no time at all, giving Gordon a good win and setting us up for the charge for finals cricket.

Andrew Crosland

5th Grade vs Campbelltown-Camden - Round 11 - 2011/12

5th Grade vs Campbelltown-Camden - Round 11 - 2011/12

Ben ArmstrongGordon 5th grade headed out Raby 3 looking to keep their winning streak going. We lost the toss and were sent in on what looked to be an ok wicket. Corbs and Sahil started well both scoring freely and getting us off to a great start.

However, with the introduction of spin and some rain on the pitch, scoring became a lot harder.

The Ginger Ninga, Ben Armstrong, takes a bagfull of wickets for his side

A sticky wicket combined with poor shot selection led to a middle order collapse. Tom Carruthers (41), backing up from his 50 last week and the newly nicknamed Prem aka T. Cooper (please ask Tiddles for all clarification on this nickname) set about resurrecting the innings but in the end we struggled to a below par 154.

With the ball we started well but didn’t make as many in roads early as we would have liked. Ben Armstrong then came into the attack and took 3 wickets in his first over to put us back in the game. Ben has been Mr .consistent with his line and length all season and is a great asset to this bowling attack. At 6 for 130 odd the game looked over but as is the 5th grade way we kept persisting and some good catching combined with tight bowling from Matt Todd, Charlie Bangs and Prem saw the score reach 9/140 odd. Their number 11 came out swinging and it paid off with the Ghosts passing our total 9 down.

In the end we paid the price for not batting our 50 overs, it was bitter pill to swallow as our first loss of the season was inflicted but we will re-group and take on Bankstown in a two day game this weekend where we will look to take 1st spot back on the 5th grade table.

Dan Richtor

5th Grade vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2011/12

5th Grade vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2011/12

Tom CarruthersThe day began overcast with a slight chance of rain. The lads were very proactive with sightscreens and covers while I got the drinks ready. I summoned Max Newman to run the warmup while I filled in the teamsheet & went out to toss. The result was us being sent in on a greenish but firm wicket.

Tom Carruthers on his way to 70*

‘Supaturk’ Turki & Corbin got us away to a terrific start scoring at about 5 per over for the first 10 before Corbin departed. ‘Corbs’ has been a great find for the club and is a really talented player & an even better bloke. He played some great shots in his innings including some great drives. ‘Supaturk’ also displayed a more positive role this week which I would like to see more of, particularly in the shorter forms.

Daniel Richtor came and went pretty quickly, the victim of a decision which he, as always, took very well. Good fortune is just around the corner for Daniel. Max & Turks then continued with good shotmaking a running before Turks was out for a well made 40.

Tommy Caruthers then came to the crease & he and Max produced another good partnership before Max fell for 46. Tommy batted very well as other blokes came and went at regular intervals and finished on a very handy 70no. At the end of 50 overs we had 236 to defend which I was more than happy with, especially considering the strength of our bowling.

And… to the bowling…..

Alex ‘Linesy’ Lines and Charlie ‘CBanger’ Bangs took the new rock in a new look pace attack for the 5s - as they were victims of the new selection policy adopted by the committee. Linesy bowled with aggression, pace and absolutely no luck as he saw multiple catches spilt in the slips (welcome to 5s mate!). Banger on the other hand had a case of the yips which can happen to us all from time to time. I am sure however he will turn it around this week.

Matt ToddWith dropped catches and aggressive strokeplay, Blacktown actually got off to a pretty good start. Linesy turned it, however, by bowling the opener & sending the other opener off retired hurt after a painful blow to his left testicle. We later heard it had blown up to the size of a coconut and the poor lad had gone to North Shore hospital for further treatment.

Matt Todd "somehow" bowls a Warrior around his legs

After about 18 overs, Balcktown were cruising at 1 for around 80 when I decided to have a trundle. Somehow I bowled the bloke around his legs first rock & continued to get wickets at regular intervals. This big unit then strolled out as pinch hitter & I have got to say he had me a tad worried.

He was belting 4s & 6’s at will with even miss hits racing to the fence. I thought it was time to bring Linesy back and he made the crucial breakthrough to get the big rig out (a good high catch taken by Supaturk).

After this the Townies lost their momentum and were bowled out without even so much as a whimper.

Another good win for 5s a keeping the momentum going.

Matt ‘Fester’ Todd

5th Grade vs Hawkesbury - Round 9 - 2011/12

5th Grade vs Hawkesbury - Round 9 - 2011/12

Following on from a marathon of runs in 3rd grade on what seemed a fairly flat Killara deck, 5th Grade, especially Toddy, were as pumped as ever to have a crack at the Hawks.

Reagan Klemt plays a pivotal role with the bat, guiding the Stags home

It all started with Toddy losing the toss and the Stags were sent out to have a shot at knocking the opposition over for a cheap total which judging by the previous game, there was still confidence to chase down 200.

The Hawks however seemed to come out with the same sort of confidence and all guns blazing. Although Ricko made the early breakthrough and with Charlie bowled tight lines, the batsman took a hint from their 3rd grade counterparts and went hard at the ball early and ended up hitting boundaries to all areas of the ground through some rather cheeky slog shots.

After an 82 run 2nd wicket stand which left the Hawks at 1-93 in the 10th, enter Toddy who immediately ripped through both of the batsman at the crease whilst conceeding no runs to put the Stags right back in the mix. He bowled brilliantly throughout his spell to end up with 3-9 off his 4 overs, not a bad feat in a T20 match.

From then, Gordon started to gain momentum in the final overs through some accurate bowling by Monaghan, Armstrong, and Carruthers. Despite a few missed chances in the field, Regan managed to hold on to his third chance in his fingertips to put an end to the Hawk’s innings. It was a solid comeback from the home side, particularly as we came back to take the final 9 wickets for just 42 extra, leaving us with the total of 135 to claim in our 20 overs.

This total wasn’t looking too promising for the Hawks with Corbin and Jack both opening the batting brilliantly to immediately put Gordon right on top. Jack’s powerful hitting and Corbin’s elegant stroke play pushed the Stags to reach 50 in the 4th over. Things at this time were pretty relaxed in the sheds, however this was short lived with Gordon losing their next 5 wickets for only 26 more runs on the board to sit at 6-82. However when things seemed to turn slightly in favour of the away side, Regan Klemt came in hoping to perform a bit better with the bat than in the field, if he could hold onto it off course…

Matt Todd, in trademark Stags' cap, takes 3/9 (4) - an amazing effort!!

Luckily for us, it was the Hawks who started to loose grip, and Regan batted brilliantly and was joined by Tom Beverley to add a crucial 30 run partnership to make the game interesting again. Despite losing Tom, Regan powered on and combined with Charlie who together added another 21 runs onto the total to make for what would be a frantic last couple of overs. With 9 to win and 7 balls left, Reagan let loose and sent the ball flying over the trees to put the Stags in the box seat - 3 to win from the final over. Unfortunately second ball of the over Charlie fell to an excellent catch, then Armstrong came and went for a quacker- 3 balls, 3 runs, 1 wicket in hand.

Despite Toddy pulling out the quote of the day when he admitted “I’ll be happy with a tie”, flashing his shiny unused bat around he managed to glove a full toss to midwicket for a quick single - 2 off 2 required. The Hawks bowler felt the pressure and sprayed the ball down the leg side and gave us a wide, plus a bye! Too easy!

A special mention should go to Regan, who managed to come in in a difficult situation and bat quickly but sensibly to guide the Stags home with a solid 30 not out. His effort along with the rest of the team allowed 5th Grade to maintain position at top of the table and go into the following one dayers with a great confidence to take out the competition.

Ben Armstrong

Gordon Colts Match Reports 11/12

Gordon Colts Match Reports 11/12

The Gordon Colts team is a side selected after the 5th Grade side and plays in the Metropolitan Cup against the other Grade sides. In 2011/12, the Colts won the Metropolitan Cup, defeating Penrith in the Grand Final.

For the Colts schedule go to Fixtures.

Colts match reports for 2011/12 season are provided below:



Colts vs Penrith - Grand Final - 2011/12

Colts vs Penrith - Grand Final - 2011/12

Iqbal Ahmed

Gordon Colts get back-to-back Metropolitan Cup premierships 

We rocked up to the home of Gordon cricket for our second week in a row, getting use to the large change room and all the history posted on the walls. 

Iqbal Ahmed celebrates retaining the Metropolitan Cup 

After our ground staff (and starting XI) packed the covers away we were told we were going to be chasing leather all day. I knew it was going to be a painful day when I heard the sound of a cougar coming from the bushes followed by a big “cooommmmmeeee onnnnn Peeeennnnnrrrrriiiiiiffffffffffffffffffffffffff” looking up I saw this sound coming from a Penrith player’s mother. This noise was heard at least once an over for the entirety for the day. 

A few early drives by the Penrith openers (And some YEEHAAS by the supporters) showed how good the deck was and should have been a day to cash in for all batsman! Tight lines from Dave “the favourite son” Leiboff (2/3 from 9 overs including 7 maidens) and Deva “The Mumbai Millionaire” Nirthanakumaranaranranaran (0/12 from 7) saw us get a couple of early poles and Penrith 2/10. ‘The Boff’ once again getting reward for bowling in the right areas. 

