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4th Grade Report Round 8 day 2

4th Grade Match Report vs St. George Day 2

Scores: St. George 5(dec.)-286

Gordon 9-287

(Rob Evans is congratulated by Missy)

Last week I asked the cricketing Gods, or the equivalent, for some luck, just any form of luck. Finally after a disastrous pre-Christmas for the defending premiers, we got some. Ironically we have played far better for lesser results this year, but who cares about that'. 6 points in the bag, and that moves us to 12 for the year.

And it was all about the B.I.C.

Many stags, and readers from around the globe will say who is B.I.C.? I have come to a conclusion as of Saturday that Robbie Evans is the Best In Club for a tight situation. His guidance and coolness under pressure earned his team a priceless win over the Saints. Many Chatswood locals underestimate the power of the GDCC website, and the links it creates. On Saturday night, for instance, a young female approached me. She was from a small island just south of Antarctica and said:

"Do you know B.I.C.?

Impulsively I replied:

"Of course!"

Needless to say she'll be running for the Higgins Best In Club campaign in 06'.

Saturday morning arrived, and boy; Sydney was turning it on! Needless to say Gulaptis wished to finish the game as soon as possible to catch some rays down in sunny Cronulla. To our surprise, sightscreens were at the ground.

(Rob Evans in defence)

Unfortunately, they had to be erected prior to play. This proved to be a more difficult prospect than anticipated. 12:30 inched closer, finally we finished and had time to stand back and admire our erections.

We queried light heartedly the rulings if the ball hit the sight screen, Brand gave an answer' no one listened. Rather humorously, the sightscreens were not moved all day, and I don't recall them actually being in the right position.

Saints finished the day at 5-286, however their captain believed it would be enough to our surprise. Obviously, he hadn't done his Beauchamp research.

Choppy Chop Slocombe fell early caught behind.


Leon "Galapagos" Gulaptis joined Fitzpatrick, and a fantastic partnership ensued. The two looked comfortable all the while they were out in the middle, ran hard, and chose the right balls to hit. The score raced past 100, Leon passed 50, before being bowled on 54.


Fitzy also moved along passed 50 as he was accompanied out in the middle by Jack "Rabbit" Rabone making his 4th grade debut. He played well, especially behind point, before he was caught behind point on 24.

Fitzy remained solid as a rock at the other end, and looked a sure thing for a cheeky hundred. Brandy "on the rocks, with no ice" was forced to face an over out just before tea. A few weeks ago Brandy on the rocks with no ice said to me that he never cuts before 50.' the first ball he faced, an over before the break, was short and wide, and was subsequently cut to the boundary for four.

The score had progressed to 3-150 and we were in the box seat.

(A Josh Ling sweep shot for the text book) 

Tea was around about par. Special mention to Gulappa's shapes, and Fitzy's bun cake as usual went untouched.

After the break Brandy on the rocks with no ice felt the effects of an aging body as he attempted to run off the back foot, and pulled 144 muscles in his hamstring. Soon after he was caught for a fine looking 38.


Richie Paul, joined the bun-cake (Fitzpatrick) but fell unluckily.

Adjudicated LBW when on 1.


This brought in BIC. It was a mixture of power and prowess. He and Fitzpatrick looked the goods. Fitzy had been tiring at a rapid rate after tea, and it soon showed as he tragically played onto his stumps on 79. Well done bun-cake, a fantastic example of how to open an innings.


Higgins strolled to the crease eager to do what he and the tail had failed to do against Sutherland, guide the team home.

Higgins pushed a ball out to the man at deep mid-wicket, exclaimed: yes! He took off half way down the wicket, before he realised BIC had decided not to take him up on the offer of the single. Higgins stood in the middle of the pitch for 2.64 seconds before ambling back into his crease at the strikers end. Three balls later he was bowled.

(Dan Mahaffey is congratulated for hanging on)  

Higgins therefore was run-out for 2. It's lucky Evans decided to push on and win the game for the team, otherwise BIC would have been crossed off the Christmas card list.


The peoples champion, Iqbal Ahmed, came to the crease and was relieved to get off the mark, and leave Richie Paul with the duck award. BIC pushed Icky hard between the wickets, but for the good. A small partnership was broken when Icky chopped one back on.


Josh "Bling-a-Ling" Ling, who had spent the best part of the afternoon explaining to his American girlfriend (Ashlee Simpson) the rules and regulations of cricket. Without any hesitation the boys constantly told 'Bling-Bling' to run to third, and used many other Baseball terminologies for humour, as we crawled towards our target of 287. No doubt Blinger was striving for home base later in the evening, and his exemption from the XMAS party was well noted.

Anyway, Bling-a-Ling deserved to be there till the end because his 18 runs went along way to winning us the game. He hit 3 or 4 fantastic boundaries, some of the best of the day.

The partnership of Evans and Ling was an intriguing one, especially for Ling. Evans crunched a cover drive for four, then next ball bombed the opening bowler for six. He ran down the wicket and gave himself a big fist clench, with an even bigger wind-up. Not dissimilar to Little Lleyton.

At the end of that over, with around 20 to get off 8 overs, BIC said to


"10 off that over'That's good, we can block out the next 5 now"

An interesting philosophy, and one that didn't really pan out. Bling-a-Ling fell with 13 to get. Leaving Daniel "Mchaffey Day" Mahaffey, for the second week in a row the job to win the game for his team.

The next 15 minutes were nail biting. With 4 to win, and 3 to tie, Daniel Mahaffey played the shot of the day past the bowler, a textbook straight drive. It inched nearer and nearer to the sightscreen, before, alas, it was saved, and Danny Bonaduce came back for the 3rd run. Next ball, BIC got a full bunger which he dispatched for 4.

(The winning shot)


And the boys all went up as 1.

A brilliant, brilliant rendition of the song. The relief of victory came out in oral form as we screamed the song of songs, a previous top 10 hit in the charts. Ably led by R.P. Higgins became so excited with BIC's performance that he poured all of his 1st, most of his 2nd, and all of his 3rd beer on BIC. Most of which filtered into Choppy's bag'. Sorry mate. An experience both Lassie and Stores have had to come to terms with in the past.

Finally, I read that Plummer pulled a muscle in his chest. Sounds to me that he has pulled a 'heartlidge'. It wouldn't surprise me either. And a cheeky mention to my good mate Shweens who took his first Michelle Five-for at the club, as well as Nikki "Webster" Dowlsey on his ton last week. Well done lads.

See you all at training.

Ian (Missy) Higgins



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