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1st Grade vs Blacktown - Round 15 - 2017/18

1st Grade vs Blacktown - Round 15 - 2017/18

It was an important last round clash for the First Grade toilers and big dogs, with a win and probably a bonus point needed against the Warrior Dolphins from Blacktown to lock down a spot in the finals. 

The Stags lost the toss and were asked to bowl first on a slightly cloudy and damp day at the home of cricket. 

The early signs were good for the spectators as Stobes channelled his inner Reagan and tried to fit as much cricket into his first spell as possible, it was all wides, wickets and boundaries from his end.

Stobes is purposely skipping leg day in the hope he'll too be nicknamed 'Pigeon'. 

At the other end, the complete opposite was happening as Patto tried to keep the amount of cricket to the bare minimum. It was a spell filled with leaves, maidens and a couple of meekly guided singles to third man. 

Charlie’s 2 wickets and Patto’s tight spell had the Warriors tied down and in trouble after the first powerplay, and once Elz picked up his 100th (97th on recount) First Grade wicket and removed the linchpin of the Blacktown batting order, the Stags were on a roll. 

The early introduction of spin worked a treat, as another 3 members of the opposition batting order fell to our former Second Grade opening batsman and the Warriors were reduced to 6 for 40. 

As is almost always the case however, a partnership was formed in the lower order between Blacktown’s skipper and their 15 year old wicket-keeper. 

But the re-introduction of Stobes quickly put an end to any real threat of a competitive total being posted as he removed both batsmen fairly quickly. 

The tail managed to get a couple of boundaries away, but they were no match for the flight and guile of Matty Junk as he picked up 2 wickets to clean up the tail. 

Blacktown were all out for 114 and the bonus point win was in the Stags sight.

Tym delivers the left-right-goodnight to Blacktown ensuring 3pm beers.
Tym got our batting innings under way in typical fashion, making hitting boundaries look really easy. He was well supported by Axel, until young Choppy decided to shoulder charge the ball and was sent to the sin bin. 

He tried to plead with the umpire to reconsider because its cricket and you usually need to hit the ball to be caught, however it is now footy season and you just can’t get away with a good old fashioned shoulder charge these days. 

Another couple of wickets went down in Harry and Tym (for a fine 41), and the threat of this reporter having to put his playing pants back on was looming. 

However, some good hitting from Steve and Elz put that threat to bed and saw the Stags home well before time to secure a vital bonus point win.

After 5 wins in a row, it’s now off to Old Kings next weekend for a Preliminary Final encounter with Parramatta. 

Fingers crossed for Axel at the judiciary tonight, despite most shoulder charges incurring an automatic one week ban, we hope his clean record will see him avoid suspension.

Scotty O'Brien

2nd Grade vs Blacktown - Round 15 - 2017/18

2nd Grade vs Blacktown - Round 15 - 2017/18

A swift drive up to Blacktown saw the 2nd graders arrive at the pristine Joe McAleer Oval keen to finish their season on a high. The pitch was green, grassy but hard underneath offering the bowlers some assistance but enough pace for batters to play their shots if lengths were missed.

The Nerds won football warm up…nothing new to report there. Zaninno’s overhead bicycle kick was a standout highlight but was futile against the Nerd juggernaut who sunk 4 away to claim overall bragging rights for warm-up football for yet another season.

Gordon won toss and elected to bowl, hopeful of keeping Blacktown to a small total. With plenty of nip the opening batters started cautiously before beginning to free the arms. Searle picked up the first wicket with a delightful, yet unintended, slower ball deceiving the dangerous Hinds (who had made 140* out of 160 the last time these 2 sides met). Baker started his spell but briskly blew out his 15th shoe of the season, not even gaffer tape could help him and he was forced to borrow someone else’s right shoe. He looked a right pleb, but that’s Bakes and we love him for it xoxo

Wickets were frustratingly hard to come by, despite the pitch nipping around. Stickland and Cubbage then combined and bowled well in the middle overs restricting the batters and picking up 4 wickets between them. 

Stickland was on a hat trick but couldn’t convert (much like his Bumble account). 

Tinder* Not fooling anyone Stickers. P.S well bowled.