Team shoutWe had talked about bowling in partnerships in the sheds and this was a clear example of it. This was backed up in the field with everyone pulling their weight, special mentions to Tim “the VuVu” Van Zylen and Ben “the ball magnet” Armstrong.

The team goes up after Coleman takes off the bails - the final wicket and victory was ours 

Following up from the openers Captain Millar and Daniel “Partridge Junior” Stickland kept the pressure on. Stickland was rewarded with 3 wickets and a bump on the head. (3/8 from 8). After a diving catch from Andy Coleman, he proceeded to throw the ball in the air which caught Sticky just above the eye as he ran through to celebrate. 

Millar is not a man to be kept waiting as a Penrith batsmen found out, taking a bit longer between overs. He made it a point to make him have a restful day knocking his castle over on the next ball. At this point Penrith were 6/not to many before lunch on day 1. ‘Ronald McDonald’ Armstrong kept the pressure on with Adam “never trust a bloke with two first names” Aarons just before lunch, which came at a handy time, with the Penrith number 7 looking dangerous and playing a few big strokes. 

6/48 at lunch.

Dave LeiboffDave MillarMark Fonseka

Dave Leiboff, Dave Millar and Mark Fonseka make hay on a great batting deck 

Lunch was good, I’m quite happy with the Subway provided during times when we are fielding, but I’m still craving the Fogo chicken burger. 

Back onto the field a loud cheer went up as Iqbal “the people’s champion” Ahmed. He bowled okay. Getting extra bounce on this Chatswood track. Excited by this extra bounce, Iqbal attempted to bounce the batsman with a vicious ball that got up to his shoulder…very very slowly. The people’s champion picked up the wicket of the hard hitting Penrith number 7 with a sharp catch by Jason Leiboff at first slip. Adam Aarons then bowled a batsman who didn’t offer a shot and we were 2 wickets away from cleaning up Penrith cheaply. 

We stayed patient and were rewarded with the two last wickets Iqbal claiming both. I must mention a sharp catch at second slip from Dave Millar off Iqbal to remove the last batsman. I must mention it because if I don’t, Dave will remind me about it about 50 times before next season! Penrith finishing up with 97 runs and an equal number of cougar noises.

Adam AaronsDan SticklandIqbal Ahmed

Adam Aarons takes a key wicket, Dan Stickland bags a few and Iqbal Ahmed cleans up the tail 

With 40 minutes before tea, Tim and I were given instructions to bat till tea. Clearly I didn’t pay attention and neither did Coleman and we were 2/20 after not long. Vu Vu and Ronald stuck around and were building a good partnership before Vu Vu was judged LBW of a non-turning spinner. The number one son, Dave Leiboff, and Benjamin Armstrong steadied the ship until tea. The partnership grew after tea and until Ben was looking to clear the fence and was bowled. 

Let’s not talk about Iqbal’s ball, or Adam’s leave (which meant he was involved in both wickets where a shot was not offered).

The number two brother entered and joined the first and put together a very decent partnership which helped us pass the total. Dave playing some powerful pulls and some delicate “Fonzy’s- you know that shot behind point” and Jason following his form from last week driving the ball comfortably. 

Jason lost his wicket in the pursuit of runs with about 10 overs left. Skipper Millar joined Dave at the crease and saw out the reminding overs. 7/115 at the end of the day’s play.

We knew that with a lead of 20 runs that the first hour was so important. Survive that, capitalise in the second hour, then we would be home and on the way to the Orchard to celebrate a premiership. If we failed, Penrith, and its cougar noise, would throw everything at us in a bid for quick runs and then apply the pressure again with the ball.

Dave and Dave started off decently before Millar cut a ball hard to second slip. This brought our no.10 to the crease Daniel Stickland. He stuck around with Dave Leiboff and had a very handy 40 run partnership. Dave continued to strike the ball well on his way to 69. Sticky (11) has come up with the goods with the bat in the last two digs and built partnerships with whoever he is batting with. When Sticky got out we were 9/162 with plenty of time left in the day. Deva was all geared up for a big innings and felt in form after his decent knock last week.

Team celebrations

The team celebrate a man-of-the-match performance by Dave Leiboff - a great all-round display 

Unfortunately Dave got out soon after, a well played innings but he would have definitely wanted more. With plenty of time still left in the day Penrith knew if they came out and batted aggressively they could be in for something later on.

The Slumdog Millionaire had other ideas (3/31) picking up the first 3 wickets. Dave Leiboff bowled steadily again without reward and the Penrith side began to mount a rear-guard attack, pushing to 100 for the loss of 3 wickets at the mid-point of the day.

To be honest, our fielding was a bit sloppy, but the pressure remained and we knew that it would continue to build on the Penrith side as the overs ticked away and they weren’t getting as many runs as they would have liked.

Dave singingThe peoples champion had been tossed the ball just before the drinks break, but it was just after that he began to weave his magic, firstly with an LBW, then bowling a bloke, enticing a lofted stroke for a catch and then finishing off the innings with a stumping. 4wickets. Standard.

However, the moment of the game was just after Iqbal struck first, breaking the decent partnership. 

Dave Millar leads the song after clinching another premiership as captain 

The following over the ball was played to Dave Millar and the batsman set of for a run. Well kind of. The new batsman sold his in-form partner a dummy, as the skipper pounced, still on the ground and threw down the stumps. Side on. Just the one stump to aim at. Gus Logie, eat your heart out!

Two new batsman were in and that was pretty much the game.

Chasing 64 for victory, a nasty little target, the Vu Vu had casually mentioned he was going to score 63 and let Fonzy get 1. He started off with the right mentality punishing the ball to all parts and before long we were 27 after 4 overs. Vu Vu 26, Fonzy on 1. Fonzy had only faced one ball. The Vu Vu fell on 26. Coleman and Fonseka finished off the chased and eased to a 9 wicket victory in front of the victorious 5th Grade side and many club officials and supporters.

Back-to-back premiers for the Colts boys.

The song was sung, with a changeroom full of supporters and beers were consumed - with the opposition and our supporters.

Thanks to everyone from Gordon who came down and supported us over the last weeks and throughout the season; there are countless names to mention. However, I would especially like to thank Jim Cattlin and Michael Michael for their assistance over the past couple of weeks.

A special mention to Mrs Leiboff for making my day after Dave Millar took a catch. She just wanted to clarify whether it was Iqbal who took the catch? Admittedly a mistake anyone could have made.

Finally, a quick mention to Ed Howitt Snr, who has now scored the Colts to 3 of their 4 premierships in recent years. Thanks good sir!

Until the next drink is consumed from the Metropolitan Cup… Up Gordon, Get Fah You Bah.

Mark Fonseka

Colts Team
The winning side - Deva, Ben Dave, Jason, Mark, Iqbal, Ed Snr (Scorer)
Adam, Dan, Dave (c), Andrew, Tim
Colts vs Sydney University - Semi Final - 2011/12

Colts vs Sydney University - Semi Final - 2011/12

The Stags teach the Students a lesson 

The team in Colts is filled with some of the best blokes in the club, giving the team a great camaraderie which, when it comes to finals cricket, is often the telling factor - especially as after Sydney University’s shock loss to North Sydney, the mighty Colts found themselves in a one verse two match up down ol’ Chatswood way. 

Iqbal Ahmed continues to contribute to the success of the side 

The grass was damp and the pitch promised some early life, so having lost the toss and been sent into bat the Colts would have been excused for some pre-match jitters.

Luckily for Gordon, the boys in the Gordon Colts don’t do fear, even after losing last week’s hero Tim Van Zuylan second ball. Some conservative batting (by their standards) saw Gordon move strongly to 1-44 off the first 13 overs before first Andrew Coleman and then Mark Fonseka threw away good starts to leave the Stags in some trouble at 3-52.

Now, those who don’t know James Dedman might be excused for thinking that a year off from the sport would leave a bit of rust. They of course would be wrong – but you can’t hold that against them. After a year away, James graciously decided to help out his old team in the semi-finals (“its not worth playing unless there is a trophy on the line”) and proceeded to start exactly where he left off with some lovely drives and the students were left reeling. James was ably supported by the rest of the middle order and his 80 formed the bedrock of the innings.

After the loss of James, David Leiboff (22), Iqbal Ahmed (19) and Ben Armstrong (0) the Colts were looking at reaching what I had proudly proclaimed was par, a score of 200 being fair on the slower than usual Chatswood outfield. 

Thankfully my prophesying wasn’t put to the test as Jason Leiboff (33) and the captain David Millar (49) had other ideas, leaving the Stags at a respectable 9/270.

With Dan “James Junior” Stickland and Deva “Jemal” Nirthanakumaran at the crease it was time to put the whites on. The students seemed to have the same idea and were left cursing when the two tail-enders consistently “left” anything wide of, over, and possibly even through, the stumps. After a number of picturesque cover drives a foot wide of the ball, Dan and Deva got their eyes in and put on a magnificent 27 for the last wicket, leaving the Stags jubilant and the students heartbroken as they finally walked off the field with 297 to chase.

