Cricket is Back for Gordon Juniors

Cricket is Back for Gordon Juniors

Hurry To Register for 2014/15 Season 

The new junior cricket season has started but there is still time to sign up for Gordon Juniors. While we will always try to help, late registrations can't be guaranteed a spot as many teams are already full.
The season officially started October 11 and 12.
Please click on the Registration link at the top of the page or click HERE.

Click on the in2Cricket link at the top of the home page for in2Cricket registration.
We look forward to seeing all our wonderful Gordon Juniors returning in 2014/15. 

The club would especially like to welcome new players.
Our players - particularly in the younger age groups - usually come from Chatswood, Willoughby, Artarmon, Castlecrag, Castle Cove and Middle Cove. However, anyone can join our club no matter where they live. Everyone is welcome.
For the 2014/15 season:
Sat AM
U9 (8am start)  - teams who played last year/teams with older players
U9 (10:15am start) - new teams/those with younger players
U11 (Division 1 and 2)
Sat PM
U12 (Division 1 and 2)
U13 (Division 1 and 2)
Sun AM
U16/17 (played on turf)
Success Story
Gordon Juniors has grown dramatically over the past few years. The club expects to have 27 teams this season – that’s double the number from three seasons ago.
Why is this? The answer lies, in part, in the club’s philosophy of a fair go and equal participation for all players. The club promotes enjoyment ahead of victory. We welcome boys and girls of all abilities and we make sure they have fun while improving their skills during the season.
In the younger age groups, teams usually form on a friendship basis. However, the club will always help players find a team that suits them. Just ask us.
Once a team is settled, it's up to the managers to decided which division they think best suits their team. If you think you have a potentially strong group of players, select division one.
Registration Fee is $230 – the same as last season. There is a $20 discount for siblings. This fee includes the extra skills sessions on Mondays for age groups Under 9 to Under 13. It also includes special one-on-one sessions for older players.
Club caps, hats and shirts are also be purchased as part of the registration. Each player must wear a Gordon Juniors cricket shirt $35 and either a club cap or hat $20. You can order shirts, caps and hats by clicking on the Junior Payment Registration Form or by clicking on the ONLINE SHOP link at the top of the HOME page.
NB: Once you've made your purchase you must co-ordinate collection with your manager.
Email inquiries to:
For in2Cricket: 

in2Cricket's Season of Fun

in2Cricket's Season of Fun

Register Now for 2014/15 Season 

It's time for our in2Cricket centre to fire up again for another fantastic summer of fun in 2014/15. Please see below on how to register for the new season.

Last season almost 120 children enjoyed cricket with Gordon Juniors every Saturday morning. As well as having heaps of fun, the children were developing their cricket skills.

in2Cricket is ideal for children aged 5 to 8 although we do take children younger and older.

My thanks to all the boys and girl for making it a really great season of Milo in2Cricket at Beauchamp Park in Chatswood. I'd especially like to thank all the wonderful parents for getting involved on Saturdays. Being a part of your child's early cricket experience makes it more enjoyable.

Each week the players and parents turned up with big smiles for a morning of fun while learning the skills of cricket. These are skills vital to building the confidence of the boys and girls as they advance into Under 9s and beyond.

One season highlight was the successful Bring Your Sister Day where girls came along to experience the cricket fun.

Another highlight was Pink Stumps Day raising money for the McGrath Foundation.


Enrolment for 2014/15

You can enrol now for the 2014/15 Milo in2Cricket season with the Gordon District Junior Cricket Club to help develop your child's love of the great game. You can enrol by clicking on the Milo in2Cricket tab at the top of the Home page or by clicking HERE. Do not fill out a Junior Registration form if you want to register for Milo In2Cricket next season. In the meantime, please read the information below and I look forward to seeing you next Saturday.


FAQs and other important things



  • Beauchamp Oval, Nicholson Street, Chatswood



  • Next session is October 18, 2014.


  • Is limited so please factor this into travel times etc.


What Time?

