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1st Grade vs Randwick-Petersham - Round 12 - 2017/18

Saturday/Sunday cricket games at Petersham Oval excite even the busiest of us.

Clocking off on a Friday afternoon having completed a long week at work, and being able to spend both days of your weekend on the cricket field with no time for friends and/or family makes us tingle with excitement.

The atmosphere in the cramped, away sheds on a rainy Saturday morning was electric.

A low-pitched grumble could be heard amongst the chatter, but I couldn’t be certain if it was a long-awaited thunderstorm on the horizon, or whether it was Matt Junk’s stomach growling due to that morning’s undercooked salmon. I guess we’d find out.

Play was delayed, and a 40-minute game of football got the boys moving. Some Barcelona-esque ticka-tacka saw the ‘tall’ men clinch the win against the ‘smalls’, and bragging rights for the rest of the day.

Matt Chunk takes 3 poles 

Having not played the week before, I was pleased to see the boys moving the ball well across the backline and being patient with their possession.

Steve Kholi won the toss and elected to bowl on a wicket that looked unfamiliarly grassy and great to bowl on early.

Who knows, maybe a wicket like this may provide an even contest for bat and ball. I still wasn’t convinced.

Some tight bowling and aggressive tactics saw the Petes’ batting struggle early, losing a few wickets and putting the stags in a commanding position.

Patto was unsurprisingly clinical, and with the 4th wicket falling for 60ish just before lunch, things were looking good. It became evident to us in the first session, however, that the grumbling heard earlier in the change room was definitely not an imminent thunderstorm.

Play was momentarily halted as Junky provided a projectile-storm of his own, chundering at gully due to ‘uncooked salmon’ (a classic post-circuit excuse).

Sawdust was provided for the incident zone after Matthew Chunk emptied his insides, and play continued, albeit a little smellier than usual.

Continual steady bowling and clean fielding saw a steady flow of wickets, and soon the stags had taken 8 wickets for 180, but the opposition held on to remain 9 down at the end of play.

3 wickets to Junk, 3 to the Stobinator, and 2 to Patto.

Day 2 provided better weather, and more opportunity for the ‘talls’ to go 2-0 up in the pre-game football.

Clinical play from the talls saw the game end up 34-0 in favour of the talls. Better luck next time ‘smalls.’

It only took Patto 4 balls to take the remaining wicket, and the Stags were set 214 as a total – gettable on an increasingly flat wicket.

Axel traded in his signature elbow for some post-Christmas runs

Cam and Axel stole the show that morning, and had taken the score to 145 before Cam departed for 46.

Both players were commanding in the middle, and confident strokeplay took our minds off the remnants of vomit still visible at gully.

Axel brought up his hundred in style, and played some genuine pace bowling with ease.

Steve Kholi supported him nicely at the other end, and the stags passed the total 1 down. Kholi 31*, Cahlin 131*.

Chuck Stobo


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