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1st Grade vs Manly - Round 9 - 2013/14

JKFirst Grade turned up to take on a strong Manly side with out skipper Harry Evans who was struck down by a mysterious illness preventing him from playing. This left VC Iain Beverley to step up and hold the fort while Harry got over the sniffles. 

James "JK" Kennedy looks for bigger returns in the 2nd half of the year 

Undecided what to with toss, Iain decided to follow Sparky’s “Theory of Bowling First” on what turned out to be a lively wicket. The bowlers started well with Manly struggling to score and balls flying pass the outside of the bat. After weathering the early storm Manly capitalised on some loose bowling and increased the run rate. 

The bowlers started to claw us back into the game with some wickets to stem the flow of runs and at the 35 over mark optimistic Captain Bevo challenged the team to keep them under 220. At this stage of the game this was realistic target but required some serious death bowling. Some excellent hitting and bowlers were a fraction off meant that Manly raced to a massive total of 269. 

The bowlers put in through out the innings but failed to execute their skill under pressure of the dominant Manly batsmen.

JoshThe lunch break Bevo provided clear instructions to the batsmen to be positive from the outset and attack the new ball. Similar to the bowlers the Gordon bats could not apply any pressure on Manly and allowed them to dictate terms. Reece Bombas showed his class and looked to take the attack apart by good positive cricket strokes, only to be bowled by an excellent delivery from Stephen O’Keefe.

Poysden will play a big part if the Stags are to go deep into the finals this year 

The run rate slowly climbed and we were chasing our tails the whole innings. It was a disappointing display by the bats to be bowled out 183.

Steve ‘Buck’ Colley


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