Eleven overs were left on day one and the Stags set about attempting to claim an early wicket. The students’ openers (the ‘brothers’ Barwick) put up a good fight and managed to move the score along to 0/29 at the close of play. While it would have been great to get a wicket at the end of day one, the Stags knew that the first hour at Chatswood on day two would be the real clincher as the deck found some life again.

Day two loomed and the match was evenly poised. The Stags took the field, so did the umpires. The crowd took their seats… and waited. 

Unfortunately the batsmen didn’t seem to get the memo and when they finally did decide to play some cricket they were greeted with a muted cheer (and perhaps some sledging).

Deva Nirthanakumaran keeps the students in the field for much longer than they wished 

Now it must be said that even playing on the closest pitch, the walk from the stands to the field at Chatswood can feel like a long one. For the University openers it must have felt like a mile as the students’ season top scorer decided to guide a wide second ball to the waiting cover fieldsman. Jemal had struck and the Stags were fired up but still cautious – after all, the number three had put on quite a few runs and had made a match winning 70 last time the two sides had met.

First ball was a lovely delivery from Deva that jagged back and was watched carefully through to the keeper. So was the second, except this time the off stump got in the way. 2/29 in the first over back and it was game on.

Some tight bowling from the “speed demon” David Leiboff kept the batsman guessing and soon the Students were in serious trouble at 6 for very few at the first drinks break. That first hour at Chatswood offers some life for the bowlers and the Students had no answer to the great lines bowled.

They were beaten already and they knew it (even if the Stags didn’t). Clearly playing for the draw, the Students’ captain put up a commendable fight and along with the number 8 managed to last out the next hour without loss… or runs: only about 15 scored in the 20 overs bowled between drinks and lunch.

After lunch the wickets began to fall again, with Jason Leiboff and Iqbal Ahmed claiming the final scalps. Great bowling from the stags leaving the students flunking, all out for less than half the total with the “Peoples Champion” claiming 3, Jemal 3 and the Speed Demon 3 more on what, to be fair, was a beautiful wicket.

On to the final and the chance to defend the Metro Cup!

Andrew Coleman 

Colts vs Wests - Qualifying Final - 2011/12

Colts vs Wests - Qualifying Final - 2011/12

Deva NirthanakumaranOn an early Saturday morning, a fairly standard Sydney summer day for the start of the Qualifying Finals, there wasn’t quite the need to bolt down to Beauchamp with plenty of rain falling down overnight. Although the ground was completely covered in puddles, which the players worked hard on all day (only to have to re-do a couple of times!), the pitch was as hard as ever. 

Deva Nirthanakumaran puts in a great spell to restrict the Wests' batsmen 

With the pitch bound to stay as flat as it’s been all year, and the field only getting drier, it made sense for the Stags to send Wests into bat, knowing they had to bowl us out to win.

This was short lived however, with the prediction of heavy rain to come by the umpires we were called off after only a few overs of play into what would be a long day hanging around watching the opposition take turns on the super-soper, mopping up the field. The day was not to go without controversy however.

When on the way to the shops, Mark Fonseka assured us how good all Sri Lankan’s are at driving. Despite this assurance, he wasn’t the greatest ambassador for this, managing to roll into the back of a Lexus in the Westfield car park. Although there were initially a few arms and other things raised at Fonz in the middle of a packed car park, a pat on the back later, they both drove off having made a new mate.

Play finally got started again in the afternoon with Deva and Adam Aarons taking the first day scalps, leaving Wests at a very slow 2-57 off 35 overs overnight, with a big day ahead of them after some rather conservative batting.

Tim van Zuylen

The next day was set to be a big day of cricket with both sides needing to get off to a good start to set a base to work from. It turned out that, after some tight bowling and very long spells from Leiboff and Deva, as well as a run out (that although the ball went through four pairs of hands, Fonsey was happy to claim), the Stags were on top with Wests at 5-95.

Despite some persistent lower order batting, Iqbal helped clean up the tail along with a few more woeful run outs to leave us 194 to chase with plenty of time left in the day, and Wests needing to bowl us out to progress.

Tim van Zuylen muscles the ball back down the ground 

Gordon didn’t get off to the greatest start, with Mark still clearly shaken up by the incident the day prior, falling early. This brought Tim and Andrew ‘2nd placed’ Coleman to the crease, whom together had previously scored over 300 runs in two games against Wests.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be for Elton, which most likely would’ve put a false hope in their bowlers’ eyes. Pity for them it was Tim’s turn to make a big one, smacking a few early pull shots until he started to get onto his cover drive which he happily sat on for the next 80 odd runs. Tim was striking the ball as clean as many had seen, and he and Carl made sure to put us in the best position for a semi with a strong partnership of 119, of which Carl made 33 and extras following close behind.

Tim van ZuylenUnfortunately the loss of 2 quick wickets close to finish saw Iqbal to the crease, and although he “looked like he was sitting on his bat when he ran” (Anonymous), he managed to get dropped by the poor bloke who had already missed a previous five chances to win us the game and put us into the semi with a good win behind us.

Celebrating a crisp century, Tim van Zuylen raises his bat 

Tim’s innings deserves a good note, he batted brilliantly and saw us through to the end with a very entertaining 109* to boost that average a little bit higher than Coleman’s. Andy’s contribution to the covers should also be noted. Cheers for making new friends with the opposition mate!

As we came off the field, we were greeted with the news that North Sydney had upset Sydney Uni, handing us top spot going into the semi-finals.

Let’s roll through these finals gents.


Ben Armstrong

Colts vs Parramatta - Round 16 - 2011/12

Colts vs Parramatta - Round 16 - 2011/12

Benny ArmstrongSo this is it, last round of the season. The reserve Stags where in high spirits as we had enjoyed a good season and were now eyeing off being possible Minor Premiers. A win would help, but we knew that the game we forfeited would come back to haunt us.

Benny Armstrong - Iqbal 'The People's Champion' Ahmed's favourite 

Skipper Coleman lost the toss and we were sent in on what looked like a good wicket, as it turns out it wasn’t and it was an uphill struggle for all of the batsmen. Special mention to Carl “bats a bit like Brad Haddin” Kinghorne as he edged his way to top score for the Stags. 

The other worthy of a mention is Ben Armstrong, not because of his long flowing red hair but by the way he goes about his cricket. Always enthusiastic and plays with a smile on his face……..Well I guess he has to with the colour of his hair!!!!

Anyway we posted 169 off our allotted overs and then managed to keep the lads from Parramatta to 119. Largely because of me. Let’s not sugar coat it. I took 5 wickets and bowled superbly. 

Dave LeiboffA lot of people have a problem with talking about themselves or talking themselves up, I don’t and neither does my mate Ian Higgins…….if you haven’t already heard he now has a podcast, it would be strange if you didn’t know this!!!!!

Dave Leiboff looks to paste the bowlers across the line

Oh and Benny also took 5 catches in the field……well done!

So we came second by 1 point. Nevermind. Now to the real stuff.

Congratulations to Matt Todd for helping lead the 5th grade side to Minor Premiers as well as picking up the player of the year award, no Stag has ever deserved it more.

Also congratulations to the other grades that have made it to the play off rounds, I am sure we will all still be in the mix till the end.


Iqbal Ahmed

Colts vs Randwick-Petersham Green - Round 15 - 2011/12

Colts vs Randwick-Petersham Green - Round 15 - 2011/12

In 2005, Tim Flannery predicted that Sydney’s dams would never be full again. With the current state of the weather, it looks like he has some explaining to do. The Colts arrived at Snape Park on a bright day, eager to score a victory (hopefully even outright) and continue the charge for the minor premiership. Sitting only 2 points behind Sydney Uni, we knew that a win for us could mean just that. The deck looked the exact opposite from the last time we played, completely flat and hard, a genuine highway, and it was no surprise that Randy-Petes elected to have a bat.

Mark Fonseka on his way out to the middle to open our innings 

Dave Leiboff was his usual metronomic self, angling the ball in before swinging and decking it away late, much to the dismay of the Randwick number one, who nicked off to David “Hands” Millar (the first of four batsmen) in the first over. Dan “James Partridge” Stickland, claiming his new haircut provided him with less wind resistance and therefore allowed him to bowl quicker, seemed to prove his theory correct, troubling the openers with a series of pacy short balls, before uprooting middle stump. 

Dan’s excellent form continued, and soon Randy-Petes were teetering at 4/40. Aiming to capitalise on our momentum, the skipper kept up the pace bowlers, with Adam “I like to run” Aarons and Deva “It’s the long one on the team sheet” Nirthanakumaran keeping things tight. Unfortunately, one of the Randwick batsmen managed to get his eye in, sticking around for an eternity. It wasn’t particularly pretty, but credit to the guy for walking after being given not out caught behind. 