At 5/110 it was looking good for the Stags, however their number 8 had other ideas scoring 60-odd off as many balls which eventuated with Blacktown scoring 222. A par score we agreed, but lamented missing the opportunity to dismiss them for lower.

Tony Clarke, their miserly dibbly-dobber opener, only needed 4 wickets to bring up an unprecedented 1000 grade wickets. Our batting plan was to sit on Tony Clarke, deny him his 1000th wicket and cash in on the other bowlers. Unfortunately, Tony Clarke happened and he picked up 3 wickets in 4 overs, with the 3rd wicket bringing screams of “one more, one more”

Robert Michaels was a standout, hitting his 4 half-century in as many games and looking at ease on the helpful Joe Mac wicket. Other than that there was not a lot to report as Tony Clarke waited for the tail to enter.

Sure enough, Stickland entered at 8/120 and Clarke handed his cap over to the umpire sensing a golden opportunity to capture his 1000th wicket. Unfortunately for Clarke he decided to use all 32 seasons of sledging instead of all 999 grade wickets worth of experience in dismissing batsmen. Stickland picked up on this rather quickly and decided that an angry Tony Clarke was less likely to get him out and therefore seized every opportunity to antagonise the 52 year old veteran. I thought I’d share these with you for some light entertainment:

Tony Clarke: “Play a shot! Try and win the game! Play a f-ing shot! You're an embarrassment to 2nd grade cricket”
Stickland: *laughs and winks suggestively at him

Umpire: That’s over and drinks
TC: Do we actually need them!? These blokes aren’t playing an f-ing shot, what’s the point?
DS: Yer we do, I’m thirsty
TC: You’re f-ing kidding me

*Repeated demands of “Play an f-ing shot! Try and win the f-ing game!”
Tony Clarke bowls his 10th and final over to Stickland and fails to take the elusive 1000th wicket. As he silently walks past the mid-pitch conversation between Stickland and Searle: DS: “Gee it’s gone quiet all of a sudden”
TC “You’re f-ing kidding me! What a f-ing great achievement keeping me from a 1000, you must be really f-ing happy. I guess you’ll start playing some f-ing shots now”
DS: “You know what I think I will, just to make you happy” *winks

It was honestly so enjoyable to annoy this absolute flog of a cricketer and deny him his 1000th wicket. The fact he had to abuse and berate two tail-end batsmen in an attempt to get them out rather than use all his experience was, frankly, arrogant, disrespectful to the spirit of the game and marred his achievement as he was simply the most unpleasant person I’ve shared a cricket field with. If only he was humble, I may have left a straight one to help him out!

Stickland started playing some shots and nicked off 2 overs later and Searle followed not long after to finish all out for 141 and consign the under-performing 2nd graders another loss. It hasn’t been our season with either the batsmen or bowlers failing to fire, often at the same time. Winning is a habit and unfortunately it’s been a hard habit to break into. The team has plenty of talent, at least 5 of our regular players have 1st grade experience, we are learning after each loss and it will only be a matter of time before this team starts to consistently compete and play finals cricket. We did last season, remember?

Enjoy the off-season lads, recharge your batteries, stay fit and keen and see you all in August.

Dan Stickland

3rd Grade vs Blacktown - Round 15 - 2017/18

3rd Grade vs Blacktown - Round 15 - 2017/18

3rd grade needed a ‘Steven Bradbury’, to make the finals as they not only needed to beat 18th place Blacktown, but hope Sydney and Randwick lose their games. A fluent and graceful 3rd grade warm up was in full swing, when Patrick Effeney gave us the right handed batting pose, meaning Gordon were batting first.
It was a new look opening partnership with Cameron New getting a well-deserved promotion back into 3’s and Ryan Tullia back from his finger injury. 

These boys got the shine of the ball well, however their partnership ended as the world best cut shot player Ryan Tullia got a chop on onto the stumps. 

This was followed too by Cam New the world best leg side player snicking one behind. 

In came Christopher Spratt, after touching down in Sydney only 2 hours ago, he rocked up at the crease sleep-deprived and with a very cool tan.

The beer gut gets put to great use as Spratty powers them over the top. 