  • 7:45 for an 8am start.
  • Ends 9.30am.  


What if my child does not have their Gordon Shirt and Shorts?

  • Be at the pavilion at Beauchamp at 7:30 and I will help you. 


Do we need to bring cricket gear? Bats, balls etc?

  • No. All gear is provided. 


Wet Weather?


What to bring?

  • Each child must have a hat. (Special hats and other goodies to come.) 
  • Water Bottle
  • Wearing sunscreen


Do parents need to stay?

  • It is preferred if parents can join in the fun.


How will I place children into the groups/teams?

  • The groups are picked on age and I do my best to put friends with friends (as requested on registration form). This is not always possible due to group size and some friends not yet registered. There are no good, bad or whatever teams. They’re all fun teams.
  • In2cricket is not only about playing the game, but being able to expand our children's social skills. Please stay with the groups listed for the first week. PLEASE - do not email or call re changing teams.


How many teams?

  • This depends on numbers but going on last season we expect at least 12 teams. All will be named after current NSW cricketers. I will endeavour to keep the teams even but with late registrations the numbers vary from team to team. I have also kept the younger kids' teams smaller so they can have a bit more supervision.


See you next week.

Kirsten Levy

Gordon Cricket Club In2Cricket Coordinator

Your Questions Answered Here

Your Questions Answered Here

Gordon Juniors represents Chatswood, Willoughby, Artarmon, the Coves and More 

Here are the answers to some of your questions for the upcoming junior cricket season.

Why is the Club Called Gordon Juniors?

A common question. We are the junior half of the Gordon District Cricket Club which plays in the Sydney grade competition and is based at Chatswood Oval. At the Junior Club, most of our players live in and around Willoughby, Chatswood, Artarmon, Castle Cove, Castlecrag, Middle Cove and Roseville. However, all players are welcome no matter where they live. We're a very friendly club!

Can Girls Play?

Yes, girls are very welcome. Please note there is a league for girls. Please see Breakers Junior League at or click HERE

Is it All About Winning

No! Our Club is growing in numbers in part because we put involvement, enjoyment and fair play before winning. Our teams try to rotate batting orders each week to give everyone a go. Everyone is treated equally and that means lots of happy kids.

When Does the 2014/15 Season Start?

First games are the weekend of September 20 and 21. This is a pre-season round for all Gordon teams. The first competitive games against other clubs are on weekend on October 10 and 11.

What Is My Age Group?

The age is determined at August 31, 2014. So if you are 8 or younger on the August 31 then you play in U9s. If you are 9 or younger on the August 31 then you play in U10s – and so forth.

What If I Want to Play Down an Age Group?

It is possible but the final decision rests with the NSJCA. Please alert the club via an email to and we can help with an application for dispensation.

Where Do You Train?

Our grounds are Willoughby Oval, Bales Park (for Under 9s) and Artarmon Reserve. Please note that Willoughby Council will close Chatswood HS and Thomson Oval at Artarmon for the entire summer for upgrade to artificial turf. This reduces the number of ovals at which we can train.

When Do You Train?

It’s up to the teams to decide but it is once a week after school.

Do You Grade Teams?

No but managers and coaches place their teams in the divisions they see as appropriate. NB: Some age groups only have one division.

When Do You Play?

The following is the competition structure.

Sat AM

U9 (8am start)  - teams who played last year/teams with older players

U9 (10:15am start) - new teams/those with younger players


U11 (Division 1 and 2 likely)


Sat PM

U12 (Division 1 and 2 likely)

U13 (Division 1 and 2 likely)


Sun AM



U16/17 (played on turf)

Can I Order Clothing?

Yes. Go to the Online Shop link. NB: You must tell your manager what you have ordered so they con organise collection.

What Is Under 9s Cricket?

This is the entry level after Milo in2Cricket. It is a modified version of the game called Average Cricket. Please see the NSJCA site for the Blue Book, which has all the rules or click HERE

What Are the Rules?

All is found in the NSJCA Blue Book. Click HERE for the Blue Book.