The Stags kept at it, with Iqbal “Goooooo Stags” Ahmed filling his second quota with 3 wickets, giving skipper Millar a couple more slips catches to go with his one wicket, including some especially good low ones. After a good inning filled with tight bowling and some excellent fielding, Gordon bowled Randwick Petersham out for 132, leaving 15 overs to bat.

In reply, Tim van Zuylan and Mark “Chandimal” Fonseka showed how flat the pitch truly was, smashing 70 off the 15 overs, slowing down to give a few maidens and protect their wickets at the end. Both batsmen played superbly, with no chances given and boundaries flayed to all parts of the ground. With Gordon 0/70 at the end of the day, only 63 short of first innings points, a potential outright win seemed on the cards.

Enter the weather, with the disappointing news on Friday that Snape was flooded and the game was off. Despite the obvious disappointment at being unable to gain any well-deserved points, there were very encouraging signs for the Stags heading into the upcoming finals series. A win next week against Parramatta and a loss for Sydney Uni would see the Colts take out the minor premiership for the second year running.

Up Gordon, Get far ya Bah!

Adam Aarons

Colts scores
Randwick Petersham 132 (Dan Stickland 4 for 11, Iqbal Ahmed 3 for 55, Dave Leiboff 1 for 10, Dave Millar 1 for 14, Deva Nirthanakumaran 1 for 14) vs Gordon 0 for 70 (Mark Fonseka 33*, Tim van Zuylen 30*)

Colts vs Wests - Round 14 - 2011/12

Colts vs Wests - Round 14 - 2011/12

Michael FalkJust three rounds out from the finals and the Colts were looking forward to fine-tuning their skills against some good opponents in the final rounds. However, injuries and other commitments meant that we were struggling to field a side for our second match against Wests. Jack Skilbeck and Hugh Selby answered the call for help. As well as Adam Aarons' mate Ziggy Middendorf. However, the cameras turned up to snap Michael Falk turning out once again for the Stags.

One of the many photographers in the area on this occasion submitted this photo amongst hundreds of others for the honour of having their photo of Michael Falk publishd  

We won the toss and sent them in. Deva Nirthanakumaran and Dave Monaghan, who was playing Colts as he was unable to play with 5th Grade on the Sunday, opened the bowling and kept it nice and tight. Deva and Jack Skilbeck snagged a couple of wickets before the Wests' batsmen began to get on top.

Enter Iqbal Ahmed and, more importantly, Michael Falk. 

It was hard for Iqbal to take a back seat. Listening to him in the sheds on a regular basis, you would be given a strong impression that the multitudes of crowds only turn up to see Iqbal play. So with everyone there waving Falk flags, it was an even better performance from Iqbal given the circumstances. 

Dave MonaghanFittingly, however, he was upstaged by the non-spinning senior, with Falky bowling his 10 overs for 17 runs and taking 2 wickets. Iqbal ended with the highly commendable figures of 10 overs 2/23. These two put the breaks on the Wests' batsmen, with Dave Monaghan coming back and cleaning up the most of the tail before the 50 overs finished with Wests stumbling to 164.

Monaghan caused the Wests' tail plenty of trouble 

After the break, Van Zuylen and Coleman set about chasing down the target in quick time, taking the willow to anything wide or short. Coleman was particularly savage, finding space down the ground to put us in a great position to pick up two bonus points.

After punishing the Wests bowling to breaking point, the scores were level after 24.5 overs. Coleman needed a single off the final ball of the over to secure the victory and the Wests players were not aware they were about to leak extra bonus points. The scene set, Coleman charged down the deck, looking for glory, and... was caught in the deep.

It was a shame on a team and personal level. Coleman had played so well to get us into that position and it would have been fantastic to see him get us home and him finishing with 'red ink'. 

The batsmen having crossed, Middendorf's maiden runs for the GDCC secured the victory at the beginning of the next over. 

Another good win to the Stags!!

Dave Millar 

Michael Falk  Michael Falk sweep

Falky leaving the field after a fantastic spell of bowling, and soon after maintaining the pitch during the break
Colts vs Sydney - Round 13 - 2011/12

Colts vs Sydney - Round 13 - 2011/12

Iqbal AhmedArriving at Beauchamp Park with a prediction of rain in the forecast the Stags were hoping for a chance to have a bowl first. Captain Dave Millar came up with the goods by winning the toss and electing to bowl. Tight bowling at the beginning by D.Leiboff and D.Nirthanakumaran put immediate pressure on, resulting in a wicket to D.Leiboff in his second over.

Iqbal Ahmed is looking the goods after Christmas 

The Stags were on top and looking good for a repeat of the previous encounter with the Balmain boys. However, some missed chances in the field denied the Stags a quick run through of the Balmain batting order. The Balmain batsmen seemed to getting set at the crease with run chase getting bigger and bigger. Until, I.Ahmed was thrown the ball and took charge taking 6/57 off 10 overs. Wickets from D. Leiboff -1/22, D. Nirthanakumaran - 1/22, D. Millar -1/25, A. Aarons -1/24, I. Ahmed - 6/57

The Stags were in high spirits heading into bat. They needed 4 runs an over to pull off a win and secure six points. A solid opening partnership from S.Turki (29*) and M.Fonseka (42) was in the making. 

Clearing the drainUnfortunately, the game was called to a halt due to rain. 

Folks from another world help clear the drains so we can get back on the field.

Once the field was dry and the covers put away the Stags continued the chase, which had now been shortened to 100 off 26 overs. Good bowling from the Balmain side lead the wicket of M.Foneska. The wickets then began to fall quickly and the pressure was on the Stags. A.Aarons then came to the crease and worked nicely with S.Turki to bring us home with powerful shots over the top and quick singles. The Stags had won with one over to spare securing six valuable points.

Well done Stags!

Runs from: M. Foneska - 42, S. Turki -29*, A. Aarons -12*

James Partridge

Editor's Note: Firstly, I would like to acknowledge the sporting nature of the Balmain captain, who brought his team back onto the field, when the odds against them winning were very slim. Secondly, I would like to draw your attention to the author's glaring oversight in his article. After an intensive weights session for rugby, the author arrived to the ground taped up like a mummy having torn a bunch of small muscles in his arms and shoulders. He couldn't move at all around the field, let alone throw!! What a goose!

Colts vs Randwick-Petersham Gold - Round 12 - 2011/12

Colts vs Randwick-Petersham Gold - Round 12 - 2011/12

Dave LeiboffMy promise to you all is that this report will be short and factual. After the entertaining efforts of Dan Stickland's last match report, detailing a day of no play, and our designated author being a late inclusion in the 5th Grade side, no-one else put their hand up to write a report for our match against the second Randwick-Petersham side. 

Dave Leiboff works one to the leg side on his way to 12 

After forfeiting against the other Randwick-Petersham side, we were behind the 8-ball coming into the second half of the season and wanted to take as many points as we could from the other Randwick side.

We won the toss and sent them in, hoping to bowl them out cheaply. However, they had other plans, capitalising on some slightly wayward bowling from Leiboff and Stickland. It wasn't until Millar, Ahmed and Nirthanakumaran had the ball in hand the the Randwick innings came crashing down, bowling them out for 100 at a very sedate pace in just over 40 overs.

Fonseka started the innings well, but Partridge and Coleman departed early, before Mart, Leiboff, Aarons and Brendan Gray - filling in for us - put a few runs on the board in quick succession before all departing quickly and leaving us at 7/85.

Enter Ahmed and Millar. 8 balls later and the side was home, within 21 overs and taking 2 bonus points back old Chatswood way.

Dave Millar

Colts vs North Sydney - Round 11 - 2011/12

Colts vs North Sydney - Round 11 - 2011/12

Waking up to overcast conditions, I was not too worried about not being able to play, until I drove 200m down the road and it began to rain. “Oh well” I thought “I’m in Hornsby, could be all right in Chatswood.” Unfortunately I couldn’t have been more wrong...

A wet Beauchamp Park

Arriving at Beauchamp Park, I noticed the sight screens were up and a number of people gathered around the wicket, hope of a match remained... Despite intermittent sprinklings of rain the covers were removed to reveal a green deck, which promised some movement for the bowlers, if the ball didn’t get too wet from what was, at best, a damp outfield.

Dave Millar sent us for a warm up and possibly one of the most intense games of fielding soccer I have witnessed. Dom Thomson’s sliding tackle on Adam Aarons was a highlight…

Unfortunately that was the most exercise we got as the rain decided to come down in bucket loads. With the covers back on and the rain pounding the rooftop we were confined to the change-rooms until conditions improved.

They never did and at 12:30, after removing the covers to inspect the deck, the decision was mutually reached to declare the match as a washout. A great disappointment for all involved.

That wasn’t to say that the Gordon boys couldn’t make the most of things. A game of change-room cricket was just what the doctor ordered to cure the craving the boys had for a game of cricket. Despite Reagan Klemt’s ridiculous one-hand-one bounce rule, which brought upon the demise of many batsmen within their first 6 balls, there were flashes of brilliance: Dom Thomson occupied the crease for a long time, smashing anything full which made the game particularly perilous for those fielding in close.