He played the way he loves too, by bludgeoning the ball with excellent pull shots and immaculate lofted drives, an innings of pure class, the hundred was waiting for him until a miss lapse in concentration brought his down fall at a spectacular 77, and due to him being in the country for only a couple of hours, this is exclusively a brilliant 3rd grade innings. 

Wickets were falling at the other end, Maxwell Papworth genuinely missed a straight ball and Matthew Wright spooned one up to mid-on, however there was resistance with Thomas Hamblin batting at 6 making a gritty 36 and Charles Booth boosting the runs with a quick-fire 31 which included 18 of an over. 

All round a score of 222 on a very slow, thick Beauchamp outfield was very defendable and above par.
Bowling started off convincingly well with Pat claiming 2 early scalps including a ‘seed’ as they call it in his opening spell, supported by the always reliable Matthew Levers. 

Danusha followed suit bowling tight lines, not giving much away, Blacktown needed a big partnership and one was starting to form.

Classic Hamburglar Keevers cleans up the tail. 

That was until the inclusion of Matt Wright, who produced maiden after maiden, tying down an end as well as claiming wickets, assisted with Charlie Booth also claiming 2 as Gordon piled on pressure to the withering Blacktown. 

A superior alpha bowling performance capped off with Matt Levers Keevers coming back on to bowl his 2nd spell and burgle the last 3 wickets (trust) to hand the Stags a 103 run win and a bonus point.
Unfortunately Sydney won and kicked us out of the finals race,thus that was all she wrote on a successful season. 

Finishing 7th out of 20 teams is something to be proud of and close to or beating 1st, 2nd, and 4th placed teams shows this team has potential to go all the way next season.  

A huge thank you goes to the skipper Pat, it is not easy captaining a 3rd grade side like ours, but he is very good at what he does and leads by an example on and off the field. 

Thank you also to all the parents, supporters and scorers. Without them cricket wouldn't be as successful as it is today. 

Even though we continue to waste our Saturdays in a suburban ground in Sydney, we will definitely be back next year to do the same.

Danusha Seneviratne

4th Grade vs Sutherland - Round 15 - 2017/18

4th Grade vs Sutherland - Round 15 - 2017/18

4th Grade took the lengthy drive out to Whalan reserve confident they could come away with a win and make the finals for the 2nd year in a row. Blacktown were ranked 17th and with an outright win last week, we were confident that 6 points would keep us in 4th place. 

The pitch looked in good condition for batting but with long outfield and huge boundaries a score of 200 or more would be just what the team needed to put pressure on Blacktown.

Captain Bromley won the toss and chose to bat, and Liam Windel and Mitch Kleem looked to keep out the swinging ball. 

However, the pressure of a one-dayer got the better of our top order batsman. Dash Ratnam made 21, but the top order like it has in the last few weeks haven’t been able to post a big score and put the pressure back on the bowlers. 

We fell to 7-57, Nick Andreou and Vikrant Nehru the not out batsman. We were in real strife and the season was slipping away from us as all the team finals talk and finals plans were all blowing up in smoke. 

Luckily, Nick and self-proclaimed now all-rounder Vikrant saved the innings. 

They put on a great partnership of 74 to take it to 7-133 with still 8 overs left. 

Vikrant made some questionable running between wicket choices and a few run outs at the end cost us more runs but 166 in 48 overs was a decent total and one that we knew we could bowl to.

The Vicks Vaporizer takes care of business.
It has to be said that the 4th grade bowling attack and ground fielding have been the saviours and heroes of the team in the last few rounds. 

The start this time however wasn’t as fruitful as the Blacktown openers made it clear they wanted to get the runs well before 50 overs past. They snicked and edged their way to 50 not seeming to hit the ball in front of square. 

Matt Keane got an early breakthrough but 1-66 at drinks was not the start we were hoping for. 

After drinks the plan changed and rather than go searching for the much-needed wickets we bowled stump to stump, set straight fields and bowl maidens. 

The pressure built and there was nothing the below-par Blacktown 4th grade batsman could do. 

Vikrant bowled particularly well to take 4-24 in this period. Liam Windel made vital breakthroughs for his 10 over spell of 2-26. 