More questions? Email:

Match Reports Online Now For New Season

Match Reports Online Now For New Season

Catch Up On All The Fun Each Week 

Match reports and photos are a big hit with players and parents.

To check out the action from each weekend go to the Match Report tab on the left of Home Page and select the 2013/14 season. Or just click HERE. For those who want a stroll down memory lane, you can also find match reports from previous seasons.

Keep those match reports and photos coming in. Please send all match reports and photos to

Match reports from the new season will follow soon.

Gordon Cricket Academy Goes Public

Gordon Cricket Academy Goes Public

Coaching now available to all cricketers.

In a major development for the club after 12 years of providing coaching to various high performance squads with the Gordon District Cricket Club (GDCC), the club is now making the same coaching services available to all cricketers.

Mark O'Neill Head Coach

To ensure the highest level of coaching is available to all cricketers, the GDCC have contracted our Head Coach Mark O’Neill to allow us to utilise his widely acclaimed batting and spin bowling coaching techniques for all sessions or programs set up by the new Academy. To achieve this Mark has licensed his techniques to the Academy and has set up an accreditation program where each of our Academy coaches are accredited by Mark to teach his techniques to our own Tier 1, 2 and 3 levels. Mark is the personal coach today of several Australian Test cricketers and his experience includes being contracted batting coach to New Zealand, Middlesex, Western Australia, New South Wales and as a high performance squad coach to Cricket Australia.

The philosophy of Mark’s batting technique in particular has always been that the skills taught to the junior cricketer should be the same as taught to a Test Cricketer. The concepts of grip, balance and execution in batting should be same and while natural ability and capability to adapt will always differ, the Academy Tier 1, 2 or 3 level coaches can provide you with the skills background irrespective of your age and existing abilities. Mark has also added his vast knowledge of spin bowling to the accreditation system to enable our spinning coaches.

Matt Nicholson

In addition former Australian, NSW and English County fast bowler Matt Nicholson has documented his fast bowling techniques and has passed on these skills within our accreditation program to our fast bowling specialist coaches at Tier 1 and 2 levels.

Our first grade wicket keeper Iain Beverley is also available on the coaching panel for expert wicket keeping technique sessions.

Based on various availabilities the new Academy now has 25 qualified coaches contracted to deliver the range of Academy services.

The services range from an hour session with a nominated coach at a venue of your choice either as an individual or in a group of two or more players at the session. The Academy pricing is geared to make the coaching cheaper by grouping players but still giving them a high level of individual coverage by them watching and listening to their fellow players as they are coached.

In addition the Academy will configure a team coaching service and group skills sessions for higher numbers of players. Specific fielding sessions with a qualified fielding coach and holiday camps are also being planned for the next available holidays.

Fitness training

As an additional value added service, the Academy have contracted two qualified personal trainers who are both current or former Gordon cricketers who will be available to provide personal strength and conditioning sessions for individuals or groups. The techniques used by these trainers have been established as specific techniques for developing each type of cricketer with different methods for batsman, fast bowlers, spinners and keepers.

The Academy will use the Mt. Kuring-gai Action Indoor centre as our base indoor facility, however our coaches are happy to work outdoor or at other centres that are closer to the player or group of players. Very importantly this also includes the central coast where we have established arrangements with several indoor centres.

The Academy coaches, list of services, pricing, bookings, contacts and payment  are described within the various sub-sections of this site.

Added service (video)

As a value added service for Academy sessions. For each individual or small group one hour indoor sessions, the Academy coach will record the session via a specific purpose video camera. Players will be asked to bring along a memory stick to take home the recording. The Academy also has play back screens that will be used to show players the result of the recording to better explain any improvements or show where improvements have been gained. 

The goals of the Academy are to provide all of its clients irrespective of their age, level of cricket or budget, a qualified coach that can assist them to become better cricketers through fitness, technique, attitude and skill development.

Contact the Academy Administrator James kennedy on 0437407896 or follow the links within the Academy section on the left to gather more information or click on