Dan Stickland watches on before considering how to take each of the boys to the cleaners

Carl Kinghorne’s reverse leaves and Aussie batsmen impressions were exquisite and showed us all how to bat like a clown, yet stay alive! Needless to say, we made the most of what was a pretty grim and frustrating situation, and good times were had by all…except for those who got cleaned out during our poker game (sorry boys!)

So whilst this may be a useless report, as no real cricket was played, I figured I should write something as all the boys in the change-room made the day something, when we all could’ve just sat around staring at the rain or our shoelaces. And besides, it’s better than reading an Andrew Coleman report!

It’s great to be Gordon down Chatswood way….

Dan Stickland

Colts vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2011/12

Colts vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2011/12

Adam AaronsHaving played a very strong Blacktown side earlier in the year - providing the skipper with his first ever loss as the Colts captain - this round was a perfect opportunity for the skipper to return to his side to right the wrongs of Round 2. Knowing the rest of the club was playing Blacktown as well, it provided the whole team with the impetus to perform strongly and come away with wins in all grades. 

Adam Aarons continues his mid-season form with the ball 

Losing the toss, we were told we'd be in the field. The massive field that is Whalan 2. Even a half lap warm up would have exhausted most of the team, let alone Iqbal and myself.

Leaving the changerooms at 9:45, we just made it to the middle for the start time at 10am. It is the worst ground to get a first-baller. Such a long walk back.

Stickland and Deva opened the attack and were miserly with the runs, with a couple of chances going down leaving their spells unrewarded. It wasn't until Bangs (4 wickets) and Aarons (2 wickets) came on that we made significant inroads into the Warriors batting line up.

At 7-70, after Iqbal 'Terry' Ahmed (1 wicket) settled into perhaps his most consistent spell this season, the Warriors were looking in deep trouble and might not even reach 100. Leiboff (of the Jason variety) and Millar took 1 each, before the Warriors no. 4 & 11 batted sensibly to get them to 118. We are still puzzled what the no. 11 batsman had done to deserve his spot at the bottom of the order.

Tom BangsAfter Fonseka dropped a simple skied chance, he made up for it in the next over with a good piece of fielding and a sharp throw over the stumps to affect a runout to end their innings.

Tommy Bangs puts the pressure on the Blacktown batsmen early in their innings 

Lunch followed and then the man of the moment, Fonseka, and James Partridge strode to the crease and immediately began to dominate. The Blacktown bowlers had trouble with their lines and the batsman took full advantage of it, with Fonseka pushing balls into gaps and forcing his partner to run 3s (his small frame just couldn't find the boundary on such a large ground). Whilst the scorebook does show one Fonseka '4', this reporter would like everyone to know that Partridge was forced to run all 4 of these runs.

In fact, with Partridge was dismissed in the 30s (with the only two true 4s of the match), he had run every one of Fonseka's 50-odd runs.

However, it was 'Pup' Fonseka who played the match winning innings, mixing his delicate cuts behind point with a couple of rarely seen drives down the ground. It is easy to tell when he is in form, as runs come in front of the wicket. A great innings, with some red ink to boot!

Although Coleman came and went quickly, the Colts, through Dom Thomson, got home within 25 overs and picked up the 2 bonus points under the old system which the Metropolitan Cup has reverted back to after last season.

After the team song, we stuck around to watch 4th Grade strangle the life out of a Blacktown side that was made up of most of their 6th Grade side from earlier in the year.

I can finish this report without mentioning a short story from Benny Armstrong's old man, who relayed to us how he was watching "Charlie Stobo's dad" (Yes, former 1st Grader, Richard Stobo is now just "Charlie Stobo's dad") hitting golf balls around Whalan Reserve. The crows would circle and swoop down and steal the golf balls before dropping them some distance way. An amusing sight it must have been to see "Charlie's Dad" chasing the crows across the fields - made all the more amusing by our match winning batsman pondering out loud how the crows could possibly fly with golf clubs in their mouths... upstairs for thinking Fonz!

Dave Millar

P.S. I would like to use this match report to thank the club coach, Ed Howitt, for the work that he has done with Adam Aarons in re-constructing his bowling action. The results of Ed and Adam's work speak for themselves with the number of wickets Adam has taken this season. Thanks Ed "recently engaged" Howitt.

Poidevin Gray Shield Match Reports 11/12

Poidevin Gray Shield Match Reports 11/12

The Poidevin Gray Shield is an age competition for grade clubs for players under 21 years of age.

The Poidevin Gray matches are played on a Sunday, and consists of 3 T20 matches and 4 one-dayers, with the top 6 sides making their way through finals.

For the PG schedule go to Fixtures.

Poidevin Gray match reports for 2011/12 season are provided below:

Poidevin Gray vs Sydney - Round 6 - 2011/12

Poidevin Gray vs Sydney - Round 6 - 2011/12

PG's chalk up a win vs Sydney at Chatswood

After getting through the first 5 games of the PG’s season without posting a win, the younger stags were keen to head into the Christmas break on a high, and with the opposing Sydney team having only posted one win through their 5 games there was a good feeling within the team that we would indeed be able to take the points.

Justin Avendano during his century

The day started as usual with a relaxed warm up and the elder Colley losing the toss. As such the stags were in the field first. Scott Heany and Dan Smith opened up and bowled well without gaining a break through, though they ensured that the run rate never got away from the stags and with that pressure it allowed the like of Alex Jackson, Chad Soper and Henry Carmichael to bowl a number of tight overs at their middle order, and also pick up wickets along the way, restricting Sydney to only 8-190 of their 50 overs.  Special mention must also be given to Steve Colley, who did indeed bowl a very useful spell, much to the amazement of his team mates. Giving the ball plenty of air and even spinning a couple, although I’m not sure if his figures would have been the same if it were not for some interesting shot selections by the Sydney bats, and also the fact that Steve ensured he bowled from the end that meant the batsmen had to hit the ball around 80 meters on the leg side for a boundary not 40. But none the less well bowled Col.

After seeing the scores of the 1st grade game the day before the young stags were confident in their abilities to chase down the score that was judged ‘below par’ by some. Colley enterprises opened the innings but it was not long before they were broken up with Kris falling LBW. This brought Dick Huey’s favourite avocado to the crease, and Justin obviously still thought he was playing in the 20/20 game from Saturday as he duly smoked his first ball for four through cover.  

Chad Soper, Alex Jackson and Justin during the PG's game at Chatswood

Justin was given a life before he had reached 10 and he was determined to make the Sydney bowlers pay, and that he did. Justin and Steve added 80 before Steve was out, bringing Logan Weston to the crease, he and Justin batted tremendously, knocking around singles on occasions but ensuring that any bowler who missed their mark slightly was punished. As the Stags raced towards the Sydney total Justin continued to belt anything and everything on his way to a magnificent 126 N.O. of only 97 balls which included 14 4’s and 5 6’s. This was a great innings by Justin and hopefully he can take this form into the New Year and continue on scoring runs. Logan finished on a stylish 26 N.O which gave the stags an 8 wicket win in only the 31st over.

Overall it was very pleasing to finally play at a level somewhere near the team’s potential, giving not only the club but each player cause to look forward to the final game against Bankstown next year and hopefully finishing on a high. 

Henry Carmichael

Poidevin Gray vs Parramatta - Round 4 - 2011/12

Poidevin Gray vs Parramatta - Round 4 - 2011/12

Dan Smith

We were back playing at Chatswood this week in a one day match against a strong Parramatta side.After some bad performances in the T20s we were ready to post our 1st win for the season.

Dan Smith in action

We lost the toss and were sent in to bowl on what looked like to be a flat Chatswood wicket. Our Opening bowlers started off great with Scott Heaney (0 for 61 off 10) was very unlucky not to pick up an early wicket.

Alex Jackson Dan Smith (2 for 46 off 10) bowled perfect lines and with a swinging ball the batsman found him very hard to face picking up 2 key wickets early in the innings.

Alex Jackson (1 for 35 off 10) playing in his 1st PGs game for the stags bowled excellent. Alex built up a lot of pressure on the batsman and they found him very hard to get away, which brought about his 1st wicket of Sean Abbott with a great caught and bowled.

Alex celebrating his first PGs wicket

Steve’s job had never been so easy, and after the 30 over mark Parramatta had scored 104 runs. We had a real chance of keeping them to a score below 210. The problem was Parramatta had two set batsman at the crease and with some good hitting and some bad bowling the score started to increase rapidly. Both Batsman reached their hundreds, one of them in 70 odd balls. Dan smith bowled a very well controlled final spell of bowling targeting the stumps. Parramatta reached 291 after their 50 over’s.

With a big target to chase the innings didn’t start to well losing both Colley’s early on. Jordan (29) and Justin (85) stuck around for a while building a good partnership of 70. We were going at a strong run rate and things were looking good before Jordan got bowled off the spinner. 2 over’s later Dan (1) also fell victim to the off spinner. Logan (8) will be disappointed with the shot he got out on after looking very positive. Losing 3 quick wickets really put us on the back foot. Henry (29*) found it hard to get set early on and found the best way to get back in touch was to hit 6s over mid off. With bad weather staying around Gordon finished on 6/179. With Parramatta getting the win with the Duckworth Lewis method.