By this stage the Stags were on a roll. It was the spinners turn to claim the last few wickets and Jordan Hayes was the man. He bowled perfect lines with a perfect field to the tail enders and wrapped up the innings taking 3-7.

It was a relief that the boys had made it in to 4th position but everyone knew that to be competitive in finals the batting of the team has to step up. All it takes is a couple of good innings from 1 or 2 batsman and the 4th grade side could go all the way. 

Bring on Western Suburbs at Pratten.

Will Calov

1st Grade vs Sutherland - Round 14 - 2017/18

1st Grade vs Sutherland - Round 14 - 2017/18

11 humble and majestic Stags vs 11 unearned arrogant Sharks (Pigeon Park, racial tolerance in the air, albatross sandwiches for tea).

With a must win match up for grabs Glenn McGrath Oval would see some tough fiery cricket the likes that hasn’t been seen since the fabled Clovelly Hotel Balcony match of 2007 adjacent to the side toilets.

The toilers of the North Shore were ready to grind the popped collared southerners in a match that would ultimately determine if the Stags would continue playing into late March.

With the help of what was probably a two sided coin the Sharks won the toss and elected to bowl (idiots) on a track that looked like a good batting track and a bowling attack with pumped up egos after higher honour call ups.

Happy Birthday Axel you big cutie. 

Little did they know the immense vein of form Axel Cahlin is in and he showed his class once again. His innings of 123 off 189 included 20 boundaries and looked comfortable and in control his whole innings.

The middle order all got starts as well with Tym hitting a well compiled dinner for two (69) to take us to a score of 361.

An honourable mention must go out to our resident No. 11 with his masterful innings where he struck the ball at 100.

It must be said that the couch fits perfectly in his newly acquired bedroom and we can all agree that his batting is only improving with this move.
Day two saw us lose Charlie to a T league game that would start on the following Monday and this brought the most exciting opening bowler in the comp back into the team.

Reag’s opening spells brings a great delight and intrigue to the game as it always seems like we have played 20 overs in a spell of 5 overs.

He crams so much cricket into these overs. We get plays and misses, half chances, boundaries but most importantly we always get to see the back of one of the openers and he did not disappoint this week with middle stumps threatening to impale Dools standing 15m back.

Scotty starts his 1st Grade bowling career in style. 

All the bowlers worked in partnerships and the flow of wickets was steady. Scotty O picked up his first 1st grade wicket and then in his second spell picked up another 3 to finish the demise of the Sharks.

Good win Mens

Riddle time
When you need me you throw me away, But when you’re done with me you bring me back. What am I?

Cam Eccles

2nd Grade vs Sutherland - Round 14 - 2017/18

2nd Grade vs Sutherland - Round 14 - 2017/18

Skipper Max Newman opted to bat first on what was a batsman-friendly Chatswood oval wicket, much to the team’s relief. From then on it was the Dom Thomson show. 

Opening with Bekis the pair strung together a solid opening partnership, and when Reagan (27) came to the crease they continued this dominance with a mixture of solid defence and attacking strokes. 

After Reagan was dismissed Roberts (59) and Thomson then kept the momentum going with a 133 run stand, taking the game away from the Sharks with some big blows, including a notable front foot sweep from Dom in front of square off the opening bowler.


DT brought up his 100 with an edge through the slips, much to the delight of the boys in the pavilion. However, he was not done there, and Dom continued his onslaught along with contributions from Smith and Newman. 

Dom’s patience combined with aggression and power was a true batting masterclass, as he finished the day on 188* and the score at 5/359. 

The following day Dom brought up his maiden double hundred in the form of an overthrow, and pulled his hamstring in the process – what a man.

The Gordon bowlers then bowled in unison to take regular wickets against the Sharks batsmen. The pick of the bowlers was Ryan Meppem, who despite bowling a long spell, maintained his accuracy and length and picked up 5 wickets in the process.

Meppo has a lovely piece of salad.

The bowlers also had to battle against the Sutherland batsman who had decided to shut up shop in the last session, so big ups to the quicks – namely Stickland and Baker who continued to toil against some frustrating batting, and Smithy for picking up the last wicket in the 80th over. 

