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The affiliation of the Macquarie Cricket Club and Gordon came about following the success of the original Alliance established between the sporting body of the University and the Club. The alliance was established to encourage Gordon members to attend Macquarie University and to provide a combined sporting and academic pathway for cricketers who study at the University. 

The mutually beneficially relationship is managed through the Gordon Cricket Academy and allows the Academy to provide education enhancements as well as high level cricket skills coaching through its operating structure. The Gordon Academy has now provided 10 of its members with Macquarie University Scholarships.

As part of the arrangement, the Academy nominates players with the necessary academic and cricket credentials to apply for a Sporting or 'Cricket' scholarship with the University. There are different levels of scholarships depending upon the representative cricket level achieved by the player.

The scholarship applicants are then assisted by career officers at the University to help them with their education goals in year 12 to meet the standards of admittance to the various degrees available.

Enquiries in regard to Gordon/Macquarie scholarships can be made to Paul Stephenson at


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