Justin Avendano

Justin AvendanoScott Heaney

Justin driving through the covers whilst Scott Heaney is about to release the ball

Poidevin Gray vs UNSW - Round 3 - 2011/12

Poidevin Gray vs UNSW - Round 3 - 2011/12

After winning the toss thanks to Marcus, 

Kris ColleyGordon decided to have a bat on a flat wicket with a lightning fast out field. The batting was started by Twenty20 specialists Henry "I only play Twenty20's" (17) and Kris Colley who put an opening partnership stand of 27. This left the Colley brothers in the middle who continued to build on the good start made by the openers running, well between the wickets turning over the strike whilst putting the pressure back on the UNSW fielders. 

Kris Colley punches the ball through the covers

Unfortunately Kris "it hit my wrist" was caught behind to leave the score at 59. 

After this wicket the stags failed to rebuild and rotate the strike, losing wickets constantly not allowing any momentum to build. After the 20 overs were up we had finished 6/123 which was well under par. With a bit more shape in the batting and more turning over of the strike, 150+ runs would of been a bare minimum for this talented batting line up.

Henry CTo defend the modest score of 123 the plan was to bowl one side of the wicket with men inside the 30 yard circle to build up the pressure and as we seen in this format before it is very hard to chase runs! We bowled and fielded with the odd ball drifting down the leg side which led to the UNSW batsmen taking full toll of the lose bowling.

Henry Carmichael 'rolling' the arm over for PG's

In trying to defend this runs we were always just behind the 8 ball but is was pleasing to see the fight by the boys right to the end. Henry "Im just going to bowl slow" Carmichael bowled well to the plan with figures of 3.2 overs going for 15 with three wides in the last over to be under speculation of match fixing and Tom Carruthers 3 overs for 18 both the boys bowled one side of the wicket.

Unfortunately we just didn't have enough runs and they reached our score 5 down in the 18th over. this could of been a different result if we had "found a way" to score another 15 to 20 runs. A special mention to Max Newman for an excellent game behind the stumps and helping out the captain with the men inside the circle when the captain goes to sleep.

So far for the PG's boys it has been a very disappointing start for a side way to talented to be 0 from 3 but i feel the boys are learning from these experiences and are ready for the 50 over format to start this Sunday against Parramatta back at Chatswood.

Steve "The Buck" Colley

ColleyLogan Weston

The author hooks the ball while Logan Weston dances down the wicket.
Poidevin Gray vs Manly - Round 2 - 2011/12

Poidevin Gray vs Manly - Round 2 - 2011/12

The Gordon PGs side arrived at Manly oval determined to put in a good performance after a convincing defeat at the hands of Fairfield-Liverpool in round one of the 2011/12 season. It was sure to be a tough contest against one of the Stags traditional rivals.

Skipper Steve Colley lost the toss and the hosts elected to bat first. On a pretty good wicket it was always going to be difficult for the Stags to contain a strong manly batting line-up, the innings started quite rapidly but with a strong showing from all bowlers we managed to contain Manly (also known as Logans mates) to 143 off their 20 over's, a special mention must go to Steve 'Buck' Colley who bowled a particularly tight 4 over spell really leading his team taking 1 for 26, and also James Kidd who bowled an excellent spell finishing with 1 for just 22 runs off his 4 overs.

James Kidd continues his early season form.

The fielding was overall very good, before the game our coach Ian 'Bevo' Beverly set our fielding goal at 1 run out, as it turned out Dan, Steve and Chad all got direct hit run outs, all with one stump to aim at - an outstanding effort.

I would also like to give a special mention to young Tommy Carruthers who threw himself around the field saving several runs throughout the course of the innings with some terrific diving saves.

There was a definite belief in the change room (despite the inconveniently placed brick wall through the middle of it) at the change of innings which was not present last week, after losing an early wicket Henry 'H' Carmichael was promoted to number 3 and he and Kris Colley put together on a superb partnership. Both showed excellent power and control. Henry dispatching the ball over the fence 4 times as we know he can do, Henry was dismissed for an excellent 30 off just 15 balls, this brought the two eldest Colley boys to the crease and together they looked very good and victory looked imminent, however such is the nature of T20 when Kris was dismissed for an excellent top score of 39 off just 24 balls showing he can do it in all forms of the game. After this the innings began to collapse with Logan showing some good form against his mates manly. In the end the stags fell just 8 runs short.

Henry Carmichael cutting during his 30 off 15 balls.

It was a difficult loss to take after being in such a strong positon, However I know all the boys will take a lot of T20 experience out of this game, and continue to grow stronger as a unit. I believe as a result of team manager Rob Carruthers request, next game will bring more team banter, and also an even stronger performance from the Stags.

Jordan Liddle

Scott Heaney approaches the crease while Kris Colley leans into a drive.
Poidevin Gray vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 1 - 2011/12

Poidevin Gray vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 1 - 2011/12

James KiddThe Gordon PGs side for 2011/2012 had their first outing against Fairfield-Liverpool in a 20/20. Having had a good session with 1st grade coach Mark O’Neil during the week, the hopes were high for the younger brigade of Stags that they would be able to kick of the season with a win.

James Kidd charges in against the Lions

Unfortunately though the day did not quite go to plan, Skipper Colley lost the toss and we were in the field. Scott Heany and Dan Smith opened the bowling and along with Chad Soper and James Kidd bowled good lines to keep the Fairfield bats to a reasonable run rate. Though during the middle over, to their credit, the Fairfield bats really upped the run rate, with wickets in hand they were able to take some chances, hammering ball to all parts of the ground (most of which the Staggies fielders retrieved from either just inside or outside the fence).

Logan WestonAfter grabbing the key wicket of Luke Doran, the Stags came together and were asked to really put in a big effort from Captain Col, and the team obliged restricting Fairfield to a score of 177 of their allotted 20 overs. This was a good score and would take some chasing down but the Stags batsmen did not think it was out of reach and knew that 2 good partnerships would give us a chance.

Logan Weston takes a great catch, under the watchful eye of our roving cameraman

Unfortunately these partnerships never eventuated; Fairfield’s bowling was tight and gave nothing away forcing the Stags batsmen into some lose shots resulting in a steady loss of wickets, which never allowed the stags to put on a solid partnership as we had spoken about before the innings.

Kris ColleyThe one shining light for the Stags in the run chase was Kris Colley’s innings; he showed that 20/20 is not all about hitting the big shots but also about picking up 1ns and 2s and rotating the strike. Kris scored an impressive 33 looking good and falling late in the innings trying to get the team close to the target.

Kris Colley swings from the hip, trying to get his side close

Eventually the Stags finished 45 runs short of the target, obviously not the desired result although there were some good things to come out of the game. If we can fix up the areas we struggled in during this game then I’m sure there will be some good results in the not too distant future for this young team.

Henry Carmichael



A.W. Green Shield Match Reports 11/12

A.W. Green Shield Match Reports 11/12

The A.W. Green Shield is an age competition for grade clubs for players under 16 years of age. The Green Shield matches are played either on Sundays or on weekdays during the school holidays. The competition includes semi finals and a final.

A. W. Green Shield match reports for 2011/12 season are provided below.



Green Shield vs UNSW - Qualifying Final - 2011/12

Green Shield vs UNSW - Qualifying Final - 2011/12

Match Report vs UNSW by Lachlan Borg

We rocked up to a must win qualifying final against UNSW and, after having a thrilling win against them earlier in the season, we came in to the game knowing what we had to do. We inspected the deck and Jack assured me that we should bat first, luckily Bruce had other plans.

Will Calov in action against UNSW

So we elected to bowl on what was a bit of a grassy deck, with moisture about and clouds lingering. It was Harry who took the first ball of the finals, fighting shin splints. It was an awesome effort just getting out there, let alone bowl a great over with lots of plays and misses and managing to get it to cut off the deck. Then entered Will Calov, who had to fight a very strong wind, but had an awesome spell of 4 overs and managed to pick up 3 vital wickets with the assistance of a very good catch by Jack Colley.

Seany Campbell then took the ball down wind, and although battling a torn muscle in his lower back, he fought on and picked up a key wicket, which swung the momentum to us. 4-39 at this stage, and we were in a commanding position. The batsmen began to forge a meaningful partnership, until we managed to snare a wicket to stop the run flow. Jordan Farrell then came on to bowl, and really tightened things up by bowling great line and length, and getting a bit of turn as well. The batsmen played and missed continually and finally Jordan captured a well-deserved scalp.

Will Calov came back on for a short spell taking another wicket, which brought us to lunch. Resuming after lunch UNSW were 7-103, they slowly began to get away from us. Our intensity began to drop a little, and the batsmen were making the most of it. But then James Partridge came on and instantly took a wicket which got us going again.