A huge thanks to Nick Miller for also coming to field as a substitute for Dom – your value has been missed.

A win for the ages. Congrats Dom.

Oli "The Stallion" Zannino 

3rd Grade vs Sutherland - Round 14 - 2017/18

3rd Grade vs Sutherland - Round 14 - 2017/18

After a long drive down to God’s Country, the third grade Stags drove into a ground with a nice cream picket fence and large sight screens. After dropping off our bags in the change room, we were met with a bumpy outfield that made us feel like we were right back at home back at Killara. The pitch looked placid and dry, but to give ourselves the best chance of an outright victory and to propel ourselves into the top six, the team agreed we should bowl first if given the chance.

Sure enough, Captain Effeney won the toss and we sent the Sharks in. Pat Effeney and Matt Keevers started with the new ball, and Effeney struck early with a ball that moved brilliantly off the seam to disturb the batsman’s stumps. However, just as the opening batting partnership didn’t last long, neither did the opening bowling partnership, as the sight of the ball bouncing like a tennis ball suggested we might be better served by using our three-pronged spin attack.

Chris De Kretser and Matt Wright came into the attack early and both bowled very well. Wright even turned a few to beat the bat of the right handers on his way to claiming four top order wickets. 

Matt Left was ragging them past the bat.

De Kretser bowled good attacking lines at the other end and was unlucky not to strike a few times. Charlie Booth, spinner number three, then joined the attack and bowled his fair share of tidy overs as well. This plan of attack continued until the tea break.

Danusha Seneviratne had waited a long time to bowl, but made the most of his opportunity with a smart spell of reverse swing bowling with the old ball. Big D only picked up the one pole, but had the ball hooping and could have had a few more if luck had gone his way. Day one’s play was eventually halted as a big storm rolled in and with Sutherland sitting around 7/200.

Day two saw a pitch perhaps even flatter and better for batting than last week, as it had a touch more pace onto the bat. We set out in search of the last three wickets. Keevers nicked off one of the Sharks’ batsmen with a straight one, and De Kretser also claimed a second wicket as reward for some good bowling last week. Sutherland began to have a swing and their number 11 and captain put his money where his mouth was and hit a big dinger over long-on before declaring at 9/255, giving us 65 overs to chase the runs.

The top order started well with both Tom Hamblin and Chris Spratt looking comfortable against the new ball. They batted in contrasting manners, with Hamblin patiently blocking, deflecting and nudging the ball into the gaps while Spratt preferred to take on the bowlers, playing some superb shots and hitting several boundaries on his way to 37. 

You bloody ripper Pappy, I love you.

After the openers fell, Matt Wright continued his form and made a good start, getting to 27, but fell just as he looked to be setting himself for a match-defining innings. Max Papworth had other ideas, however, and played a brilliant innings of 76 to provide the backbone to the Stags’ innings.

Papworth was particularly harsh on the spinners and hit a couple of dingers of his own, sweeping and lofting to good effect. Darren Jayasekara also got in on the action, choosing to deal almost exclusively in boundaries on his way to 19. When Papworth fell, we were still 50 runs short with 4 wickets remaining. Sutherland perhaps sensed they could cause a lower order collapse and an upset win. However, Charlie Booth (23) and Pat Effeney (26*) ensured this didn’t eventuate, as they set about knocking off the remaining runs required for the win. Chris De Kretser was there at the end as well, with 6* to guide the Stags home with a few wickets and a few overs up our sleeves.

The boys sung the Gordon song loudly in the tiny brick change room, with skipper Effeney particularly glad not to be hearing the Sutherland boys yelling Shark attackackackackackack.

Matt Levers

4th Grade vs Sutherland - Round 14 - 2017/18

4th Grade vs Sutherland - Round 14 - 2017/18

Gordon 4th grade skipper Stuart Bromley lost the toss and the Stags were sent in on a wicket, that soon began to crumble.

It wasn’t a good start for the Stags who lost a couple of quick wickets in Cam New and Mitch Kleem, however Naba Haider and Dash Ratnam were able to steady the ship with 26 and 28 respectively. 

In fact it was a day where most batsman chipped in including Stuart Bromley who added a solid 35 aswell as Liam Windell with 24, Manus Chauhan 11 and Vik Nehru 11*. 

