What Candidates Say About Future of Junior Cricket

What Candidates Say About Future of Junior Cricket

Can Mayoral Hopefuls Help Gordon Juniors? 

In the lead up to the Willoughby mayoral election, the club is asking all candidates for their vision for junior cricket in our district.

Below are the responses.

Gordon Juniors - which mirrors the Willougby council area with about 400 families involved in the sport - raised several key points with the candidates. They are:

  • Fair and logical access to cricket training facilities during season.
  • Improvement of these facilities.
  • The need for a home base for Gordon Juniors.
  • Open and continuing consultation by Council with Gordon Juniors and other like minded amateur sporting bodies.

Junior cricket faces many pressing challenges when it comes to equitable access to council grounds and facilities for midweek training and matches. The quality of the grounds and facilities - and the inherent safety issues - also needs urgent solutions. 

Gordon Juniors understands the demand is great and therefore applauds council for working towards artificial turf solutions for the very heavily used ovals.

We see the establishment of a home base for our growing cricket club as a priority. In securing a home base, the Club recognises the need to ensure that other sports are accommodated fairly. The Club does not seek dominant access or a monopoly over the facilities. We are committed to working with Council on multi access, especially across summer and winter seasons. 

We ask you read the below to help you to make your choice for the April 12 election. It will be updated as responses come in.

Stuart Coppock

"It’s clear you need support and respect for what you are doing for the children and youth in our community. We have a stated policy to have the highest participation of sports and dance for ages 5 to 25 in the country. To that end we need more facilities and we believe in multi sharing of these new facilities to ensure a fair deal for all and to ensure you get the facilitates that you require to ensure all your good work as volunteers is fully supported and allowed to grow. I will do all within my power to get children and youth away from their computers on to the cricket field to exercise, make new friends and have fun.
We have identified some council savings in its budgets and also with the use of technology enhancing our operations, will be able to find savings and new revenue streams. To that end, We will look to redirect these saving into local sporting community groups in the main. We are also looking to trial rebates to sporting groups on fees. We are here to support the growth in cricket and all sports if elected Mayor.
I can’t do this without your and the community's direct support on the 12/04/2014.
As Mayor I propose to do the following:
  • Establish Willoughby City Council (WCC) sports consultative group .Other Councils have such a group, it is time our Council did too.
  • Have an officer at WCC appointed to run the Consultative group - a different role to the ground allocation function which will remain unaltered.
  • Liaison with State sporting bodies to ensure WCC future planning is in line with such Bodies and delivers quicker on your needs for these growth in your numbers
  • Work with individual groups on different locations to make those fields and sites work better and look to place your needs of a home as a central focus.
  • Establish a realistic financial plan for upgrading sites some with synthetic surfaces-all to operate over a ten year period with annual targets.
  • Review planning laws to create built green field sites for new facilities.

Gail Giles-Gidney

"I am very keen on promoting sport and recreation within our city and I see cricket as a key part of that. I'm also very aware of both the limited availability of grounds in Willoughby City, and the increasing cost of those grounds upon clubs.  Artarmon Reserve is actually a great case in point, the condition of the oval is not to a standard that I would be happy with and yet I am aware of the increase in costs current users have incurred.

During my past 5 years as a Sailors Bay Councillor, I've worked closely with the users of Northbridge Oval (now with much improved nets) and with the users of Bicentennial Park to better align their growing needs with resources available. In most cases, we have been able to deliver positive outcomes, with recognition of local traffic impact and in some cases lighting.  I am also aware of a similar community desire to discuss the future of Chatswood Oval. If I am elected Mayor next Saturday, I look forward to talking to you more specifically about your needs and how we can work together to provide an appropriate home for Gordon Junior Cricket."

Tony Mustaca

"Cricket is a lifeblood of our local community and the Council should be working to support clubs, not charging and detracting from them.

If elected I am committed to improving the dialogue with local sports clubs and achieving the following:

Working with you to review your needs: I will get Council to undertake an audit of the current sporting arrangements so we can better understand the needs of all sporting communities.

This means that clubs like Gordon Juniors will be able to have a clear and visible say in what resources and facilities they require from council.

We need to bring together all sporting clubs in a community meeting and determine how the Council’s facilities could be better allocated.

Introducing a sports manager to oversee all sporting facilities: I will make sure there is one person to oversee all sports club and their arrangements with Council.

This person will make sure that the needs of all clubs are met fairly and equally and that more optimal facility allocations can occur. 

It will also mean that council can have greater oversight over sports clubs and improve how they are treated.

Getting Gordon Juniors a home ground: We need to make sure that Council makes its facilities available to clubs like Gordon Juniors and work with the club to find a feasible home ground.

Maintain and invest in sporting facilities: Council is increasing its facility fees but is not reinvesting that money into the appropriate facilities. I will improve Council’s financial sustainability without increasing rates and reduce the pressure it is placing on local sports communities.

