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About the Player of the Year Award

The GDCC Cricket Committee will continue the successful new format of the prestigious Smartline "Player of the Year" for the 2018/19 season. 

The format will see the captain and selectors award a 3/2/1 score for the players they thought performed the best in the game they had just completed. The points wil be tallied by the captains or managers/scorers and sent to Geoff Hickman for collation.

There will be no update of the points awarded during the year and the all results will be announced at the end of season awards night. 

2017-18 winner: Dillon Amjad


1976/77     Marshall Rosen

1997/98    Rhys Soper

1977/78     David Fenton

1998/99    James Packman

1978/79     Allan Poole

1999/00    Rob Radley

1979/80     Graham King

2000/01    Ed Zelma

1980/81     David Bennett

2001/02    Matt Michael

1981/82     Andrew Hunter

2002/03    Chris Fryar

1982/83     Rowan McGregor

2003/04    Shayne Lin

1983/84     Martin Reynolds

2004/05    James Packman

1984/85     Peter Murphy

2005/06    Ed Zelma

1985/86     Simon Rorke

2006/07    Craig Simmons

1986/87     Phil Emery

2007/08    Brendan McDonald

1987/88     Phil Emery

2008/09    Matt Nicholson

1988/89     Andrew Martyr

2009/10    Nick Dowsley

1989/90     Glenn Hendricks

2010/11    Ed Howitt

1990/91     Steve Milne

2011/12   Matt Todd

1991/92     Luke Mason

2012-13   Harry Evans

1992/93    Mal Hall

2013-14   Harry Evans

1993/94    Matt Kelly

2014/15   Blaize Irving-Holiday

1994/95      Ross Toohey

2015/16   Charlie Stobo

1995/96    Kurt Morrison

2016-17   E.Richtor, S.O’Brien, M.Crane

1996/97    Ed Howitt jnr

2017-18   Dillon Amjad


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