Naba dug in to help the Stags post a competitive total.

By now the pitch at both ends had started to crumble and made it difficult for batsman and for bowlers to get proper grip. 

The Sharks had a tough period to get through and finished at 7/35 Stumps. An outright was needed if the Stags were to progress through to the semis.

The line and length from the bowlers was exceptional with Matt Keane taking 3 for 4 and Vik Nehru 3 for 13.

On day 2 the lads were greeted with hot and humid conditions and a wicket that looked like a belter.

A solid warm up with a game of touch football put us in the right frame of mind

The bowlers took the last three wickets in 8 overs and Sutherland were forced to follow on.

Matt Keane took 3/4 in the first innings!

At 7/53 it looked as though there we’d have some early beers, however a stubborn sixth and seventh wicket partnerships put an end to that.

The Sharks were eventually dismissed with a 30 run lead and Gordon had eight overs to get the runs. 

Pick of the bowlers were Liam Windel 4 for 33 and Manus Chauhan 2 for 14.

Mitch Kleem was the only casualty, being given out to a delivery that clipped his left shoulder. Dash Ratnam and Cam New did an outstanding job getting us to the end.
The Stags will now look for another win against Blacktown this Saturday to confirm a spot in the finals.

Thanks Mitch

5th Grade vs Sutherland - Round 14 - 2017/18

5th Grade vs Sutherland - Round 14 - 2017/18

On a bright, hot, Saturday, Sutherland started their innings 33 runs ahead, a result of low scoring first innings from both sides. Their openers saw off the new ball cashing in on loose deliveries. Prashant Seneviratne noticeably beat the bat on a few occasions, some balls rising steeply off a length on a two faced pitch.

Dhillon Amjad came on second change and immediately tightened the screws, eventually catching Sutherland’s opener LBW on an accurate yorker. Captain Aaron Croft brought himself on at the other end and played foil to Amjad, building pressure. Amjad dismissed the new man, brilliantly caught at second slip playing away from his body by Sammy Watts. Soon after, Amjad knocked back the off stump of the other opener, and we had new bats at the crease. Dhillon Amjad ended with excellent figures of 3 for 7 with 4 maidens in his 8 overs. He returned match figures of 7 for 26, a notable performance.

The offspin of Shiv Rana and some sharp pace from Sam Watts followed after. Sam particularly bowled with intensity, rocking the batsmen with some well targeted short bowling and eventually ended up with a wicket for his efforts. 

Shiv in action!

Shiv would have to wait for his haul. Sutherland were clearly not batting to make a match out of it, and their slow progress saw captain croft use 8 bowlers on the day trying to get some breakthroughs. It did not help that Gordon’s fielding was less than par, seeing no less than 3 dropped catches on the day.

Rahul Krishna bowled his seven overs of leg spin in an attempt to pry some wickets and also got a wicket, a well taken catch by Fraser Wilson. Shiv Rana in his second spell knocked the stumps of two Sutherland batters in a period of play that saw as many as 6 fielders surrounding the batters. But Sutherland was disinterested by the ploys and meandered along well past Tea. Eventually, they declared at 165 for 8 off close to 60 overs, leaving Gordon a massive run chase of 199 to win off 20 overs.

A strategic ploy saw Dhillon Amjad open the batting, in an attempt to chase the target down quickly and saw him play and miss on a few hoicks. However, a swinging ball eventually led to Amjad’s dismissal, pegging back his stumps. Fraser Wilson and Michael Fletcher steaded the innings and built a partnership on aggressive batting.

Fletch whacking em.

 Sutherland set very defensive fields, having as many as 6 boundary riders. This did not deter Wilson on Fletcher, who sent some massive sixes over long off and extra cover, playing some exquisite shots along the way. Eventually, Michael was dismissed on 42, stumped as he came down the track to Sutherland off-spinner Whittingham, who would further trouble the Gordon batters on his way to 4 wickets on the day.