I will get Council to review its fees and determine how best it can charge for these facilities without increasing fees.

Wendy Norton 

I am a strong supporter of the provision of sporting facilities for our community, as my record as a councillor for the past ten years attests. I enjoy watching cricket and encourage its promotion as a sport which encourage a healthy outdoor  lifestyle for young people.  It's wonderful to hear that your club is flourishing. It's also wonderful to hear of the assistance that you are getting from the parent supporters, that sort of joint purpose is what builds community ties. I note that you would like council's assistance to create a home base.  You nominate Artarmon Reserve as your preference. I had not heard of this proposal previously, perhaps you have discussed it with the Ward councillors for that area?  It is in Naremburn Ward.  I would be very interested to hear more about it.   Your advice that you are aware of the need to share the use of facilities with other sports is very reassuring as we really need to ensure that the diverse interests of our whole community are catered for when allocating council resources.
The General Manager, Nick Tobin, is currently on leave but I will raise your proposal with him and the Naremburn ward councillors at the earliest opportunity.

John C Owen 
"Yours is one of a number of enquiries I have had from different organisations regarding use of Playing fields. As you are no doubt aware the need for playing fields far outstrips the availability - I would institute a series of sports forums consisting of all codes (if Council has not already done so) to determine the total needs in our areas and then we would need to determine a fair and equitable distribution. Sorry for a no "yes or no" but I was in charge of playing fields at many Councils and there will be no easy fix. 

The situation will only become more critical as the increase in population of children in our area starts to impact on organized sport as they reach the age to be involved."

David Stickland

"I am an ex-cricketer who started my playing career as a junior at the age of 6 in the UK. I retired from competitive cricket after making it to Middlesex grade cricket in my late teens. 
So I am deeply sensitive and supportive of the need to start young. I'm also thinking that we need to address the real issue - there doesn't appear to be a master plan or strategy to take into account the needs of ALL sports in our council. Whether you play rugby, soccer or cricket - juniors and seniors are all facing the same issue...lack of grounds/facilities, inconsistent quality of playing surfaces and a lack of visibility to you, the players and organisers, of what is going on.
If elected mayor I pledge to undertake a complete review of ALL sports amenities and, in consultation with all interested parties, develop and execute a master strategy that not only addresses today's needs but also looks to the future. Included in this would be cross referencing what other councils charge for similar facilities.
I would look to work with you to effectively lobby for funding from Cricket Australia to help us address this issue because how all this is funded will need to resolve it. But you can't talk funding until you have a plan. And a plan needs facts and consultation. And this is where I would start."

Please note the following candidates have so far not responded:

  • Steven Willoughby
  • Nic Wright

Contact email cannot be found for John Owens.

Gordon Team Champions

Gordon Team Champions

Undefeated 14 Reds Win Title 

Congratulations to our high-flying U14 Reds for winning the championship title.

It caps a remarkable season for the Reds who were undefeated and Minor Premiers. They claimed the U14 Division 1 title with a convincing victory over Mosman.

For some players in this Gordon team, it is their second championship victory in a row after last season's U13 Division 1 success.

The U14 Reds are:

Charlie Bibb

Ben Greaves

Tom Hampson

Saskia Horley

Sahil Kharwadkar

Angus Levy

Callum O'Brien

Jake O'Donnell

Raymond Su

Nick van Beek

Daniel Williams

The team would like to thank the following players for helping during the season: Kieran Dean, James Dow, Reeve Cocks, Ben Rae, Dougie Oxenham, Angus Chitty, Oliver Cameron, Daniel Alleyn and Ben Pollack.

The team will be presented with the U14 Division 1 championship shield and medallions at the NSJCA Presentation Evening on March 23.

Back Row: Raymond Su, Callum O'Brien, Nick van Beek, Angus Levy, Charlie Bibb, Daniel Williams, Jake O'Donnell
Front Row: Saskia Horley, Sahil Kharwadkar, Kieran Dean, Tom Hampson, Ben Greaves
Gordon Teams Minor Premiers

Gordon Teams Minor Premiers

U14 and U10 Reds Claim Top Title 

Two Gordon Juniors teams have been crowned Minor Premiers for the 2013/14 season.

The U14 Reds turned in an incredible performance going all season undefeated to finish a huge 24 points clear at the top of the table. Congratulations to the players on the amazing feat.

Meanwhile, our mighty U10 Reds were top of the table in the U10 North Saturday AM competition. 

It's a great achievement for all players involved in these two teams as the Minor Premiership represents consistency over an entire season. Good luck with the finals.