Soon after Erickson for UNSW brought up his ton, and they finished all out on the last ball for a total of 233. James Partridge (3-50 off 9), Harry Middlebrook (0-30 off 7), Will Calov (4-56 off 10), Sean Campbell (1-23 off 8), Rohan Siva (0-34 off 9), Lachlan Borg (1-15 off 7), Jordan Farrell (1-24 off 10).
It was Connor and Chris who strode out to start to reduce the total, two men on a mission. UNSW’s bowlers came steaming in and unfortunately Connor fell second ball for a duck. Which brought the menacing Jack Colley to the crease, instantly making his presence felt. Chris got off the mark, and smoked a glorious pull shot for four. Looking very good, that same shot managed to bring him unstuck for 12. Jack, after playing a great straight drive and pull shot fell to the left arm quick.

Saahil then fell to the same bowler for 3. James Partridge and Lachlan Borg then began to build a solid partnership to get the innings back on track, with James hitting some glorious shots straight and square of the wicket off the spinners and providing some entertainment for the crowd. Unfortunately, he fell to the offie for 15. Lachlan Borg followed for 32 after a good stand with Jordan Farrell.


A great stumping by Max Papworth, Jordan Farrell hits out and Sean Campbell steams in

Farrell was smoking them for his 30 and we started to look a chance again, with him hanging around at the crease. Once he fell for 30, things began to get away from us. With Max and Harry falling in fairly quick succession, the score drifted to 9-136.

Sean and Rohan hung around and gave their admirers in the stand a lot to laugh about, but also batting very well at the same time. It seemed a big ask, as we needed about 80 off 10 overs, but they fought it out. Rohan casual as always, requesting new gloves as his had worn out in somehow. In the end it was all too much and we were bowled out for 168. We walked off the pitch with a smile on our faces thanks to Sean and Rohan.

We all had a great season, but it was a bit sad to finish the way we did.

Happy Birthday Max!

Thanks very much to the Gordon Cricket club and Andrew Falk, Michael Falk, Tony Wilson, Peter Horwitz, and Paul Stephenson in particular. We wouldn't be out there without your support and assistance in organising gear, photos and grounds.

Thanks to all the scorers throughout the season. You made everyone else’s jobs a lot easier, and it was all very neat I might add!

Special thanks to Bruce and Corbin Edgar. We all had a great season with you and it was an honour to have Bruce return as coach this year, even though Corbin was not playing.

Also a big thanks to Derek Borg for his fantastic managing during the season. Your organising was exceptional.

Good luck next year Stags!

Lachlan Borg

Green Shield vs Parramatta - 2011/12

Green Shield vs Parramatta - 2011/12

An amazing win for the Green Shield - Match Report by Sean Campbell

The Gordon boys were back in action with a great victory over Parramatta to put them through to the finals. Skipper Borgy went to the centre to do the toss and came back with a loss of the call and the stags were sent to bowl.

Chris Spratt hits out against Parramatta

We were interested in how the bowling attack would hold with having injuries to two of the quick bowlers Lachie Borg and Sean Campbell making them both unable to bowl and leaving the stags with limited bowlers.

Harry 'Ginger' 'Mulls' Middlebrook and Will 'Choir Boy' Calov were asked to open the bowling and did a fantastic job at it limiting the runs and also picking up early wickets which was vital for the innings. Rohan Siva and James Partridge followed the opening bowling attack and did well with their lines and length limiting the runs against two good batsmen at the crease. The innings went on and we were running short of bowlers so Borgy decided to let the batsmen have a bowl with Connor Jackson,  Sahil 'the gobler' Turkhi and Chris Spratt all making appearances in the bowling attack.

The batsmen bowled well and kept the run rate limited again but a few loose overs towards the end of the innings let Parramatta get to 8 for 268. This was easily a getable target with the batting attack we had lined up.

It was our time to be sent to the crease. When the batsmen saw the score their eyes lit up realising they could all make solid scores here against the Parramatta bowling attack. Spratty and Connor opened the batting for Gordon and put on a solid performance showing their techniques and hard hitting of the ball. Spratty used his hard hitting to get him some quick runs and to keep the bowlers under pressure. Unfortunately he was dismissed for 49 :(. Big Jack Colley was called to the crease looking as solid as always.

The boys in the top order did a great job in keeping the run rate similar to theirs with Connor getting 54 in a great knock, Jack getting 41, Borgy 24 and 'The Gobler' (Saahil) getting 30. We were falling behind the run rate in the later stage of the innings but luckily James Partridge and Saahil kept us going and looking solid until both were dismissed. Max Papworth and Rohan Siva were at the crease battling out the final over keeping us on track and making it look like we could win the game! Some great hitting from both boys found us at 1 run with 2 balls and 2 wickets left.


Saahil Turki, Jack Colley and Rohan Siva in action against Parramatta

Rohan was dismissed and the Choir boy was sent to the middle. 1 ball, 1 run, 1 wicket left. The nerves were building for both teams watching Papworth face up to the last ball. A single was hit and the Staggies had won! The Gordon boys went up in joy and raced to congratulate the boys at the crease. The Stags finished with 9 for 269.

Great win for the Stags putting them 5th on the table and through to the final knock out rounds. Yew!

Sean Campbell

Green Shield vs Manly - 2011/12

Green Shield vs Manly - 2011/12

Gordon go down to Manly to put us on edge for semi finals 

We started the match well with captain Borg winning the toss and electing to bat, but to no avail losing two quick wickets being 2-0 and then Lachie himself shortly after due to good quality swing bowling from the openers. Spratt made a quick fire 40 smashing the bowlers over their heads with ease and grace before being dismissed by the new arrival spin bowler. From there was some consolidation from Farrell and Papworth till drinks.

James Partridge during his innings.

The second ball after drinks Farrell played a loose cover drive to put Cordon five down and in need of a solid partnership. Right on queue Papworth and Partridge ground out a nicely crafted partnership that involved a balance in power and finesse till lunch. After lunch both pushed hard for more runs till Papworth fell and brought Turki to the wicket which was beneficial till Turki got run out in a case of sharp follow up fielding from a misfield. This brought Middlebrook to the crease crushing some majestic drives meanwhile Partridge made his way to forty-nine and pulled a ball  firmly but unfortunately holed out on the boundary for an easy catch. This brought out Campbell joining his fellow Barker counterpart and quickly getting a few handy boundaries before the tail eventually collapsed.

It was a beautiful day for playing cricket in Manly but unfortunately batting first and only making a 175 off 54 overs was always going to be hard to protect. Could we do it?


Chris Spratt, Max Papworth and Will Calov in action at Manly

We were in need of early wicketson a flat track and Borg started  tremendously taking a sharp reflex caught and bowled that put early pressure right back on Manly. The other opening batsmen had his luck early edging a couple of almost perfect deliveries by Borg and Middlebrook, until his luck finally ran out getting clean bowled by Middlebrook and letting the scoreboard operators know it with constant friendly banter at fine leg before this wicket. We kept the pressure on with tight fielding and rotating the bowlers accordingly with Calov, Partridge, Colley and Mactier.


Lachie Mactier, Lachie Borg and Harry Middlebrook try their hardest at Manly

Afternoon tea was shortly around the corner and we were in need of a wicket but as we finished afternoon tea the Manly pair with dogged hitting boundaries found their way to fifty each that put doubts in our minds our chance of winning. We hung in there with Campbell clean bowling one while Middlebrook collected the other scalp with a caught and bowled much like Borgs. Unfortunately for us it was too little too late and they comfortably got home at 4/176.


Gordon 175 (James Partridge 49, Chris Spratt 39, Max Papworth 23, Sean Campbell 21) were defeated by Manly 4 for 176 (Harry Middlebrook 2 for 28, Lachie Borg 1 for 24, Sean Campbell 1 for 26)

Report by Jordan Farrell

Green Shield vs UNSW - 2011/12

Green Shield vs UNSW - 2011/12

We knew it was a good day for Gordon when captain Lachlan Borg decided to win the toss and chose to bat on a good batting wicket.

Chris Spratt and Connor Jackson were both full of confidence from their recent innings and started positively. However Chris was soon dismissed for 8 by a good caught and bowled.

Lachlan Borg during his century.

This bought Jack Colley to the crease and was quickly entertained by some serious sledging that was being aimed at Connor after numerous decent deliveries. Not long after Connor went for 16 after a ball snuck through the gates. At this stage Uni NSW thought they were home when a bowler came to the middle at number four. However the bowler Lachlan Borg had other ideas and stuck his head down which turned out to be a classy captains knock.

Colley and Borg put on a good partnership until Jack went for 54 to a crap shot. Borgy and Max then batted superbly, with lots of quick running and hard hitting. Max then went for 35. Good support was given with all batsmen and resulted in Lachlan Borg bringing up his century in the last over which will be a strong memory for the bowler for many years to come. Lachlan Borg did tell me before his innings that he had a dream the night before that he made a hundred.

Gordon then came out to bowl trying to defend the score of 248 and looked dangerous however luck didn’t go our way and found ourselves at tea with the score at 0-100 after 20 overs. After tea the Gordon came out with a strict game plan to bowl to field and slow the runs. This plan worked efficiently and wickets fell as the runs slowed. With us running out of bowlers injured Lachlan thought he would come on to be captain courageous in which turned out to be a match winning spell taking the prize wicket.