As the required rate climbed to over 10, it saw a tumble of wickets as Gordon batters tried to make a match out of it. Hugh Sherwood fell LBW walking across his wickets to Whittingham, and Rahul Krishna was caught at short mid on a mistimed chip. Aaron Croft then joined forces with Fraser who continued battling away at the other and, and put on a partnership. However, he too fell to Whittingham, caught at long on, and they exchanged pleasantries on the send off.

Brad Morrison somehow pulled a long hop straight back to the bowler, and the run rate climbed past 12. Having lost 7 wickets, Gordon decided to play it safe, and the match ended drably. Fraser was able to carry his bat on his way to 61, but a sub par first innings batting performance eventually made the difference in the loss.

Gordon now slides to second, and this loss will be sure to fire up the players to come out strong as the business end of the season approaches.

Dhillon Amjad

1st Grade vs Mosman - Round 13 - 2017/18

1st Grade vs Mosman - Round 13 - 2017/18

Round 13 saw the Stags face Mosman in an eagerly awaited encounter at the glorious Chatswood oval. Rumour has it that Matt Junk had this fixture in his dairy since August 2017. After peeling back the covers 1st grade were presented with a hard yet unusually grassy wicket, which enticed captain Kholi to have a bowl after winning the toss.

The Stags started very well as Reags and Patto consistently challenged the Mosman bats with consistent line and lengths. After a couple of close chances in his first over, Reags was rewarded, claiming the shin of the opening batsmen. Patto joined in on the fun taking his first wicket of the match with a well-planned bouncer that saw the whales reeling at 2/28. The bowlers toiled hard through the middle session with spin twins Junky and Parky looking dangerous but some patient batting from the Mosman top order allowed them to pile on almost 200 runs for the third wicket, which fell at the tea break.

Mosman looked to accelerate the run rate but some clever bowling and tight fielding saw this threat defused. Mosman finished the day at just under 360 for the loss of 6 wickets. A great effort by the stags with wickets shared amongst the bowlers on what finished up a flat wicket.

Day 2 saw the “Big Dogs” keen to repeat last week’s thrashing of the “losers” in what was a clinical display of skill, finesse with the odd sprinkle of brilliance. It was a hard fought match in the second leg, going goal for goal, which saw the scores level at the full time siren. An old-fashioned penalty shootout saw Elliot clinch victory for the Big Dogs with a Messi like strike that curled through the centre of the goalmouth. Now that the important part of the day has been accounted for I can get back to the cricket.

Patto ignores the cries of 'pitch it up' and for the first time in his career bounces someone out.

Mosman decided to bat on and finally declared at 7/378 after 103 overs. I must mention the 7th wicket, which was claimed by Parko with the assistance of Tym at mid off who must’ve thought he had a baseball glove on, catching the ball overhead in a one-hand/backhand style screamer.

With 88 overs to bat and 379 runs to win the Stags knew they were well in the hunt for the 6 points. Axe and Eccles started off nicely, with Cam looking solid as always dispatching the new ball to all areas of the ground, (especially the fence). They brought up a 100 run opening stand until Axe ran himself out just before the lunch break. The fall of captain Kholi saw the score at 2/111 at lunch.

With Cam and the Harry, the prince of Chatswood at the crease, the stags looked in control with another 100 added for the third wicket until Cam was dismissed for an outstanding knock of 78. Prince Harry looked to be in his groove showcasing his pure class with an array of scoring shots but was unfortunately dismissed soon after Cam.

Wickets were lost in somewhat regular intervals however the self-proclaimed “magician” known as Elliot Richtor held the middle order together. He rotated the strike with ease and showed his dominance, putting pressure on the bowlers when they missed their lengths.

With 50 runs needed with 2 wickets in hand we were in for a nail biter but Els and Patto were having none of it. The pair combined for a brilliant partnership that saw the Stags successfully chases the required 379 runs. Els finished on 77* and Patto 24* with every single run of his coming in boundaries!

Will they ever learn? Do. not. bowl. on. Richtor's. pads.

As you could imagine, after a fantastic win against the song was sung with extreme volume and my ears are still ringing! Overall it was a great win which places 1st grade in an excellent position for finals cricket!

Special mention must go to Matt Parkinson who played his last game for the stags this round. He has been fantastic for the club both on and off the field and we wish him the very best on the lions tour!



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