Minor Premiers: The undefeated U14 Reds


Minor Premiers: The undefeated U10 Reds

Top Club Awards for Gordon Juniors

Top Club Awards for Gordon Juniors

Three of the Best Honoured 

Three fantastic young cricketers have been rewarded for outstanding 2013/14 seasons with Gordon Juniors.

U11 Red player Tom Wright capped an incredible season being named Gordon Juniors Cricketer of the Year.

All-rounder Tom – pictured right with the Mall Hall Award - ended the season as both the leading run scorer and wicket taker in U11 Division 1.

His statistics make for impressive reading. Tom scored 252 runs at an average of 50.4 His top score was 56.

Tom snared 20 wickets with the ball at an average of 6.75. His strike rate was 12.60. He also claimed a hat-trick.

Putting the team first earned Daniel Latham the Clyde Coltman Award for outstanding performance.

Daniel – who plays in our U16/17 Blue team – put aside his aspiration to be a bowler this season because his team did not have a wicket keeper. Daniel did a great job with the gloves and is rewarded for being a true team player.

Another outstanding young all-rounder won the Kingsgrove Sports Promising Cricketer Award. Akash Biradar – who played for the U11 Blues in Division 2 – scored 351 runs at an average of 58.5. Akash almost doubled the number of runs he scored in the previous season. He also took 17 wickets at an average of 6.5 and a strike rate of 13.3.

Akash receives a $200 gift voucher from Kingsgrove Sports North Shore at Artarmon.

The club would like to congratulate Tom, Daniel and Akash.

Akash Biradar, above, is the Kingsgrove Sports Promising Cricketer while Daniel Latham, right, is the Clyde Coltman Award winner for 2013/14

Match Reports Online Now

Match Reports Online Now

Catch Up On All The Fun Each Week 

Match reports and photos are flooding in for our teams.

To check out the action from each weekend go to the Match Report tab on the left of Home Page and select the 2013/14 season. Or just click HERE. For those who want a stroll down memory lane, you can also find match reports from previous seasons.

Keep those match reports and photos coming in. Please send all match reports and photos to gordonjuniors@hotmail.com.

in2Cricket's Season of Fun

in2Cricket's Season of Fun

See You in September 2014    

It's time for our in2Cricket centre to take a break after a fantastic summer of fun.

We had almost 120 children enjoying cricket with Gordon Juniors every Saturday morning. As well as having heaps of fun, the children were developing their cricket skills.

in2Cricket is ideal for children aged 5 to 8 although we do take children younger and older.

My thanks to all the boys and girl for making it a really great season of Milo in2Cricket at Beauchamp Park in Chatswood. I'd especially like to thank all the wonderful parents for getting involved on Saturdays. Being a part of your child's early cricket experience makes it more enjoyable.

Each week the players and parents turned up with big smiles for a morning of fun while learning the skills of cricket. These are skills vital to building the confidence of the boys and girls as they advance into Under 9s and beyond.

One season highlight was been the successful Bring Your Sister Day where girls came along to experience the cricket fun.

Another highlight was Pink Stumps Day raising money for the McGrath Foundation.


Enrolment for 2014/15

You can enrol now for the 2014/15 Milo in2Cricket season with the Gordon District Junior Cricket Club to help develop your child's love of the great game. You can enrol by clicking on the Milo in2Cricket tab at the top of the Home page or by clicking HERE. Do not fill out a Junior Registration form if you want to register for Milo In2Cricket next season. In the meantime, please read the information below and I look forward to seeing you next Saturday.


FAQs and other important things



  • Beauchamp Oval, Nicholson Street, Chatswood



  • Next session is a date TBC in September 2014.


  • Is limited so please factor this into travel times etc.


What Time?

  • 7:45 for an 8am Start 


What if my child does not have their Gordon Shirt and Shorts?

  • Be at the pavilion at Beauchamp at 7:30 and I will help you. 


Do we need to bring cricket gear? Bats, balls etc?

  • No. All gear is provided. 


Wet Weather?


What to bring?

  • Each child must have a hat. (Special hats and other goodies to come.) 
  • Water Bottle
  • Wearing sunscreen


Do parents need to stay?

  • It is preferred if parents can join in the fun.


How will I place children into the groups/teams?

  • The groups are picked on age and I do my best to put friends with friends (as requested on registration form). This is not always possible due to group size and some friends not yet registered. There are no good, bad or whatever teams. They’re all fun teams.
  • In2cricket is not only about playing the game, but being able to expand our children's social skills. Please stay with the groups listed for the first week. PLEASE - do not email or call re changing teams.


How many teams?

  • This depends on numbers but going on last season we expect at least 12 teams. All will be named after current NSW cricketers. I will endeavour to keep the teams even but with late registrations the numbers vary from team to team. I have also kept the younger kids' teams smaller so they can have a bit more supervision.


See you in September, 2014.

Kirsten Levy

Gordon Cricket Club In2Cricket Coordinator