Harry Middlebrook, Lachlan Borg and Rohan Siva in action against UNSW

Uni NSW then found them selves at 8-213 needing 5 runs an over to take victory. A run out then saw them at 9-220 this was after Jack Colley got bombed for a 6 over mid off. Harry then came on (the man with the red mullet) got the last wicket.

An excellent win for the boys.

Jack Colley

Green Shield vs Bankstown - 2011/12

Green Shield vs Bankstown - 2011/12

The Legend Chris Spratt reports from Grahame Thomas Oval Bankstown

The Gordon boys arrived early out at Bankstown under cloudy skies, captain Lachy Borg was true to form and lost another toss and Bankstown chose to bat. Bankstown got off to a brisk start but Gordon fought back taking 2 early wickets going to Sean Campbell and Harry Middlebrook.

Chris Spratt hits a six over mid wicket.

Soon after we were forced off due to wet weather. An hour of play was lost and the game was reduced to 56 overs a side. The pumped up Gordon boys returned to the field bowling good line and length, placing the pressure back on the opposition. Seany Campbell was soon rewarded with a wicket courtesy of an athletic diving catch by Max Papworth the wicket keeper.

Seanny and Harry were replaced by Rohan Siva and Will Calov who kept the pressure on the opposition and the scoring rate continued to slow.

The fielding effort from the Gordon boys was splendid as wickets continued to tumble. We knocked Bankstown over for 149 after 50 overs with Will, Seany and Harry all taking 3 wickets. Lachie Mactier and James Partridge keeping the run rate to a minimum and Chris Spratt (legend) bagging 4 catches and Max Papworth taking 3. Unfortunately Lachy Borg could not bowl due to a knee problem to everyone’s disappointment.

Chris Spratt and Connor Jackson opened the batting just before tea, determined to get on with the game. Connor took strike and got off the mark with an elegant cover drive that raced to the boundary for 4 off the first ball. At the tea break Gordon were 0-28 off 6 overs.


Rohan Siva and Sean Campbell in action while Harry Middlebrook disturbs the stumps- again!!

We returned to the crease after tea with both batsmen looking to attack the bowling of Bankstown. Spratt brought up his half century with a 6 over midwicket and continued the attack until he was bowled attempting to clear the pickets again for 76. Jack Colley came to the crease looking solid and worked the ball around to ensure Connor Jackson achieved his half century, which he did by hitting 2 consecutive 4's as we passed the total 1 wicket down.

It was a good all round performance with the ball, the bat and very sharp fielding. Congrats Gordon for 3 out of 4 wins.

By Chris Spratt (legend)

Green Shield vs Fairfield-Liverpool - 2011/12

Green Shield vs Fairfield-Liverpool - 2011/12

Green Shield has close loss to strong Fairfield team at Rosedale

Gordon’s 3rd round fixture against Fairfield- Liverpool started well with skipper Lachie Borg winning his first toss of the season and electing to send Fairfield-Liverpool into bat with ominous weather looming, knowing it would play a big part in the match. Gordon’s first innings started very well with opening bowlers Rohan and Sean restricting the opposition to 1/20 after 8 and a bit overs before a lengthy rain delay of several hours halted the match.

After the rain had finally cleared, the match was reduced to a 36 over match. Gordon continued their good start with the ball with all the fast bowlers (Rohan, Harry, Will Sean, Lachie and James) bowling in good partnerships and keeping Fairfield- Liverpool’s run rate to about 3 an over along with picking up several key wickets however they were unlucky not to take more wickets before the tea break.

Fairfield-Liverpool resumed at 3/92 after 28 overs and they looked to score quickly to post a decent target expertly using local knowledge to work the ball into the gaps and run hard and challenge the fieldsman’s throw, putting pressure on the fielding side. This resulted in Fairfield- Liverpool reaching 8/139 after their 36 overs. A bit more than we would’ve like to be chasing but still an easily reachable total given our batting line up.

Our batting innings started well with Saahil and Spratty setting a good platform for our run chase going just under 3 an over for the first 10 overs. However after the dismissal of Jack, who had been looking good at the crease, and with the absence of Connor we struggled through the next block of 10 overs on the back of some good bowling and fielding from the opposition.

This left a lot of work left for our middle and lower order, although it was nothing we couldn’t handle. Good contributions from James, Lachie, Harry and Max towards the end of our innings saw that we were still in the match only needing 6-7 runs an over. Unfortunately with such a big ground our approach of trying to hit boundaries meant our target was not achieved and we fell an agonising 9 runs short of the target we were set, finishing with 9/130 after 36 overs.


Fairfield 8 for 139 (Sean Campbell 3 for 22, Rohan Silva 1 for 20, James Partridge 1 for 17, Lachie Mactier 1 for 35 defeated Gordon 8 for 131 (Chris Spratt 26, Harrison Middlebrook 26)

Report by Lachie Mactier

Green Shield vs Mosman - 2011/12

Green Shield vs Mosman - 2011/12

Batting on soft track doesn't stop Green SHield from posting good win

The boys arrived to see Jack (Jack Colley) coming especially early for his spot on the lounge, and with the warm ups out of the way, led by assistant coach Corbin Edgar, the Stags were ready for Mosman after beating Sydney in the previous round. With Killara receiving a lot of rain the prior two days, the deck was soft with a green tinge, perfectly set up for our bowling attack.

However, Borgy (Lachlan Borg) lost the toss, leaving him 0/2, and we were sent in to bat on a slow, seaming deck. We were soon in trouble being at 1/6 with the Mosman bowlers letting the pitch do the work for them. Connor Jackson (22) and Jack (16) batted well, pouncing on anything short or full, yet poor discipline and freakish catching left us reeling at 5/75. With partnerships needed, the skipper played sensibly by putting on 25 with some big hitting. A late cameo from Pap (16) (Max Papworth) was not enough to meet our target of 180, being bowled out for 145, due to a lack of solid partnerships.

The Stags believed that this was a competitive total on a tough deck, but we would have to bowl good areas to restrict the Whales. We started off extremely well, with Mosman being at 3/19 at one stage due to a good opening partnership between Borgy (1/26 off 12 ) and Sean Campbell ( 2/12 off 10). They never recovered after that start due to our tight and economical bowling (which meant we had 5 slips and a gully in place at one stage), with Will Calov picking up 2/17 off 6 and Jordy and Jimmy (James Partridge) chipping in with a wicket each. Pap was solid behind the stumps, grabbing 3 catches.  Lachie Mactier finished the tail off picking up 2 quick wickets, and the Whales were all out for 92 with good bowling and fielding pressure. This gave the mighty greenies good momentum going into the next day’s game against the Lions.

Gordon 145 (Lachie Borg 25, Saahil Turki 24, Connor Jackson 22, Max Papworth 16, Jack Colley 16, Rohan Siva 11, Jordan Farrell 11) defeated Mosman 92 (Sean Campbell 2-12, Lachie Mactier 2-10, Will Calov 2-17, James Partridge 1-6, Jordan Farrell 1-9, Lachie Borg 1-26).

Saahil Turki

Green Shield vs Sydney - 2011/12

Green Shield vs Sydney - 2011/12

Gordon kicked off their green shield campaign on Sunday with an emphatic win over Sydney.

The match began with newly appointed skipper Lachy Borg losing the toss and Gordon having to bowl on a flat track at Killara. We started well despite not getting a wicket, with our opening bowler’s Borgy and Big Red, (Harrison Millbrook) not leaking too many runs. As the innings progressed it looked as though we might’ve been in a bit of strife at Sydney with the score 0-55 off 16.  

Chris Spratt, Jack Colley and Lachlan Borg in action against Sydney

 Sean Campbell came on to bowl and got the wickets we needed throwing in a few fast bouncers which turned the momentum in our favour. After a slow period in the middle some great outswing bowling from Jimmy Partridge picked up a couple of wickets, breaking a key partnership. To close off the innings we saw some great bowling at the death from Sean Campbell and Borgy, to restrict Sydney’s total to 9-204.

Rohan Silva, Saahil Turki and Connor Jackson in action at Killara

It seemed the top order bats Spratty and Jack wanted to get the runs in a maximum of 30 overs with some electrifying hitting. Spratty showing no regard for their opening bowler by smashing two onto the road at Killara in his first over but unfortunately fell caught behind on 31. Saahil Turki (the gobbler) is not known as a big hitter of the ball but went out and worked the singles getting some of the more free flowing stroke players on strike. After spratty was removed it seemed Jack wanted to continue in the same vein (goin’ dingers) hitting 3 or 4 well over the road at Killara. He eventually departed after making 46 off 42. Despite most of the top 7 looking well in control every time it seemed we had the match in the bag we would through away another wicket leaving the lower order to finish off the job.


Sydney 9 for 204 (Sean Campbell 3-19, James Partridge 2-24) were defeated by Gordon 7 for 205 (Jack Colley 46,Connor Jackson-34, Chris Spratt 31, Lachlan Borg 29, Saahil Turki-28)

Match Report by Connor Jackson


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